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We rank marketing software according to 6 major categories; relevance to category, vendor reputation, ease of use, functionality, pricing & partner program strength. We seek to bring to our audience the most reliable and user friendly software that anybody can use.


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All-in-one Social Dashboard

5 stars

$10 - $80


Advanced functionality

In-built social CRM

30 day free trial


Extensive integrations


Comprehensive dashboard

Connect 35+ social networks


Most Popular Social Software

Sprout Social

$59 - $500

Built-in CRM functionality


Smart inbox technology

Comprehensive platform


Beautiful Analytics Charts


Brand monitoring & contests


Easy 1-click publishing/scheduling

Built-in CRM and collated inbox


Simple Social Manager Dashboard


$15 - $300

Visual content calendar


Advanced scheduling

Team collaboration features


Social Media Marketing For Teams


$5 - $49

Simple social management tool


Content recommendation system

Chrome plugin for easy publishing


Email Software With Built-In Landers


$9.95 - $44.95

Automated following and liking


Windows only software

Up to 24 social media accounts


Simple Scheduling & Automation



Post to social networks via email


Scheduling & tracking

7 day free trial


Simple Social Media Software

$55 - $1,100

Twitter analytic reports


Automated campaigns

Find customers & influencers


Specialized Twitter Manager



Monitoring & engagement


Scheduling & publishing

Facebook & twitter integration


Simple Social Marketing Application

4.5 stars
4.5 stars
4.5 stars
4.5 stars
4 stars
4 stars
4 stars
4 stars

$49 - $299

Social Media Analytics Tools: What Are They? What Can They Do For You?

Social media analytics tools help online marketers improve theirvisibility and increase interest in their products. Different tools focus on different areas of analysis. Some will focus on how many clicks a particular ad or articles will receive from viewers. Others will focus more on likes or comments left by visitors or how many overall views a site receives.


The purpose of these tools is to help businesses determine how effective their strategies are, or what areas to focus improvement. Marketers will be able to identify what needs to change and what is working in their strategy to attract customers. For instance, if a site has a decline in overall views or likes then the marketer or marketing company knows that they need to change their tactics.


These tools help to increase the bottom line of those in the marketing sector on social media sites. There are several tools available for use on the market today. Individual software packages will have a variety of these tools that have specific functions and are designed to make navigating social media much easier.


Social media analytics tools are necessary to understand how effective your online social media strategies are and where you need improvements. Just like you have indicators on a car, these social media tools will let you know if something in your platform needs attention. Social media analyticstools are necessary for businesses and individuals to be able to gauge if they are successfulin their goals.


They also save time because they allow you access to information and statistics that are real time so that you can be on top of events and feedback from customers as soon as it affects your brand without having to track these events manually.

Why Use Social Media Analytics Tools?

There are many reasons that social media analytics tools are beneficial. More broadly they can indicate whether or not certain aspects of marketing are performing as expected. But in more localized areas you can get an in-depthindication of what in particular is attracting the most attention and what individual marketing strategies are the most or least successful. By using these specialized tools, it allows you to monitor your social media interests.


You can accurately judge whether or not you are getting the desired attention from your target audience. Knowing these statistics can help you to understand exactly how the market is responding to your brand and the methods businesses are using to reach out to customers. You will then know if you are achieving the desired exposure the brand needs for continued success. If you are serious about the growth and profitability of your brand or service, then you should seriously consider purchasing social media analytics software.


By purchasing this software, you will ultimately increase your bottom line and reduce unnecessary expenditures. The tools will allow you to modify your techniques thereby eliminating useless spending on advertising and other marketing platforms that are not working or being productive. For a business to be successful and make money, it must be able to identify wasteful spending and eliminate the source of the problem.


Social media analytics tools are the way to determine these issues for those advertising and marketing on social media platforms. The ability to more effectively understand how your money is working for you is important to being successful. New technologies that make this information readily available to anyone that is willing to invest the money is available right now. It is important to the well-being of your business to have access to this critical information.


Social media is technology that allows people to reach out more effectively to a broad audience, so it only makes sense to have technology that shows how effective you are at accomplishing this task. Not taking advantage of the ability to monitor your effectiveness will only serve to defeat the purpose of marketing.


Most individuals and companies that take their business seriously are using social media analytics tools so that they have the winning edge. If you have not yet purchased this type of software, now is the time to act and the information in this article will help you understand what to look for and what features are important when shopping for social media analytics tools.

What To Look For In Social Media Analytic Tools

Social media analytics tools can vary greatly. There are quite a few available in the market, and it is important to know what features to look for when attempting to select those that will be the right choice for your needs. You want to purchase software that will meet all of your business requirements with efficiency and ease. These are some of the most important features available that you should look for when shopping for the social media analytics tools that are right for you.


- The ability to generate real-time reports

You will need to be able to monitor and duplicate activity reports so that you can manage your strategy more effectively. This feature is crucial when shopping for social media tools because you will need to be up to date on the effectiveness of techniques, strategies, and related actions that are displayed on social media. This knowledge allows for changes to be made if necessary before there is a large negative impact on business.


- The ability to post on several social media platforms all at once rather than individually. This increasein productivity and saves time.


- The ability to tag posts and track the activity that occurs on the posts that are tagged. This tool will allow you to be able to see how much attention viewers are giving the post in question.


- Post queuing that allows you to schedule posts at the most effective times rather than having to post manually.


- The ability to measure metrics right down to the individual level. You will be able to track employee performance and team performance with a great degree of accuracy.


- Track and react to negative customer feedback as soon as it appears on social media. This tool allows for immediate responses to counteract and control the situation before it has a large impact on your brand.


- The ability to source qualified leads in order to increase productivity across the board.


- Integrate your marketing campaign into relevant social media discussions wich will grab the attention of viewers and let them interact and become more educated about your brand.


- You want tools that allow you to accurately gauge customer reaction. This knowledge will allow you to adjust social media conversations so that they are more favorable to your market.


- You also want to be able to identify your property with watermarks to prevent others from taking your ideas and posts. This is an important tool to combat unscrupulous practices on social media sites.


- Monitoring analytics tools you will be able to build brand awareness by knowing which tactics and strategies are working for your business so that you can focus on which are working best and focusing on those actions.


- The ability for team integrations. Select tools that will be able to work with multiple users simultaneously so that all members are on the same page at the same time. This tool will make your marketing substantially more efficient.


- Easy set up and management of social media tools. You want to choose a program that is easy to use and understand with user-friendly management tools that will keep you on top of your game.


- You want the ability to track related posts and emails so that you have a complete view of the actions and tactics that your team or individuals are using to promote your brand.


- You want to look for the most versatile analytics with the ability to be exported and shared with ease to make you and your associates as efficient and informed as possible by using social media analytics tools.

Social Media Analytics Tools Strategies, Tips, and Tricks

The ability to use social media analytics tools so that they are optimally effective is the ultimate goal in incorporating the software. Knowing exactly how to use the tools to give you the upper hand is what you want to learn how to do. Being effective in marketing is the key to being successful. Here are a few useful pointers and tricks to help get you on the right path.


- Know Your Audience

You can use your social media analytics tools to gain a more in-depth understanding of the audience you are reaching and how they are reacting to posts and other related material that youare placing on social media sites. Knowing these statistics will help you to make necessary changes to seem more appealing to the target audience that you want for your brand. You can also understand how opinions change in real time so that you can react quickly and more efficiently to changing statistics. Having this information is critical in allowing business to change to the needs of customers and change to better suit expectations in the future.


- Monitor Brand Mentions

The ability to monitor brand mentions will give you an idea of how much attention and publicity is present across social media. Having this information will allow you to know if wordof your product or service is spreading and if you are getting a high amount of recognition. Tools that allow for this type of monitoring will help you gauge how your strategies are working and whether or not you are reaching individuals that are interested in your brand. Such information is key in staying informed and on top of the market so that your business can be successful.


- View Statistics Of All Social Media From One Dashboard

Being able to view all of this information on one easy to read dashboard will make navigating all social media platforms much easier than having to toggle manually between them. Condensing information on one user-friendly dashboard will make running your marketing efforts a breeze. You will be ale to detect changes instantly and react quickly. This trick is a big time saver and as we all know being able to save time will allow you to focus on other important issues. It is not practical to have to monitor your social media sites individually when you can have them summarized neatly on one dashboard.


- Track Business Growth And Popularity

Perhaps one of the most important tips is to stay on top of the growth and popularity of your brand or business. Knowing whether or not knowledge of your brand is increasing or decreasing is one of the ways to know if you are incorporating successful marketing strategies. If what you are doing is not working you need to know so that your can change your tactics to become more favorable and attractive. If you can know if the public sees your product or service as a must have then you can navigate social media more successfully.

Top 10 Best Social Media Analytics Tools Compared

Monitoring and analyzing your brands presence, engagement, followers, feedback and conversations across social media is critical to stay competitive in today's digital world. Companies can no longer hide from any negative issue as information spreads across the globe faster than fire. You can't ignore it, you have to engage with your audience on social media in order to be taken seriously. Using the social analytical software tools below you will easily be able to analyze all data across social media channels that's relevant to your business, and you will quickly get a birds eye views of various statistics through the beautiful charts that these tools produce. Signing up only takes a minute allowing you to start analyzing your social media presence today.

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