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Find exactly what you're looking for with our Top 10 Comparisons of different software categories

Digital Marketing Software Categories

Email is a fundamental pillar of online marketing and communication. It offers one of the highest return on investment and is easy and cheap to setup and get going. See who we think the top 10 email marketing software vendors are.

Email Marketing Software
Live Chat Software

Using live chat software on your website is the easiest and quickest way to communicate with potential buyers. For a small monthly investment you can significantly increase your sales through appeasing buyers worries and fears through chat.

Search Engine Optimization Software

Search engines are the biggest source of buyer traffic, if your website and brand properties aren't properly optimized for search you're missing out on a lot of sales. Using SEO software you can also find new link and relationship opportunities.

Landing Page Builder Software

Every modern day digital marketer needs a good landing page creator software to run various campaigns. Using the tools below you can easily and quickly create professional, well designed landing pages that can achieve conversion rates over 30%. This is the best way to build a targeted email list.

Social Media Management Software

Social media usage has exploded in recent years. Every business, no matter the size should be active on at least 1 social media channel like Facebook. Depending on your business and niche different social media channels should be focused on, the biggest are Twitter, Google+, SnapChat, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and Linkedin. Using social media management software you can easily find new content to post on your channels, schedule when it's posted, engage your customers, find brand mentions, and analyze your entire presence across all channels in one easy to see dashboard and reports.

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