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We rank marketing software according to 6 major categories; relevance to category, vendor reputation, ease of use, functionality, pricing & partner program strength. We seek to bring to our audience the most reliable and user friendly software that anybody can use.


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Learn how to increase conversions through talking to your site users.



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CRM Integration

Get Site Control
5 stars

$15 - $219


Automation & Rules Based

Custom Interface

Client Profiling

$0 - $19

Behavioral Triggers


Best Looking Software

Simple, Easy Platform


Multiple Tools For Cheap


$16 - $50

Automation & Rules Based


Feedback and chat stats

Sleek Interface


Market Leader


$0 - $14.99

Text & Voice Chat


Deep Customer Insights

CRM Integration


Powerful App Interface

Provide Support

$15 - $60

Multilingual Support


Highly Customization Interface

Real Time Monitoring


Stand Alone Application

Live Person

$49 - $139

Rules Based Messaging


Comprehensive Messaging

High Security & Scalability


Enterprise Solution


$0 - $99

100% Free Plan


Extensive Integrations

In-depth Analytics


Comprehensive Interface

Help On Click

$7.20 - $11.40

Good Analytics & Reporting


Advanced Invitation Rules

Device Neutrality


Integrate ChatBot


$0 - $17

Group Chat Capability



Online & Offline Capability


Fresh Modern Interface


$0 - $99

Free Plan Available


Integrations & White Label

Robust .NET Software


Javascript API Available

4.5 stars
4.5 stars
4.5 stars
4.5 stars
4 stars
4 stars
4 stars
4 stars
What is website chat software?

This is a web application that allows customers to communicate with the support staff of a company or business real time through an easy to use web interface. A web chat software is a form of instant messaging application that is differentiated for its simplicity and accessibility for user who don’t want to host their chat software.


Users have instant access to the support staff and only a web browser and internet connection is required in order to engage with operators.

It can also be defined as an internet application that is integrated into a website for a company or business and allows the customers of the company to get in touch and communicate in real time with customer service agents regarding products, services and other issues they are encountering. The web chat application is designed with multimedia routing technology which allows customer service agents to interact with many customers at a go.

Web chat applications have been promoted as being cost effective by adding a touch of personalization and social integration unlike emails and telephone calls. Customers get immediate responses to different queries they have and the wait time is usually less compared to a telephone call.

Why use website chat software?

Businesses that sell different products and services have a website which hosts information about the company as well as the products and services offered. If the company was located in a particular state, its products will be distributed in different states and countries around the world.
When a customer has queries about the product, they will need a detailed explanation about how to install it, how to resolve a minor issue or what to do in order to get a replacement if the product is damaged. Instead of calling using the toll free number and be placed on hold for a considerable amount of time, a live chat application provides instant access to the support staff.

The following are the users of live chat softwares:

1.) Ecommerce stores
2.) Customers
3.) Product manufacturers for example electronics, clothes, smart devices and equipment
4.) Service providers for example web developers, content marketers and copywriting platforms
5.) Web hosting companies
6.) Cloud service providers and many more.
7.) Airlines and related services
8.) Health insurance, life insurance and auto insurance providers
9.) Cable and satellite TV providers
10.) Computer hardware and cell phone service providers
11.) Financial institutions and many more.

Why Use Web Chat Software?
What every business needs to know is that nothing can ever replace the incredible value of providing customers with the best customer experience. You can offer the best products and services, you can be crowned the most valuable company but if you don’t offer the best customer experience especially when it comes to addressing their problems, then as a business, you will have lost to your competitors. So, why use web chat software?

To answer customer queries
When you sell products and services to users across the world, you expect that majority of them will have questions about how to install this, how to plug in that or how to replace parts when it is damaged. As a company, you need to invest in a web chat application as it allows you to provide answers to your customers.

To provide the best experience
As a business owner, what you need to know is that when your customers get quick answers to their questions, they will stay longer browsing other products on your platform, they will buy more products and they will have confidence in your company. This helps to build a lasting relationship and trust.

To generate instant leads
Majority of web chat applications allow business owners and developers to request for as many details as one wants since the customers are interested in the products and services offered. Through this, a company can be able to generate instant leads thanks to email and internet marketing.

Allow multi tasking
Live chat applications allow customer service agents to chat with different customers at a go. Apart from that, it allows them to connect to others online and even redirect calls to other departments in the company. This is achieved through the click of a mouse. To a company, this saves time and money.

100% Risk Free
When you need a web chat application for your website, you don’t have to install anything or configure different settings. Third party services will provide you with a free trial which is simpler and easier to manage. After the trial has ended and you are not interested in it, you can cancel.

Ability to customize
You will find hundreds of businesses using one third party live chat company. In order to distinguish and provide different experiences, the web chat company allows customization. Business can choose their own icons; design their pop-up windows and the invitation screens. One can also include the operator’s photo.

Supports different languages
Third party web chat applications have integrated different translations that support many international languages. This is suitable for a company with different branches across the world. You can finally provide support to different users across the world regardless of the language they are using.

As a small business, you will start with one or two operators. As time goes by, you will expand your business and have many branches across the country and the world. The web chat application has the ability of adding new chat operators easily.

What to look for in website chat software?

Easy integration with your website
As a business owner with a website, you don’t have to install anything. All you need is to copy a code and ask your web developer to integrate it in your website and Voila! You can start providing customer support services.

Multiple management of chats simultaneously
When you provide customer support, no single day will you receive only one or a few customers with queries. You will receive thousands of queries at a go and the only way to address this is to look for an application that offers multiple management of chats simultaneously.

Ability to transfer calls
Even though you are providing chat support services, you can never ignore call support. When you are looking for the best application, you need to go for one that offers the ability to transfer calls from one agent to a different department. This allows for better customer experience as detailed information will provided as well as problem solving.

Ability for operator to operator chats
In a large organization with many departments, it can be time wasting to leave one’s desk just to ask another operator a simple question. The best web chat application should allow for operator to operator chat.

Printable chat transcripts
To ensure quality services, you as the business owner need to provide quality assurance. Chat transcripts allow you to know how your operators are answering questions and how customers have rated them.

Real time monitoring
When selecting the best customer chat support application for your business, you need to look for one that offers real time monitoring. It should provide you with a visitor’s list, geo location map to know where your customers are chatting from, navigation history, IP-to-Location services, ability to display browser and OS details and finally ability to retrieve search engine keywords.

Responsive operator console
Today, thanks to smart devices and high speed internet, a business support staff can be able to answer queries on multiple devices. This means that you need to select an application that offers a responsive operator console. The console should also provide popups, sound alerts, display operator profile and allow for login.

Responsive customer chat window
Your users may be accessing your website from different devices. When you have a responsive customer chat window, they will reach you from any device they have.

Customization and branding
Web chat providers have many customers and in order to offer a different experience to every client, it is important to allow for customization and branding. A business can customize the chat icons, the pre chat form, visitor messenger, system messages, chat invitation and post chat survey.

Integrated spell checker
When typing, one will make several mistakes whether it’s your operator or the customers. When you purchase a web chat application with spell checker, it will improve customer experience and eliminate mistakes. You should also ensure that it supports different languages, provides automatic spell checking, has a user dictionary, provides suggestion list and suggestion options.

Auto changing chat icon
This provides different notification status as the icon can change from the customer side one can know if the operator is on or they have signed off. This will also be possible on the operator’s end as they will know if the customer is available or not.

Google analytics integration
Google analytics is a service offered to websites and is able to generate different reports that are useful to the business owner. You can know where your users accessed your website from, their IP addresses, the devices they used and how frequently they access your website among others.

Translation into any language
When looking for the right support application, look for one that offers translations into any language. As a business, your customers are not only English speaking but they speak other languages like French, Spanish, Italian or Swahili.

Website chat software strategies, tips and tricks

Today, businesses are adopting live chat support in order to offer a better customer experience. What many businesses have not been able to know is that investing in a web chat application can be converted into a form of marketing finally ensuring ROI for the application. Below are tips and tricks that will help you to achieve this.

Is a web chat application the right fit for your company?
While web chat applications have become popular especially as a low cost customer support service, the one question every business owner should ask themselves is whether the application is right for them. You don’t have to jump into the band wagon just because others are doing so. You need to evaluate as this will help you in making a sound strategy. What you need to know is that to make the best decision – focus on types of customer issues to be addressed as well as the robustness of the website.

Operators needs to understand the business
As a business owner, you need to know that for an online user to chat and finally purchase products on your website, your support operators need to understand your business. First, they need to understand the products or services you are offering. Second, they need to understand your pricing strategy and lastly, they need to know what best fits your customer’s needs.

Always personalize connections
People love to speak with other people and not bots or automated voice services. It is a well known fact that people love to shop where they are recognized. This is why you will find people having their favorite salon, coffee shop, café, restaurant or online store.


When providing support, you need to personalize the chat session. Use the user’s history like past purchase, language or location in order to provide a personalized experience. Add your operator’s photo, use the best greeting and finally, address them by their name.

Have an appealing and easy to use application
Online users are busy people and when they have an issue, they need it to be addresses quickly. If your chat application is complicated or requires a lot of steps in order to connect, they will choose another service provider. To avoid this and retain your customers, you need to provide an application that is appealing and easy to use. This will in turn improve your conversion and lead generation.

Never be pushy
While being proactive is good, too much of it can be off putting. When you set up a pop window that asks online visitors for any assistance they need and they decline, the operator needs to withdraw immediately. Instead of popping up every single second or minute asking the same question which will annoy off the buyer, the operator only needs to assure the customer that they are around if needed.

Top 10 Best Website Chat Software Compared

Looking to increase website sales? Try adding web chat software to your site so you can speak directly to your visitors. Sometimes people just need a quick question answered before purchasing your product and having a quality live support chat software can make this easy. Below we've reviewed the top 10 website chat apps you can easily install on your site in a matter of minutes. No programming knowledge is required to use these website live support tools shown below.

Most Popular Option
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