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5 stars

$15 - $219


Automation & Rules Based

Custom Interface

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Best Looking Software

Simple, Easy Platform


Multiple Tools For Cheap


$16 - $50

Automation & Rules Based


Feedback and chat stats

Sleek Interface


Market Leader


$0 - $14.99

Text & Voice Chat


Deep Customer Insights

CRM Integration


Powerful App Interface

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Multilingual Support


Highly Customization Interface

Real Time Monitoring


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Comprehensive Messaging

High Security & Scalability


Enterprise Solution


$0 - $99

100% Free Plan


Extensive Integrations

In-depth Analytics


Comprehensive Interface

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$7.20 - $11.40

Good Analytics & Reporting


Advanced Invitation Rules

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Online & Offline Capability


Fresh Modern Interface


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Integrations & White Label

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4.5 stars
4.5 stars
4.5 stars
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4 stars
What is live support software?

Building a profitable business comes with many different challenges. If a business owner and their representatives want to be successful in their efforts, it is essential that they pay close attention to the services that they provide to their customers.


Since the environment in business is very competitive today, management and their employees cannot take their customer support responsibilities lightly. Instead, it is essential that these organizations take proactive measures to be the best by ensuring their online customer support operations have the top resources available in the industry including a live chat software product that provides the ultimate chatting experience.

With that being said, both new and existing business operations should take advantage of the features offered in Live Support Software. Live Support Software can be described as an end to end chat solution that can assist customer support individuals and teams with responding to different types of problems, concerns and suggestions in the most efficient way possible.


The team of developers for this customer support tool has designed a robust solution that will not only make it easy for an organization to respond to problems quickly, but also collect the data that is necessary to improve their operations. Meaning the features included in this chatting software gives the organization the ability to track their chats for specific problems and issues and then take the necessary action to improve the quality of their support.


For instance, the operations management can extract a detailed report for a specific time frame that displays how many customers had a good experience and how many were bad. Once the management sees the results, they can develop a plan to address the problems that have occurred as quickly as possible. Thereby, eliminating the possibilities of losing loyal customers unnecessarily.

Why use online live support software?

When a business owner or their representatives are looking for a software tool to support their operations today, they are looking for the best applications that will help to make their jobs easier. From looking for a user friendly solution that everyone can use without a lot of unnecessary training to finding an application that will track the appropriate data for their analysis, people are normally looking for a solution that does multiple functions to keep things running smoothly.


With this in mind, Live support software fits this criterion and much much more. This is because the person that is responsible for overseeing this type of operation will have the resources available to service their customers real-time, while also giving them the data that’s needed to manage this operation with a seamless approach.


When an organization makes an investment in Live Support software, anyone can have the capability to know exactly what is going on a glance. For instance, managers and their employees can see the names of each visitor, how long that they have been chatting with a customer support rep, how may visits were made, and other data that can assist with these activities.


With this information, the manager of this kind of operation can determine when they may need more people to respond to large volume of requests during specific peak periods of the day or when they can afford to reduce the staff when call volumes are much lower. Therefore, this is a great tool for ensuring the online customer support team has the data and statistics needed to do a superior job on a daily basis.


In addition to being an excellent tool for storing and extracting data, there are charts available that also makes it easy to make certain decisions. For instance, there is a feature included that shows exactly when website visitors are looking for assistance. So, if there are problems in a specific department because of new changes implemented, the problem can be identified via these charts right away.


Also, if it takes a little extra time to correct the problems identified before all customers can be notified, the agents on chat can be provided with a ‘standard chat response’ that they can quickly copy and paste to resolve their immediate concerns.

So, there are lots of great features incorporated in this software product that will help to provide an ultimate customer support experience that both the organization’s chat team and their customers will be happy with. Also, because the operation's manager will have the data that's needed to manage the timing of chat agents being on at peak times and off when chats drop, its an excellent investment for not only saving time, but also money.

What to look for in live chat support software?

Because developers have designed Live Support Software with a robust end to end solution in mind, customer support teams have a lot to forward to. In specific, the designers of these software applications have included the following:

Feature #1 - Visitor Information
With live chat software, customer support operations will have access to all of the data that’s needed solve a support case and to close a sale. Meaning each chat can open with a custom made pre-chat survey that asks the visitor about their email address, order ID and other essential information so that the customer support person does not have collect this info every time.

Feature #2 - File sharing
Both agents and customers alike are provided with the capability to can use this software to exchange files. Therefore, no other third party software is needed in providing links or email attachments back and forth. In fact, it is a simply drag and drop a file feature that can use be utilized in the chat window.

Feature #3 - Notifications
Notifications is also a necessary part of running a smooth operation with virtually any type of customer support software. With this in mind, Livechat has notification features that offer Sound and visual notifications so that no communication goes unnoticed. Therefore, an operation can easily pick and choose which notifications that they want to receive.


Feature #4 - Chat Transcripts

Another great option that customer support operations have access is chat transcripts. Chat transcripts is a record of previous chats that can be used in later correspondences. This information can be sent as reference to a specific email address.

Feature #5 - Visitor Banning

In some cases, visitors can become disruptive to an operation. In order to address these situations, there is a visitor banning feature that allows the customer support operation to ban a visitor for a specific period of time.

Feature #6 – Company Logo
To let visitors know when they have contacted the right people, this application will also allow each business to customize their chat windows with the company’s logo. This logo is a very good method of instilling trust, especially in cases where sensitive information is being discussed.

Feature #7 – Language Greeting

In many cases, the customer support reps may be handling multiple languages with their chat services. To assist with these operations, the greetings that customers will receive will be translated into their own languages. It is also important to note that this software currently supports 40 different languages.

Feature # 8 – Social Media Button

The addition of social media button is also easy to add to an organization’s chat service. Meaning it is very easy and simple to add social networks like Facebook and Twitter.


Feature #9 – Agent Profiles

Because each organization has specific people to manage their chat volumes, this software is also built with agent profiles in mind. Therefore, each organization is given the capability to add profile photos, names, and titles.

Feature #10 – Engagement Graphics
Keeping customers engaged has also been made easy, especially since the agent can customize different graphics for their visitors to see. These graphics are often used to encourage the customers or visitors to start additional chats.

Feature #11 - After Hours Form

It’s not uncommon for a business to go offline because of set business hours or other commitments or concerns. During these times customers can still submit their inquires via an after hour form that allows the customer support group to get back into touch with them via a ticket type system.

Feature #12 – Automatic Greetings

Another great feature that saves time is the automatic greeting. Therefore, instead of having to type in a manual greeting to a beginning chat, all the agent has to do is send an automatic custom greeting to respond to new request.

Live support software strategies, tips and tricks

When an individual or a company chooses any type of software application, there are a number of different things that they will be looking for prior to making an investment. One of the most important factors in taking out the paycheck and making the purchase involves the ROI, which is the return on investment.


More importantly, the company’s heads are looking for systems that will pay for itself within a certain amount of years and even before if possible. To that end, companies that make an investment in Live Support Software will find several strategies and tips that can be used to increase their return on investment once they have selected this system for their online customer support area. Four of the notable are listed below.


#1 – Use a rule based strategy to target specific audiences
When a company wants to increase their sales, they can use different strategies to accomplish their goals and objectives. One viable option for starting this kind of campaign is to use a rule based strategy to target an audience via their auto chat invitation feature. For example, with this feature, the company can invite specific visitors for a new product offer. These invitations can encourage this audience to buy a special product and receive a hefty discount when they make their purchase.

#2 - Improve Conversion Rate by Offering Custom Solutions
Another way to increase an ROI is to improve the conversion rate. Since some companies have large chat volumes, they can take advantage of these numbers to boost their sales. Typically, one great way to do this is to offer custom solutions when a customer is seeking to find a product that will solve their specific problems.


#3 – Increase Average Order Buy
Before the agent ends a chat, they can take advantage of other opportunities. One of which is to use the chat as an opportunity for upsell. This is normally done by notifying the customer of other expensive products that they are offering as a special during that time.

#4 – Keep an active watch on cart abandonment feedback
Keeping an active watch allows the company to address these problems immediately by dealing with these customers thru live chat. This process should be done very strategically, however, so that the company does not offend or run loyal consumers away.

Top 10 Best Live Support Software Compared

Are you looking to add a live support chat widget to your website? Check out our top 10 selections of the best live support tools below. You can easily add these software applications to your website in minutes today. Offering live support capability on your website has many benefits, from increasing sales from browsers, to increasing trust in your brand to reducing phone and email support costs, it makes sense for most online businesses to use website support software. Visit the sites below and get started today for no cost.

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