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The rankings and reviews shown on this website are the opinion of the webmaster. Affiliate links are used on this website to receive compensation from mentioned brands which can influence our rankings and reviews. We do not review every software available in the marketplace. We don't guarantee the accuracy of information shown on this website.


We rank marketing software according to 6 major categories; relevance to category, vendor reputation, ease of use, functionality, pricing & partner program strength. We seek to bring to our audience the most reliable and user friendly software that anybody can use.


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Leading Search Engine Software

5 stars

$69 - $549


Multiple tools in one application

Huge keyword intelligence db

Used by 100s of thousands

$42 - $202

Comprehensive reporting


Deep website audits

Intuitive user interface


Multiple tools and services

Link Assistant

$299 one time

Well established company


Multiple toolset

Robust interface


Highly Accurate Rank Checker

Ninja Outreach

Auto-contact influencers via email


Browser plug-in

Easily connect with influencers


Dedicated Outreach Tool

SEO Rank Monitor

$19 - $199

White label reports


Local city level rank checking

Mobile rankings


Popular Keyword Analysis Software

SEO Profiler

$49 - $999

Google bidding data


Competition insight

Key word difficulty score


Built-In Keyword Rank Checker Tool


$75 - $375

Custom reporting


Full white label platform

Multiple ranking location checks


Extensive Keyword Tracking

Bright Local

$19 - $64

White-label reporting


Track Rankings

Audit & Cleanup Citations


Local SEO Software Leader


$29 - $449

Competition data


City based tracking

Historical keyword archives


100% White Label Solution


$19 - $99

Report scheduling


Historical SERP results

Adwords integration


Beautiful Dashboard

4.5 stars
4.5 stars
4.5 stars
4.5 stars
4 stars
4 stars
4 stars
4 stars

$49 - $599

What is Search Engine Software

This is an application with a pack of tools that allows website owners to index the content on their website. The purpose of doing this is to allow users to be able to find information on the website easily. The application is offered for free or paid subscription with different features that improve website searchability.

It is a well known fact that online users want better user experience when browsing a website. They need to find articles, news and products through a simple navigation system. This is where search engine softwares come in.

The application also contains tools that help to improve ranking as well as visibility. This helps website owners to maximize on conversion rates and lead generation.

Who uses search engine softwares?
Every business person who runs a website has goals and objectives to meet. One objective is to attract customers inform of online users. One way website owners do so is by offering relevant, engaging and informative content. By incorporating search engine softwares and utilizing its many tools, users are offered a better experience as they are able to find what they are looking for quickly.

Other efforts used by website owners include SEO where strategies and tools like link building, backlinks and keyword research are utilized. Thanks to the tracking capabilities of the software, SEO professionals, internet marketers and website owners can generate different reports to know how the visibility of a website is.

So, who uses the software?
a.) SEO professionals
b.) Website owners
c.) Internet marketers
d.) Blog owners
e.) Ecommerce store owners.

Benefits of search engine software
For many years now, the digital landscape has changed dramatically. Search engines have updated their algorithms in order to improve how users search for information. Due to this, website owners have had to utilize different seo tools to improve ranking and visibility.

Here are the benefits of search engine softwares:

Improved traffic
Website owners rely on online visitors who can be converted into paying customers. When search engine softwares are used, they help to improve traffic to the website. This is achieved through the use of tools and strategies like link building, keyword research and backlinking. This leads to better content that is engaging, informative and relevant to the user.

Higher ROI
Any website owner with a business website is looking for organic traffic. This is referred to as natural traffic as it originates from users when they search on Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine. As opposed to paid search, organic traffic means the website owner does not have to spend anything. With better strategies and techniques, it leads to increased traffic which ensures a higher ROI since fewer costs are incurred.

Increases website usability
Search engine softwares are used in an effort to make navigation easy both for internet search engines and for users. By making a website to be more navigable, it is easier to find what one is looking for. This includes pages and content.

Why use Search Engine Software

A business website owner has the following goals when it comes to their website. Increased organic traffic, higher conversion rates and better lead generation. This is why investing in Search engine softwares is vital.

Feature rich
A search engine software is packed with many features that not only makes it useful to different people but attractive too. Thanks to the many features it has such as report generation, it brings the best results to the user. It provides a great working environment that is geared towards improving the website’s visibility and rank on internet search engines. This is what every business person with a website is going for. Furthermore, thanks to converting online users to paying customers, the website is able to earn revenue which assures the owner of profitability.

Simple to use
When you look at the number of features the application has, you will automatically assume that it is difficult to use. Well, it’s not. Search engine softwares are very simple and they can almost be operated by a baby. The software is designed for professional optimization; don’t make a mistake about that. It has been designed to be a total no-brainer which is easy to use even for first timers. Unlike other tools, the application is designed with a simple guide with steps allowing you to learn the in and out of its operations. You don’t have to spend hours reading guides and this is why they are user friendly.

Precise and efficient
It is quite frustrating as a website owner when you want keywords to develop content for. It is even more frustrating when you don’t know which keywords your competitors are using. As a business person, staying ahead of your competitor and having more customers which in turn means more profits for you are the main objectives. Search engine softwares are designed to be precise and efficient. They provide users with the right and actionable data and information.

Guaranteed top rank in SERPs
This is the ultimate goal for any website owner apart from making profits and gaining more customers – top position on Google and other search engines. Thanks to the many tools and strategies; website owners, SEO experts and internet marketers can develop using the application, a website will be ranked top on internet search engines.

Wide range of reporting tools
Better decisions cannot be made without reports. Search engine softwares are rich in report generation tools which provide relevant data that allows experts to take action. They are designed to gather statistics from the many campaigns and strategies incorporated. For example which keywords are viable, which long tail keywords can be used and what position a website is ranked on internet search engines. The reports are available in many formats from txt, csv, pdf and xml.

Unparallel customer support
There comes a time when you need help to have the application customized or to request for an additional feature that works only for you. A team of professionals is readily available to answer all queries you have. They will provide any assistance one needs as well as helping you to resolve problems outside the application. This is done to ensure you achieve your goals and objectives.

What To Look For In Search Engine Software

1.) World class support
When website owners invest in search engine software, they are bound to run into a few issues which they would like resolve. The best service should be ready to offer world class support. When a customer queries are answered as soon as possible, they are able to continue with their operations. For example a customer may inquire about a custom feature that would improve data gathering or keyword generation. Fast answers will help to ensure they stay ahead of their competition. Furthermore, a search engine software company should provide a wide range of support services. For example telephone, live chat, email, telephone and Skype.

2.) Cross platform
Today, users have a wide range of devices to use. The devices run on different operating systems for example Android, Mac OS, iOS, Windows and Linux distros. The best search engine software should be compatible with a wide variety of operating systems and devices. This will allow the user to use any device at their disposal and be able to share data and information from one device to another. This improves service delivery and allows for easy data and information sharing.

3.) Should conform to best practices
Online search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have set best practices that website owners need to adhere to. These should be followed when it comes to ranking, improved visibility, link building and back linking. This is what SEO experts refer to as white hat seo. The best search engine software should conform to these best practices. This will allow your website not to be banned by search engines for engaging in what seo experts refer to as black hat seo. It is important to take a look at online reviews regarding a particular application before you decide to invest in it. This will inform you if the software engages in best practices or not.

4.) Feature rich
Search engine softwares should be feature rich with tools that allow website owners, SEO experts and internet marketers to achieve their goals. Some of the features it should have include ability to view the competitors’ best keywords, ability to discover organic competitors and report generation among others. The features will ensure that the application works as advertised and provides excellent results in the end.

5.) Easy to use
The application should be easy to use. The tools should be easy to find and the user does not have to follow a complex guide in order to learn how to use the application. The best application should be designed for professional optimization but yet, it should be easy even for newbies. It should be designed with wizards which have a wealth of information guiding the user every step they want to make. It can be about website analysis, optimization or promotion. When you purchase the application, you don’t have to wait for a tutorial to be sent or be redirected to training videos.

6.) Receive regular updates
Every day, new changes are made to seo best practices. These changes should be implemented in the search engine application allowing users to make use of them. When shopping for the right application, one should seek an application that receives regular updates. The best way to know if an application will receive regular updates even in the future is by looking at how long the company has been in business. You can check their about us page for more information.

7.) Flexible at making reports
Reports are very useful especially when it comes to making decisions. Search engine applications are bound to gather a lot of data and information. These data should be displayed in easy to read graphs and pie charts. The best application should be fully customizable especially when it comes to report generation. It should enable the user to develop their own templates which will be populated with data gathered online. Furthermore, it should allow for branding and logo placement. This is useful for SEO experts and internet marketers. They need to present reports to different clients and logos will help identify which reports are for a particular client.

Search Engine Software Strategies, Tips and Tricks

Group your backlinks
Backlinks are known to be useful as they act as a vote from Site A to Site B. It is important to manage loads of crucial backlinks as this ensures convenience. SEO applications like search engine softwares come with group backlink options which allows one to neatly manage them. They can create a tree like catalogue which makes it easier to browse through. This saves you a lot of time especially when it comes to analyzing large volumes of data.

Data export
A search engine application with closely knit integration between the tools allows the application to be much more effective. The best application should enable the user to export data between two features in the same application. This allows the use of data from one feature to be actionable and provide the desired results. For example link sources. This will allow you not only to organize but to be able to catalogue them for easier searching.

Monitor vertical search
Vertical search affects one’s ranking in different ways. If you want to improve your visibility online, you need to monitor your competitor’s position. Thanks to useful features, you can be able to do this with ease. Vertical search is related to images and videos among others. It is a common fact that videos and images improve one’s content making it relevant and searchable. By monitoring it, the user is able to know how it affects ranking.

Optimize pages before uploading
Google and other search engines have ensured that optimization plays a key role in ranking and improved visibility on SERPs. This will help to improve your site’s SEO. You need to analyze your content locally before you upload it to the web. This helps to ensure that only optimized pages and content makes it to the internet. This allows for easy crawling by search engine bots allowing your website to be ranked higher.

Check traffic of each backlink
As said earlier, backlinks are vital for any website owner as they help to improve ranking and visibility. It is wise to take time and monitor each backlink. This will allow you to know the number of visits from a backlink to your website. By doing so, you will be able to know the exact number of visitors arriving to your website from each link.

Top 10 Best Search Engine Software Compared

Optimizing your website for the search engines is one of the best way to attract more targeted traffic to your business. Most people use Google, Yahoo or Bing to find products and services to help make their lives more easier and if your site doesn't show on page 1 in search engine results then you're missing out on a huge opportunity. Using SEO software tools below can help you perform website audit to uncover hidden technical issues, it can also help you keep track of your rankings, and find new backlink opportunities. The great news is you don't have to be tech savvy to use these applications, they're made to be very easy to use and often are free to get started.

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