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Before you build a landing page you should some important aspects first.



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34 Examples of Landing Pages

That Work Well

Good landing pages do wonders for businesses, increasing their customer base and improving their brand recognition. But what is a landing page and what makes it effective? 

In simple terms, a landing page is a single webpage that someone can access after clicking a link. It’s meant for one single objective and it is not tied to your website. It often accompanies marketing or ad campaigns and links are usually shared through social media or email.


A good landing page usually has very few links or other things to distract the visitors from its intended purpose. 

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There are two basic types of landing pages, based on their planned-for end goal. 

Click through landing pages – their goal is to persuade the visitor to click through to another page which offers services or goods. It’s used to entice visitors into purchasing something by offering more information than a simple ad banner might give and by preemptively answering any basic questions the visitor might have.

Lead generation landing pages – as their name implies, they are used to generate leads for businesses. It includes a form that requests the visitor to fill it in with personal data such as an email addresses or a phone number. Through the contact information obtained, the business will then continue to advertise itself to the visitor with the end goal of converting the visitor into a customer. An incentive of some sorts, like a professional consultation or a discount voucher is used in order to convince the visitor to enter the data necessary.


Good landing pages usually share some characteristics and patterns which are then further customized to fit each particular business and its services.


Some of these winning characteristics are:

· A clean, uncluttered design

· A good, attention-grabbing headline

· An informative subheading

· A bold call to action (CTA) button which visitors users to take the action

· Contrasting colors to distinguish your most important information easier

· A list of the things offered with some details

· An interesting picture or video which will offer the visitor information without clutter

· Big brands which sponsor or approve of the product or business

· Testimonials

Now that you know what landing pages are and what makes them so effective, here is a list of 34 of the most effective landing pages on the web:

1. Shopify

A website offering help with setting up online stores. Simple lead generating design with good contrasting colors, good header and easy to read bullet points. Very organized and easy to read. 


2. Chargebee

A service offering a smart way for setting up subscription billing. It has fun illustrations and colors, a large and visible CTA button. It manages to show lot of useful information without cluttering up the screen .

3. Wistia

A video marketing platform for business. Great headline telling you exactly what they do, bright colors, with a picture that is very appropriate for their business.


4. Heap

Offers analytics for websites. Professional looking illustrations. The color scheme is simple and effective. The CTA button stands out well and is present both at the top of the page and the bottom, so visitors won’t have to scroll back up.

Heap Analytics

5. Industrial Strength Marketing

A guide for building responsive websites. With the monochrome color scheme and the bold font, the design is very impactful. It’s a simple, attention-grabbing landing page. 

Industrial Strength Marketing

6. Polly

A service which tracks and analyzes team happiness. Great use of contrast, a simple and inspired page. The testimonials at the bottom are particularly efficient in convincing visitors.


7. The 4 Hour Chef

A website advertising a cookbook. Features a video, good for conveying information without filling up the space with text. The header is very good, it showcases the book well and the pictures are simple but effective.

4 hour chef

8. Flamyngo

An app for receiving travel tips from friends. Very minimal but clever design, the way the pictures are framed inside a cell phone screen is great as it tells you exactly what it’s meant to be used for. The color scheme relates to the product name in a very fun way.


9. Monetate

Offers multi-channel personalization for consumers. The big brands featured at the top are very effective as it gives the visitors a sense of trust, making them eager to sign up. 


10. Optimize New York

A New York city marketing agency. Bright colors, large titles and subheadings which helps to make the important information stand out. Simple, effective design.

Optimize New York

11. Instapage

A list of styles for webpages. Stylish, elegant landing page. The incentive for visitors to sign up is very effective, the website showing you a glimpse of what you could receive through the excellent design applied to its own page.


12. Outbrain

A company which promotes your business or content on top websites. Very professional looking page with a good color scheme. Features a good testimonial and the numbers of customers which the business serves are large, easy to see and impressive for visitors.


13. Infusionsoft

Sales and marketing automation software. Great page for showing visitors exactly what their options are. Visitors want to register to get the chance to watch the professional demos. 

14. Impact

Guide which shows you how to generate more leads for your content. The form to the right is very prominent and the promise of a free guide makes visitors want to sign up. The color scheme is soothing and peaceful.


15. Basecamp

An online gathering place for getting multiple people working on the same project to work efficiently. The fun, topical illustrations make this page very attractive. The sign up form scrolls down with you so it’s easy for visitors to fill it in. 


16. H.Bloom

A business offering custom flower arrangements. Very elegant landing page. The header is highly effective as it contains an appropriate title and picture as well as the sign up form. Simple but impactful design.


17. Dorkoy

A web design tool. Black and white color scheme with great pops of color. The text arrangement is great and the title tells you exactly what you’re looking at. 


18. Electron

A tool for building desktop apps. Showcases some of the apps which were built with its service, which is great since the visitor can take a look at their work. Uncluttered style with good use of illustrations. 


19. Salesforce

A guide to show visitors how to improve service for their customers. It has verified badges which instantly make the visitor trust the service. The form is large and easy to fill in.  


20. Digital Marketer

A library for Facebook templates. A very focused landing page, there is nothing to distract the visitor from the intended purpose of the page. Great use of bullet points and the CTA button is large and visible.  

Digital Marketer

21. Bucketlistly

A bucket list app. Features some truly beautiful pictures that really sell what this app is about. Some great stories which make the page feel more personal and relatable. Visitors will be highly motivated by this landing page. 


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