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The rankings and reviews shown on this website are the opinion of the webmaster. Affiliate links are used on this website to receive compensation from mentioned brands which can influence our rankings and reviews. We do not review every software available in the marketplace. We don't guarantee the accuracy of information shown on this website.


We rank marketing software according to 6 major categories; relevance to category, vendor reputation, ease of use, functionality, pricing & partner program strength. We seek to bring to our audience the most reliable and user friendly software that anybody can use.


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Market Leader - 1 Million Pages Built

Click Funnels
5 stars

$29 - $127


Intuitive easy page designer

100+ fully customizable templates

Huge widget and integration library

$97 - $297

14 day free trial


Massive email/cart integration list

Dozens of funnel templates


Complete Sales Funnel Software


$70 - $550

Huge feature set


Integrates wtih social media forms

350+ templates


Comprehensive Landing Page Creator


API integration


Real time statistics

30 day free trial


Simple Landing Page Tool


$10 - $80

Wordpress plugin


Simple interface

100+ templates


4 Integrated Marketing Tools

Get Response

$15 - $799

A/B split testing


Free sub-domain hosting

100+ templates


Email Software With Built-In Landers


$49 - $999

Advanced targeting options


Comprehensive Dashboard

Built-in page WYSIWYG editor


Dedicated A/B Split Testing Tool


$95 - $1,195

14 day free trial


Auto optimizing features

100+ templates


Landing Page Tool & Consulting


$55 - $1,100

Advanced reports


Segementation & personalization

Visual A/B test page editor


Comprehensive CRO Platform

Landing Page Monkey

$49 - $69

Auto-responder integrations


Unlimited pages

Full screen video backgrounds


Cheap & Simple Landing Page Builder

4.5 stars
4.5 stars
4.5 stars
4.5 stars
4 stars
4 stars
4 stars
4 stars

$29 - $199

What Is Landing Page Software?

You may be wondering what exactly landing page software is and why do you need it. Well first let's go over what a landing page is used to accomplish. Landing pages are web pages that are specifically designed to collect customer information. Say for instance you wanted to sign up for an online service or subscribe to a mass newsletteror even collect signatures for a contest. You will want to direct people to a landing page rather than a regular web page.


Regular web pages have advertisements,pay to click links, and other information unrelated to obtaining customer or client information. A landing page will be geared to directly inform your client about what the page is collecting information for and how it will be used to benefit them by entering their information. Landing page software gives the power to create a landing page without having to hire a programmer create one for you.


Landing page software lets you create a landing age without having to deal with code. It is a design template that you can use to customize the layout and features of your landing page. This software gives you the power to eliminate all of the complex processes that are usually required to set the landing page up. Landing page software will also give you a more professional image.


Having a particular page that is directly related to and all about the customer will give them the feeling that your cause or campaign is organized and focused on them. With no other unnecessary distraction, they will feel more likely to give the information that you are requesting from them. If you are planning on running an organized professional page that required information exchange, then you need to get landing page software.

Why Use Landing Page Software?

The most obvious reason is that the software can take a once very complicated and technical task that required someone that was specially trained to use code and program a page from scratch. Landing page software allows you to create your landing page without ever having to use code and without having to hire a professional programmer.


You can quickly and easily choose the elements of your page by just selecting the desired option from the software template. Not only will the landing page software save you time by being able to forego finding a qualified professional to deliver the results you want, but it also eliminates the high cost of having to pay a professional. You can purchase the software and get your landing page set up just the way you want it both quickly and for a better price.


Most likely if you need a landing page at some point, you will need another. If you purchase the software you can create your customized landing page, anytime you wish. You can set up a donations page, an email signup page, or a sales page. You choose how you want to use the software anytime you like. This method allows for more freedom to pursue online opportunities.

Another great reason to use landing page software is that it is proven to increase marketing opportunities, increase sales, and reach more people. If you eliminate the distractions of a regular web page with unrelated links, advertisements and other unnecessary content you can focus on getting the customer's information and helping provide information they can use that is directly related to the objective of the landing page.

What to look for in landing page software

- Integration

One of the first things that you want to look for in landing page software is the ability to integrate with all platforms such as email, social media, and CRM. It needs to be able to make the whole process run smoothly without glitches and problems being able to insert into your various platforms.


- Smooth Activation

The software needs to be able to make the whole process run smoothly without glitches and challenges being able to insert into your various platforms.


- Marketing Tools

The software should have marketing tools to help with integration on your different platforms. Without the proper tools, the whole process can be more challenging and frustrating.


- Ability To Track Visitors And Their Behaviors

To get an idea of how your strategy is working you need to have tools that can accurately keep you up to date regarding a number of visitors you are getting on your page and their activities while they are there.


- Quick Setup

You want to select software that allows you to set up your landing page in a very short period without complicated issues.


- Cost Effective

Select landing page software that is not only mechanically effective but cost effective. One of the big benefits of landing page software is being able to save money.


- Outstanding Results

You want to purchase software that has a reputation for delivery incredible looking and efficient landing pages that will attract attention and compel users to interact with them.


- Mobile Compatibility

You want to be sure that your customers have a good experience even if they are on their mobile device. Many people use their mobile device as the primary internet access point so you need software that can give them a great experience.


- Confirmation Pages

Confirming receipt of the customer's information and then promptly thanking them is an important feature that landing page software should possess. This confirmation page is a necessary element to give the visitor confidence and an impression that they are appreciated.


- A Variety Of Templates

Having choices is great especially when you are trying to customize your landing page to fit your brand. Choose software that has plenty of template options so that you can deliver a landing page that represents your brand and relates to visitors. By having template options, you can control how you present yourself to your target audience.


- Excellent Customer Service

If you have a question or need help, you want to be reassured that you can reach a person that is qualified to answer your questions and assist in resolving issues you may be having with the software.


- One Click Signup Links

You want the customer to be able to visit your landing page with just a simple click. Good software should give this hassle free result. Visitors want convenience, and they don't want several steps to get to a landing page.


- HTML Editing Capability

In case you do know code, and you want to edit the page you should look for software that allows for this option. This option can give the customer with more in-depth knowledge of landing page software options to further customize their product.

Landing Page Software Strategies, Tips, and Tricks

- Building An Email List

If you have a business or online campaign with wich you are building an email list for then, you will need a good looking landing page to collect customer information. The landing page needs to look compelling and clean to convince the client to enter their information and subscribe to your brand. A good landing page software product will deliver top notch results that will not only serve to inform you clients about your cause or campaign but will also allow them to interact seemlesly when entering their information.


If your page is not up to the customer's standards or looks off in any way, they will hesitate to give out any personal information, and you will lose the chance to reach out to your target market. Visitors sign up for email lists because you are potentially providing information that they find interesting or useful. In that spirit, you need to make sure that the components of your landing page are equally appealing and helpful.


- Signing Up For A Webinar

Convincing customer to sign up for a webinar is a challenge in itself. You have to sell your idea and brand and make the customer want to know more. You must get them feel that you have something to offer that is worth their personal time. Just as you would not take chances when addressing your target audience to convince them to sign up for the webinar, you do not want to chance them losing interest or being spooked by a weak landing page.


A good landing page software will give you optimal results that will have your customer wanting to sign up and attend. If you can not hold your client's attention, they will probably think that your webinar will also not hold their attention and will be a waste of their time. This incident is what you want to avoid. A great landing page is all about attracting the visitor's attention rather than spooking them.


- Signing Up For A Charity

If you are trying to attract donations or keep interested individual up to date regarding a charitable cause, then you need solid landing page software. In cases such as charitable contributions, visitors expect to see respectful and professional landing page content. They want information geared for the campaign directly without having to navigate irrelevant content and have to be possibly redirected because they may have accidently clicked on an unrelated link.


Eliminating obstacles and creating a smooth and professional looking experience will attract users and convince them to give their information. Choosing the best software that offers the most flexible options will create a trusted link that your audience will not shy away from using because of appearance or the user interface. A great landing page software program will also give a clear and defined result that will not confuse the customer or be difficult to view. A good software provider will most likely have plenty of user feedback regarding the final results that you can read to get an idea of whether or not they are offering a product that will work for you and give you the most bang for your buck.


- Sign Up For Contests And Giveaways

Contest and Giveaway signup is one of the most popular uses for landing pages. If you are attempting to create attention to your brand through contests and giveaways, a great looking landing page is a must have item. You want to choose software that gives you options to create a page that will get your target audience excited and motivate them to sign up with your brand. Almost everyone loves contest and giveaways.


It is up to you to convince them to enter and sign up. Part of the challenge to get them to enter information is to keep their interest and reassure them that they are dealing with a professional business or company that takes pride in their appearance. If you choose software that had a complicated setup and confusing and busy looking result, you will scare the visitor away and will not achieve the desired results that you are hoping to achieve.

Top 10 Best Landing Page Software Compared

One of the most important things you can do for your online business is build a highly targeted email list of prospective buyers and there's no better way to build a subscriber list than by using landing page software to create high converting squeeze pages. With the tools below you can quickly design and edit a page, add it to your domain and run A/B split tests to find the higher converting page elements. All of the landing page builders below come with 100s of in-built templates and huge integration libraries making setting up and running marketing campaigns a breeze. As usual with most marketing software products we review, most vendors offer 14-30 day free trials so you can take all of them for a test drive before you decided on the best product to suit your needs.

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