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We rank marketing software according to 6 major categories; relevance to category, vendor reputation, ease of use, functionality, pricing & partner program strength. We seek to bring to our audience the most reliable and user friendly software that anybody can use.


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Simple Cheap Rank Tracking

SEO Rank Monitor
5 stars

$9 - $329


Easy to user interface

Great charts and reports

Good for SEO agencies

$19 - $199

White label reports


Local city level rank checking

Mobile rankings


Popular Keyword Analysis Software

Pro Rank Tracker

$19 - $899

Agency and API access


Keyword ranking discovery

Comprehensive reporting


Highly Accurate Rank Checker


Good user/reporting management


"Not provided" work-around

Local results tracking


Accurate Rank Tracking

SE Ranking

$10 - $80

Keyword & competition data


Multiple search engines & countries

iOS & Android Apps


Built-in Position Tracker

SEO Profiler

$49 - $999

Google bidding data


Competition insight

Key word difficulty score


Built-In Keyword Rank Checker Tool


$75 - $375

Custom reporting


Full white label platform

Multiple ranking location checks


Extensive Keyword Tracking

Link Assistant

$299 One Time

Accurate rankings


Large, established company

Comprehensive SEO Tool


Built-in Rank Tracker


$29 - $449

Competition data


City based tracking

Historical keyword archives


100% White Label Solution


$19 - $99

Report scheduling


Historical SERP results

Adwords integration


Beautiful Dashboard

4.5 stars
4.5 stars
4.5 stars
4.5 stars
4 stars
4 stars
4 stars
4 stars

$99 - $450

What is Rank Tracking Software

Getting good search engine rankings is key for any business these days. More and more customers are turning to online search when it comes to finding businesses and products that they want. With so many businesses out there on the internet, that makes getting and keeping good search engine rankings both vital and a real challenge. Using the best keywords can help businesses to rank well and stand out from the competition.

That's where rank tracking software comes in. Rank tracking software is a tool that lets businesses view, track and investigate the popularity and performance of thousands of different keywords. By using rank tracking software, businesses can get a clear idea of how well they are ranking in the search engines, and thus how likely they are to get seen.

It's not just their own businesses under the microscope, either. Businesses can use rank tracking software to get a good overview of how well their competitors are doing, and how they compare to them. That gives them the chance to get a competitive edge.

As well as viewing how their keywords are doing, businesses can view and download reports full of helpful information about their rank tracking activities, and can share those reports with different departments or clients as needed.

Rank tracking software gives businesses a thorough overview of how their keywords are performing, which lets them better hone their SEO techniques and choose the keywords most likely to bring them visitors and therefore sales.

Why use Rank Tracking Software

Having a business website is bordering on ubiquitous these days. Most businesses have some kind of online presence, and of course many customers are turning to the internet to find businesses to spend money with. In fact, HubSpot reports that 44% of online shoppers start off using a search engine to locate the products they want.

Customers are out there searching, and businesses who want to succeed need to ensure that when customers search, their business is the one that gets found. But that can be easier said than done. There are a lot of businesses out there, so getting seen above the competition isn't always easy. Good SEO is one way to do that.

SEO is the process of making sure a website is search engine friendly. In other words, making sure that when a search engine crawler finds the website, it can easily understand what it's about and who its' for, and be reasonably satisfied that the website is both high quality and relevant to the topic at hand. There are many elements to SEO, and choosing the right keywords is one of them. Using rank tracking software helps businesses to make sure that they are in fact using the best keywords.

Rank tracking software is also a great time saver. Doing keyword research takes skill, knowledge and time that many businesses simply do not have. The time it would take to manually do keyword research would leave the business no time at all for any of their core business practices. Indeed, it wouldn't be possible for one person, or even a small team, to carry out keyword research to the same depth and accuracy that rank tracking software allows.

Some businesses turn to an SEO expert who they can hire to do it for them, but this is costly. Rank tracking software lets a business employ the same tools as any professional, but at a fraction of the cost.

As well as making sure they are ranking well, businesses can use rank tracking software to keep an eye on their competitors.


Rank tracking software can tell them:

Which keywords their competitors are using

Which keywords are working well for them

How they are ranking in the search engines

Armed with this knowledge, businesses can become more competitive. They can make sure they stay ahead of their competitors, and may even pick up some helpful hints and tips for what makes their competitors successful.

As well as checking which keywords are most profitable for themselves and the competition, businesses can use rank tracking software to explore new keywords and even new niches that they hadn't previously thought of. Many rank tracking software options allow for new keyword research and some will make helpful suggestions for other related keywords that have proved popular or successful.

Rank tracking software provides information in the form of easy to read statistics and reports, which means businesses can see their results at a glance, and easily share them with their clients or within their own organization.

In summary, rank tracking software is a good investment for businesses. It offers them useful insights and helps them ensure they are using keywords in the most profitable fashion, while also helping them to gain a competitive edge.

What To Look For In Rank Tracking Software

With so many rank tracking software options on the market, businesses might find themselves wondering which one to invest in. Rank tracking software does vary in quality, so a business looking to make a solid investment would do well to look for these 15 features:

1.) Instant and accurate rank tracking - The software should track keywords quickly and accurately. That way the business knows the results they're getting are the most up to date and accurate results possible.


2.) Filtering - Businesses should be able to break down their keyword searches into different categories by filtering for specific keywords. This could be for certain niches, certain clients, or for different products or divisions of the business. Being able to organize keywords is key to being able to filter and organize results.


3.) Easy to use control panel - Any new software involves a learning curve, and it's only natural for businesses to need a while to learn to use and navigate their new rank tracking software. However, the learning curve should be shallow and the software easy to understand and navigate.


4.) Readable stats and reports - Good rank tracking software should offer a range of stats and reports that show businesses everything they need to know at a glance. These should be clear and easy to read and understand.


5.) White labeling - It should be a matter of a few clicks to customize reports with the business' name and logo, and the finished report should have no trace of the original rank tracking software's branding. This will keep reports looking professional.


6.) Geographical organization - Businesses should be able to sort their keyword results by location. This helps them to appeal to customers in a certain location if need be (this is especially true for businesses with brick and mortar stores), and to understand where their visitors are coming from.


7.) Cloud-based - Cloud based rank tracking software means businesses can log into their account and check on their keywords from any computer with internet access. Downloadable software will tie them to one specific computer.


8.) Mobile app - In a similar vein, a mobile app will make it much easier for businesses to work on their keywords and rankings by letting them log in to their account from a mobile phone. Simply pulling up the web page on mobile might not work as well, so businesses should ensure their software either offers a mobile friendly site or an app.


9.) Date tracking and comparison - Businesses should be able to use the software to compare their results at different dates, and to note when they started a specific campaign or made a change, so they can track how effective it is. Date tracking helps a business to see what has changed over a specific time frame and chart what is working and what isn't.


10.) Mobile tracking - With more and more customers using mobile to search for businesses, it can be helpful for a business to track which keywords are getting searched and visited from mobile devices. That way they can understand what works for and appeals to their mobile users.


11.) Good coverage - Online search isn't just Google. Although Google is a highly popular search engine, there are many others out there. At the very least rank tracking software should rank for Yahoo and Bing, but ideally it should cover a wide range of different search engines, and should also take in sites like YouTube and Amazon.


12.) Keyword suggestions - Part of the beauty of using rank tracking software is that it doesn't just help a business to understand what's happening right now – it can help them to explore keywords that they hadn't thought of yet. Keyword suggestions help a business to search out new keywords and niches that could prove profitable for them.


13.) Competitor tracking - Rank tracking software shouldn't stop at showing a business how their keywords are doing – it should help them keep an eye on their competitors too. Seeing what is working for their competitors can help businesses stay ahead of the game.


14.) Regular alerts and reports - As well as easy to use reports and stats, the software should offer regular alerts. These might include real time alerts for set keywords and how they are performing, or a daily email with a summary of the day's activity.


15.) Different pricing options - Not every business will need to track the same number of keywords, and not every business will need to run multiple campaigns. The software should have a range of pricing options so the business can choose the best one for them, and moving from one price bracket to another should be quick and easy.

Rank Tracking Software Strategies, Tips and Tricks

As with anything else in business, rank tracking software is likely to provide the best return on investment if businesses take a measured and planned approach to its use. Here are 5 strategies businesses can use to make the most of rank tracking software:

1.) Monitor outside of Google - Of course monitoring keyword performance on Google and other search engines is important, but businesses would do well to use rank tracking software to look outside of Google. For example, businesses can use the software to look at how they are ranking on YouTube or Amazon. By doing this, they can fine tune heir SEO activities for each individual site.

2.) Check out the competition - No business exists in a vacuum. Knowing what the competition is doing is key to figuring out just how to stand out from competitors. By looking at how competitors are doing with their keywords, businesses can figure out what they need to do to compete.


3.) Look for new keywords and niches - As well as figuring out what is working well with their current keywords, businesses can use rank tracking software to sound out new niches and keywords that they hadn't previously thought of. In this way they can seek out new opportunities and new profitable keywords.


4.) Get local - A good rank tracking software will let businesses examine their keyword results from different locations, and from their local area. By examining these statistics, businesses can see where they're getting the most traffic from, and figure out how to better to appeal to customers locally or in other specific areas.


5.) Compare dates - Businesses can use rank tracking software to compare their keyword results between two different dates, or to chart results from a specific point such as when a new keyword was introduced. By doing this, businesses can get a clear look at their trajectory and see what has changed over a specific period.

Top 10 Best Rank Tracking Software Compared

One of the best indicators of your SEO performance is where your target keywords rank in the search engines. Monitoring where your website appears in search can be very addictive in a good way, every day millions of marketers wake up and check where their site shows up in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Using a good SEO keyword checking tool will accurately let you know how your keyword positions are performing. You want to pay special attention around Google algorithm updates to ensure your site and keyword rankings aren't negatively affected that would warrant your attention. You can also use the rank checking tools below to check where your site ranks on mobile searches, inside platforms such as Youtube and Amazon and local rankings down to the city level, important if you do local SEO. The great thing is these rank tracking software applications below are very easy to use and affordable so you can start tracking all your keywords today.

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