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Market Leader - 11 Million Customers

5 stars



Connect 35+ social networks

Comprehensive functionality

Extensive widgets and extensions

$49 - $299

Brand monitoring & contests


Easy 1-click publishing/scheduling

Built-in CRM and collated inbox


Simple Social Manager Dashboard


$15 - $300

Visual content calendar


Advanced scheduling

Team collaboration features


Social Media Marketing For Teams


Beautiful analytics reports


Powerful CRM integration

Smart inbox technology


Comprehensive Social Tool


$10 - $80

30 day free trial


In-built social CRM

Advanced functionality


All-in-one Social Dashboard


$5 - $49

Simple social management tool


Content recommendation system

Chrome plugin for easy publishing


Email Software With Built-In Landers


$9.95 - $44.95

Automated following and liking


Windows only software

Up to 24 social media accounts


Simple Scheduling & Automation



Post to social networks via email


Scheduling & tracking

7 day free trial


Simple Social Media Software

$55 - $1,100

Twitter analytic reports


Automated campaigns

Find customers & influencers


Specialized Twitter Manager



Monitoring & engagement


Scheduling & publishing

Facebook & twitter integration


Simple Social Marketing Application

4.5 stars
4.5 stars
4.5 stars
4.5 stars
4 stars
4 stars
4 stars
4 stars

$59 - $500

What are Social Media Tools for Business

Social media tools are essentially instruments that reduce the amount of time spent on controlling social media. They can be used for multiple purposes including managing a business’ social media presence, engaging with their target audience and analysing what works and what doesn’t in regards to content, brand decisions, etc.

Using social media tools for business is beneficial for companies of all sizes. This includes both ends of the spectrum, from startups to large corporations. These tools are scalable. 

For small to medium businesses they can use social media tools to grow and engage their target audience by using monitoring technology. This will allow them to build a strong rapport with their base customers on a personal level. Hence, in the future when they grow and develop they will have a strong reputation with their client base. This promotes long term customers and repeat business. 

For agencies looking to prove to their clients that they are adding value, social media business tools can do just that. The analytics function is a great tool that will allow them to create reports on campaign momentum and how that relates to their clients’ ROI and essential the bottom line.

Enterprises can use the tools to support their ever growing social media expansion. There are very few tools on the market tailored to large corporations but the great ones can work with any size companies and help them in more ways than one. Larger business require tools that can actually come up against what they’ve already accomplished. They still have competition with other companies so they need to do what they can to stand apart and ahead from the crowd. 

Why use Social Media Tools for Business

It may seem expensive to some to use social media business tools, but it is an investment that is definitely worth undertaking. If companies do their research they can end up finding a business that has a whole range of social media business tools under its belt. They could work with them for years and years. If they are a startup they could end up choosing a one that will take them through the many stages involved in expanding their business and growing. 

And for larger businesses there isn’t a ceiling on the amount of money they could earn or the amount of the market they could obtain. The bigger a company grows the more help they need to set themselves apart from the competition and increase their popularity in the the eyes of their target audience. 

According to Hubspot, back in 2014, 80% of marketers indicated that since introducing social media marketing into their businesses the level of traffic towards their websites had grown. That is essentially a 80% success rate. 

Increased brand recognition is one of the many benefits associated with using social media business tools. By introducing high quality content and utilising the voice of the business as a friendly down to earth one, increases the visibility of the business’ brand. And the plus side of more people recognising the brand is them knowing the brand. People are ore more likely to do business with a company that they recognise. And that means more sales for the company. 

This leads to increased brand loyalty. Convince&Convert published a study that found that 53% of Americans that follow brands on social media are more loyal to them in real life. Although this percentage is not that high it is worth noting that it is still higher that 50%.

Businesses should look at each post them make on social media as another chance for them to make a sale. Converting potential customers into actual paying customers is the goal after all. So by broadening their reach through multiple forms of social media they can increase their chances of converting more and more prospects.

Social media is the perfect way to humanise a brand. The target audience will see the people behind the business and feel more inclined to do business with them. This results in higher conversion rates. Another factor is the number of social media platforms the business is on. The greater the number of platforms the greater the visibility. The greater the visibility the greater the probability of a conversion to occur. 

Studies have even shown that by marketing through social media there is 100% higher lead to close rate than any other form of marketing. This includes all forms of outbound marketing. Plus new prospects will be more likely to purchase from a business that has a high number of social media followers. So by using these tools businesses can really be assisted with reaching out the social media users all around the country. All around the world even.

By using social media business tools companies do not have to spend nearly as much time managing and monitoring their social media platforms. Hubspot carried out a survey that found that 84% of businesses spent as little as six hours a week trying to increase the generation of traffic to their website. And six hours a week is hardly any time at all. This means that businesses can actually have the time available to focus on other aspects of their business. 

An increased social media presence is linked to search engine rankings. And considering that businesses want to be found, all they need to do is increase their presence on social media and their ranking in Google and other search engines will increase too. Prospects are more likely to click one of the first few links on Google so businesses will want to be as high up as possible for this reason.

What to Look for in Social Media Tools for Business

There are numerous features of social media business tools that companies of all sizes should look out for. These could help to reduce the amount of time they spend managing their various social media platforms and save them money in the long run. 

Monitoring Technology

Businesses should look out for social media monitoring tools. This will ultimately help them ascertain what potential customers are saying about their brand. They can then engage the problem and fix it.

Collaboration Functionality

Having one employee take on all the work can be stressful and a hassle. Collaboration functionality allows employers to share the workload out. This means that more than one mind can work to be the voice of the brand as a collective.

Analytics Operation

Data is the only way that businesses can see the progress they are making. With social media analytics they can see how the social media posts they create are being received. They can use this to make any relevant changes and adapt outdated systems.

App Directory

The social media app directory allows business to expand their social reach and increase productivity. This means that more potential customers can become aware of them and thus this increases the likelihood of them doing business with them.

Engagement Option

Managing multiple social media platforms can be a hassle for businesses. The engagement option allows businesses to manage them all from one place and schedule messages for future publishing.

Integrated Security

Without having a high quality security system, businesses are leaving themselves unprotected. Their reputation, financials and assets are all at stake so it’s important that they keep themselves safe. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Keeping in contact with customers is important as people like to feel as though they are deal with real people that are interested in what they are saying. CRM backs up conversation histories so that when a different team member replies to someone on social media, they can be up to date with what has previously happened. 

Cross-Network Social Media Scheduling

Scheduling posts allows businesses to stay on top of all the multiple social media platforms their brand covers. They can plan content posts and campaigns and then organise when they should be sent.

Mobile Versatility

This function allows businesses to manage social media whilst on the go. This enables them to publish posts and engage with potential customers and consumers from anywhere with an internet connection.

Customised Account Structure

Accounts are different for each business, as there are many variable to take into consideration. Size is one of the main one. Larger companies require different aspects to their than a small startup would. Team options can be incorporated when required, as well as collaboration ones. 

Content Recommendation System

Businesses sometimes require help when it comes to choosing ideas for social media content. A content recommendation system allows them to receive ideas that are meaningful to their actual brand. This can be provided on a daily basis.

Automatic Watermark Incorporation

Watermakers are a perfect way to personalise and protect the images a business takes. An automatic watermark functionality allows each and every image posted to incorporate a watermark with having to include it manually each time. 

Social Media Tools for Business Strategies, Tips and Tricks

By making the most of social media business tools companies can engage with potential and existing customers, boost recognition of their brand and ultimately increase sales. With this in mind there a few proven tips, tricks and strategies they should considering incorporating into their main business plan.

Scheduling Posts to Multiple Social Media Platforms

A useful feature of many social media tools for business is to schedule the posts that a company wishes to put out. This can be done all in one place so that every social media platform can be monitored simultaneously and posts for each platform can be created and posted. 


Along with this, the times that the posts are to be published can be altered. This allows companies to choose specific times through the day for their posts to be sent, based on peak posting times and days. 

Using Analytics to Analyse Social Media Efforts

By using a social media business tool that analyses analytics to give them a more in depth understanding of different social media platforms and what works. This can help to establish the most effective ways of utilising social media platforms to the best of the business’ ability. 


There are many aspects to analyse with social media business tools, so it can see confusing to business’ what the best strategy is.


Content is always a good one to go for. Companies can determine the extent for which their target audience is sharing their content. By close attention to the specific types of content that a majority of the target audience is sharing and liking they can determine what aspects to carry on producing and which to discontinue. 


Online views tend to be the most honest due to the anonymity factor. For this reason companies can find out the honest remarks their target audience have said in relation to their business. This is great way to understand what is going wrong and needs changing and what should be continued or even brought up a level. 

Monitor Social Media to Increase Engagements with Prospects

A useful feature of social media business tools is the option to monitor all forms of social media in one place. This allows businesses the ability to collect multiple areas of engagement in one place. There’s a very low probability that they will miss a post from a prospect and not engage with them.


Filters help to define the information drawn, into a useful stream. Plus, by getting in touch with their target audience by directly messaging them or reacting to their post, other members will feel like the business is a friendly down to earth one that actually cares about its customers.


This will increase traffic to the company’s website as people will actually be interested to learn more about them. Thus, in turn this goes toward increasing sales.

Using Collaboration to Increase Responses to Prospects

Having all the information in one place is a smart plan, but there is one element missing. If only one person is monitoring all this information then that means they will have to replay and respond to a vast population of people. This could possibly be hundreds of prospects. 


This flaw means that messages and posts from the target audience could be missed. And missed posts mean that the people posting them may feel undervalued. Especially if they see that other social media users have been responded to, just not them. 


To tackle this the collaboration function is a useful feature. It means that more than one person can help to respond to the many posts from the target audience. This in turn produces a positive feeling in many as they feel valued just by receiving a response from the business.

Top 10 Best Social Media Tools

For Business

Using social media management software to manage and grow your presence is necessary to compete online as manually posting and analyzing your social performance is too time consuming and cumbersome. We've found 10 good social media tools that make it super easy to find good content, schedule it to be published, analyze it's performance, engage with your customers, find out what they're talking about, be alerted to any mentions of your brand and spy on what your competitors are doing. Signing up takes only a few minutes as most vendors below have free plans and you can start managing your social media presence like a professional in no time with these easy to use tools.

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