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How To Build A Landing Page That Converts Well

Before you build a landing page you should some important aspects first.



18 Landing Page Best Practices

Learn what you should do in order to run successful landing page campaigns.



34 Landing Page Tips

Learn a wide range of techniques and strategies to improve your opt-in rates.



13 Conversion Tactics To Improve Opt-In Rates

Learn what professional markets do like A/B split testing to increase sign up rates.


34 Successful Landing Page Examples

Take a look at some high converting A/B split tested pages that get high signup rates.


34 Examples of Landing Pages

That Work Well (page2)

22. Tableau

An offer of charts for social managers. The preview available is a nice touch, giving visitors just a taste of the full content which will make it more likely that they will sign up. The design is simple but very functional and the picture is relevant to the content.


23. Greenhouse

Software for optimizing your recruiting process. The name of the service is reflected in the page design and the header is very attractive and attention-grabbing. The companies featured are useful for generating buzz and the information presented is very easy to read.


24. Reach Local

A page offering a free 30 day trial for conversion software. The offer greatly incentivizes visitors to fill out the form and the ingenious icons used for the bullet point list of services offered really showcase the product. This follows a long proven landing page format.

Reach Local

25. Smooch

A product which helps with chatting with current or prospective customers. The header has a great deal of information simply through the icons showcasing all the platforms available to the user. The color scheme is also very effective.


26. Zillow

A website for increasing real estate leads. Highly focused design, it practically forces the visitors to sign up by not including anything which might split their attention elsewhere. The colors and font are bold and the form has few fields to fill in which makes it more likely that a lot of visitors will sign up.


27. Super

A subscription service that provides care and repair for the home. The illustrations are fun and topical and though there is a lot of text, it’s nicely broken up for greater readability. Features testimonials and big name brands which help convince the visitor.


28. Ipro Academy

Methods for increasing Facebook ROI. The CTA button contrasts with the background and is very noticeable. A very simple landing page, but one which manages to convince its visitors due to its incentive and confident manner of presentation.

IPro Academy

29. Thington

An app which helps with the set up of smart homes. The bright, singular colors really help delineate the product’s characteristics. The pictograms are fun and helpful.


30. Perkville

Website for improving the retention and referral rates of businesses. The header is excellent as it contains key information in a compact fashion. The figures and map are great for added detail. 


31. Workable

Recruiting software for businesses. The one bright color used in the header and then as an accent throughout really ties this page together. The star-based reviews at the end are also a nice touch as visitors don’t even need to read the text to see the reviews are good. 


32. Litmus

A report which looks at trends in email marketing in 2016. The top of the page tells you all you need to know in a stylish manner. The incentive is great for visitors and the fact that only their email address is required means many will sign up.


33. Hustle Panda

A website selling .com domains. This is clearly a fun landing page, from the imagery used to the words used to convey its message. The color scheme is easy on the eyes. Visitors will be amused and eager to subscribe.

Hustle Panda

34. Gigster

Provides freelancers with equity from several companies. The information is presented in a clean and organized way, and the portfolio and the FAQ really help sell this page.


In conclusion, there are many ways through which businesses can improve their landing pages. But several elements are crucial and will practically guarantee a landing page’s success. Having a clear and concise message helps make sure your visitors know what you’re offering. Using a quality landing page creator software goes a long way to developing professional looking pages.


A powerful color scheme will make your message stand out. Large titles in bold, clear fonts will help draw attention to what’s most important. If you want your visitors to provide you with their personal information then make sure the sign up process is easy.


Try to request as few things as possible in the sign up form since the more information visitors will have to divulge, the more reluctant they will be to sign up. Use appropriate pictures, illustrations or videos.


The visual cues are just as important as the text in conveying information and much easier to fit on a page without cluttering it up. If you have any satisfied customers willing to provide you with testimonials then make sure to feature them on your page.


If your product or service has been reviewed or used by a big name brand then definitely include it. It will make visitors feel as if your product is of greater quality and more reliable.


And don’t forget to personalize your landing page – to truly make it unique and your own. Try to tie in your product name and type in a clever way within the page design. If you’re the founder, share your story. The visitors will feel as if they’re part of the experience.

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