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Authority Labs Review

AuthorityLabs is an SEO tracking tool that gives you accurate and real time tracking data for keywords that your websites rank for. Why is this important? So you can get more search engine referrals, thereby increasing the amount of customers who see your website. 


Without traffic, almost any business is doomed for dismal failure, as you know. So if you have a local business, blog, authority site or even an affiliate site you might benefit from AuthorityLabs so you can easily improve your website rankings, and know exactly how your websites are currently performing in real time from all over the planet.


AuthorityLabs provides daily data, so you’re never left wondering how your websites are ranking, and what keyword searches you should focus on for optimal returns.
If you run a local business, then AuthorityLabs might be the best tool for your search rankings because you can even track your search results ranking on a city or postal code level. 


This allows you to get more clients, more calls, and drive more business at a local level. This can work for you or your clients.


The idea of clients was previously alluded to, and if you have any SEO clients you might love AuthorityLabs’ white label feature, so you can offer beautiful client reporting for your end users without giving away the source of your keyword and search reporting. 

Authority Labs Review
Authority Labs Advantages

Unlimited Users – Is your SEO team massive? If that’s the case, you might love the idea that you can add unlimited users to your AuthorityLabs accounts. So maybe you could have one employee responsible for local search, and another responsible for one of your heavy hitting clients. 


There’s a million ways you can slice the cake and your creativity and management style will never be hindered when you’re using AuthorityLabs.


Spy On Your Competitors – How are your top 5 competitors stacking up against you at a local level? Maybe you’re a pizza shop owner and want to see how the other pizza shops are ranking in your neighborhood so you can boost up your content marketing? 


Or maybe, you could use this data to entice and prompt your local clients to choose you instead of your competition? The ideas are limitless and you’ll agree that knowledge, used wisely, is the most powerful of SEO tools.


Daily Data – What happens when your SEO ranking takes a major hit? Stop relying on inbound traffic to just improve by itself! Instead, you might rely on AuthorityLabs’ real time daily rank checking so you can know exactly where to focus your SEO efforts, so any fall in ranking is only temporary and never permanent.

Authority Labs Disadvantages

Competition – You probably realize by now that the quantity of keyword, SEO, and ranking tools has never been higher, and the amount of new services seemingly increases every single day. 


For that reason, this summary review is geared to help you find out whether AuthorityLabs is the right option for you, or if another service might be better.

No Free Forever Plan – AuthorityLabs does offer a 30-day trial so you can stress test their SEO ranking service, however it’s important to note that there is absolutely NO forever free account, so if you’re looking for a free SEO option AuthorityLabs might not be your first choice.


Relatively Expensive – AuthorityLabs might be best tailored for you if you’re serious about SEO, local tracking, or if you have existing clients. The cheapest plan that AuthorityLabs offers is $99 per month, though the list of features is quite impressive and you’ll learn more about the different plans later on in this summary review.

Who Is Authority Labs Ideal For?

AuthorityLabs is ideal for bloggers, authority website owners, Internet marketers, clients, service providers, coaches, consultants, SEO providers, SEO agencies, and most importantly brick and mortar businesses.


AuthorityLabs places a special emphasis on local search and real time daily data, so if you run a local business and you’re frustrated because you have no idea what keywords you should be trying to target, then AuthorityLabs might be one of the best options for your business.


Additionally, if any of your SEO clients have local businesses, you’ll be able to provide beautifully white labelled reports that they’ll find valuable, so you can show them exactly what you’re working on and targeting for.

Authority Labs Signup Process
Authority Labs Signup

Signing up for AuthorityLabs only takes a minute. There’s no credit card required upon registering, and you can try them for absolutely zero cost for 30 days. That being said, after the 30-day trial period you’ll be required to update your account if you intend on continuing use.


If you’re overwhelmed because you have no idea what the pricing is like, and what you might expect from the different payment plans, you can rest easy because you’ll learn the nitty gritty details later on in this summary review. For now, consider trying them out for a 100% risk free 30-day trial.

Authority Labs Ease of Use
Authority Labs Dashboard

Maybe you’re frustrated because you have no idea what to expect from AuthorityLabs? The good news is that the learning curve is low and there are surprisingly not many moving parts.


There’s no software to install, and everything is accessible via the AuthorityLabs website. So you never have to fuss with software that might not work right on your system, and you can access AuthorityLabs from anywhere with an Internet connection.


Once logged in you’ll have the ability to start immediately and effortlessly adding web properties. So you can add your own websites, or even your competition’s websites. Once you add a web property, you’ll be able to start checking rankings across Google, Yahoo, Bing, and you’ll even be able to manually enter keywords so you can check your search rankings.


There’s also the “Now Provided” feature, which allows you to find keyword opportunities that you could benefit from. The way it works, is AuthorityLabs integrates aggregate data from Google Analytics, AdWords and other SEO ranking data to find the best possible opportunities for your ranking.


You’ll also find API integration instructions, and the ability to add users to your account, or create separate accounts for your employees, or even clients. (There’s also a “public link” tracker that you can give your clients if you’d like to give them even more statistics and data to look at and analyze. 


This feature could also help you land SEO clients by showing them their pitfalls, and potential).

Authority Labs Features
AuthorityLabs Features

Local Tracking – Do you have any clients who have a brick and mortar business, or do you have one yourself? If that’s the case AuthorityLabs allows you to track specifically in accordance with your country, zip code and city, so you can see exactly how your local listings match up against competitors.


Backlink Checker – Have you ever had a powerful backlink suddenly disappear? Believe it or not, you can’t rely on your backlinks and take them for granted. That’s why AuthorityLabs allows you to easily scan and search for backlinks, so you can know exactly your positioning, and if whether or not a new backlinking campaign is required for your best SEO results.


Keyword Grouping – Have you ever built a keyword list so large, that you had a mental spasm? Seriously, managing a large keyword list can be a nightmare, especially if the interface of whatever tool you’re using is lacking. 


Thankfully, AuthorityLabs allows you to seamlessly and effortlessly group your keywords into almost any segmentation plan that you have, so managing a keyword list of almost any size is now easy, and looks good in the process.


Rank Checking – This is the main meat and potatoes you’re probably after; the ability to check your rankings by keyword. AuthorityLabs allows you to easily and quickly determine where you stand by each individual keyword, so you can improve your content marketing and create easy to understand graphs and reports. These reports will make excellent “proofs” for your existing SEO clients, and can also be a beautiful way to attract new SEO clients.


Website Crawler – You probably have a secret suspicion that crawl errors totally brutalize your SEO rankings. Depending upon which SEO guru you listen you, you’ll probably have conflicting reports. One thing is for sure however, dead links don’t do you any good whatsoever. 


Being that the case, AuthorityLabs will fully crawl every page on your domain to seek out crawl errors, dead spots, and link rot that could negatively impact your ranking, and very reputation.


Competition Spying – Often times, knowing how your competition ranks is more important than how you rank. Think about it. Imagine if you knew exactly the weak spots in your competition’s SEO ranking, so you could easily “sneak in” and capitalize upon their flaws. 


If that sounds at all exciting, then consider using AuthorityLabs to synchronize your own SEO rankings with that of your competition, so you can see how to best exploit and dominate any weak points.


Scheduled Reporting – What good is SEO reporting if it takes you until next Tuesday to get and print the reports? Using AuthorityLabs you can schedule all of your reporting, so everything is ready for you the next time you’re logged into AuthorityLabs. You can also automate exporting so you have something to hand off to your employees or clients without breaking your back or getting frustrated.


Flexible Reporting Options – Would it feel good to simply allow your clients to login and check their own ranking data? Or maybe you’d prefer to export to a CSV so your team can create beautiful and unique graphical data? Either way, there’s plenty of flexible options so you can show your data off almost any way you want. 


Easily Share Ranking Reports – Imagine this scenario. Your SEO consulting firm is growing by leaps and bounds, and this newfound business allows you to hire 5 extra agents. This is going to cost you an additional arm and a leg right? Wrong. With AuthorityLabs, the scalability of the accounts is very impressive, so you can always add new accounts, share as much data as you want, or simply allow others to login to your own account, export data, and they’re off to the races.


Compare Ranking Over Time – What’s the biggest variable of consideration, when speaking in terms of SEO client retention? It’s data over time. How have you improved their data in the last 6 months? If you can prove this data, your clients will be much less likely to cancel their contact with you. 


That’s why AuthorityLabs makes it dead simple to view and analyze multiple keyword rankings over an interval of time that benefits you, and your client. So your clients will easily understand the outstanding value that you can provide to them, and their business.

Authority Labs Integration's

AuthorityLabs API – After speaking directly to an AuthorityLabs technician (who was very informative and gregarious by the way), I was assured that the AuthorityLabs API will allow you to integrate with almost any of your own custom widgets, dashboards and applications. So no matter how complex (or simplistic) your SEO vision is, AuthorityLabs’ API will handle your deepest core desires.


Google Analytics – AuthorityLabs easily integrates with Google Analytics with the click of a button, so you can tap into Google’s near infinite wealth of ranking data without having a superhuman IQ. (Joking aside, you realize that Google Analytics itself is relatively difficult to understand, even if you’ve been ranking sites since the days of dialup. 


That’s why AuthorityLabs makes Google Analytics integration a simple and intuitive process).

Authority Labs Pricing
Authority Labs Pricing

AuthorityLabs has three price plans that differ mostly in the amount of keywords and amount of domains.


For example, AuthorityLab’s first payment plan is known as the “PRO” plan. The pro plan allows you to track 1,000 keywords, use 100 domains, enables local tracking, mobile tracking, daily updates, “Now Provided” reports, unlimited uses, and the white label option. The pro plan costs $99 per month.


The pro plus plan offers everything that the pro plan does, but ups the amount of keywords to 2,500, and the amount of domains to 300. The pro plus plan costs $225 per month.


Finally, there’s the enterprise plan. The enterprise plan grants you the same features as previous plans, and allows 5,000+ keywords, and unlimited domains. The enterprise plan also enables you to use API access, and costs $450 per month.


In the event that you require much more than 5,000 keywords, you can always contact AuthorityLabs for a custom quote, and you can of course start to test out AuthorityLabs for absolutely zero cost for a full 30-day trial.

Authority Labs Support

Maybe you’re scared because you have no idea how to best proceed and get the most out of AuthorityLabs?  If that’s the case, you might try to check out AuthorityLabs’ tutorials on just about every feature that they offer.


So if you’re not sure how to add domains, add keywords, add users, export data, or do just about anything, AuthorityLabs has a detailed tour area that shows everything in video, and step by step fashion.


In addition to the AuthorityLabs tour, you can also use the “Need Help?” interface that provides tips on every single page in their website. So if you’re on a page, and not sure how it works, you can simply click “Need Help?” for a quick tutorial. There’s also a “getting started” guide to help you through the basic implementations that you’ll probably use with AuthorityLabs.


AuthorityLabs also offers a comprehensive API tutorial, in the event that you want to integrate their services across your own customized platforms or systems. AuthorityLabs API also allows you to automatically store any results in Amazon S3, so you can easily use Amazon as your own data depository if you like. (And, AuthorityLabs does offer API support in the event that you have no idea how to integrate on your own).


Finally, in the event that you need to chat with a live person, AuthorityLabs offers a live chat helpdesk that promises to respond fast, though they do mention that they aren’t always around late at night. In any event, you can be rest assured that they promise to get back to you quick, regardless of how simple or complex your question is.

Authority Labs Reputation

AuthorityLabs has a reputation for being readily accessible for the small business, yet at the same time highly scalable for almost any size organization.


The AuthorityLabs team is relatively small startup compared to other SEO tools and search related businesses, however often times this can be a blessing in disguise, as their employees are knowledgeable and passionate about their products.


AuthorityLabs doesn’t boast as many of the heavy hitting clients that other companies have, but what they do have is a reputation for caring about your results as a client. 


So if you’re frustrated that other SEO tools and companies don’t care about you as a customer, you might give AuthorityLabs a second look, so you can feel like you’re an appreciated member of their own team.

Authority Labs Conclusion

Maybe you’re wondering if AuthorityLabs is perfect for you or your business?
Well, ask yourself if you have any SEO clients who could benefit from having improved local rankings, or if you could benefit by having the ability to export keyword research data on a scheduled interval? 


Would your clients appreciate the ability to see how they stack up against their competitors by viewing a beautifully white labeled report?


Would having the ability to add unlimited accounts help your overall client acquisition strategy, or otherwise make your life easier as a website owner, or SEO consultant? How much money would your SEO agency or consultancy save by having the ability to add unlimited accounts?


Finally, would you love conducting business with a small, yet powerful startup with a promising future?


If any of these are the case, then AuthorityLabs might be the ideal SEO tool you can add to your inventory so you can get more clients, keep them longer, or otherwise help your own website rank to the moon and beyond.


About Mike DeVincent

Mike researches and reviews products for Top 10 Marketing Software. Mike has vast experience in blogging, teaching and internet marketing. See Mike's profile on Google+.

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