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Aweber Review

Aweber is an email marketing tool designed to help businesses of all sizes manage their email lists. Aweber provides tools that make it easy for businesses to keep in touch with subscribers using auto responders and timed emails to deliver the right information to subscribers at the right time.

Aweber has over 15 years experience in providing email marketing tools to businesses, and their experienced team have a strong focus on good customer service and providing resources to make the process of managing and sending emails easy even for businesses who are new to email marketing.

Aweber can help businesses to:

• Build their email lists quickly and easily

• Manage several different email lists

• Design professional looking emails

• Send out regular email newsletters to keep in touch with customers

• Engage new subscribers with a series of well timed emails

A tool like Aweber makes it easy to set up and run email campaigns, which is useful for businesses who want to keep their customers engaged with them.

Aweber Review
Aweber Advantages

Choosing an email management tool isn't easy. However, Aweber has some distinct advantages that set is apart from the competition:

•Email tracking:

The ability to track emails in detail is a clear advantage of using Aweber. Aweber offers powerful tracking tools that let businesses see who has clicked on their emails and when. Businesses can also track which links were clicked within each email.

•Helpdesk and support:

Aweber offers quick and professional support, which means businesses won't be left hanging should a problem arise. Support is available by phone, email and live chat, making it easy to get a quick response.

•High deliverability:

Aweber prides itself on offering high delivery rates, which means businesses don't need to worry about their messages getting filtered into the spam folder.

•Plenty of templates:

Aweber offers businesses over 700 templates, making it easy to build professional looking emails.


Aweber's templates are compatible with major email services such as Yahoo! Mail and Gmail, so users know their emails will display correctly.

•Scalable pricing:

Aweber's pricing increases in line with the number of email subscribers, so businesses only pay for what they need depending on the size of their email lists.


As well as excellent support, Aweber offers a wealth of documentation and tutorials to make the learning curve as smooth and short as possible.

Aweber Disadvantages

Aweber has a few drawbacks to Aweber that users should consider before signing up:


Although Aweber offers a scalable pricing structure, it's generally on the more expensive end of the scale when it comes to email management software. That said, Aweber's superior features and support may well be worth the price.

•Short free trial period:

Aweber offers its users a one month free trial so they can try out the service for themselves, and it's quick and easy to unsubscribe if they decide Aweber isn't for them. However, some other mail service providers, such as Mailchimp, offer their service for free up to a certain subscriber limit rather than by the length of time of the trial. This might appeal especially to smaller or newer businesses who aren't confident of getting enough subscribers to justify the fee within the trial period.

•Lack of customization:

Aweber's email builder and templates do offer some level of customization. However, altering the templates and configuring emails to exact specifications or to match existing branding might take a certain amount of coding knowledge and confidence.

•No video support:

Aweber doesn't allow its clients to embed videos in their emails, so any videos will need to be uploaded to an outside provider such as YouTube.

Who Is Aweber Ideal For?

Aweber is ideal for anyone who needs to keep in touch with existing and potential customers. That includes:

•Sole traders
•Multi national corporations
•Small to medium sized enterprises
•Mom and pop businesses
•Online businesses
•Brick and mortar stores

The heart of Aweber is building an email list, and then keeping in touch with that list through timed emails (autoresponders) and email newsletters. Reaching out to customers and prospects via email can bring a solid ROI (return on investment) for businesses. Customer Relationship Management specialists SalesForce estimate that every $1 spent on email marketing could bring as much as $44 ROI.

Aweber is also ideal for businesses or sole traders who want to increase their profits and boost customer engagement, but who are short on time or technical know how. Because Aweber is designed to be easy to use and comes with quick and knowledgeable support, it provides an easy and time saving way to keep in touch with an email list, without the need for specialist skills or knowledge to get it set up.

Aweber Signup Process
Aweber Signup

Signing up to Aweber is quick and easy.

To start with, click on “start your free 30 day trial” on the homepage. No matter what size of Aweber package a business needs, the 30 day trial is the best starting place, giving businesses access to all of Aweber's features for 30 days while they evaluate how well it works for them.

On the next screen, businesses do have the choice to choose a quarterly payment at the reduced price of $32.67 (usually retails at $49 quarterly) or a yearly payment at the reduced price of $177,56 (usually retails at $194 yearly). However, signing up for a monthly payment of $19 gives access to the free trial, and businesses are free to change their payment schedule once the trial is over.

The next step is to fill out all of the pertinent information, which includes:

•Username (simply type the chosen username into the box to create it, no need for separate account creation)

•First and last name

•Email addresses

•Phone number

•Billing information and address (Aweber accepts payment by Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express).

Finally, clicking on “complete my order” finishes the process. Users will receive a welcome email from Aweber in minutes, and can then log in from the Aweber home page, or via the link provided in the welcome email.

Aweber Ease of Use
Aweber Dashboard

Aweber has a learning curve like any other new software, but overall it's intuitive and easy to use. The Aweber dashboard is uncluttered and easy to navigate. The initial page shows at a glance how many people have subscribed that day, how many have unsubscribed, and a list of any scheduled broadcasts (a broadcast includes newsletters, email announcements or any upcoming promotional emails).

From the main dashboard, creating a new email is as easy as clicking “create a message” in the top right corner. Users can then use the drag and drop email builder to design and compose their next email.

Users can also click to “messages” from the main dashboard menu to review their messages and schedule delivery options for each one. The main dashboard also provides links for subscriber management, list management, and creation of sign up forms for subscribers.

Overall, Aweber's dashboard is easy to use and navigate. It's easy to see all the different areas, such as subscribers or list options at a glance, then click through to work with each area in more depth. Everything is clearly labeled and even at initial sign up a business can get some grasp on what Aweber does and where to go to create new messages or manage email campaigns.

Aweber Features
Aweber Features

Aweber is packed full of useful features for users, including:

•Over 700 pre-built email templates to make it easy to create professional looking emails.


•Drag and drop email editor makes it easy to put together and email with no coding knowledge needed.


•Free stock image gallery and unlimited image hosting so emails will be more eye catching.


•Email test feature so users can take a look at a new email for themselves before it goes out to their subscribers.


•Blog integration to create new email newsletters from existing blog posts.


•Performance tracking so businesses can keep track of which emails get opened by whom and when.


•In-email link tracking so users can see which links are getting clicked.


•Easy subscriber management so users can track subscribers and see subscribe and unsubscribe rates at a glance.


•Bounce and complaint rate checkers to spot any potential issues.


•Subscriber segmenting so businesses can split up their subscriber lists by a range of action-based criteria such as what they click or open, where they go on a webpage, or even which sign up form they filled in.


•Email autoresponders that send out a series of messages to new subscribers, which businesses can use to further introduce their products, services and the benefits they offer to their customers.


•Content filter checking tools so users can see if their messages are at risk of being labeled as spam before they hit the send button.


•Sign up form creator for building web forms that capture pertinent customer information and encourage them to sign up to an email list.


•A/B testing of forms so businesses can create and compare two forms with different content and see which is working better for them.


•Match the color and theme of sign up forms to emails for a cohesive look to each campaign.


• Aweber mobile app so users can check opens, clicks and upcoming broadcasts while on the go.


• Upcoming broadcast overview for an at-a-glance look at each campaign.


• Integration with third party apps for increased functionality.


• Round the clock customer support means users can get a response fast if something goes wrong.


• List migration lets new users migrate their email list from another provider, with support every step of the way.

Aweber Integrations

One of the benefits of Aweber is its ability to integrate with a wide range of other apps, for a more flexible and useful service. Some of the apps Aweber integrates with include:

Facebook – Facebook integration means customers can sign up to a mailing list right from the business' Facebook page.


WordPress – integrate Aweber sign up forms with any WordPress blog and even allow people to sign up when they leave a comment.


LeadPages – Leadpages offers professional landing pages, and Aweber integrate seamlessly with those pages.


PayPal – when customers pay with PayPal, they can be prompted to sign up to an Aweber list.


Etsy – with Etsy integration, not only can businesses invite customers to sign up after purchase, they can also drag and drop Etsy listings into their Aweber emails.


SalesForce – SalesForce is a top customer relationship management software that Aweber can be integrated with.


Zendesk – businesses can see at a glance who has contacted them for support through Zendesk and match those stats with their existing subscriber information.

These are just a handful of the many, many payment, social, CRM and other third party apps that Aweber is designed to integrate with.

Aweber Pricing
Aweber Pricing

Aweber offers a range of pricing offers based on subscriber numbers. The only thing that changes between price bands is the number of subscribers a business can have – all other features stay the same, meaning that businesses get the full range of features no matter which pricing band they are in.

Aweber pricing bands are:

- $19 a month for 0 – 500 subscribers


- $29 a month for 501 – 2500 subscribers


- $49 a month for 2501 – 5000 subscribers


- $69 a month for 5001 – 1000 subscribers


- $149 a month for 10001 – 25000 subscribers

Businesses with over 25000 subscribers can get a custom quote.

Aweber Support

Aweber offers quick and comprehensive support via a range of support channels and options:

• Support via email, phone and live chat for when users need to speak with an expert.


• Live customer support 24/7


• Aweber Knowledge Base, which offers answers to a broad range of potential questions.


• Aweber Launch Pad, an online tutorial that gives new users a thorough overview of email marketing and the Aweber platform.


• Live webinars offered free to customers, covering a range of email marketing related topics.


• Video tutorials to walk customers through all the Aweber basics.

Aweber's advanced customer support is definitely one of the things that have made it a popular choice, offering both live support and plenty of user friendly resources.

Aweber Reputation

A quick search online shows that Aweber is a well liked and respected email service provider. Users frequently cite the high deliverability of Aweber as a particular plus, as their deliverability and spam features keep business emails out of the junk folders. Aweber is also noted for its high level of customers support, which is fast and professional, and means businesses are not left hanging when they need help.

Aweber has garnered many positive reviews around the web. For example, Trust Radius scored Aweber 8 out of 10 and said it would recommend to others, citing how easy it was to build and maintain a list with Aweber.


Meanwhile, PC Mag rated it “good” and noted that it's an easy to use option for anyone new to email marketing. Finally, many personal users such as Reginald Chan, Chamira Marketing and My Wife Quit Her Job have picked out Aweber as their top choice for email marketing – in some cases having switched over from another provider.

It's clear that Aweber has a solid reputation among the online community.

Aweber Review Conclusion

Aweber rating: Definitely five stars. Aweber is packed full of features that make it suitable for the smallest or largest of businesses, the rookie email marketer or the seasoned pro. Aweber makes the process of email marketing quick and easy, yet offers a wealth of different options and integrations, so users can dig as deep into email marketing as they want to.


Their customer support is second to none. Finally, Aweber offers impressive A/B testing and email stats which mean that business won't just use it to send emails, but to make sure that the emails they send are really working hard for their business. All of this adds up to make Aweber an excellent choice for any business.


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