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How to optimize your website for the search engines

Learn all the tips and tricks for perfecting your site to perform the best in search results.



How to find the best keywords for SEO
Every profitable SEO campaign starts with keyword research, learn how to pick the best target phrases.



How to perform SEO for a website

Learn how to apply search engine optimization techniquest to get more traffic to your site.


How to rank in local search

If your a small business then you need to learn how to do local SEO to reach nearby customers.



How to get good quality backlinks
Getting quality backlinks for your website has always been the #1 factor in high search engine rankings.


How To Find The Best

Keywords For SEO

Check out our Top 10 Keyword Research Software

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What Are Keywords

These are phrases used by content creators, SEO experts and online marketers to improve your web pages visibility on search engines as well as draw organic traffic from SERPs to your website. A keyword can be summarized as a group of words that encapsulate the essence of one’s content. An example includes plumber Calgary or dentist New York. They are composed of a few words no more than 5 and they are incorporated in the content. When a search engine bot crawls a web page in order to index it, it looks for relevant keywords used.


It is a common practice to find website owners and content creators incorporating keywords a couple of time in a page. Some will opt for three times, others four while others five or more. One important thing content creators and website owners need to remember is that keyword stuffing is not allowed. This is part of black hat seo practice and can hurt the reputation of your website. Many websites have been banned by search engines for engaging in this practice.


To ensure that you adhere to all best practices, its best to engage in white hat seo and organic seo.

To properly perform this essential task, it's important you find yourself a good keyword research software tool to quickly find 1'000s of relevant target phrases.


What is keyword research?

This can be described as the practice website owners, content creators, SEO experts and online marketers engage in order to find actual search terms online users are utilizing. The practice allows SEO professionals and website owners to improve the ranking of their website. This is vital as it helps to improve organic traffic to their website. It is commonly known that the more visitors a website has, the higher the chances of increasing its revenue.


How? When a user makes a search online, one will click on your website link and be directed to your pages. If you are selling products and services, you can convert them into paying customers using different techniques. This will allow you to earn revenue.


The practice is known to be the most important and valuable in the SEO field. What you need to know is that the right keywords can help to make or break your website. Begin researching and attract the right kind of visitors.

Importance of ranking in search engines

As an internet marketer and seo professional, you know how important it is when a website is ranked highly in search engines. These are some of the benefits websites owners are bound to reap when they rank highly on search engines.


a.) Increased organic traffic

You will be able to experience a rise in the number of visitors to your website. With better strategies and campaigns, you can convert them into paying customers.

b.) Expanded opportunities for your business

This will allow you to attract more visitors and expand your market further.

c.) Improved brand recognition

Online users trust search results displayed in the first page. If your website is listed among the Top 10, be assured your brand will be recognized.

d.) Reduced expenses

You will reduce your advertising costs as your organic search traffic is already high.

e.) Higher ROI

The investment made when hiring reputable SEO professionals will be realized when your website becomes Top 10.


Tools for Keyword search

There are many tools available online that will help you research for different keywords. They include:

Long Tail Pro



Also check out the tools below;

Moz Keyword Explorer

Keyword Explorer
Keyword Planner
Google Trends

How to find the best keywords for seo – Step by Step Guide

The foundation of a well optimized website begins with keyword research. This will enable any content creator, Seo professional or internet marketer to improve the page ranking of a website. For the website owner, it will mean improved organic traffic, improved business visibility and reduced costs on ads. Here is a step by step guide of how to find the best keywords for seo.


Step One – Use available keyword research tools 

To ensure that you have the right keywords, you need to know your niche. This refers to the area of specialization your website is focusing on. For example weight loss, body building, affiliate marketing, dentistry or pediatrician. These are just examples as you can find hundred of niches to use ranging from sports to news.


Let’s assume you have chosen to run an affiliate website dealing in tactical flashlights. When you begin, it is quite challenging as you don’t know what keywords are used and which will be profitable to you. This is despite you having knowledge in the subject.


When you use any of the tools listed above, you will be able to identify all keyword opportunities available for your selected niche. This will include even less potential terms that could drive sales and even organic traffic.


When you input a keyword like “tactical flashlight”, the tool will not only generate for you a brief list of terms but they will be of different variations. Even though the search terms returned will be many, it does not mean that they are all valuable to you.

Step Two – Determine value of keyword(s)

Value of Keywords

A vital question you need to ask yourself is, how valuable are the keywords in my possession? Taking the example of tactical flashlights, you will find different brands, sizes and colors. So, what are your users really looking for? Since you are an affiliate website, you need to know which brands are being purchased more than others.


The best thing about tools like Google analytics is that they provide the keywords people use when searching for your website. This information is powerful and when utilized well, it will help you rank highly.

The downside of the above keyword research tools is that they will not be able to display to you the value of the keywords except for Google Keyword Planner. In order to understand the value of a keyword, you need to understand the value of your website.


Some questions to ask yourself include – are the selected keywords relevant to the website content? Will online users find the website easily when using certain keywords? Will they be glad for having used the keywords and found what they were looking for?

Step Three – Look at your competitors

Find Competitors Keywords

As a business person, you have competitors who are out to earn more revenue, have more customers and stay ahead of you always. When performing a keyword research, you need to consider what your competitors are using.


One way of doing so is to utilize available keyword research tools listed above. With Google Keyword Planner or Google Adwords, you can use the competition metric. This will show how many people have purchased the keyword. If you check and view keywords with a ranking “High” beside them, it means they are valuable but they will not work for you. This is because they are the most sought after by buyers.


Alternatively, you can check for search ads running along the top of the search engine in the SERPs. When you understand which competitor’s websites rank your keyword, you will be able to gain valuable insight into your competitor.


What you need to know is that majority of search ads usually mean a high value keyword. As seen in Google and other search engines, multiple search ads at the top of organic results signify a highly lucrative conversion prone keyword.


Another great tool that will allow you to know what your competitors are into is Alexa. One last thing, don’t forget to download your keyword list.


Step Four – Understand Long tail of keyword demand

From the search you have made, you have determined what keywords your competitors are using. Since they are not suitable for you right now, it’s time to try something different. Seo experts have been able to reveal that valuable keywords only make up 30% of searches performed online. So what about the remaining 70%. This is where long tail keywords lie.


What are long tail keywords?

Focus Long Tail Keywords

This refers to terms which are composed of three or four keyword phrases and they are very specific to what a website owner is selling. It is common to find online users utilizing phrases which are exact of what they are looking for. For example how to lose weight fast. The keyword “how to lose weight fast” is widely used and it will mean too much competition to a starting business. It is wise to opt for a long tail keyword.


What experienced SEO experts will inform you is that long tail keywords do convert better. This is because they catch online users when in the buying and conversion cycle. An individual searching for “brown or black shoes” is probably browsing and not buying. When one searches using “best price on black Italian leather shoes size 12”, they are practically ready to buy.

It is wise to understand the search demand curve.


Step Five – Refine your keyword list

Now that you have learned how to stay ahead of your competitors with long tail keywords, it’s time to refine the list created earlier. The keyword research tools listed above have different options that will allow you to refine your search easily. Most will list alternative words that can be combined with your keywords. These words are already being searched for by online users and fall under the long tail keyword category.


There are two ways of refining your keyword list. One of them is using the related keywords as described above. When you combine these words with your keywords, you are able to generate more ideas.


The second method is where you apply a filter. This will enable you to eliminate words you see are not relevant to your niche, your website and business.


Step Six – Put the keywords into practice

Now that you have refined your niche keywords and have downloaded the list, it’s time to put them into practice. What these means is that you need to incorporate them into your website or blog. The only way you can do so is by developing original, unique, engaging and relevant content. Users are looking for information when they search online. They want to know how to repair a leaking pipe, how to replace a bulb or how to unclog a blocked drain.


When it comes to content, the headline, the introduction, the main body and conclusion should have a natural flow, be informative and engage the reader. You can incorporate the keywords a few times in the content. For example, if your keyword is SEO, you can come up with the following headlines:


a. What is SEO? A Complete Guide To Ranking Your Website Better

b.Top 5 SEO Strategies Even Your Baby Can Understand

c.SEO Tips And Tricks Search Engines Have Been Keeping Away From You.


The first thing you need to notice with the headlines is that the keyword has been used and it’s relevant to your content. Furthermore, they are unique in themselves. In the content, you have to separate everything into paragraphs. You need to know that readers prefer short and sweet sentences. Space your content between paragraphs to make it easy to scan. Finally incorporate the keywords a few times in the content and don’t forget to use sub headlines. You can add the keywords in the first paragraph, the body and conclusion, once. Do not keyword stuff your content as it will lead to your website being down ranked.


Learn the secrets to writing great content


Final Thoughts

As defined earlier, a keyword is a group of words or phrase used by internet marketers, website owners and SEO experts to help improve the ranking of a website. The same keywords are used by online visitors to search for information or products to purchase.


Keyword research on the other hand involves the different activities which surround the search for suitable phrases which people are using when searching for information. It is a vital practice that can either make or break a website.


Several tools need to be used and you will be able to find some are free while others require you to pay for the service. By following the steps outlined above, you should be able to come up with a list of keywords that are suitable for your website.


Keyword research is not the end of SEO or better ranking. You need to constantly monitor, tweak and experiment with different phrases. Remember, the internet is growing and each time, users are searching for something different. When you offer unique content that is relevant, engaging and informative, you will standout.


Finally, refrain from copying content from other websites as this will contribute to your website being ranked poorly.

Check out our Top 10 Keyword Research Software

Comparison Table to see the best tools from a bird's eye view...

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