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ConvertKit Review

ConvertKit is a relatively new email autoresponder service that caters specifically to bloggers, authors, and information marketers. If you’re a blogger then ConvertKit is specifically designed so you can add subscribers to your list from your blog in a way that molds to your audience, and your own blog design.


ConvertKit is relatively new to the scene, and their staff isn’t the biggest. That being said, they offer a boatload of innovative tools that are arguably best in class for bloggers and authors. One of their best features is their support.


Each and every time you contact ConvertKit, they vow to personally look over your account to ensure that your performance is optimized, and they have the experience and track record to back up such bold claims.


ConvertKit is a blogger’s dream come true. Turn all of your blog posts into unique lead generation machines with unique forms and incentives on each individual post. If you want your blog to sell more books, and generate more leads, ConvertKit might be the ideal solution.


ConvertKit’s staff contains highly experienced information marketers and authors. They have a track record of selling over $500,000 in books using the same strategies that are implemented by ConvertKit end users. They also guarantee to give you personalized support to make your blogging and publishing business better and more productive.


If you’re looking for the traditional email marketing tools, ConvertKit has got you covered. You can build beautiful landing pages, automated email sequences, deploy emails using a simple visual editor, and ConvertKit even hosts your landing pages for you.

Convertkit Review
Convert Kit Advantages

Perfect For Bloggers – From the ability to tag unique lead capture pages to different blog posts on an individual level, to the ability to tweak their WordPress plugin and turn any blog post into a list building machine like magic, if you’re a blogger, there are lots of fun tools you can play with as a ConvertKit member.


Ideal Segmenting For Vendors – Imagine this scenario. You’re five days into a launch. 10% of your list has purchased your product. But what about the other 90%? If you continually promote that launch to your subscribers, won’t the 10% of your buyers be annoyed? Yes. They will.


That’s why ConvertKit has genius-level segmenting that allows you to automatically block buyers from getting any redundant email promotions. This is truly a stroke of genius from ConvertKit.


Integration With The Author In Mind – No matter where you publish your books, if you’re an author you can be sure that you can easily add your readers to your email list one way or the other. This way you can keep in contact with them, sell them your future books, and also build massive relationships with your readers.

Convert Kit Disadvantages

Higher Price Tag With No Free Trial – The average cost of ConvertKit is slightly higher than their competitors. ConvertKit does offer many features not available anywhere else, so you do get what you pay for.


ConvertKit’s cost isn’t ridiculously high, however it’s prudent to note that they do charge slightly higher than other email marketing service providers. In addition to all of this, ConvertKit doesn’t grant you a free trial, so you need a credit card to try their service.


Competition – You probably realize by now that there are so many email marketing service providers fighting for your service dollars. For that reason, and since ConvertKit is slightly more expensive than other email service providers, the high quantity of competition can certainly cloud the arena and evoke a fog of war so to speak.


Smaller Team – ConvertKit will tell you outright that they’re a small, tightly knit community. Maybe you see this as an advantage rather than a disadvantage, however it’s important to be absolutely transparent with regards to the size of their team.


ConvertKit does say that they offer some of the best support that’s totally customized toward you, so it’s a scale that tips both weighs.

Who Is ConvertKit Ideal For?

ConvertKit is ideal for bloggers, authors, and information marketers. The founders of ConvertKit clearly define their ideal end user.


Their ideal end users are entrepreneurs who want to turn their blogs into well-oiled list building machines. If you’re an author who publishes frequently on your blog, even better.


Imagine developing 10 different lead magnets for your audience. Normally it would be tricky and cumbersome to promote these 10 different lead magnets, but with ConvertKit it’s a blast.


All you have to do is predefine which lead magnet your blog posts should promote. So you attract a wider array of subscribers than is normally possible.


This is because if you offer wildly different lead magnets, you’ll attract more subscribers who are attracted to different incentives. This feature is only one of many that make ConvertKit a dream come true for bloggers, authors, and information marketers.

ConvertKit Signup Process
Convertkit Signup

Signing up for ConvertKit is very easy. The one downside is that ConvertKit doesn’t grant a free preview of their service, so a credit card is required to join and you will be charged immediately upon joining.


ConvertKit does offer a 30-day refund guarantee, so it’s still relatively risk free to try them out.


Once you register, ConvertKit will manually approve your account before you can start sending email broadcasts.


The process doesn’t take long, and you should be up and running in no time. This is to ensure that their service is never abused, thereby protecting your deliverability.


ConvertKit also offers a migration service that’s totally done for you. Meaning, they’ll move all of your current email marketing funnels, lead pages, opt-in forms, subscribers, and any part of your existing email marketing campaign.


The migration service is only available if you enroll in a plan that costs $149 per month or above.

ConvertKit Ease of Use
Convertkit Dashboard

ConvertKit has a very simple user interface that you’ll feel comfortable with even if you’ve ever used any traditional email marketing service providers. Upon logging in, you’ll have the chance to create Opt-In forms, design lead pages, or begin deploying beautiful email marketing messages using their email building templates.


Once logged in to ConvertKit, you’ll be notified that you should start building your first form while ConvertKit confirms your account. This policy prevents abuse and ensures that deliverability remains high for all of their subscribers. So upon logging into ConvertKit, you’re walked through the process of creating your first lead capture page so you can begin building your audience.


You can expect a low learning curve regarding the key fundamentals which include creating lead capture pages, designing forms, setting up automated email campaigns, and creating unique lead magnets for your pages.

ConvertKit Features
Convertkit Features

All Of The Email Marketing Bells And Whistles – “Drag And Drop” drip-fed email autoresponders, broadcast scheduling, thorough statistics and everything else you would expect from a topnotch email marketing service.


ConvertKit Hosts Your Lead Capture Pages – If you ever promote your lead capture page, one of the most important variables that can determine your success is the load time. If you’re using shared hosting, this can seriously compromise how fast your page loads. That’s why ConvertKit will host your lead capture page by default, so even if you don’t have a host of your own you can still proceed with the utmost confidence.


Different Hooks In The Water – Have you ever gone fishing? The best way to catch more fish is to have more hooks in the water. This correlates to email marketing by having more than one “Lead Bait”. That’s why ConvertKit will allow you to have multiple incentives to get your leads to subscribe to your list. Setting up multiple ethical bribes is a snap, so you can attract different subscribers who may want different incentives.


Unique Opt-In Forms On Each Blog Post – The ConvertKit plugin allows you to promote different lead capture pages on a “per post” basis. So if you write 10 different blog posts, you could promote 10 different lead capture pages with 10 different “Opt-In Baits”. This is one way to exponentially increase your opt-in rates because you’ll be giving your subscribers exactly what they want, with each and every post.


What You See Is What You Get Landing Page Builder – You probably realize that it can be embarrassing promoting your lead capture page if it doesn’t look visually appealing. That’s why ConvertKit boasts an impressive array of beautiful landing page templates, and you can customize yours even if you’re a design luddite.


Beautiful And Seamless Pattern Integration – ConvertKit has partnered with so you can select from a wide array of stunning patterns to decorate your lead capture pages. No more paying hand over fist for expensive stock images to decorate your landing pages.


Coding Nerd? Use Custom CSS – Maybe you’d like to take the design of your landing pages to the next level? If that’s the case, you can edit the CSS of your forms so you can adapt them to match your brand. ConvertKit even offers free CSS assistance in the event that you require customization but you’re not sure how to proceed.


Comprehensive Visual Editor – Even if the words “graphic design” make you clinch your teeth, you can still proceed with confidence and design beautiful opt-in forms and landing pages using the comprehensive visual editor that’s “drag and drop” easy.


Custom Domains – While ConvertKit hosts your landing pages for you, you can also add any of your landing pages to your custom domain using the handy WordPress plugin that they provide.


Advanced Broadcast Segmentation – Have you ever been frustrated because some of your subscribers already have your products, so you don’t want to promote them? But what happens when the 90% of your subscribers still haven’t purchased? That’s why this feature is genius.


ConvertKit allows you to send new broadcasts and promotions to only those who have not purchased the particular product that you’re promoting. So you never annoy your subscribers with redundant sales messages and promotions that aren’t helpful to them.

ConvertKit Integration's

Booklaunch – If you sell your books through Booklaunch, you can easily add all of your buyers directly into your ConvertKit campaigns so you can enjoy a seamless integration without jumping through any hoops.


Gumroad – If you’re selling on Gumroad, you can easily add your buyers to your ConvertKit newsletter simply and effortlessly.


Leadpages – Turn all of your beautiful Leadpages content into a simple list building experience using the power of ConvertKit.


OptimizePress – With ConvertKit you can easily turn each and every one of your marketing pages built with OptimizePress into a finely tuned email list building machine ready to add subscribers to your newsletter.


OptinMonster – If you currently use OptinMonster to create any of your email marketing content, you can easily integrate with ConvertKit so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.


Shopify – Do you sell products using Shopify? How would it feel to turn your ecommerce storefront into a raging email list building tool? If it would feel good, then crack a smile because ConvertKit makes the process simple and intuitive.


WishList Member – If your membership website is using WishList Member, then you should absolutely be adding your members to your email newsletter. This way you can followup with them, sell them more content, and build a relationship that can last a lifetime. All of this is easily accomplished by using ConvertKit.


WordPress – It goes without saying that ConvertKit’s WordPress plugin can work wonders for your blog, but it’s important to note here that you can turn all of your blog posts and almost any blog page into a powerful list building tool using ConvertKit. No coding or technical knowhow is required.


Zapier – The beauty of Zapier is that it integrates with a massive array of services that may not be listed here. So if you’re sad or frustrated that you don’t see your integration that you wanted, rest easy because Zapier will allow many integrations that aren’t noted in this list.


Zippy Courses – Do you offer courses on Zippy Courses? Would it be a good idea to add your students to your email newsletter so you can build a massive relationship with them? In all probability, yes, absolutely. You can accomplish this task easily by using ConvertKit.

ConvertKit Pricing
Convertkit Pricing

ConvertKit pricing is based upon the numbers of subscribers that you have. You’re never charged extra for emails as long as you have less than 50,000 subscribers. If you have more than 50,000 subscribers, then you can send 15x more than your quantity of subscribers.


For example, if you have 50,000 subscribers, you could send 750,000 emails per month. If you exceed this quantity, you’ll be elevated to the next plan.


Their regular pricing plan breaks down as follows. If you have up to 1,000 subscribers, the monthly fee is $29. If you have up to 5,000 subscribers, the monthly fee is $79. If you have up to 10,000 subscribers, the monthly fee is $119. And if you have over 100,000 subscribers, the monthly fees start at around $679 per month.


These prices are certainly above average, though ConvertKit justifies their price with truly customized support, a very unique mission statement that’s specific to bloggers, and a list of features that can help bloggers, authors and information marketers of all sizes.


It’s also important to note, that the more subscribers you have with ConvertKit, the price seems to go down below the average, which is fascinating. So, ConvertKit might be more expensive if you have less than 10,000 subscribers, but if you exceed 10,000 subscribers, you’ll find the prices to become more and more competitive, and even shrinking below industry average.


This serves as good news for more established email marketers.

ConvertKit Support

ConvertKit doesn’t sugarcoat the fact that they’re new on the scene and that their team is relatively small. That being said, they boast a truly handholding support philosophy, and have a reputation to back it up.


ConvertKit caters to bloggers and authors. They have sold over $500,000 of books, and are highly experienced in the information marketing arena. What’s the point of bringing this up? Well, ConvertKit guarantees that they’ll try their best to help you, no matter how big or small your business is.


In fact, ConvertKit has a support guarantee. Each and every time you write their helpdesk for support, they’ll personally glance over your account, and give you recommendations on how you can make your business better. How’s that for a support guarantee?


ConvertKit isn’t the biggest, but if you’re a blogger or author, this is arguably the best boat to be in, even if you’re not sure which way you’re sailing.

ConvertKit Reputation

ConvertKit has quickly amassed a reputation for the best email marketing service provider for bloggers and authors. If you’re an aspiring blogger, author, or just someone in the business of selling information products, you are ConvertKit’s ideal end user.


These days there is so much competition in the email marketing service provider realm. ConvertKit’s reputation is one of innovation, blog integration excellence, and one of a handholding experience.


If you dig deep into their reputation, you’ll find that they truly care about their end users, have the experience to back it up, and are a tightly knit team of bloggers, publishers, information marketers, and authors.


If that sounds good to you, then maybe it would feel great to put them on your team? Contact them, and see if they have any advice as to how you can make your blog better, to grow your list, or to sell more books? Put their reputation to the test.

ConvertKit Conclusion

Maybe you’ve been frustrated in the past because your blog isn’t all that it could be. Maybe you have no incentive to create awesome blog content, because nobody even reads your posts. Or maybe you’re already a successful blogger, but you’re just not getting enough action from your current content?


If that’s the case, you might want to take a serious look at ConvertKit. They’re built from the ground up by bloggers, for bloggers, and have a wide array of functions that are designed to specifically turn your blog into a list building powerhouse.


Not only that, but their email marketing functions are also built around the theme of selling more information products, books, and to grow your list. So you can finally have the confidence to publish more content, more frequently, even if your blog isn’t performing as well as it should.


So ask yourself this question. Ask yourself if you’re a blogger, author, or if you want to be. Ask yourself if it would feel good to turn all of your blog readers into diehard subscribers. So you can finally take your blog to the next level, while building your audience easily with each and every post that you ever publish, for the rest of your blog’s life.


If it would feel good, and if any of that makes sense, then ConvertKit might be the best email marketing service provider for you, without exception.


About Mike DeVincent

Mike researches and reviews products for Top 10 Marketing Software. Mike has vast experience in blogging, teaching and internet marketing. See Mike's profile on Google+.

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