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Market Leader - 1 Million Pages Built

Click Funnels
5 stars

$29 - $127


Intuitive easy page designer

100+ fully customizable templates

Huge widget and integration library

$97 - $297

14 day free trial


Massive email/cart integration list

Dozens of funnel templates


Complete Sales Funnel Software


$70 - $550

Huge feature set


Integrates wtih social media forms

350+ templates


Comprehensive Landing Page Creator


API integration


Real time statistics

30 day free trial


Simple Landing Page Tool


$10 - $80

Wordpress plugin


Simple interface

100+ templates


4 Integrated Marketing Tools

Get Response

$15 - $799

A/B split testing


Free sub-domain hosting

100+ templates


Email Software With Built-In Landers


$49 - $999

Advanced targeting options


Comprehensive Dashboard

Built-in page WYSIWYG editor


Dedicated A/B Split Testing Tool


$95 - $1,195

14 day free trial


Auto optimizing features

100+ templates


Landing Page Tool & Consulting


$55 - $1,100

Advanced reports


Segementation & personalization

Visual A/B test page editor


Comprehensive CRO Platform

Landing Page Monkey

$49 - $69

Auto-responder integrations


Unlimited pages

Full screen video backgrounds


Cheap & Simple Landing Page Builder

4.5 stars
4.5 stars
4.5 stars
4.5 stars
4 stars
4 stars
4 stars
4 stars

$29 - $199

What is a Landing Page Builder?

If you’ve done any research, then you already know that you have several options when it comes to building a landing page. You could hire a web design company to construct it from the ground up, consulting you every single step of the way. You could purchase a hosting package as well as a domain name and then build it using HTML or offline programs that creates HTML files for you. Or you could simply create a landing page using a landing page builder--and this is the option many people are choosing these days.

Simply put, a landing page builder creates a landing page for you. With just a couple of clicks, you can drag and drop different elements on to your page and get the look you want. You could also choose a ready-made template and just change a few words and colors so that it reflects the look of your brand. And this can all be done within a matter of minutes. There is no technical knowledge required.

There are a few different types of people who use landing page builders. First, there are startup businesses who have small budgets. These businesses may not be able to afford a website developer so they choose the diy route until they are able to hire a professional. While hiring a professional developer could cost thousands, landing page builders only cost a tiny fraction of this.

There are also those who just want something simple and quick. Landing page builders generally offer several templates to choose from. Some businesses offer a lot of special promotions and give away so that to be able to easily build a page within a moment's notice.

And some people just prefer to have creative freedom over their project. They may not have the technical skills needed but they have a very specific vision for their landing page. They prefer to experiment with different looks and arrangements on their own so that that can make sure that it's just the way they envision it.

Why Use Landing Page Builders

Landing pages have become a required element in marketing for every imaginable business, including the traditional brick and mortar types. They are the single most important pages in inbound marketing. And landing page builders are great for several reasons. First, they make it easy for non-techies to generate leads. If you're not experienced at coding, then you still have a chance at targeting your audience.

Landing pages builders make it easy to customize a place for your special offers and giveaways. Even if only temporarily, you can quickly and easily build a dedicated place to make exchanges with your visitors. In most cases, you're exchanging a product for their contact information which is invaluable.

Builders give you the opportunity to collect valuable demographic information about your all of your prospects. When a lead gives you their information, you can create a profile of them. This is turn is what helps you to create a more successful marketing campaign. The creation of personas helps you to zero in on your target audience.

They give you the ability to understand which of your prospects are more engaged than others.You will be better able to monitor their behavior and buying habits. This way, you can sharpen your sales skills and tweak your approach.

The great thing about landing page builder is that you can use them to create pages for a variety of places. Maybe you want to create a quick social media campaign. Perhaps you're interested in spontaneously sending your clients an email containing important information. You can also use them to create PPC ads and get more organic traffic to your website.

Unlike homepages, you'll be able to create different versions for different ads. For instance, if you are running a PPC ad you will usually target different keywords, product and messages. Landing page builders give you the opportunity to create different versions to match each of your ads. They allow you to dedicate one page for a specific keyword while your regular homepage will sometimes contain too many keywords to be able to compete. This is crucial because when your prospect click on these ad, they’re searching for something specific.

Landing page builders can also help you to create pages that remove the types of distractions that home pages have. You can easily do away with sidebar elements, navigation bars, teasers and anything else that gets in the way of your conversion goals. In order to convert your visitors, you need to be able to get and keep their attention.

Perhaps one of the most beneficial parts of having a landing page builder is the insight that it gives into your marketing strategy. The metrics that this type of service provides is a great way to find out if you are taking the best approach. Each time you build a landing page, you are creating a data asset towards your marketing program. By analyzing these metrics, you can easily collect a lot of information about your performance and conversions over time.

What To Look For In a Landing Page Builders

- Easy Drag 'n' drop
If you're new to web design and development then one of the biggest benefits of using a landing page is that it requires very little technical knowledge. Drag and drop means that with a click of the mouse, you can move the elements of the page around to where you would like--no tedious coding necessary.

- Flexible Templates

It's important that you choose a look that blends in with the rest of your website. The best builder will offer several templates to choose from. This way you can experiment with what works best.

- Mobile Responsive

More and more people are beginning to use their phones as their primary means of searching online. So choose a builder that allows your landing page layout to adapt to the dimensions of your phone. When people go from view your website on their desktop computers to their phone, there should be a seamless transition.

- Form Builder

If you want to be able to request information form your visitors, you need to have access to forms. Not only should landing page builders offer forms, but you should also be able to customize it. For instance you may want to add drop down menus, check boxes or multiple choice options.

- Real-time Analytics

You need to be able to monitor the actions of your visitors. The best builders will allow you to do this through real-time analytics. This helps you to decide if you need to make changes or adjustments.

- Domain Publishing

What good is a landing page if it does not connect to your domain? Be on the lookout for services that allow you to easily publish your landing page to your domain. You should be able to publish them to your subdomain.

- Notification Emails

One of the biggest aspects of owning a website is tracking down your leads. These are the people who could turn into actual customers. You landing page builder should be equipped with and email notification feature that alerts you as soon as a new lead visits your landing page.

- Friendly Support

When you have questions or concerns about your landing page, you need to be able to get in contact with customer service as soon as possible. Choose a landing page builder service that offer 24/7 customer support. Ideally the staff should be friendly and willing to help.

- Fast Loading

It's a well known fact that people's attentions spans are becoming shorter by the day. This is why they don't stick around very long if your page takes time to load. So make sure the landing page is capable of loading quickly.

- Drip Campaign

You may not always be able to respond to clients right away. However, an auto-responder can. Your landing page builder should give you the ability to send automatic follow ups and auto-responder emails to leads whenever they use one of your forms.

- Popup Tool

Popups are one of the best ways to get your visitors' attention. This is especially if you want them to sign up for your newsletters. The popup tool should be easy to use, publish and it should be both flexible and mobile-responsive.

- Connects Your Leads

It's not enough to simply ask for your visitors' email addresses; if you want to hold their attention you must also need to engage them. This means that you'll need to send out information that actually applies to them and suits their personal needs.Search for a landing page building that offers a Marketing Automation platform. This tool will allow you to send out several personalized emails based on each individual's unique activity.

Landing Page Builder Strategies, Tips and Tricks

Use White Space To Eliminate Distractions
The point of a landing page is to get your visitors to take a certain action. However, if your page is cluttered with words and pictures, this can be very difficult. Instead of going overboard with design, you should make use of as much white space as possible. What this meas is that you should use your landing page builder to arrange your page elements in a way that all of their attention goes towards one thing. In this case, that one thing is your subscription box. Not only does this make it easier for them to understand what action to take, but it also makes your page easier to look at.

Build Your Email List With Copy

When using your landing page builder you need to consider what type of content you're going to add. Sure, you want a minimalist look but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't write compelling copy for your landing page. Address any doubts or questions about why they should subscribe to your list. It does not have to be long, but a little content helps you get the most out of your landing page.

Use Clear Call To Action To Get Sign Ups To Webinars

Sometimes writing copy isn't enough. You need to make sure that your page is designed with a clear call-to-action. For example, highlight the text fields with arrows. Use large, colorful buttons in order to get their attention. The goal is to make the next step very obvious and your design is going to have a lot to do with that.

Selling Products With Social Proof

People usually hate missing out on things or being the last to know. You can easily capitalize on this with your landing page. Incorporate social proof into your design. If you want to sell more products, then add a box just above your subscription box to advertise how many customers you have had so far. Let them know that they don't want to be left behind. Some of the most popular forms of social proof come in the form of social media “likes” from Facebook and Twitter. You may also advertise your subscriber count.

Top 10 Best Landing Page Builders Compared

Building a dedicated landing page is the best way to conduct direct-response market campaigns. It's not unusal to achieve 50%+ conversion rates on a well built landing page. Whether you're looking to generate leads, sell a product or service or attract signups for a webinar or podcast, a high converting landing page is the best way to do it. We've reviewed what we think are the top 10 landing page builder software tools below. All of these landing page creators are quick to signup with free trials, and are very easy to build your first landing page in minutes without the need to know how to program or code. We recommend Instapage as the best tool due to it's simplistic page editor and A/B split testing functionality. 

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