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How To Find Good Content To

Share On Social Media

Business would be nothing without marketing. Ask your business expert how best you can improve your business and one will be quick to point you in the direction of marketing. But, the choice of social marketing tools affects the level of success. Today, social media marketing is used extensively based on the excellent results that are associated with it. It is one of the few internet marketing tools that are used by many businesses. If you are running any kind of business, you can channel web traffic to your website through the use of social media accounts. 

In simple terms, social media sites are online platforms for sharing, connecting and discussing various issues. They are platforms where different people from all over the world or specific locations can connect and share different things. Members belonging to a specific social media site can comment on shared media files ranging from videos, images and even urls.


Over the years, research has been able to show that social media sites account for more than 70 % of the total number of internet surfers. This accounts for the fraction of adults that visit the internet. The number has been increasing steadily and now ranges between 80 and 85 %. What does this mean for a business person?

Based on the huge fraction of internet surfers that the social media sites are able to attract, they are reliable platforms for marketing a business of any kind. You can increase the amount of traffic to your website if you use social media sites for promoting your website. But, how best can you do this?

There are numerous ways to successfully reap the benefits of using social media sites for marketing various products and services. Here is a look at some of the most notable and effective social media marketing tips.

Check out our Top 10 Social Media Management Software Comparison Table to see the best tools from a bird's eye view...

Top 10 Software Arrow

Check out our Top 10 Social Media Management Software Comparison Table to see the best tools from a bird's eye view...

Top 10 Software Arrow

· Creation of a business page or social media profile; come up with an attractive social media profile. This will help you to lure people to your business website. Also add your business website to the page for higher traffic. 

· Running ad campaigns; run ad campaigns to lure more people to your social media profile and business website. 

· Keeping your audience engaged at all times; keep your targeted audience of customers engaged through the use of quizzes, promotions and posting media content. This can help you to keep your audience of customers engaged. 

· Use social media monitoring tools; to gauge your performance on social media sites, you can use social media monitoring tools. They come with features which make technical analysis of social media profiles possible. 

How to benefit from social media marketing-the use of social media content

In order to achieve excellent marketing results from the use of a certain internet marketing tool, it is always a good idea to use reliable tools or strategies. For instance, PPC marketing results are often enhanced by the rightful use of adwords or bidding on the right adwords.


On the other hand, SEO marketing results are catapulted to greater heights through the use of highly efficient keyword research techniques. When it comes to social media marketing, the use of social media content advised. This is one of the many social media marketing strategies that can help you to achieve amazing marketing results. The simple fact is you need to be aware of two major things that affect social media marketing. All social media marketing is anchored on the following:

How often you share social media content; in social media marketing, the need to create a social media profile or page cannot be overstressed. It is the major platform for attracting people to your website and promoting your business. Therefore, you cannot do without your social media profile or social media page. But, creating a social media profile is not the end of your work.


Rather, it is only the beginning. You need to keep your audience of customers engaged at all times. The best way to do this is to share social media content on a frequent basis. Scheduled posting of social media content is a perfect idea. It is one of the best ways to attract your targeted audience of visitors to your social media profile. Keeping your targeted audience of customers entertained and engaged will help you to keep them glued to your page.


They will actually be looking out for new posts on your page as often as they can. With the coming of instant notifications, they can actually check your social media content as soon as it has been posted. Posting during peak hours such as lunch time, early morning and hours after dinner are perfect times for sharing media content. 

The choice of the media content you share; if you social media page is unable to meet your desired marketing results, do not be quick to think there is something wrong with social media marketing. As indicated earlier, this is by far one of the highest achieving internet marketing tools. If you are unable to propel your internet marketing results to greater heights through social media marketing, there is something wrong with your marketing techniques.


You can ask yourself this question; are you sharing the right social media content? As indicated above, social media marketing is anchored on how often you share social media content. But, this is not all. If you share media content that is not able to capture the attention of your targeted audience of customers, you will not be able to achieve your desired marketing results. It does not matter how often you share media content. Your marketing results will not be realized if the content you are sharing is lacking the much needed flavor and captivating nature.


Based on this, you have to put in concerted efforts into the search for media content. It is the difference between a successful social media campaign and an unsuccessful one. 

How to choose the best social media content

Based on the information above, it is easy for anyone to deduce that the choice of social media content is the membrane that lies between a successful social media marketing campaign and an unsuccessful one. But, how best can you choose social media content? Here are some important tips. 

1.) Search for media content which is trending;

Trending Content

one thing that is very important in as far as social media marketing is concerned is the fact that media content may be trending or not. Therefore, you have to examine the media content at your disposal before you can share it. You'll need a good social marketing tools like Sendible to make this job much easier.


Try by all means to search for media content that is trending. In the past this was very difficult. You have to search all the search engines available today to come across trending news. But, this has been streamlined by the coming of social media management tools. Such tools enable businesses owners to conveniently, seamlessly and accurately find content that is trending. 

2.) Educate your audience of customers or inspire them;

Inspiring Content

customers are attracted to inspiration and education. The social media networking sites are platforms for doing just about anything including fun and education. You can choose to either inspire or educate your targeted audience of customers. Although the two often appear to be the same, they are not. Educating your customers can be done through posting content that is revealing information about a certain subject they know little about or know nothing about.


For example, you can post content about the impact abuse of alcohol can have on the lungs. This will definitely attract many readers since alcohol is mainly known to be detrimental to the liver and the heart. Inspiring your targeted audience of customers can be done through posting content that is helping them to move from one stage in life to another.


For example, you can post inspirational quotes such as “being crippled in not the end of the world” or “losing a loved one does not mean you are finished”. Try your best to relate such content to your company’s business activities. 

3. Post media files such as images, videos and audios of events.

Different Content

your specific audience of customers are people who would be moved by sight or even sound. Social media sites can accommodate videos, audio sounds and images. You can use such tools to post content which can lure visitors to your website and social media profile. 

4. Post content relevant to your audience of customers; not all customers are willing to learn new things or information that is outside their context of life. In order to attract customers to your profile page, you can do well to post content that is relevant to your targeted audience. If your audience is dominated by adults, see to it that you post content that is relevant to them.

5. Have a sense of humor.

Funny Content

business is serious and people engaging in it must be serious. But, there is always some time for some humor. Life is too short and being serious all the time can take away some great moments. Try by all means to engage your audience of customers by posting funny stuff. Post funny stuff related to your business.


This will undoubtedly lure people to your page. You have to bear in mind the fact that social media sites are not just platforms for educating people on various issues or promoting a certain agenda. Rather, they are also platforms for having fun. Once in a while, you can tickle your social media audience through the use of funny posts. 

6. Post contests for your targeted audience of customers

Try your best to satisfy your customers as much as you can. You can do this by posting contests to engage them and keep them glued to your social media profile. Contests can range from simple multiple choice questions, posting comments on your profile page to writing essays about your company. Use a good social media marketing software like SproutSocial to make this job much easier.

7. Let your audience learn about your staffers

About Staff

your audience of customers on social media sites may be interested in learning more about how your company operates especially the relationship you have with your workers. Posting a picture or pictures of some of your trusted employees can be a good way to motivate your audience. It will also help you to raise the image of your company. 

8. Call to action based on multiple social media platforms.

Let your audience of social media members take specific actions. You can ask them to follow a link leading to a free download, post incomplete content and ask them to follow a link to your website to complete reading the post or ask them to be part of your mailing list. 

9. Use case studies; when you have social media page which is home to case studies, you will definitely attract many visitors. The simple fact is people love case studies. Especially if your audience of customers is predominantly adult, you can attract many members of your targeted audience to your page. You should always use a good analytics tool to analyze how your social media campaigns are performing.

10. Use testimonies; sometimes your targeted audience of social media site members may not visit your profile page often because they are not convinced of the reliability of your company. To clear their doubts, you can use testimonies. You can achieve this in many ways. However, the use of a story backed by photos or a video is an excellent idea. 

In conclusion, it is easy to understand that social media marketing is a highly innovative internet marketing tool which has a track record of producing excellent results. Its extensive usage for marketing various products and services is testimony to this. However, reaping the benefits of using social media marketing can only be possible if you follow certain tips.


In particular, you have to share the right media content. It is always important to choose social media content that is good enough to lure people to your social media profile page. This will significantly affect the traffic to your website and the social media profile. 

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