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How We Rank Software

The rankings and reviews shown on this website are the opinion of the webmaster. Affiliate links are used on this website to receive compensation from mentioned brands which can influence our rankings and reviews. We do not review every software available in the marketplace. We don't guarantee the accuracy of information shown on this website.


We rank marketing software according to 6 major categories; relevance to category, vendor reputation, ease of use, functionality, pricing & partner program strength. We seek to bring to our audience the most reliable and user friendly software that anybody can use.


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Easy All-In-One Platform

SEO Rank Monitor
5 stars

$42 - $202


Intuitive user interface

Deep website audits

Comprehensive reporting

$19 - $199

White label report


Local rankings by city

Mobile rankings tracked


Complete SEO Rank Tracking


$75 - $375

In-depth website analysis


Great reporting & scalability

15 Tools Included


Powerful Internet Marketing Platform


Good user/reporting management


"Not provided" work-around

Local results tracking


Accurate Rank Tracking

Link Assistant

$299 one time

Well established company


Multiple toolset

Robust interface


Comprehensive SEO Platform

SEO Profiler

$49 - $999

Sophisticated link research


White label reports

Competitive pricing


Comprehensive SEO Tool


$70 - $550

Automated report scheduling


Custom report building

Deep analytical reporting


Industry Leading SEO Tool


$49 - $299

Custom branded reports


Find high converting ad copy

Find competitors keywords


Competition Intelligence Tool


$9 - $329

Good for SEO agencies


Great charts and reports

Easy to user interface


Simple Cheap Rank Tracking


$19 - $64

White-label reporting


Track Rankings

Audit & Cleanup Citations


Local SEO Software Leader

4.5 stars
4.5 stars
4.5 stars
4.5 stars
4 stars
4 stars
4 stars
4 stars

$99 - $450

What is SEO Ranking Software?

For any business website owner, getting found online is very important. Today, online visitors are searching online for different products and services to buy or subscribe to. Without vital data that informs you what online users are searching for, then you are bound to lose a lot.


In line with this, it can be said that SEO ranking software is an application with a set of tools that allow webmasters, website owners, SEO professionals and internet marketers to know what level a website is ranked at. Search engines like Google have made several updates to their algorithms by adding a load of variables in order to influence ranking.


To capitalize on this, SEO ranking softwares are updated every single time search engines make updates to their algorithms. What this means is that you can keep up with the latest development and never lose your position.


How does this help? Online users have long believed that search engine results located on the first page are trustworthy. As a website owner, you need to capitalize on this by engaging in SEO best practices. With a higher ranking, online visitors will find your website easily and ultimately become your customers.


This does not end there as you need the online visitors to become paying customers by buying products and services. This is where you incorporate important marketing tools like landing pages. They will definitely up the game and ensure you get more visitors, paying customers and leads.

SEO is a vital tool for any website owner as it helps in different ways. It allows a website owner to understand their competition. Since profit making and staying ahead of your competitors is vital for the survival of a business, SEO best practices need to be used. Other benefits of SEO include link building, use of backlinks to attract more visitors and ability to have real time data thanks to Google Analytics.


So who uses SEO ranking software?

a.) Independent webmasters

b.) Ecommerce store owners

c.) Inbound marketers

d.) Seo professionals

e.) Bloggers.


Benefits of SEO rank software


a.) Collect vital data

In normal circumstances, there is no way you can be able to know how your website is ranked. With SEO ranking software, you can finally be able to know. Using the application, one can collect a lot of data which can be converted into a treasure trove of information for marketers and SEO professionals. The application can be able to know which of your keywords are performing better, which keywords are valuable and where you rank on Search engines.


b.) Learn about your competitors

In the world of business, competition is an everyday cup of tea. Businesses come up with different campaigns in order to stay ahead of their competition. Why should you be left out? With the SEO ranking software, you can know which keywords your competitors are using. You can utilize them to drive traffic away from their website.


c.) Improve conversion

Every website owner finds it difficult to convert online visitors into leads. This has left many in a dilemma as their competitors continue staying ahead of them. With SEO ranking software, website owners can improve conversion through landing pages and opt-in forms.

Why use SEO Ranking Software?

Backlink quality check

Search engines have been updating their search algorithms and the new updates have been keen on unnatural backlinks. If a website owner is found with unnatural backlinks, search engines have come up with a policy of blacklisting them. This is not good for a business. When you use SEO ranking software, you can check the quality of your backlinks.

You can be able to know which websites will bring you link juice improving your ranking right away. The feature can also help to analyze your links and find out who is talking about your content.


Spy on your competitors

Competitors are a great threat to any business and they result in your downfall if successful marketing campaigns are not carried out. To help with this, SEO ranking softwares can become your James Bond in the world of the internet. They can spy on your competitors’ links and find out which ones are juiciest. With this information, your SEO team can be able to reverse engineer successfully their link building strategy. The application also has the ability of identifying pages that have a high PR. This helps to ensure that you get quality backlinks.


Know where you are ranked

Ranking is a vital strategy that every website owner should capitalize on. When using an application like SEO ranking software, one will be able to know where they are ranked among the many search engines online. Marketers and SEO professionals can also track hot topics in your industry allowing you to stay ahead of your competitors. The application allows for comparison of ranking data about your competitors too.


Integration with Google Search Console

Google Search console collects a lot of data which can be converted into useful information by your team making it actionable. You can be able to view top search queries your visitors have made about your website right from the dashboard of the SEO ranking software. Your team can also learn more about impressions and clicks made to your website. This data can be used to optimize the website for better performing keywords.


SEO analysis

Want to know the status of your website SEO? The SEO ranking software has the capability of auditing your website and providing a detailed SEO report. The report can also include a keyword specific optimization section regarding all pages on your website. You can also have access to a mobile optimization report which will allow you to detect any issues with your website. By not optimizing your website for mobile can affect your mobile search values resulting in you losing potential online users.

What to look for in SEO Ranking Software?

1. Organic Research

Every SEO professional knows that relevant and informative content is king. The queen in this scenario should definitely go to keyword strategy. Keywords are the back bone of any content posted on a website. While it is not useful to write about the keyword itself, it provides a channel for online users to locate your website. The best application should provide tools to find the right keywords.


2. Advertising research

Who are your competitors? This is a vital question every business person needs to ask themselves. If you run different ads and are yet to experience any conversion, you need to do something about it. With the advertising research tool, you can have valuable data on your competitor’s PPC, their budgets and best keywords among others.


3. Backlinks checker

If content is king, keyword research is queen then backlinks are definitely the ambassadors. With a powerful backlink checker, you can know which links point to your domain and their quality by conducting deep analysis.


4. Video adverting research

Videos have become an integral part of websites and their content. They already account for more than half the traffic towards a website. It is important to stay in the know when it comes to video advertising. This tool will help you collect vital data on YouTube in-stream video ads and channels. This allows one to keep up with the fast paced world of video ads.


5. Position tracking

It is one of the most important features of SEO ranking software. With this tool, SEO professionals can track a website’s ranking for target keywords on search engines. They can also track competitors’ keywords rankings providing a side by side comparison in the end.


6. Website audit

Do you know the health of your website? While it is a time consuming job, you can finally identify errors allowing you to fix them immediately. This will improve user experience and allow you to rank better. Some errors to correct include adding tags, optimizing links (both internal and external), repair broken images and URLs among others.


7. Monitor your brand

Keep track of online mentions about your brand, products and services. This goes the same for your competitors. What you need to know is that public opinion is very important and long lasting relationships between you and customers are forged on the internet. You can learn about good and bad reviews when you engage monitoring tools like SEO ranking software.


8. Analyze Google ranking factors

You may have noticed that even after engaging the best SEO practices and marketing campaigns, your website lags behind on search engine ranking. This tool can help you keep up with Google ranking factors since their algorithm keeps changing daily.


9. Sitemap generation

Sitemaps are vital and allow a search engine bot to crawl the many pages and links on your website. It is important to provide a sitemap to search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex and Yahoo among others. This will improve your visibility and allow online visitors to locate your website easily.


10. Social engagement

Social media has become a great hunting ground for businesses looking for new customers to buy into their products and services. To track your social media activity without the right tool is very difficult. You can finally track social activity backlinking to different social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.


11. Multi user

The best application needs to offer multi user capability. Collaboration is great especially if you have a team of SEO professionals and marketers. This means that they can share projects, create new projects and ensure consistency across your campaigns.


12. Customizable reports

At the end of the day, you need to know how your campaigns are fairing. This is where the importance of reports come in. The right application needs to offers customizable reports. You should be able to add your logo, your brand name and even create your own templates. This can help to ease report making in future. When you add your brand and logo to reports, it helps to legitimize your business making it to appear professional.

SEO Ranking Software strategies, tips and tricks

Perform a website audit

It is important to know the health of your website as this can make or break you ranking on search engines. Yes, it is a time consuming job but a necessary one in the end. Thanks to useful tools and applications like SEO ranking software, the audit will be a simple task.


There are several issues you are bound to uncover when you run a website audit. Broken URLs, poorly constructed page titles, repeated Meta descriptions, duplicate content and missing tags among others. Furthermore, you can be able to know if your website is fully mobile ready as this is an important ranking factor. Once you have done the audit, you can correct all errors improving user experience.


Monitor your brand reputation

Your business brand reputation is its lifeline. When positive, you are assured of many online users in form of organic traffic. When negative, you will experience poor results in terms of organic users and ranking.

Performing this vital task allows you to continue connecting with your customers – both existing and potential. According to surveys carried out, 70% of online users trust online reviews over information displayed on ads. When you keep monitoring your brand reputation, you counter any bad review before it is posted by solving all issues –major and minor likewise.


Rank tracking

When you incorporate keywords in your content but don’t have a way of monitoring their performance, then you will not experience high organic traffic, improved ranking or be able to solve arising issues. Rank tracking does not only allow you to monitor your website’s rank but target keywords on search engines – both organic and paid results.

The tool allows you to keep track of your competitors’ keyword ranking. Why is this important? Staying ahead of your competitors especially in terms of new keywords used allows your brand to grow exponentially and attracts more online users.


Generate reports

So, you have come up with several SEO and marketing campaigns. How do you know their performance? Reports are handy especially if you are tracking and monitoring everything about your business website – from keywords to social media activity.

SEO ranking softwares allows users to generate reports which are highly customizable. You can add a logo, brand name and different forms of data. You can even create a template which can be populated with data in your absence and sent to your email after a specific duration has elapsed.

Top 10 Best SEO Ranking Software Compared

To succeed online your website needs to be ranked on the front page of Google, Yahoo and Bing in order to attract as much targeted traffic as possible. Gone are the old days where you would pay a developer or webmaster to manually look after your site and scan for issues, now days anybody can pay a few bucks and get professional search engine ranking software tools to automatically scan your site everyday and tell you exactly what needs changing in order to achieve best results. Not only can a good ranking application tell you what to fix on your site but it can also help you find new backlink and social opportunities that help promote your site to the top of search results. Below are our top 10 picks in this niche, all tools can easily be used by anybody.

Most Popular Option
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