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Affiliatly Review

Affiliatly is a software that you can use for affiliate management and affiliate tracking activities. If you sell a product or service, and if you are looking to improve your conversions and get more customers, then you should consider launching an affiliate program. If you don’t know, an affiliate program is basically where other people promote your product or service and you pay them a certain amount of commission for every sale they make. And this is where Affiliatly comes into picture.

Affiliatly Review
Affiliatly Advantages
  • There are many advantages of using Affiliatly. Here are some of them:

  • Affiliatly allows you to manage and control your whole affiliate program right from your web browser. You don’t have to download any software and install it on your computer. Everything you do is stored online and you can access it anytime you want by simply logging in to your online dashboard.

  • You can get detailed insights about your affiliates and use those statistics to increase your sales and conversions.

  • You can track the performance of all of your affiliates. Affiliatly gives you detailed reports of your affiliates’ activities and campaigns.

  • Affiliatly can generate affiliate links for your program that your affiliates can use in their marketing campaigns. Each affiliate can generate unique affiliate links and all those links can be tracked from your dashboard.

Affiliatly Disadvantages

Although there aren’t any technical limitations or disadvantages of using Affiliatly, I would definitely love to see few more features such as integrations with some more popular software and services. It would also be better if they increase the limit on number of affiliates one can have in his program.

Who Is Affiliatly Ideal For?

Affiliatly is idea for those who have just started or have an online store of some kind, and want to get more customers to buy their products. As Affiliatly is very easy to use and manage, even the beginners will not have any problem getting used to it.

However, if you have a very popular eCommerce store and think that you will be getting hundreds of affiliates, then Affiliatly is not the right tool for you, as it has a maximum limit on the number of affiliates one can have (currently it is 500).

Affiliatly Signup Process
Affiliatly Signup

Before you can start using Affiliatly to manage your affiliate program, you need to first create an account and set it up.

To do so, go here and choose the platform with which you are going to integrate your Affiliatly account. Affiliatly gives you lots of options including - Shopify, Bigcommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, 3dcart, Cratejoy and Squarespace. If you are using any other platform, you can choose the option Other.

Once you have selected your platform, you will need to enter your name, email address, password and website. Then click on Register.

Once you click Register, you will be transferred to your control panel.

Now, the first thing you need to do is integrate Affiliatly with your website. To do so, you can add the given JavaScript code on your website.

This code will track the affiliate conversions and sales that happen on your website.

When you are ready to promote your affiliate program to your soon-to-be partners, you can use the link provided at Account >> Your Affiliate Program Link.

Before you do that however, you should go to Settings tab on your dashboard and change some settings.

You can set the default cookie duration. This indicates for how many days the cookies of your affiliates will be stored on your customers’ computers. You can allow affiliates to see how many of the orders they referred were successful, how many were canceled/refunded etc.


You should also set the default affiliate commission percentage. If you are selling a physical product(books, furniture, electronics, jewelry etc), you should keep it low (like 4%-10%). If you are selling digital downloadable products (software, eBooks, online courses etc), you can keep it a bit higher (15%-25% or more).

Affiliatly Ease of Use
Affiliatly Ease

Affiliatly is very easy to setup and use. When you login to your account, you see your main dashboard which gives you a summary of your affiliate program. You can see how many registered affiliates are active in your program. These are the people who have joined your affiliate program and are currently bringing in the sales for your products.

You can see if there are any unpaid earnings from your end. This is the amount you owe to your affiliates.

Affiliatly also gives you an option to see the visits and orders generated by your affiliates in a specific time period. You can export all of these reports for offline use.

You can also easily add a new affiliate to your program from your end. You just need to provide his/her email address, name and set a password for his/her account.


Then Affiliatly will send a confirmation email to that address and once it is confirmed, he/she can start referring new customers to your program. Simple as that.

Affiliatly Features
Affiliatly Features
  • For every affiliate in your program, you can see how many visitors they brought to your website or online store, and how many of those visitors converted (bought your product). You can also if there are any unpaid orders. Unpaid orders are those which are not yet paid by your customers. For example, if you provide your customers an option to pay cash on delivery, those orders will be listed here. This way, you won’t have to pay commission to your affiliates until the customers pay you.

  • For every affiliate, you can set different cookie duration, commission percentage, flat payment amount per order (if you want to pay a fixed amount of affiliate fee for every sale, instead of paying a percentage of product price), minimum payment threshold (the amount an affiliate must earn before he/she can withdraw his/her payments).

  • If you find out that an affiliate is doing some sort of fraud, Affiliatly gives you an option to block that affiliate from your program. This is especially useful in case of digital products (eBooks or software) because sometimes affiliates try to game the system by generating fake or dummy sales to increase their earnings.

  • You can also see how much money a particular affiliate has earned from your program, and how many visitors he/she brought to your website. This data is useful because if an affiliate is bringing in lots of visitors and sales for your business, you might want to consider giving him/her a bit more commission for the hard work.

  • You can search historical orders by order ID or affiliate ID to check the status and resolve any issues that order might have.

  • You can add banners to your affiliate program that people can use in their affiliate campaigns. Some of the standard banner sizes are 300*250, 728*90, 120*600 and 160*600. Providing your affiliates with ready-to-use banners is great way to speed up the process, as affiliates can instantly download the banners of their choice and add them to their blog or website.

  • Affiliatly allows you to pay your affiliates using gift cards. If your store has a feature to setup gift cards, you can use Gift Card as your payout method in your Affiliatly dashboard. If you want, these gift cards can be automatically sent to your affiliates when they reach the minimum payment threshold. Affiliatly manages all of your gift card payments automatically.

  • Affiliatly provides you an option to use Two Tier affiliate program. If an affiliate puts his link or banner on his blog/website, and one of his users joins your affiliate program through his link, then the website owner will receive a certain percentage of new affiliate’s earnings (default is 10%).

  • You can setup different types of commission tiers in your affiliate program. You can set it to work based on the number of purchases referred by an affiliate, the total sales amount of all orders referred by an affiliate or the total number of website visitors referred by an affiliate.

  • You can enable or disable tracking by SKUs (Stock Keeping Units). You can do so by going to Settings and checking the box that says “Tracking by SKU”. Once you enable this feature, you can set different commission amounts for different SKUs (or products).

Affiliatly Integration's
Affiliatly Pricing
Affiliatly Pricing

Affiliatly has 3 different plans. Let’s talk a little bit about each of those:

  • Starter - This plan is perfect for beginners. If you have just started a website or an online store, you can sign up for this plan. This plan allows you to track and manage up to 50 affiliates. The price of this plan is $16 per month (billed monthly).

  • Advanced - This plan is perfect for those who have a website or an online store that is up and running. If your website is getting some amount traffic and sales, you can sign up for this plan. This plan allows you to track and manage up to 200 affiliates. The price of this plan is $24 per month (billed monthly).

  • Professional - This plan is perfect for advanced users who have a large website or a popular online store. If your website is getting thousands of visitors every month and many sales, you can sign up for this plan. This plan allows you to track and manage up to 500 affiliates. The price of this plan is $39 per month (billed monthly).

The prices mentioned above are final and there are no additional charges involved. All plans come with a 30-day free trial. You don’t need to provide your credit card details in order to start your free trial. Just provide your website and email address, and you are good to go. You can switch plans in future if you want. Affiliatly team will adjust your payments accordingly.


If you are not sure which plan to subscribe to or whether your website is compatible with Affiliatly software, you can ask Affiliatly team to check your website and they will help you get started.

Affiliatly Support

If you want to know more about Affiliatly’s features, or if you have any other queries, you can use one of these support channels to get your queries resolved:

  • You can check out their blog. Whenever they add a new feature to Affiliatly, they usually let their users know by publishing a blog post about it. As of today, there are several blog posts that explain lots of Affiliatly’s features in detail.

  • And as I mentioned earlier, if you want to know about website’s compatibility with Affiliatly, you can drop them a message here.

Affiliatly Reputation

Due to its usability and features, Affiliatly has received a good feedback from its users. It has a 5-star rating on Shopify App Store and BigCommerce App Store.

It has also been featured on sites like Moblized, Capterra, Crowd Reviews, and the official Shopify blog.

Affiliatly Conclusion

To summarize, I would say that Affiliatly is a very elegant and affordable solution for individual bloggers and those running eCommerce stores. It will definitely help you track and manage all of your affiliates, and increase conversions/sales of your products.


About Abhay Hendre

Hi guys! I’m Abhay. I’m a digital marketing enthusiast and an online entrepreneur. I provide content writing services specifically to the digital marketing community. Do you want me to write digital marketing content for you? Then drop me a message on Twitter and let’s get started!

Affiliatly integrates with lots of services, including:

  • Shopify - Shopify provides all the solutions you need to sell your products online. You can use Shopify’s eCommerce software to create your own online store.

  • BigCommerce - BigCommerce is a very popular eCommerce software. It comes with lots of store themes and templates, and built-in marketing tools, with a 15-day free trial.

  • WooCommerce - WooCommerce is a free eCommerce plugin designed for websites that use WordPress as their Content Management System (CMS). It is very flexible and provides lots of addons and extensions that can take your online store to the next level.

  • Magento - Magento provides eCommerce platform solutions which is one of the most popular platforms online. Affiliatly seamlessly integrates with Magento and allows you track and manage your sales effectively.

  • 3dcart - 3dcart is an eCommerce platform that is easy to use and customize, and is feature rich.

  • Cratejoy - Cratejoy is a subscription box marketplace where you can find new subscription boxes, choose the ones you like and receive your favorite products at your doorstep.

  • Squarespace - You can create a website from scratch and set it up completely using Squarespace. Once your website is up, you easily integrate your Affiliatly account with your website and start tracking sales and conversions.

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