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Chatra Review

Chatra is an online chat software that will let you interact with customers who visit your website. You probably realize by now that a significant quantity of visitors who visit your website never take action! That’s why Chatra might be a genius tool to implement now, so you can get more out of each visitor who ever visits your website while at the same time improving visitor satisfaction.


Chatra can help you boost your sales. So imagine if your customers have any questions about upsells, cross-sells, or your front end products. Instead of your customers being confused, and not buying, they’ll get the answers that they need so you can easily increase the value of each visitor who ever visits your website.


Chatra can also help you to build your email list. One problem with your website, is that you’re probably leaking visitors and subscribers left and right! With Chatra, you can easily add subscribers to your list, so you can turn your helpdesk into a raging river of email subscribers.


Have you ever been frustrated because your customers are abandoning your cart? Face it, if you could only retain a tiny percentage of end users who abandon your cart at the last second, you’d benefit tremendously. That’s why Chatra can easily engage your customers at the last pivotal moments, so you can make your earnings per visitor skyrocket beyond your belief before they abandon your cart forever.

Chatra Review
Chatra Advantages

Passive Or Active Approach – One of the best advantages that Chatra offers is that you can see your website visitors as they land on and browse your websites via the live chat app. So if your website visitors ever have any questions, you and your staff can be there to answer them quickly. In addition to this, you can also preemptively message them on your website. So if your end users are lingering on one of your product pages, or checkout pages, you could ask them if they need any assistance or have any questions, thereby increasing the chance of closing the sale.


Email List Building – Let’s pretend that one of your website visitors asks a question when you and your staff aren’t there to provide an answer. If that ever occurs, Chatra will capture the visitor’s email address, so you can followup with them and close the sale, or otherwise help them with whatever they require.


Automated Messaging – Chatra positions itself as one of the best options to defeat shopping cart abandonment. One of the ways Chatra proposes to do that, is by engaging an automated message the very moment one of your website visitors visits your shopping cart. According to Chatra’s own statistics, over 68% of your website visitors will ultimately abandon their cart and ultimately never buy! Imagine if you could hone in on these end users, and increase your revenue by automatically interacting with them.

Chatra Disadvantages

Not Many Integrations Out Of The Box – Chatra has the core fundamental integrations such as WordPress, Shopify and Joomla, but compared to other live chat helpdesks Chatra is somewhat lacking in out of the box integrations. That being said, Chatra does offer full access their API so you can integrate with almost any service you need with the right technical knowhow.


Competition – There are so many live chat helpdesks these days that it can be difficult to see through the fog of war and decide which one is best. It seems every few months a new live chat helpdesk startup launches, making it difficult to see if Chatra is the right option for you. Hopefully, this summary review helps to demystify any questions that you may have.


Chatra’s Free Plan Lacks Features – It’s almost cruel to berate Chatra’s generous free plan since many competitors don’t even offer one. However, in full transparency it’s important to note that many of Chatra’s best features aren’t available on the free plan. Features such as chat automation, typing insights (so you can see what your end users are typing as they type it), and the ability to ban troublemaking users or spammers aren’t available on the free plan.

Who Is Chatra Ideal For?

Chatra is all about increasing sales. So Chatra is ideal for website owners, bloggers, ecommerce vendors, coaches and authors who publish and sell any type of information product, service or physical product. If you’re in any type of sales business, or have customers who need to take any type of action on your website, Chakra can be of assistance because your customers, clients and leads probably have questions that need answering.

Chatra Signup Process
Chatra Signup

Signing up for Chatra is surprisingly easy. If you use the free forever plan, you don’t need a credit card to register, so it’s absolutely risk free to login and try the system out even if you want to upgrade later.


When registering, you’ll only need to enter your email address. After which, you’ll be faced with three options. The first option, is a free trial plan, upon which you’ll have access to all of Chatra’s features for 14 days. 


The second option, is a free forever plan, upon which you’ll get a plan that’s always free, however lacks some of the most powerful features. The third option, is their paid option which grants you access to all of Chatra’s features. (You’ll learn more about all of the different payment plans later on in this summary review).

Chatra Ease of Use
Chatra Dashboard

Chatra is simple to use and you don’t need any coding experience to add your chat functions to almost any WordPress, CMS or raw HTML based website. After registering, you’ll see a screen that shows off the integrations, and all of the configurable chat options that you’ll need to get started.


From within the control panel, you can easily begin customizing your chat form so you can make it match your website’s theme, and then you can download the simple code that allows you to install the chat directly onto your website without any technical overwhelm.


Once your Chatra live chat is installed on your website or ecommerce front end, you can easily begin answering your website visitor’s questions from within the Chatra website using their online app, or even through your mobile device, so you can help your website visitors even if you’re on the go.

Chatra Features
Chatra Features

Wait, Or Preemptively Support – With Chatra, you’re able to see each and every website visitor who’s on your website in real time. The best part, is that you can either wait for a website visitor to ask for help, or you can preemptively send them a message. Why is this a genius idea? So you can prompt website visitors to buy, ask them if they need help, or even recommend additional products and services.


Email List Building – What happens if one of your website visitors contacts you and nobody from your staff is there to take the message? You lose that contact forever right? Wrong. Chatra will automatically capture the email address if you’re not around, so you can followup with them later, helping you answer their questions or better yet close the sale.


Live Chat Plus Offline Messaging – Chatra enables you to interact with your website visitors in real time, but what happens if you’re not there to interact? If that’s the case your Chatra app will still record any questions your visitors ask, so you can answer them on your own time. So you can also followup with your website visitors via email if that’s your preference.


Conversation History – Chatra keeps beautiful logs of your live chat conversations, so you never have to panic or fret due to you losing track of your support history.

Typing Indicators – This feature will make you look psychic! Chatra allows you to view what your website visitors are typing in the live chat box as they type it. So if you see that your website visitor is typing slowly, or is hesitant to hit send, you can still answer their questions before they get a chance to ask it, making you look like an absolute genius.


Group Chats – Maybe you have different departments or tiers of support? If that’s the case, you’ll love the group chat feature. This allows multiple live chat agents to jump in one chat, so you can offer better support, without tossing your website visitors around and starting the conversation over.


Auto Messaging – Maybe you want to send an automated greeting the second your website visitors land on a specific page, perhaps your product page? Or maybe you’d like to send an automated message based upon visitor behavior? If either of these are true, you can easily configure automated messages to help close sales and therefore offer smarter support.


Chat With Your Visitors Across All Platforms – As website visitors are on your site asking questions, you can either interact with them via your website browser through Chatra’s online app (accessed via Chatra’s website), or you can reply via Chatra’s mobile app. So even if you’re out to lunch, you can still be there to close the sale or otherwise offer support.


Simple Pricing Structures – The Chatra pricing structures are easy and scalable. There’s a free plan, and an easy to understand paid plan that is based upon the number of live chat agents your business needs. So there’s no confusing calculations to figure out, and no juggling with all of the different features you can use.


Good Design Including Avatars – Make your live chat customizable. With Chatra not only will your chat look beautiful, but you can individualize all of your live chats by including clear images of your live agents, making your website visitors feel like they know you, like you, and trust you.

Chatra Integration's

CS-Cart – Do you have a storefront using CS-Cart or otherwise sell any products using CS-Cart? If you do, it’s easy to integrate a live chat helpdesk right into your CS-Cart storefront. Simply download the Chatra plugin, install it on your website, and you’re good to go. Suddenly you’re able to offer superior support, and even increase sales so you can sell more products, and have happier customers.


Drupal – Do you have a blog or web presence using Drupal? If that’s the case, you can easily add a Chatra live chat helpdesk to your website. This way you’ll be able to interact with your website visitors, engage them preemptively, and even build your list if you’re not around to answer questions in real time.


Ecwid – If your company sells products using Ecwid, integrating a live chat helpdesk is as easy as installing the Chatra app, and after a few clicks of your mouse you can instantly begin interacting with your website visitors and selling more of your goods.


Joomla – Maybe you prefer Joomla as a content management system? If Joomla is your preferable website platform, you can rest easy as installing Chatra on your Joomla website is made simple with Chatra’s Joomla plugin.


Magento – Magento is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms and if your business uses Magento to sell products then it’s a great idea to add a live chat helpdesk to your platform. With Chatra, all you have to do is add the simple code snippet to your platform which won’t take you very long. Suddenly your Magento platform is a selling machine, as you’re now able to interact with your visitors, and help visitors decide which of your products to buy.


WordPress – There’s a good chance that your website is operating on WordPress, and if it is, you can install a Chatra live chat helpdesk in about 2 seconds by using the easy to configure Chatra WordPress plugin.


Slack – Chatra’s slack integration allows you to get real time chat notifications and chat transcripts across all of your favorite Slack channels.


Help Scout – If you use Help Scout, you’ll find the Chatra integration to be a lifesaver. The way it works, is that you’ll start getting all of your offline messages and chat transcripts sent to your Help Scout mailbox, so you can access them on the go even if you’re 1,000 miles away from your office.


Shopify – Adding a Chatra live chat helpdesk to your Shopify store is perhaps the fastest and easiest way to increase sales, all the while helping better serve your customers. So you can rest easy and setup automation, and be there the very second your website visitors have a question about your products.


API And Webhooks – If you use other services that aren’t present in this list of integrations, you can always use Chatra’s API and Webhooks features to automatically send data and integrate with almost any third party. If you have any questions about this, the Chatra support desk is around to help point you in the right direction.

Chatra Pricing
Chatra Pricing

The Chatra plans come in two flavors. The first flavor is of the “Free” variety. The free plan is forever free, so you can register without paying anything. With the forever free plan, you can have up to 5 agents online, and the majority of features are available. 


However, you are indeed limited to 5 agents, and you’re not allowed to use targeted chats (triggered chats), you’re not allowed detailed end user data, there are no typing insights, zero saved replies, no invisible mode, and you can’t delete chats or ban troublemaking users.


Then, there’s the Chatra paid option which unlock the features. The Chatra paid option is based upon how many agents you want to be able to have use the software. The plan starts out at $11 per agent per month. So if you have one chat agent, the cost will be $11, if you have two chat agents, the cost will be $22, and so on. 


The list of features is certainly more expansive with the paid option, and is the recommended option if you want to get the most out of your live chat system.
There’s also the “Free Trial”, upon which you can scale the live chat client as much as you want with all of the features, however you’re limited to a 14-day period, after which upgrading will be required if you decide that the system is right for you.

Chatra Support

In the event that you ever need help with the advanced features (or simple features for that matter) that Chatra offers, you can easily contact them via their Chatra live chat support system.


You may contact Chatra’s friendly support desk from 3:00 am to 4:00 pm EST Monday through Friday. Their helpdesk is relatively small, however you can be confident that all of their representatives are both friendly and very knowledgeable about any inquiries you may have about their system.


You can also contact Chatra via email if you prefer to communicate via an email helpdesk.

Chatra Reputation

Chatra has a reputation for being one of the best chat systems for those who want to increase sales. Maybe you’ve noticed that your sales just aren’t what they should be, or perhaps your shopping cart abandonment is enough to make you cry.


Chatra serves its purpose as one of the most highly regarded chat systems with increased sales in mind. So you can engage your customers when they’re lingering at their cart, or if they’re ever stuck and not sure which of your products are right for them, at that specific time. 


Additionally, maybe you could integrate some type of upsell or cross-sell to make the value of each and every one of your end users more valuable.

Chatra Conclusion

Maybe you’ve wondered why Chatra is regarded as a great method to increase your sales? Or maybe if Chatra is merely a live chat helpdesk to offer support? The truth is that Chatra is much more than that.


Chatra is also known for their beautiful interface, and ability to integrate live chats for almost any website that will match your theme, because you know that if your chat system looks oddly out of place, your end users will be statistically less likely to engage.


One other feature that can’t be ignored is the SSL encryption. Because you realize by now that your customer data is so valuable, and one slipup with regards to IT security can cripple your very reputation. For that reason, you must tip your hat to Chatra’s efforts to maintain the sanctity of your end user data.


At the end of the day, if you’re looking for a beautiful live chat integration system with all the bells and whistles, that can help you minimize the cost of support, all the while increasing your sales, Chatra should be at the top of your list of considerations.


If you’re in the business of selling, and you want to decrease cart abandonment, while looking awesome in the process, Chatra is free to start, and cheap to scale, so you can benefit regardless of how large or small your organization is.


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Mike researches and reviews products for Top 10 Marketing Software. Mike has vast experience in blogging, teaching and internet marketing. See Mike's profile on Google+.

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