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Bloom WordPress Plugin Review

Bloom is a WordPress plugin designed by Elegant Themes, and is popular for creating opt-in forms and popups for WordPress websites and blogs.

This plugin can be used to create elegant and beautiful popups that can help you generate more leads and subscribers easily.

Getting more email subscribers is one of the most important goals of many website owners and entrepreneurs as it helps them to grow their businesses faster. And this is exactly where Bloom WordPress Plugin comes into picture.

Bloom WordPress Plugin Advantages

Here are some of the advantages of using Bloom for your WordPress blog or website:

  • You can customize the display options for the plugin that allow you to show/hide the popups on certain pages or posts.

  • Each and every opt-in form and popup created by Bloom is highly customizable and can be easily updated to suit your website’s design and layout.

  • If you want to use the same Bloom settings on different websites, you can easily export Bloom’s settings from your WordPress dashboard and import them into other websites. This can save you a great deal of time, especially if you manage several WordPress blogs or websites.

  • You can increase your conversion rates by using split testing features of Bloom WordPress Plugin. You can create different versions of your opt-in forms and popups. Each version will have a few different settings (such as different calls-to- action or headlines). You can then see which of those versions convert better and generate more leads.

Bloom WordPress Plugin Disadvantages

Although Bloom WordPress Plugin has lots of useful features, it has some limitations too. Here are some of the disadvantages of this plugin:

  • There apparently isn’t an option to choose between single opt-in and double opt-in.

  • There isn’t much detailed documentation that can help developers to extend Bloom WordPress Plugin to new levels.

However, I am sure that these limitations will be addressed in the future, as they keep updating the plugin.

Who Is Bloom WordPress Plugin Ideal For?

I would say that Bloom WordPress Plugin is ideal for anyone who is using WordPress as their CMS (content management system), and want to increase their email subscriber base. But, if you are using some other CMS for your website (like Joomla or Drupal), Bloom is not for you. Because of its simplicity, Bloom can be used by beginners as well.

Bloom WordPress Plugin Signup Process

In order to get started, you need to first create an account at Elegant Themes. You can do so by visiting this page.

Please remember to choose either Developer or Lifetime Access plan, as the Personal plan does not give you access to Elegant Themes’ plugins, as explained in the Pricing section below.

Once you have submitted your profile information and payment details, you will be transferred to your main Account Dashboard. Through your dashboard, you can access and download all of the themes and plugins provided by Elegant Themes.

In order to use Bloom WordPress Plugin, you need to locate the plugin in the list of all plugins and look for the downloadable ZIP file. This zip file contains everything you need to add Bloom to your WordPress website or blog.

Once you have downloaded the ZIP file, login to your site’s WordPress dashboard. Then go to Plugins >> Add New and upload the ZIP file.

You are now ready to use and configure Bloom as per your needs.

Bloom WordPress Plugin Ease of Use

As I have said earlier, Bloom WordPress Plugin is very easy to use and setup. It has a very clear user interface that doesn’t confuse its users, and is easy to navigate through. Once you install Bloom on your website, it gives you a custom dashboard that allows you to manage your accounts, subscribers, data, conversions and forms, all in one location.

Bloom WordPress Plugin Features

Now let’s talk about some of the features of Bloom WordPress Plugin:

  • As I have mentioned below in the Integrations section, Bloom allows you to integrate your WordPress website with almost all of the popular email marketing service providers. You can add as many user accounts in your website as you want. You can manage as many subscriber lists as you want, and each of those subscriber lists can be associated with different opt-in forms and popups.

  • If, let’s say, you run two WordPress blogs, and want to use Bloom on both without having to manually set it up for each blog, you can export your Bloom settings from one blog and import them into the other. This is a real time saver for those who have dozens of websites.

  • All of your opt-in forms and popups are retina ready and responsive. This means that no matter what device your users are viewing your site on, the popups and forms will not get distorted at all. This is very important because many users nowadays use mobile devices (Android phones, iPhones etc) to browse the internet.

  • Bloom provides you with detailed statistics and reports of your email subscribers. It gives you insights into how your blog is converting, which pages are converting better, which opt-in forms or popups are bringing in the most email subscribers and much more. All of these statistics are generated in real time, as they happen.

  • You can create different A/B split tests for your website. You can create different opt-in form designs and popup designs, add different text/headlines/CTAs, and see which popups/forms convert better. This is very useful as it can help to increase your conversion rate without much efforts.

  • You can choose to display a particular popup on specific pages of your website. You can set it to display on specific post types and categories. You can hide it on specific posts or pages. You can use different animations and options for your popups. You can use automatic fly-ins, inline opt-ins, automatic popups, opt-in widgets etc. You can also choose to display opt-in forms below content (for example, at the end of your blog posts).

  • Widget opt-in forms are suitable for sidebars of your blog or website. Inline opt-in forms are useful when you need to add a form at a specific location in a page (for example, after the first 3 paragraphs in your content). Automatic popups can be set to display after a specific amount of time, or when users scrolls to the bottom of posts, or when they leave a comment on your blog. This is very useful as it targets users have shown interest in your content and have engaged in one way or another. The same goes for automatic fly-ins. These forms show up in the bottom right corners of pages, and are great for grabbing your users’ attention.

  • Below Content opt-in forms are useful for blog posts. You can show these at the end of your blog posts to allow users to easily subscribe after reading your content. Content Lock opt-in forms can be used to lock certain pieces of your content unless users subscribe. This is useful if you have some premium content or a content upgrade (like a PDF report, podcast etc). You can ask your users to subscribe in order to get access to that content upgrade. This might not be suitable for beginners, as it requires you to create something of high value that can be considered as a content upgrade.

  • As I have said above, Bloom dashboard provides you with lots of statistics and details. These statistics include - past 12 months graph of sign ups, average list growth, average conversion rate, average list growth, number of impressions and conversions and much more.

  • You can use any color combination in your opt-in forms and popups. This is very useful to make them suitable for your website design.

  • You can use customized edges and borders in your forms and popups to give them an attractive look.

  • You can add images in your popups and forms, and choose to display them to the right, left, below or above your text.

  • Bloom gives you 115 pre-designed templates that can be used to create your popups and opt-in forms with a few clicks. You don’t need to do any coding whatsoever.

  • Bloom also gives you 80 in-built fonts that allow you to further customize your popups and opt-in forms. This is very useful because in many cases, the default fonts in your forms are not going to match with those of your website’s content.

Bloom WordPress Plugin Integration's
Bloom WordPress Plugin Pricing

Bloom WordPress Plugin is available under the membership plans of Elegant Themes. The membership also gives you access to different themes provided by Elegant Themes. There are 3 membership plans of Elegant Themes:

  • Personal - This plan gives you complete access to all themes provided by Elegant Themes. Whenever those themes are updated with new features and to suit new WordPress versions, you get notified automatically. You get premium technical support for all of the themes. You can use your themes on unlimited number of websites, without having to purchase new licenses for every use (unlike many other theme providers). This plan doesn’t provide you with layered Photoshop files of those themes. You also do not get access to Elegant Themes’ plugins. The price for this plan is $69 per year.

  • Developer - This plan gives you complete access to all themes provided by Elegant Themes. Whenever those themes are updated with new features and to suit new WordPress versions, you get notified automatically. You get premium technical support for all of the themes. You can use your themes on unlimited number of websites, without having to purchase new licenses for every use. This plan provides you with layered Photoshop files of those themes. You also get access to Elegant Themes’ plugins. The price for this plan is $89 per year.

  • Lifetime Access - This plan gives you complete access to all themes provided by Elegant Themes. Whenever those themes are updated with new features and to suit new WordPress versions, you get notified automatically. You get premium technical support for all of the themes. You can use your themes on unlimited number of websites, without having to purchase new licenses for every use. This plan provides you with layered Photoshop files of those themes. You also get access to Elegant Themes’ plugins. The price for this plan is $249 one time.

Bloom WordPress Plugin Support

If you need help with the features of Bloom WordPress Plugin, you can use following support channels:

  • You can fill out the contact form on this page and drop a message to the support team.

  • You can browse through the support forum to learn about your account, to get theme support, to learn how to use different plugins, theme customization etc.

  • You can read the frequently asked questions to get answers to some of your basic queries.

  • You can read their blog where they talk about their community, theme releases, bug fixes, WordPress tips and tricks etc.

  • You can follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

Bloom WordPress Plugin Reputation

Bloom WordPress Plugin is used by thousands of customers all over the world to improve their lead generation activities and get more subscribers. It has gotten very popular over the years due to its ease of use and flexibility.

Bloom WordPress Plugin has been featured and reviewed on many websites such as Hongkiat, Source WP, WP Dean, Shout Me Loud, Winning WP, Aspen Grove Studios, WP Lift, Engage WP, WP Explorer, WP Beginner and many more.

Bloom WordPress Plugin Conclusion

Bloom WordPress Plugin is definitely one of the best and easiest ways to create beautiful opt-in forms and popups.

Used by thousands of users all over the world, Bloom is a simple and feature packed solution to

create popups and forms, that can increase your conversions and email subscribers.


About Abhay Hendre

Hi guys! I’m Abhay. I’m a digital marketing enthusiast and an online entrepreneur. I provide content writing services specifically to the digital marketing community. Do you want me to write digital marketing content for you? Then drop me a message on Twitter and let’s get started!

Bloom WordPress Plugin is specifically used to generate more leads using opt-in forms and popups. It integrates with lots of email marketing software and services, including AWeber, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, Mad Mimi, InfusionSoft, iContact, GetResponse, Mail Poet, Feed Blitz, Send in Blue, ONTRAPORT, Emma, Sales Force, HubSpot and Active Campaign.

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