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Market Leader - 1 Million Pages Built

Click Funnels
5 stars

$29 - $127


Intuitive easy page designer

100+ fully customizable templates

Huge widget and integration library

$97 - $297

14 day free trial


Massive email/cart integration list

Dozens of funnel templates


Complete Sales Funnel Software


$70 - $550

Huge feature set


Integrates wtih social media forms

350+ templates


Comprehensive Landing Page Creator


API integration


Real time statistics

30 day free trial


Simple Landing Page Tool


$10 - $80

Wordpress plugin


Simple interface

100+ templates


4 Integrated Marketing Tools

Get Response

$15 - $799

A/B split testing


Free sub-domain hosting

100+ templates


Email Software With Built-In Landers


$49 - $999

Advanced targeting options


Comprehensive Dashboard

Built-in page WYSIWYG editor


Dedicated A/B Split Testing Tool


$95 - $1,195

14 day free trial


Auto optimizing features

100+ templates


Landing Page Tool & Consulting


$55 - $1,100

Advanced reports


Segementation & personalization

Visual A/B test page editor


Comprehensive CRO Platform

Landing Page Monkey

$49 - $69

Auto-responder integrations


Unlimited pages

Full screen video backgrounds


Cheap & Simple Landing Page Builder

4.5 stars
4.5 stars
4.5 stars
4.5 stars
4 stars
4 stars
4 stars
4 stars

$29 - $199

What is Landing Page Generator?

This is an application with a set of tools that enables website owners, internet marketers and SEO experts to develop professional, responsive and top converting landing pages. Landing pages are vital for any website or blog out there. Even if one was to use the right keywords, relevant and engaging content as well as AdWords campaigns, it will be very difficult to achieve success and higher ROI via PPC without landing pages. This is because it is vital to come up with a sound landing page strategy to realize higher ROI.

The application allows the customization of landing pages which attract leads because it is what your online users get to see after they click on an ad. Majority of landing page generators come with drag and drop builder tools and custom layouts that allow one to develop pages with the right content and look.

When you design stunning landing pages, you are able to target the right audience for example traffic from an email campaign or online visitors who have clicked on a PPC promoting an item. The great thing about landing pages is that they are multi functional. You not only have to build pages that allow you to attract visitors but you can build those which allow your customers and fans to download something. It can be a white paper, eBooks, webinars, free trials or coupons for your products.

The overall goal any website owner should have is targeting the right audience, offering them something of value and converting online visitors into paying customers. In the process, you have the opportunity of capturing your online visitors’ information to build an email list.

Who uses a landing page generator?

Landing pages enable you to showcase something valuable that attracts online visitors and convert them into leads. With a landing page generator, you can customize not only the look but the controls too allowing your potential leads to fill in their information before proceeding.

With the right application, you should have the ability to control what your online visitors are able to view so you can develop it to represent what your ad represents. As you will be delivering what you have promised on the landing page, the page will have a high sign up rate.

The following are the users of landing page generators:
a.) SEO experts
b.) Internet marketers
c.) Website owners
d.) Bloggers

Benefits of a Landing page generator

Rich in features
Coming up with an effective and attractive landing page that works for any website owner or inbound market is quite difficult. With landing page generators, the work is very simple. This is attributed to the application’s several features such as drag and drop builders that allow for easy page creation. Just as the name suggests, all you have to do is select your layout and start placing elements on it.

Simple to use
Traditionally, you would have been required to code a landing page which to many is quite a hectic job. When you compare the time it takes to code the page, the training you need to start coding and the complexity of web coding languages, the task turns out to be quite frustrating. With landing page generators, the easy to use tools allow for fast, efficient development and deployment of pages to a live site.

Higher ROI
If you opt to have your landing page coded by a web developer, it means you will have to conduct a hiring process. Once you hire the right guy, it will take time to code a great landing page as web development changes rapidly. This will definitely increase the costs. With landing page generators, your business will experience a higher ROI. This can be attributed to the reuse of the application and furthermore, your pages will be up-to-date with the latest web technologies.

Why Use Landing Page Generator

Access to drag and drop editor
With the drag and drop editor, a web page builder, an SEO expert or an inbound marketer can create stunning and responsive landing pages. This means one does not need to have any coding knowledge. Using the simple drag and drop, elements such as images, text boxes, buttons and other controls can be added to a page with ease. You can even integrate social media elements which help to extend your page’s reach as well as enabling you to improve visitor interaction.

Ensures personal targeting
You can finally send personalized and targeted content to your contacts who are your customers. This can be done after conversion events. Landing pages can be used to gather personal information from every lead. The information can include first name, last name, email, phone number and many more. Using this information, one can tailor the content to a specific customer. Why do this? When targeted messages are developed and personalized to a specific customer, messages will receive higher open rates and more interaction. This assures Internet marketers, SEO experts and website owners of higher revenue as well as increased loyalty.

Ability to publish and unpublish pages
Serving customers with the same landing pages for a long period of time will end up lowering conversion rates and lead generation. Creating new pages each time is also quite time consuming. To ensure a certain page is removed and a new one takes it place, landing page generators should allow publishing and unpublishing of pages. This provides maximum control to the owner. With this feature, you don’t have to start from scratch. You can simply unpublish a page; edit the content by changing the layout and other elements. Once you are done, you can republish the page and customers will never realize the difference.

Add a custom domain
Customers need to trust an online business and one way they get to do so is learning that a domain name is legit and hosted by your reputable company. Landing page generators have capitalized on this vital and important feature. You can set up a custom domain which allows your landing page to appear as if it is hosted on your servers. This promotes brand consistency and allows you to keep information under your brand and company name. So what are you assured of? Apart from higher brand recognition, you are assured of engagement and loyalty from your customers.

Access to simple automation
As a website owner, you need to know that true marketing success can be achieved with the help of a contact manager. This feature is designed to automate all processes which allow you to update your contact profiles with ease. When your users edit something, the changes will be reflected immediately. This is how you successfully nurture leads and close more sales assuring you of higher revenue.

What To Look For In Landing Page Generator

1. Customizable templates
No matter how creative one is, it is good to have help sometimes. The best landing page generator should have customizable templates. This will help to ensure that any campaign you want to make will be simple, fast, attractive and efficient. This will definitely improve conversion.

2. Template importer
The best landing page generator should allow users to import templates. This enables one to create a perfect mirrored template allowing for brand consistency. You can copy any previous page and content. Rebuild the page using the imported template and the drag and drop builder. Finally, publish it on your live site to improve conversion.

3. Responsive
In order to target all customers, you need to have your page readable across different devices namely smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. This offers your visitors the best experience regardless of the device they are using. What this achieves is improving your conversion potential.

4. Template upload and download
As a website owner, you can purchase templates from other developers on marketplaces like Themeforest. Your landing page generator should support the upload of different templates. You can even download your landing pages and share with the world.

5. Widgets
With widgets, you can add a wide variety of functionality for your landing pages effortlessly. You can insert call to action buttons, videos, countdown timers and custom code among others. The best landing page generator should allow you to accomplish these tasks with just a couple of clicks.

6. Customizable font
Today, many fonts are available online which allow for better content creation. The best application for generating landing pages should support custom fonts. This will allow creation of stunning content and pages which improve conversion and lead generation.

7. Page version history
This is a great feature and it can allow you to correct many errors. You can revert back to previous versions of your highly converting pages allowing you to save your campaign. This is important as it helps you retain customers and achieve sales goals.

8. Drag and drop form builder
Creating landing pages can be quite difficult. With a drag and drop builder, you can add different elements to a blank page with ease, finally completing your landing page. The elements to add include text fields, labels, buttons, drop down lists and radio buttons among others. Thanks to the drag and drop builder, you can achieve this within a few minutes.

9. Digital Asset delivery
With the digital asset delivery system, you can improve your conversion rates. How? The main objective of developing a landing page is to offer downloadable content like eBooks and white papers. With these feature, it helps to ensure that your lead opt-ins are able to have access to the digital assets (like downloads) immediately.

10. Two step Opt-in capability
This is a useful feature that helps unclutter your page. You can finally focus on your visitor’s attention by offering them a two step opt-in form. This appears when an action is triggered.

11. A/B Split testing capability
This feature allows you to test changes with your landing page against your main design. You can finally be able to determine if your main design will deliver the best results. This method allows website owners to validate a new design and make changes to different elements finally improving its conversion rate. With the testing tool, website owners (like you) have access to the performance of the landing pages and even pick one that works best for your campaign.

12. Real time reports
Monitoring how your landing pages are performing is important. The best landing page generator should get real time data over any time period. The data gathered should be from all devices ranging from smartphones, laptops and desktops. This will improve decision making especially when it comes to your campaigns.

13. Multi user
Multi user capability is a vital feature for any landing page generator. This allows for effortless collaboration no matter where your team members are located. You can invite contractors, in-house designers and other stakeholders to help build your landing pages and improve conversion rates. This ensures your layouts and content are consistent and updated real time.

14. Page grouping for campaign management
PPC marketers should have the ability of building ad groups quickly for different ad channels, products, features and demographics. This ensures consistency across your ads allowing for more clicks from your customers.

Landing Page Generator Strategies, Tips and Tricks

Build an email list
Website owners running ecommerce stores are looking for customers. One way of attracting customer is through email marketing. This is where a website owner gets to send product updates, product offers and running discount campaigns on the store among others.

To collect these emails, you need to have an opt-in form. This will allow your visitors to fill in their information (first name and email). This is how you build an email list. You can now send them (your customers/subscribers) a wide variety of content ranging from newsletters to product offers.

Sign up customers to your webinar
Webinars are vital marketing tools that website owners should not pass. As an ecommerce store owner, you can use webinars to inform your customers about new products, services, discounts and coupons on offer. They are highly convenient since they can reach a wide audience allowing for a bigger conversion. You can finally connect with your customers from any part of the world they are located even in their homes or offices.

Generate leads
Landing pages are great resources as they help with lead generation. It is a common practice to find many website owners redirecting online users to their home page. This is equivalent to throwing away leads. When you have a landing page, you are assured of more customers as they will get to download content on offer, view webinars and sign up to your email list.

This assures you of capturing leads at a much higher rate and all you have to do is send them to targeted landing pages.

Collect demographic information
You can collect valuable information from every lead that completes a conversion on your landing page. This data is vital to your marketing and sales team. They can finally come up with campaigns targeted to a particular age group depending with the data gathered allowing for better conversion.

Top 10 Best Landing Page Generators Compared

Are you trying to find an easy way to build landing pages to grow your online business? If so, you've come to the right place. Below we've listed and reviewed what we think are the top 10 landing page generators available. They're all very easy to use, no programming or coding experience is necessary as they use drag'n'drop functionality so anybody can quickly create a landing page. You can use these landing page software tools to create pages hosted on your site that you can run PPC campaigns, social media campaigns and other traffic driving methods too attract leads and sales. They have become a very important software in every modern day digital marketers toolbox.

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