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ActiveCampaign Review is an all in one Twitter and Facebook dashboard that’s going to take your Twitter insight and use to the next level several different ways. The bottom line is that if you use Twitter for your business, or if you have clients that use Twitter for their business, you can’t go wrong with’s services. In fact, can probably make your life a whole lot easier by not only saving you time, but enabling you to tap into your Twitter universe using both hands so you can create powerful relationships, thank your brand ambassadors and influencers, get more clients and followers, and know exactly who you should follow (and even unfollow).

  • It’s easy to get addicted to because there’s such a wealth of information readily available the moment you start using it. If you’re the type of marketer or entrepreneur who hates it when others take advantage of you, then you’re going to start immediately unfollowing those who have unfollowed you. On the same token, you’re also going to start appreciating and interacting with those who mention your Twitter handle and retweet your content.

  • is stuffed to the very top with all of the Twitter and Facebook analytics you’ll ever need. The fascinating thing is that you’ll immediately notice how both Twitter and Facebook have left you bereft of this vibrant data that can take your social media relationships to the next level. So you can build stronger relationships with your best fans and customers, while at the same time spending a lot less time on social media, so you can ultimately create more content and build a stronger business one way or the other.

  • If you’re frustrated because you spend hours each day posting on social media, then’s post scheduling is not only going to save you a ton in productivity, but will better enable you to plan breakthrough social media campaigns so you can brainstorm an entire week (or months) worth of content, saving you a ton of headaches and freeing up your schedule. Review Advantages
  • Everything At A Glance – The moment you login to and view your dashboard, you’ll secretly wonder how you’ve been getting along thus far without it. You’ll also realize that the Twitter universe is much larger than you ever thought, and you’ll have more appreciation for every follower, prospect, and person who retweets or mentions you and your business because it’s all blatantly “in your face” and impossible to miss.

  • Twitter On Steroids – Who are your top followers? Who’s mentioning you right now? Who should you thank? All of these variables are so easy to miss if you’re using Twitter without, which can ultimately make you neglect your top followers and influencers. When using, all of this intelligence is right before your eyes, so you can take advantage of powerful insights that are so easy to overlook otherwise.

  • Stop Getting Taken Advantage Of – Have you ever secretly regretted following your competitors after they follow you, because you have a sneaky suspicion that they’re immediately going to unfollow you in return? If this type of “cat and mouse” game is causing you to lose hair, then this one feature alone is going to be worth a million bucks to your confidence and reassurance, because watches your followers like a hawk and lets you know the moment someone deviously “unfollows” you, so you’re never getting the worse of the exchange. Best of all, you won’t have to spy on your Twitter followers like a nervous wreck because does all of the heavy lifting (and constant spying) for you. Disadvantages
  • Not Many Integrations – What does it does well, which is focus on the automation and management of Facebook and Twitter. That being said, if you’re looking for the integration of other social media profiles such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube, then might not be your top choice.

  • First Payment Plan Only Allows 1 Twitter Profile – It’s true that the payment structures are absolutely affordable, however, it’s important to note that the first payment plan only allows you to attach 1 Twitter profile. So, if you have multiple Twitter profiles, or otherwise manage Twitter profiles for your clients, it’s worth nothing that you’ll need to upgrade to a higher pricing plan to accommodate your needs.

  • Competition – offers a beautiful Twitter dashboard that empowers your ability to interact with your prospects, influencers and brand ambassadors like a dream come true. That being said, their lack of connectivity with other social media platforms (other than Facebook) truly opens the door to competition. So, is perfect for your business, or are you better off looking elsewhere? Continue reading this 100% transparent review for a better look.

Who Is Ideal For? is for absolutely anyone who uses Twitter or Facebook for their business, or even for Twitter power users who want to take their interaction to the next level.

So if you’re a blogger, an authority website owner, a social media guru, (or even a social media nerd), a coach, a consultant, someone who works at or operates within a social media agency, or anyone who could benefit from using Twitter or Facebook at all, then can absolutely benefit you tremendously.

At the end of the day, if you use Twitter for your business, and either aren’t getting the most out of it, or if you’re just spending too much time using it, then is absolutely worthy of your time, and you’ll be shocked to see some of the massive name brands who use and rely on every single day. (Later on in this review summary, you’ll learn more about the “mega brands” who use to dominate Twitter, stay tuned for that). Signup Process
Communit Signup

Registering for is an absolute piece of cake, and it won’t take you more than a few clicks of your mouse. That’s because you can easily start by attaching to your Twitter profile, so getting started literally couldn’t be easier. You can also register via traditional email address, or your Facebook account if you want, so registering is painless and quick. also gives you a free 14-day trial, and you won’t even have to enter your credit card to get started, so if you can point your mouse and click, within 30 seconds you’ll have your Twitter (and/or Facebook) account connected, and you’ll be empowered with regards to your social media accounts like never before. Ease of Use
Communit Dashboard

The first thing to know about’s ease of use, is that everything is available from their dashboard on their website, so you never have to install any apps, and you can access from anywhere on the planet as long as you have a functioning internet browser.

The learning curve for is absolutely “zero”, especially if you’re already familiar with Facebook and Twitter, which in all probability, if you’re reading this review, you probably are.

The moment you access the member’s area, you’ll be presented with a dashboard that provides everything at a glance. So you’ll immediately see all of your new followers, all of those who are now unfollowing you, people who you should unfollow, and of course those who are Tweeting you, mentioning you, messaging you, or otherwise interacting with you.

You’ll also see clearly identifiable areas where you can make and schedule Tweets, so you can plan an entire month long campaign if you want, or you can simply interact with your top followers, and everything is very easy to use. Features
Communit Features
  • Mention Tracking – Sure, it’s easy enough to find out who’s mentioning you by using Twitter on its own. But the problem with that, as you know, is that it’s so easy to get distracted, especially if you’re already following thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of other profiles. makes it dead simple to see exactly who is talking about you and your brand, without drowning in the seemingly infinite sea of content out there.

  • Retweet Tracking – So you can see at a glance exactly who is retweeting your content, so you can not only build massive rapport with your top followers, but so you can make sure that you’re following (and thanking) everyone who helps spread the word about your business.

  • Track Multiple Profiles – If you’re a digital marketing agency of one form of another, then you’re going to love the ability to connect with multiple accounts. then becomes the central hub for all of your Twitter accounts, enabling you to cut the clutter and finally build massive rapport and relationships without getting confused or overburdened.

  • Everything At A Glance – Who should you follow? Who are your top fans? What new opportunities await? The moment you access, you’ll have an abundant wealth of information at your fingertips, so you’re never left guessing what’s next.

  • Twitter List Management – The problem with Twitter lists, as you may know, is that they’re so difficult and, daresay annoying to manage on Twitter itself. With, you can finally harness the profound power of Twitter lists, so you can follow the exact people you want, figure out what your competitors are doing, and even neatly organize all of your top customers and fans in one fell swoop.

  • Schedule Content – Have you ever banged your head against your keyboard because trying to develop content in real time can be a nightmare? Finally, the nightmare is going to end because you can easily schedule content well ahead of time, so you’re never left trying to be clever at 3:00 in the morning and instead can plan your content well ahead of time.

  • Hammer Down On Abusers – Face it. The world isn’t all peaches and cream. That’s why allows you to instantly spot those trying to take advantage of your generosity by following, and then unfollowing you (after you follow them of course). If you’ve ever lost sleep because all of your supposed “fans” abandon you the second you follow them just so they can boost their following count, this one feature is going to worth the price of admission alone.

  • Engage With Your Top Supporters – Not only will allow you to “snuff out” abusers, you’ll also be able to showcase your appreciation for your top supporters, brand ambassadors, and people who just love your style. So you can figure out who to thank, and who to unfollow, without crunching any numbers or hovering over your laptop like some kind of social media kook.

  • Bond New Connections – One of the coolest features that is the “who to follow” widget, which is available on your main dashboard. This widget allows you to actively seek out the top people who you’re not following now, but should be. This is based upon a few factors, such as your own interests, followers, tweets, all compared to potential people and brands who might make great strategic allies.

  • Identify Your Top Engaged Fans – You probably realize by now, that you have a collection of diehard fans, who are always going to support you. Stop neglecting these followers, because if you do have a diehard fan base, odds are, they’re on Twitter. You’ll never have to second guess who your top engaged fans are, because makes identifying your top notch fans at-a-glance-easy, so you can message them, follow them, and thank them for their unyielding loyalty. Integration's
  • Twitter – It’s true that doesn’t have the biggest list of integrations on the planet. In fact, the only two social media platforms integrates with, are Twitter and Facebook. This shouldn’t necessarily be a downside though, because often times it’s better to focus upon what you’re good at, so you can eliminate any fluff, and focus on mastering a few golden nuggets. That being said, integrates seamlessly and masterfully with Twitter, and it only takes a split second to make that integration, after which your dashboard will light up with a brilliant display of tools and widgets.

  • Facebook – also offers ample Facebook analytics, so you can drive more traffic, interact with your fans, and thank your most diehard customers using the top social media platform on the planet. Integrating with Facebook is a snap, and it won’t take you more than 5 seconds to click connect and watch as your social media platform comes to life far beyond what you’ve been able to achieve thus far. Pricing Pricing pricing is largely based upon the number of Twitter profiles that you want to use. Other variables, such as the number of keywords and hashtags that you want to monitor, and the number of team members are also variables to consider.

Finally, you can save 25% off your price if you agree to an annual membership, or 30% if you agree to a two-year membership.

So, the first plan is called the pro plan, which costs $25.99 per month, $19.99 per month if you pay annually, and $17.99 per month if you agree to pay two years in advance. The pro plan allows you to connect 1 Twitter profile, grants a 3-day limit on your reporting, allows you to track 4 keywords or hashtags, and grants 100 weekly engagements.

Then there’s the business plan, which costs $40.99 per month, $29.99 per month if you pay annually, and $27.99 per month if you agree to pay two years in advance. The business plan allows you to connect 6 Twitter profiles, grants 60-days access to your reporting, gives unlimited tracking of keywords and hashtags, and also provides unlimited engagements. The business plan also allows you to have 2 team members, so if you want to provide an account to a virtual worker, you can do so with the business plan.

There’s also the business+ plan, which costs $60.99 per month, $49.99 per month if you pay annually, and $39.99 per month if you agree to pay two years in advance. The business+ plan allows you to connect 12 Twitter profiles, gives unlimited reports, unlimited keywords and hashtags that you can track, and provides unlimited custom groups and follower analysis. The business+ plan also provides 4 different accounts, so if you have several team members the business+ can accommodate them.

Finally, there’s the corporate plan. The corporate plan costs $374 per month, $299 per month if you pay annually, and $262 per month if you agree to pay two years in advance. The corporate plan is obviously the most robust, and offers unlimited reports, monitored keywords and hashtags, engagements, custom groups, and can analyze unlimited followers. The corporate plan also enables you to have up to 8 accounts, so if you have a fairly large team then the corporate plan is ideal. Support

Believe it or not, once you connect with you probably won’t require that much support. The learning curve is near zero, especially if you’re already a social media junky, which in all probability, if you’re interested in a tool such as, you are.

That being said, in the event that you require assistance, has a boatload of support functions to adequately solve any problems that you have.

The first line of’s customer service is their frequently asked questions section. The FAQ section adequately answers a massive array of questions that you might have, such as basics, running campaigns, initial account setup, and a rundown of the basic plans and paid plans.

There’s also a very impressive case study section, which describes in detail how many of’s clients had breakthrough success using the tool. (For example, you can learn how Wix ran a 6 million Twitter campaign using and how other organizations are building their business and brand by using smart Twitter automation).

Of course, in the event that you require direct support, you can always contact via phone, email, or simple contact form. They promise to get back to you as soon as they can, and as you’ll discover in the next section, services some of the largest organizations on the planet, so you can be assured that they’re there to help you one way or the other, and that they’re a name brand that you can trust. Reputation is known for being one of the heaviest hitting Twitter management tools on the planet. Before you learn some of the massively impressive clients that they’ve amassed over the years, you might love to check out this short read that Wix published talking about Twitter tips for small business, in which was referenced.

You’ll also note that Wix was also featured in one of’s case studies upon which a Twitter marketing campaign involving 6 million Twitter users admitting their dirtiest and darkest secrets was showcased. You can learn more about that campaign here, and read the case study itself here.

Anyway, rant aside, is a company that’s been perfecting the social media game for a long time now. They’ve amassed a truly impressive list of clients such as Sony, HP, Cisco, Dell, Nike, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and MTV, making them one of the most successful social media management platforms on the planet.

But maybe you’re thinking, “Okay, some of the largest companies on the planet use, that’s great! But what can they do for a small business like me?!?!”. If that’s the question you’re asking, then you should find solace in that is also one of the most affordable options for small businesses, and that their pricing plans are absolutely one of the most scalable, so it doesn’t matter how large or small your business is, you can benefit if your company uses Twitter, or even if it doesn’t and should use Twitter.


In fact, over 100,000 businesses use, so you can be confident that you’ll be in good company, regardless of how large or small your business might be at this point. Conclusion

Ask yourself this one question to decide if is right for you. Is your audience on Twitter?

The fact is, you can bet your boots that regardless of who your audience is, they are indeed using Twitter.

So ask yourself another question. How much time do you and your business waste on Twitter? Have you ever been frustrated because you seemingly click clack away on your keyword for hours on end, with no end in sight? All the while you’re being distracted by the thousands of updates that popup every other second?

If that’s the case, using a tool like can be one of the single best timesavers that your business ever invests in. So you can develop laser focus, and hone in on only those Twitter members who are truly worthy of your time, energy, and devotion.

So you can finally interact with your top supporters. So you can connect with the best fans you could ever get, while at the same time thanking the customers and brand ambassadors that you already have. You can also slap the daylight out of your abusers who play the egregious “Twitter mind games” such as following you, then immediately unfollowing you the second you follow back.


Aren’t you sick and tired of those shenanigans? You can stop them in their tracks by using, and the cost is absolutely paltry in comparison to the awesome value that you get.

All of this, without wasting time. Time is the one variable that you’re never going to get back, so you should always ask yourself, how can your business save more time?

Are you wasting time trying to use Twitter on itself, without a beautiful dashboard that will put the true power of social media at your fingertips?

If that’s the case, then trying’s free 14-day trial might be one of the best decisions you make all year. So you can interact with your top fans, thank them for being cool, and find new prospects who might follow you, and your brand message, well into perpetuity, and you can get started without paying a single red cent.


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