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The rankings and reviews shown on this website are the opinion of the webmaster. Affiliate links are used on this website to receive compensation from mentioned brands which can influence our rankings and reviews. We do not review every software available in the marketplace. We don't guarantee the accuracy of information shown on this website.


We rank marketing software according to 6 major categories; relevance to category, vendor reputation, ease of use, functionality, pricing & partner program strength. We seek to bring to our audience the most reliable and user friendly software that anybody can use.


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Market Leader - 1 Million Pages Built

Click Funnels
5 stars

$29 - $127


Intuitive easy page designer

100+ fully customizable templates

Huge widget and integration library

$97 - $297

14 day free trial


Massive email/cart integration list

Dozens of funnel templates


Complete Sales Funnel Software


$70 - $550

Huge feature set


Integrates wtih social media forms

350+ templates


Comprehensive Landing Page Creator


API integration


Real time statistics

30 day free trial


Simple Landing Page Tool


$10 - $80

Wordpress plugin


Simple interface

100+ templates


4 Integrated Marketing Tools

Get Response

$15 - $799

A/B split testing


Free sub-domain hosting

100+ templates


Email Software With Built-In Landers


$49 - $999

Advanced targeting options


Comprehensive Dashboard

Built-in page WYSIWYG editor


Dedicated A/B Split Testing Tool


$95 - $1,195

14 day free trial


Auto optimizing features

100+ templates


Landing Page Tool & Consulting


$55 - $1,100

Advanced reports


Segementation & personalization

Visual A/B test page editor


Comprehensive CRO Platform

Landing Page Monkey

$49 - $69

Auto-responder integrations


Unlimited pages

Full screen video backgrounds


Cheap & Simple Landing Page Builder

4.5 stars
4.5 stars
4.5 stars
4.5 stars
4 stars
4 stars
4 stars
4 stars

$29 - $199

What Are Landing Page Tools?

In order to answer that question in an informed way, think, first, about what a Landing Page is. This is a web page you create as a way to inform your visitors about whatever it is you are promoting. You may have already discovered that sending your raw affiliate link to someone is not the best way to ‘capture’ their attention. The landing page is a way to pre-sell them and get them more interested than they already may be.

While thinking about this page, you realize that, in order to attract their attention, it needs to be attractive, load quickly and enable you to gather the information you need to follow up with them. You also must be able to entice them to give you their email and other information that makes follow up possible.

The basic Landing Page tools include web page editors, email auto-responders, CRM (Customer Relations Management), CMS (content Management Systems), e-commerce software and other software that helps you create and manage all of the ‘bells and whistles’ you see on any other websites out there.

The people who use these tools are anyone who builds websites and actually want to be perceived as an authority in the field and want to make an impression on those who visit.

In other words: Landing Page tools are those programs, whether online or downloadable, that allow you to create, tweak, manage and scale to enable you to attract, inform, hold their attention and collect visitors information for follow up and set up, administer and monitor that follow up through systematic and automatic emails to further promote you and your offerings.

Why use Landing Page Tools

Landing Page tool Programs assist in this creation by making it easy to install all of the above mentioned systems. There are a few of them on the market and they incorporate an easy to use, click and drag system that makes it easy to do, with very little practice.

The reason that you should consider them is the way they allow you to integrate all of the best systems into the web page in a seamless way. You can use the platforms available to create graphics or import them from your own stock. Creating a customized capture form for your visitor’s email and other necessary information is, usually, as simple as selecting a template and filling in a few lines of copy.

One of the biggest reasons for using a landing page tool program is that all of the many tasks that you need to accomplish on your new web page is incorporated into one site. You do not have to pay membership costs for a long list of online systems that, only with a lot of work, are they able to integrate together. This usually requires some coding and that is something you do not need to know in order to use the majority of landing page tool programs.

You would use a landing page tool program if you want to have the entire page or even the entire site as interactive as it should be. It should inform or educate the reader, assist them in understanding what you are doing and how they can be a part of it by doing what you are asking them to do. This puts you in a position to be able to contact them to provide additional exposure to your product or services.

In other words, you would want to use a landing page tools program if you need to:

1.) Build a simple to complex web page, using click and drag technology without needing to know how to code.

2.) Integrate graphics to make attractive headers and footers, as well as internal imagines that make sense.

3.) Locate and use attractive templates that have been proven to convert visitors into paying customers.

4.) Incorporate forums and/or comment sections.

5.) Make the entire website as interactive as possible.

6.) Create a page that has intuitive navigational properties.

7.) Perform A/B testing to track and understand visitor behavior.

8.) Run optimization for maximum effectiveness and search engine favorability.

9.) Incorporate email capabilities, marketing automation, webinar functions and analytics.

10.) Publish the web page on WordPress, their server or yours seamlessly.

There will be other tasks that can be accomplished, based on the landing page tools program you subscribe to and all of them will save you time, money, embarrassment and reputation as well as provide you with the best experience you need to provide the best experience to your visitors.

What To Look For In Landing Page Tools

You will want to understand what it is you need to have on your page. That simply means to ask yourself what you would want to see and/or do if you were visiting this page. The program you select should have as many of these features as you want to incorporate.

A (fairly) short listing of the software features, available on landing page tools programs would include:

1. The inclusion of videos. These would videos you have developed and recorded. These have become very popular as a way of attracting attention and webmasters often place these toward the top of the page. Videos can also be imported from YouTube, Instagram, and other video sharing platforms.


2. Lead capture forms. These can be a standard, embedded form just like everyone else or they can pop out at your guest to really attract their attention. This from, regardless of what form it takes registers the visitor with your email auto=responder and provides up to date information in a timely manner at your discretion.


3. Mobile requests, captured through such things as QRC codes from mobile devices. These integrate into the auto-responder system and also transmit text messages for people on the go.


4. The ability to import graphics you have already designed into the system. This will allow you to use one that has been designed, such as your Logo, a drawing or other artwork that is, currently, offline. This makes it possible to coordinate all elements of your business and have more continuity across all mediums you deal in.


5. SEO software. This will analyze your pages and ensure you get the proper type and amount of love you need from the major search engines. It will check on the quality of backlinks and help you understand what is happening with your competitors.


6. 1shoppingcart. This is a platform that assists you in setting up an e-commerce site. It is a popular pay processor that accepts many forms of electronic money and can handle many types of products and services.


7. The ability to integrate with the auto-responder you are already comfortable with or find another one that does the job you need done. Many of them will integrate with Aweber, GetResponse, Constant Contact and others.


8. Integrating your web page with Facebook and other social sites as well as Yahoo and Bing, as well as Google for maximum exposure. Paid ads can generate traffic from Yahoo and Bing and social pages can be generated to allow for branding as well as the continuity through all media sites.


9. Ability to incorporate many social sites widgets with just a few clicks. This would include Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Twitter. These popular ones can be utilized quickly to help get the word out through your visitors, so make the content informational and exciting and extremely helpful so it can go almost viral!


10. It should include the ability to provide webinars. This is a great way to encourage your readers to become watchers. It is a good way to get your message out, in an interactive way that actually does make the visitor part of the conversation even much more than a forum does.


11. You should be able to publish your new page to your existing Drupal or Joomla website without a lot of coding or trouble.

12. The landing page tools program you select should also be compatible with the free blogs and website publishers, such as Weebly and Wix.

Landing Page Tools Strategies, Tips, and Tricks

The main task your Landing Page should accomplish is to get a lot of visitors and have hem sign up to receive email communication from you. In a perfect world, everyone who shows up, signs up. That way you can promote your products and other related products and services. The way to accomplish this is to make your site the authority site for your industry. This is done by making the web page ‘sticky’. That simply means getting people to stay around long enough to examine everything you have.

That is done by using strategies to keep them there until you get what you want. Some of these ways are:

1.) Offer something free, such as an e-book, a video, a free membership in your or another website. If the offer is valuable to them, they will sign up for your email series.


2.) If a displayed video is helpful, they might sign up for a webinar. The video can be used to promote the webinar and or the email capture form.


3.) Providing a listing of the people behind the scenes, such as yourself and any partners you have, you can generate interest in staying on the page, especially if you are an authority and have something to say about the problems your visitors have been experiencing that caused them to come her in the first place.


4.) Finding the right combination of keywords, keyword phrases, LSI words/Page title, Tags, and color for the best position on search engine results pages.


5.) Provide plenty of activities that build on the concept that you are there to help them. This could mean info grams, charts, statistics or internal links with additional information that builds on what was just introduced. Your main task is always to get their attention and their repeat visits, so a capture form should be on every page. A landing page tools program will assist in this for you.


6.) Testimonials are one of the great ways to ensure visitors know something about what other readers are experiencing. This is one of the greatest sales tools you have so use them as much as possible, but do not make them up and do not copy and paste them from other sites; they sound fake and they will be discovered on that other site!


7.) The BEST strategy looks like no strategy at all! A quality Headline, Graphic, Content, with a compelling call to action, great incentive to sign up and the best capture form will go a long way toward success in this endeavor!

Top 10 Best Landing Page Tools Compared

Part of running profitable digital marketing campaigns involves the use of a good landing page software tool. These days you no longer need a programmer who may take days and weeks to create a high converting landing page. Using any of the top 10 squeeze page tools below will allow you to quickly and cheaply develop a professional landing page. With 100s of templates built in, and easy to use page editors you can quickly create numberous A/B split tests to find the highest converting varation. In addition, you can easily integrate 100s of various website widgets and other marketing software applications including most email autoresponders for automated marketing campaigns. Get started today and create your first landing page in minutes.

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