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FreshMail Review

FreshMail is an email marketing service provider that offers some of the most beautiful email templates of any email autoresponder service. FreshMail also boasts interesting payment plans and more versatility than most of their competitors.


You realize by now how important building an audience with email marketing is, but maybe you’re looking for scalability and the ability to pay as you go? If that’s the case, definitely read this summary so you can see if FreshMail will be the perfect solution for your business.


  • FreshMail is for you if you want to build unshakable rapport and prestige with your audience, all the while deploying beautiful email newsletters with more templates than you’ll ever need.

  • FreshMail boasts a truly dynamic payment structure. You can pay as you go. So if you never send an email, you never pay a dime. You can also pay according to how many subscribers you have. Either way, FreshMail can accommodate any email marketer, regardless of how big or small their following is.

  • FreshMail caters to Internet marketers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, information marketers and large organizations who want to send stunning email newsletters without breaking the bank.

Freshmail Review
FreshMail Advantages

Try FreshMail For Free – If you like the idea of a sleek and beautiful email marketing autoresponder, then you can try FreshMail without paying a single red cent as they allow free trial accounts. (More information on this shall be defined later on in this summary review).


Beautiful Email Templates – If you’re worried about looking good to your email subscribers, then FreshMail is arguably one of your best solutions. You’ll get to witness the beauty of FreshMail’s interface and their email templates later in this review, so you can see for yourself that they are indeed breathtaking).


Sleek Interface – Are you frustrated because your current email service provider, or self-hosted email solution look like they were designed in 1998? If that’s the case, then you’ll love every second that you spend working with FreshMail, their interface is easily one of the best designed on the market.

FreshMail Disadvantages

Confirmation Is Required On All Imports – If you have a large database of subscribers, you might be disappointed to learn that confirmation is required on all imports. This means that your subscribers will have to click on a link confirming that they want to receive emails from you if you import them into FreshMail. To be fair, this does help their email deliverability and reputation, however may not be ideal in all situations.


Single Opt-In Is Not Allowed – Again, FreshMail requires that all of their subscribers confirm their subscription one way or the other. There are pros and cons to this. The biggest pro is that it helps email deliverability, big time. The biggest con, is that it may statistically reduce the quantity of overall subscribers that your email campaigns ultimately attract.


Limited Free Plan – While FreshMail is benevolent enough to offer a free plan, it’s somewhat limited in scope. For example, the FreshMail free plan shall allow you to collect up to 500 subscribers, and send up to 2,000 emails per month. If you’re just getting started this is adequate, however if you’re a seasoned email marketing veteran you’ll want to immediately graduate from their free plan.

Who Is FreshMail Ideal For?

There are two big variables to look at. FreshMail offers some of the most beautiful email templates around, and their interface is easily one of the best. For that reason, if looking and feeling good is important to you, then you’ll definitely want to give FreshMail a try.


FreshMail is also ideal for new Internet marketers, startups, and businesses who don’t have an existing email subscriber base. The costs are very competitive; in fact, their free plan is adequate for many companies who don’t have an email marketing plan at this time. So you can subscribe to FreshMail, build some lead capture pages, and begin growing your email audience without spending a single red cent.


FreshMail is NOT ideal if you already have a massive audience and are looking to migrate them over to FreshMail. The reason for this, is because all of your subscribers must manually confirm that they have agreed to receive emails from you.


While this idea is virtuous, it might negatively impact the quantity of subscribers who you’re ultimately able to followup with, because as you know, not everyone is going to confirm their subscription, even if they love you, your content, and your business.

FreshMail Signup Process
Freshmail Signup

Signing up for FreshMail is as simple as visiting their homepage and joining one of their free plans.


Even if you already have an established email list and intend on importing your leads, it would be wise to give them a try first to see if you like their overall interface.


Upon registering, you’ll have the option to try their free plan, or you can immediately graduate to one of their paid options.

FreshMail Ease of Use
Freshmail Dashboard

FreshMail is probably one of the easiest to look at, and therefore one the best to use. Upon logging in you’ll probably agree that all of the features are intuitive and easy on the eyes. 


You should immediately recognize all of the core fundamentals requisite for email marketers. Email automation, email opt-in forms, the ability to import, and different integrations are all present.


So you can begin designing opt-in forms, adding subscribers, and following up with them in a way that builds your own reputation and brand.


If you want to crack a massive smile, have a look at their email editor and behold all of the beautiful email templates that would cost you a fortune to have designed elsewhere. This is truly one of FreshMail’s best features and benefits.

FreshMail Features
Freshmail Features

Individualized Profile Data – FreshMail makes getting to know your subscribers easier than ever. Each of your subscribers has a unique profile, so you can see what email clients they use, where they live, what emails they click, how long they’ve been your subscriber, and more. This feature dramatically increases the value of each and every subscriber, it’s quite remarkable to be honest.


Comprehensive Email Previews – Before you hit send, you can easily preview how your emails are going to look across 20 different email clients, so you can easily determine if your emails are going to be a hit, or a total flop. This can make your confidence skyrocket through the roof, so you’re more likely to have creativity strike more often.


Simple Split Testing – Which campaign performs better? Do your subscribers prefer graphic heavy emails, or text based? Will subject line A be inferior to subject line B? All of these variables are instantly and automatically tracked without any technical complication.


Smart Timing – This is a fascinating feature. FreshMail can actually determine around what time is best for you to send your emails. This information is an indicator of past performance and can tell you exactly when your emails will have the best impact. Data is king in the world of email marketing, and FreshMail takes your statistics to the next level.


MMS And SMS Messaging – Your subscribers are using their mobile devices more than their desktops and laptops. So if you’re interested in contacting your subscribers on their handheld devices by sending SMS or MMS messages, FreshMail will allow you to tap into this massively growing trend without any additional services.


Email Autoresponder Followups – Maybe you’ve prepared a beautiful 365-day email marketing campaign that builds rapport, prestige and reputation all the while selling your products and services? If that’s the case, you can easily automate the delivery of those emails to anyone who joins your email newsletter by using FreshMail. This is surprisingly easy to configure without any tech expertise.


Email Marketing Triggers – Maybe if one of your customers buys a particular service or product, you need to interact with them in a specific way? No matter how complicated (or simple) your email marketing creativity, FreshMail can facilitate your email marketing vision.


Advanced Segmenting – How would it feel to segment your email subscribers beyond your wildest fathom? You can segment based upon the behaviors that your email subscribers take. You can segment based upon subscriber demographics, preferences, or which of your products and services they prefer. This will better enable to give your subscribers precisely what they want, when they want it.


Beautiful And Sleek Templates – Once you have a look at all of the beautiful email templates that FreshMail offers, there’s no doubt that you’ll fall in love with your sudden potential that will take your email marketing to almost any level that you want.


Hands Free Threat Management – FreshMail exerts great effort to make their deliverability and reputation one of the best in class. They constantly guard against spam traps, fake subscribers, spam complaints, bounces, as well as pests and troublemakers you definitely don’t want interfering with your business.

FreshMail Integration's

WordPress – If your business operates on WordPress or if you intend on creating a blog, you can benefit tremendously and make your web presence all the more powerful by turning all of your blog posts and pages into email list building machines. The FreshMail plugin integrates seamlessly with almost any WordPress blog.


Magento – Do you have a store with Magento? If that’s the case, then you can begin automatically adding your buyers onto your email list with FreshMail. So you can build massive brand royalty the moment they buy, and even continue selling them more and more products and services.


Google Analytics – Data is king. That’s why Google Analytics when used in conjunction with FreshMail shall deliver more data than you’ll ever need, enabling you to better develop and plan your future campaigns for superior results.


Google Contacts – Are your customers and clients currently plugged into your Google Contacts? Imagine if you could easily synchronize that data within your FreshMail campaigns? If it would feel good, then you’ll definitely benefit from this feature.


Zapier – Zapier is 100% compatible with FreshMail. Why is this important? Because if there’s a service that you don’t see listed here, then you can proceed with confidence because Zapier integrates with several hundred different apps. In other words, in all probability, the majority of services that your business integrates with can easily integrate with FreshMail through Zapier.


Unbounce – Do you use Unbounce to build your marketing pages? You can easily turn all of your Unbounce pages into list building powerhouses by integrating them with FreshMail using a simple drag and drop interface.


PayPal – If you’re not adding your PayPal buyers onto your email list automatically after purchase, you’re missing the golden grail of email marketing! Adding buyers to your email newsletter is vitally important, because they will traditionally be your most valuable subscribers.


FreshDesk – Do you have clients and customers in a FreshDesk support system? If so, you can easily add your customers to your FreshMail newsletter without any ongoing work on your behalf.


Salesforce – Does your business conduct itself on Salesforce? Do you have any clients, customers, or are you doing any deals on Salesforce? It would be a genius idea to import all of your contacts from Salesforce directly onto your FreshMail email newsletter, and it’s easily accomplishable with the click of a few buttons.


Opt-In Panda – If you’ve ever used Opt-In Panda to create beautiful landing pages, then you realize how powerful the app can be. You can easily turn all of your Opt-In Panda lead capture pages into lead generation tools for FreshMail, so you can take your list building efforts to exciting new heights, all the while looking totally cool in the process.

FreshMail Pricing
Freshmail Pricing

FreshMail has an interesting set of Payment plans that are wildly different than the majority of their competitors. First of which, FreshMail does offer a free payment plan that will allow you up to 500 subscribers and 2,000 emails sent per month.
In the event that you graduate from their free plan, FreshMail also allows you several different options. Their payment plan comes in two different flavors.


The first flavor, is the traditional “Pay Per Subscriber” model, upon which you’ll pay according to the number of subscribers that you have.


So if you have up to 1,000 subscribers, the monthly fee is $14. If you have up to 5,000 subscribers, the monthly fee is $41. If you have up to 10,000 subscribers, the monthly fee is $59. And if you have over 100,000 subscribers, the monthly fees start at $405 per month.


You’ll agree that the cost of FreshMail is much lower than the majority of their competitors, which is a breath of fresh air. And, even if you don’t like any of these payment plans, they also have an entirely different option, which works in accordance with how many emails you send.


That’s the second flavor of payment plan, the “Pay Per Email” model.
For example, if you send 5,000 emails per month, the fee is $30. If you send 50,000 emails per month, the fee is $200. And if you send 1,000,000 emails per month, the fee is $1,300.


The benefit of the second model, is that if you never send an email, you don’t pay anything. However, if your business begins sending significant quantities of emails, the costs may stack up, as you can see.

FreshMail Support

FreshMail touts itself as having some of the most comprehensive support in the entire email marketing world. Their support is 100% in house, and they proclaim that their support engineers are diehard email marketing nerds.


FreshMail also offers live workshops on an ongoing basis that teach email marketing fundamentals, trending topics, and email marketing best practices. This is a nice touch and you might benefit from this one support feature significantly.


During these workshops, you can also reach out, ask questions, or make a request for future content topics.


If you’re looking for traditional training content, FreshMail offers a comprehensive library of training. The training includes videos, guides, frequently asked questions, in addition to a “how to” category that’s stuffed with tutorials.


In addition to all of this, FreshMail has a traditional helpdesk that’s open from 9:00 AM to 12:00 AM from Monday through Friday, and 9:00 am to 9:00 pm on weekends. (GMT + 1 time).

FreshMail Reputation

If you conduct research into the reputation of FreshMail, you’ll see that they’re known for caring about their customers.


This is largely evidenced by their potentially unrivaled support desk, their free live workshops that allow you to interact and ask questions, and their nonstop resolution to provide excellent email deliverability.


FreshMail is also known for having absolutely beautiful email templates that you can always send to your email subscribers with the utmost confidence, and you’ll smile as they work across all devices regardless of where your subscribers live, or what type of browser they’re using.

FreshMail Conclusion

Maybe you’re wondering why FreshMail is such a popular company when there are so many competitors that are to be honest, quite worthy?


The truth is that FreshMail does a few things excellently. They have beautiful design. Their email templates are arguably best in class, and their interface is among one of the best you’ll ever see.


FreshMail’s support leaves absolutely nothing to be desired, and you can ping them whenever you’d like with requests for training, integration, or implementation.
At the end of the day, FreshMail is for you if you’re a novice email marketer and you want to dive in head first into a company who cares about how you look, how you feel, and how you interact with your subscribers.


So you can start building an audience, from square one, even if you’ve suffered from technical overwhelm, or in the past you just weren’t confident enough to send awesome emails.


With FreshMail, you’ll get all the support you’ll ever need, your emails will look beautiful, and the prices are among some of the most affordable, especially considering the features and benefits that few other providers can boast.


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Mike researches and reviews products for Top 10 Marketing Software. Mike has vast experience in blogging, teaching and internet marketing. See Mike's profile on Google+.

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