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We rank marketing software according to 6 major categories; relevance to category, vendor reputation, ease of use, functionality, pricing & partner program strength. We seek to bring to our audience the most reliable and user friendly software that anybody can use.


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Comprehensive White Label SEO

SE Ranking
5 stars

$75 - $375


Host softwre on your own domain

Scalable pricing

Comprehensive custom reporting

$42 - $202

Scheduled reporting


Custom client access options

No hosting required


Fulled hosted solution


$49 - $999

Responsive-design reports


Multiple SEO analytics reports

Custom branding


White Label SEO Reporting Tool


Easy-to-share rank tracking links


Scheduled reporting

Custom brandable


White label rank tracker


$10 - $80

Sophisticated algorithm


Easy and quick to use

Analyzes your current web traffic


Long Tail Keyword Specialist


$70 - $550

Automated report scheduling


Competition insight

Custom report building


Industry Leading SEO Tool


$42 - $202

Custom reporting


Track Rankings

Audit & Cleanup Citations


Local SEO White Label


$49 - $299

Custom branded reports


Find high converting ad copy

Find competitors keywords


Competition Intelligence Tool

Authority Labs

$99 - $450

Good user/reporting management


"Not provided" work-around

Local results tracking


Accurate Rank Tracking

Pro Rank Tracker

$19 - $899

API access


Mobile app for clients

Comprehensive reporting


Local SEO Software Leader

4.5 stars
4.5 stars
4.5 stars
4.5 stars
4 stars
4 stars
4 stars
4 stars

$99 - $450

What is White Label SEO Software?

This refers to an application used by experts to deliver SEO services to a website owner looking to improve visibility and ranking. The application provides a dashboard to the client where one gets to interact with the service provider. The user has the ability of creating a new project, tracking keywords, building links, ordering content, ordering lead generation websites, audit a website and a whole lot more.

The software can be an automated tool which allows webmasters to gather data about their websites. The data is actionable which results in better decisions that improve ranking, visibility and organic traffic. This is basically what every website owner is looking for. Furthermore, it will allow you to stay ahead of your competitors.

Many people today know what SEO is and how important it is to website owners. What they don’t know is how to use its power without using any money in order to improve organic traffic and achieve higher ranking. People today turn to resellers in order to have their websites optimized to improve the relationship between the site and search engines. The good thing about white label seo softwares is that a company can place its brand name or logo on the tools and reports.

Who uses it?
A website is a vital tool that allows its owners to sell products or inform online users about something. Every website owner has a goal but many can be summarized as increasing the number of online users, improving the website ranking, improving conversion rate and lead generation.

To achieve this, there are several SEO best practices that need to be used. From keyword research to back linking, website owners can finally be able to achieve what they want. So who uses white label SEO software?

a.) Marketing agencies
b.) SEO agencies
c.) SEO Services resellers
d.) Providers of SEO related services
e.) Independent webmasters.

Benefits of White Label SEO Software:

Allows you to focus on important matters
As a business person with a website, it’s great that you are looking for customers. There comes a time when one is so engrossed in attracting new customers that they forget about the current customers. The current customers need to be treated well to ensure they continue buying your products and services. When you invest in white label seo applications, you will have the freedom to focus on the customers more allowing you to build relationships.

Saves time and energy
Building links, improving your website ranking and attracting organic traffic takes time to achieve especially when you use traditional methods. This will definitely lead you to ignore the important part of your business – attracting and attending to customers. The application will save you time and energy allowing you to concentrate on vital aspects of your business.

Peace of mind
When you deal with a reseller, you finally have peace of mind. You don’t have to spend time generating reports or monitoring data and links. This is what your reseller will be doing allowing you to concentrate on important matters – running your business.

Why use White Label SEO Software?

Every business person with an online business wants to reach as many people as they can. This will assure them profits when customers buy their goods. To do so, the business person needs to come up with campaigns and strategies. To provide peace of mind, business people can seek white label SEO softwares and services. Why use them?

Stay Up to date
As a business person, it is important to be up to date. When you opt for white label SEO softwares that are updated, you will stay in the loop. These means that you will know what your competitors are up to allowing you to come up with strategies in order to stay ahead of them. You can also monitor the progress of your website thanks to the intuitive reports provided by your reseller. This helps to keep you in the know always.

Report generation
When you use white label seo softwares, you are assured of reports. They are vital as they help with making better decisions. This will allow you to know where you are ranked, how many visitors you have in a day, which keywords are competitive and so on. The reports come with your brand name and logo which makes it easier to present to your investors and shareholders if any. This is critical for customer retention and future growth.

Improves brand perception
The dream of any small business is to one day join the big leagues. This is why white label SEO softwares provide a way of branding reports. Thanks to the intuitive dashboard with report generation capabilities, a small business can be propelled to the big league within no time. By providing professionally looking reports, it helps to improve brand perception.

Control over the budget
In order to ensure that you don’t over spend, it is important to come up with a budget. This will be used to seek SEO Reseller services. When you make a payment, you will receive a complete report as well as analytics. The report will be on what has been done as well as the results that have been achieved. This should regard user traffic and ranking. You can be able to decide whether you need to spend more depending with the reports generated.

Better ranking
Search engines usually change their algorithms from time to time. It can be hard to keep track of all the changes. SEO Resellers can do this for you and you can concentrate on your business. The updates made to the search engines require the selection of a wide variety of keywords to improve the ranking of your website.

What to look for in White Label SEO Software?

1.) Backlink monitoring

Backlinks are vital for a website as they act as a way of improving visibility and tracking on search engines. The application allows users to track and monitor their backlinks easily. One can be able to know how many visits were received via a particular backlink. This is crucial to the success of a business website. This feature allows you to be in major control over majority of the SEO tasks.

2.) Website audit
It is important to carry out a website audit as it allows you, the website owners to identify any errors present. For example broken links, malicious code or malicious files present in the server or files. As a website owner, you cannot find out these problems by just looking at your website. This will help you to take action by having the many problems resolved as soon as possible.

3.) Report generation
Reports are great as they help to provide data in a meaningful and presentable way. The best applications have this feature and the reports can be available in pdf, csv and xls. You can even have your brand name and logo incorporated in the report. This improves brand perception setting you apart from other businesses.

4.) Advanced options
So many advanced integration options are available and allow you to monitor your website search engine ranking. You can view the data side by side with the number of visits which allow you to have general traffic data at your finger tips.

5.) Anytime access
The best white label SEO application provides access for any device. Be it an Android smartphone, iPhone, tablet or desktop. You can have access to the dashboard while on the go. This simply means that you can keep track of your website always.

6.) Tools for strategy analysis
You need to know where your competitors are ranked allowing you to make better decisions. Thanks to the feature, you can finally do so. It allows you to view your ranking and that of your competitors across a wide range of search engines.

7.) Keyword suggestion tool
It can be difficult to come up with the right keyword which is valuable and right for your business. With the keyword suggestion tool, you can carry out keyword research with ease. This will allow you to find keywords that your competitors are using allowing you to stay ahead.

8.) Ranking check across different search engines
The application has the ability of checking your ranking on different search engines. This is important especially if you want to stay ahead of your competitors. You can even customize it to check your national, regional and city level ranking.

9.) Link building
When it comes to ranking, links play a key role. As a business person, it is important to differentiate between spamming and link building. High quality links are more important than the quantity. They will surely rank you higher.

10.) Monitor social networks
Social media plays a vital role for any business person. It has become a hunting spot for new customers who are willing to buy products. It is important to keep in touch with your new, current and old customers.

White Label SEO Strategies, Tips and Tricks

Create custom branded reports
When running a business, it is important to always prepare reports that are beautiful and professional. White label SEO software allows experts to prepare reports that are branded with their logo, brand name and other details. This is achievable thanks to the customizable, flexible and adoptable report generating tool. A business can be able to shoot from a small firm into the big leagues thanks to brand perception provided by professional reports.

Client login
White label SEO softwares provide a dashboard which allows clients to login via the backend. On the dashboard, the client is able to view different forms of data and analytics which are gathered depending with the kind of campaigns and strategies set in place. Through this, a user is able to have access to the tools and other useful features provided by the application developers. The backend is password protected and allows for group collaboration too. This means others user can access the backend as long they have the login credentials.

Automated report sending
Creating reports is not fun especially when it comes to SEO and internet marketing. The data gathered is huge and it can overwhelm even a large team of professionals. Minor details can be missed which could lead to wrong decisions being provided. With the automated report mailing tool, one can set it on a schedule. Every time the report is available, it can be sent to the email saved. This saves time and makes it easy as the application is able to perform the heavy work.

Automated daily monitoring tool
Just like report generation, daily monitoring of different keywords and backlinks can be tiresome. It is quite difficult to concentrate on the small details. The automation tool helps to monitor all backlinks, keywords and search engine ranking. By checking the position of ranking on all search engines, a website owner can be able to know what position they are. The data provided is real time and at a high speed anytime of the day.

Best SEO helper
The application has the capability of checking keyword positions on your website with ease. This includes your sub domains and your inner pages. The application can track your ranking on social media networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and others. It displays a relevance page for each keyword allowing you access to a universal and multifunctional keyword ranking service. This is offered at a very reasonable fee.

Website auditing
It is important to find out the vulnerabilities of your website early. This will help you to improve your rank position and not hold you back anymore. During the audit process, your website will be checked against several things. They include content analysis, Meta info, usability and technology analysis. When the audit process is in progress, you can also know if a website is mobile ready or not as this is a vital factor when it comes to ranking on search engines. Once the auditing has been done, a report will be generated. This can be sent to the website owner allowing them to know what vulnerabilities are present and provide solutions on how to address them.

Top 10 Best White Label SEO Software Compared

Are you a SEO agency looking for a white label SEO solution? If so, you've come to the right place. Below are 10 search engine optimization tools that offer white label services built-into their software. It's easy than you think, often you don't need to sign anything or take any extra steps apart from signing up to use their tools. Whether you're looking to host a SEO software on your own custom domain, or automate scheduled reports to your clients to show rank tracking, website errors or link profile growth you're sure to find what you're looking for below.

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