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Get Response Review

GetResponse is an email marketing software that allows you to build relationships with your leads and customers while selling your goods and services.


You probably realize by now the importance of interacting with your leads and customers, so you can build authority, prestige and reputation, all the while increasing sales for your business.


  • GetResponse is for you if you’re a blogger, marketer, author, coach, consultant or entrepreneur who sells products or services.

  • GetResponse boasts 24/7 customer support, and is among one of the most highly regarded email marketing service providers on the planet.

  • GetResponse allows you to import your existing leads into their system, so you can start building rapport and start selling immediately. Your leads don’t have to confirm their subscription during the importing process.

Get Reponse Review
Get Response Advantages

Email Deliverability – One of the key advantages of GetResponse is their email deliverability. The difference between a good email deliverability and a low deliverability is the difference between email campaign success and failure. If you can get your emails in the inbox of your subscribers, then you’ll be a leg up over your competitors who can’t reach the inbox.


This is significant, because many other email marketing solutions suffer from a lackluster deliverability, especially if you’re using a self-hosted solution.


Pricing – Another big advantage of GetResponse is the pricing model. The pricing model is best suited for startups and email marketing beginners. You can subscribe for 30 days without paying a single red cent, so you can determine if you like their interface and features before investing in what is already a nominal fee.


When it comes time to scale your email marketing newsletter, the gradually incremented pricing plans won’t be a shock to your marketing budget either.


Reputation – GetResponse is one of the original heavy hitters in the Email Marketing world. They’ve been around for years, and have a stellar reputation for customer service, innovative features, and affordable prices.

Get Response Disadvantages

Competition – One of the major disadvantages of GetResponse, and almost any email marketing service provider is that there’s so much competition. Especially over the last few years, there have been so many brand new email marketing solutions popping up on a seemingly daily basis.


Lack Of Clarity – Due to a crowded field of email autoresponder service providers, it can be difficult to determine if GetResponse is the ideal email marketing solution for your business.


Luckily, this very review of GetResponse should help demystify whether or not GetResponse can be a viable solution for your business, even if you’re suffering from overwhelm with regards to all of the viable solutions that exist for email marketers.


Arguably Costly For Large Organizations – If you have hundreds of thousands of subscribers, it might be more cost effective to manage your own self-hosted email solution. This issue isn’t cut and dry however, since managing your own self-hosted email platform comes with a troubling array of technical problems.


Therefore, even large corporations might benefit from having a third party (such as GetResponse) host and manage email subscribers, which can actually help mitigate cost over the long-term by reducing technical requirements.

Who Is Get Response Ideal For?

GetResponse is ideal if you have customers and if you could benefit from contacting them via email marketing. So if you’re a blogger, a coach, an author, a network marketer, affiliate marketer, offline marketer or a consultant, you can benefit from GetResponse.


These days, email marketing as a sales tool and branding asset is no longer an option, but a requirement for sustained business.


GetResponse is also ideal if you currently use your own email marketing solution, but perhaps you’re not getting the results that you had hoped for. If you’re suffering from a lack of features, technical overwhelm, or a lack of deliverability, then GetResponse is for you and can help your overall email marketing game plan.

Get Response Signup Process
Get Response Signup

Signing up for GetResponse is very easy. Upon signing up, you’ll have the option to try them for absolutely zero cost for 30 days.

If you have a current subscriber base don’t worry, as you can either import your existing email leads if you have any, or just begin immediately building a lead capture page so you can begin capturing leads. You don’t require a credit card in order to register for GetResponse, so the risk is on them, not you.

Get Response Ease of Use
Get Reponse Dashboard

GetResponse has a very simple user interface so you can easily begin adding subscribers and installing lead capture pages across all of your websites. The process of writing and deploying emails is straight forward. The learning curve is quite low, and you shouldn’t have trouble getting started.


Writing emails, creating lead capture pages, and adding subscribers are all very straight forward activities that don’t rely on complicated forms, any coding, or any messy computer lingo.


Everything is clearly available in an easy to use interface, so you can begin email marketing without worrying about complications.

Get Response Features
Aweber Features

What You See Is What You Get Email Editor – Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to know a single line of code to write beautiful email marketing newsletters. You can use the GetResponse editor to craft beautiful newsletters using a simple drag and drop solution.

Automated Email Sequences – Maybe you want to craft a killer 21-day email autoresponder campaign that all of your new leads and prospects receive on a timeline that you plan in advance? Or maybe you want to craft an entire yearlong campaign! Either way, delivering automated email sequences is a snap using GetResponse.

Mobile Responsive Email Templates – You’ve probably noticed that almost everyone is using their smartphones to open, click, and even send emails these days. That’s why crafting mobile responsive emails has never been more important. With GetResponse, crafting mobile responsive emails is the norm, so you never lose out on your end users who read your emails on the go.

Easy Lead Capture Page Design – You don’t have to be a design guru in order to create beautiful lead capture pages. That’s because GetResponse has premade lead capture page design templates that you can use, and also an editor you can use to create your own.

GetResponse Hosted Lead Capture Pages – One little-known benefit to using GetResponse, is that you can actually get them to host your lead capture page for you! This is ideal if you’re launching a lot of email campaigns simultaneously, or if you don’t have a web host of your own to serve your lead capture pages immediately.

Poll Your Audience With Surveys – If you know your end user demographic, you can build unshakable rapport, prestige, and authority that lasts a lifetime. One of the best ways to do that, is by polling your audience! With GetResponse, setting up polls is easy and intuitive.

24/7 Live Support Via Chat – Maybe you’re a night owl who works on email campaigns at 3 in the morning. But what happens if you hit a snag? If that ever occurs, rest easy because GetResponse provides free 24/7 support via chat to all of their customers.

Social Sharing Integrations – So you can turn your email subscribers into your own list building force! Social proof is one of the best ways to grow your subscriber base, especially if your audience loves your content.

Stock Image Library – Have you ever been frustrated when you shell out hundreds, or even thousands of dollars for stock images? If that’s the case this feature is something that you’ll appreciate. GetResponse provides over 1,000 high resolution stock images that you can integrate into your email marketing campaigns.

Integrated Spam Checker – If you’re worried that your emails will land in the spam folder, and not the inbox, the integrated spam checker that GetResponse provides will help ease your worries.

Easy List Import – Maybe you already have a list of subscribers, but you have no idea how to email them? If that’s the case, be assured that GetResponse will allow you to import your leads, and your subscribers don’t have to confirm their subscription.

Advanced Segmenting – If you’re interested in taking your email campaigns to the next level with segmenting, GetResponse has all of the advanced features that you could ever desire.

Comprehensive Statistics – Do you love to look at numbers, so you can better optimize your results? If you love statistics, and if numbers make you happy, you’ll spend hours (if not days) reviewing your campaign statistics within the easy-to-read GetResponse control panel.

Get Response Integration's

WordPress – If you’re a blogger, or if your business operates on WordPress at all, you’ll be pleased to know that you can easily integrate your Lead Capture Pages seamlessly into your WordPress blog and turn any page or blog post into a lead capture page.

ClickBank – If you publish products on ClickBank, you can easily add your buyers onto your GetResponse email list consistently with a few clicks of your mouse.

GotoWebinar – If you’re a webinar marketer, it’s so important to automatically add your webinar attendees to your followup campaigns so you can not only presell the event, but so you can followup with them later and close the sale! With GetResponse, GotoWebinar integration is simple.

OptimizePress – Turn all of your marketing pages into lead capture machines with an easily deployable solution that works wonders with all OptimizePress pages.

Facebook – Did you know you can turn your Facebook following into an email following with GetResponse? Imagine if you could start capturing your social followers, and putting them on your list? It’s possible with GetResponse.

YouTube – YouTube is the second largest Search Engine on the planet! For that reason, it might be a genius idea to start siphoning some of this traffic onto your email marketing newsletter. With GetResponse, it’s easily accomplishable.

Vimeo – Maybe your videos are also posted all over the Internet? With GetResponse it’s simple to turn your Vimeo videos, presentations and workshops into a lead capture mechanism.

JVZoo – If you publish products on JVZoo, or even if you promote JVZoo products as an affiliate, adding your buyers onto your GetResponse newsletter is an absolute piece of cake.

PayPal – Maybe you prefer to collect payments directly with PayPal? If that’s the case, you can easily add your buyers directly onto your GetResponse newsletter as soon as they make the payment.

Joomla – If you’re a blogger who uses Joomla, or if any of your websites are on Joomla, you can easily integrate with GetResponse to turn all of your websites into lead capture pages.

Get Response Pricing
Get Response Pricing

GetResponse is ideal if you have customers and if you could benefit from contacting them via email marketing. So if you’re a blogger, a coach, an author, a network marketer, affiliate marketer, offline marketer or a consultant, you can benefit from GetResponse.


These days, email marketing as a sales tool and branding asset is no longer an option, but a requirement for sustained business.


GetResponse is also ideal if you currently use your own email marketing solution, but perhaps you’re not getting the results that you had hoped for. If you’re suffering from a lack of features, technical overwhelm, or a lack of deliverability, then GetResponse is for you and can help your overall email marketing game plan.

Get Response Support

Support is so important if you’re new to email marketing, or even if you have advanced questions about campaign tracking, list building, integration, segmenting or campaign optimization. Luckily, GetResponse offers comprehensive support and no matter how you prefer to communicate, they have you covered.

GetResponse has a telephone support line (Monday Through Friday, Open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern), Live chat, and also an email ticketing system.
It’s also important to restate that GetResponse offers a live chat support system 24/7 for their customers.

So if you ever have any questions about integration, email deliverability, lead capture pages, or how to start email marketing for your business, you can get the answers you seek without bending over backwards or jumping through hoops.

Get Response Reputation

After conducting research on GetResponse it’s easy to conclude that their reputation as an email marketing service provider is stellar.


As you know, it’s hard for an online company that’s been in business for so many years to have a relatively unblemished reputation of excellence, however after reading several different reviews and studying customer feedback, you too will conclude that GetResponse has an authoritative positioning of excellence.


GetResponse is one of the original email marketing service providers in the game, and have stacked up a massive list of positive feedback. Their reputation is excellent among veteran Internet marketers and email marketers alike, and for good reason.

Get Response Review Conclusion

You probably realize by now how valuable GetResponse can be if you’re any type of entrepreneur, business owner, or online marketer. So, ask yourself if your current email marketing deployment is lackluster, lacking, or even worse, nonexistent.


If you have any intention of staying in business long-term, email marketing is a key fundamental. If you’re not sure which email marketing solution is best suited for your business, GetResponse is one of the best solutions available to businesses of all size. At the very least, GetResponse is worthy of your serious consideration.


Their impressive list of features, low cost, high deliverability, and friendly staff make GetResponse one of the best solutions for almost any email marketer.


At the end of the day, ask yourself if you could benefit from the ability to stay in contact with your subscribers? Could a credibility campaign, increased exposure to sales, or the ability to followup with your leads into perpetuity benefit your sales process or branding?


How would it feel to have the GetResponse staff working on your behalf to help grow your business, for a pittance of the cost you might pay elsewhere? Would it feel good?


If that’s the case, you might benefit tremendously from using GetResponse, and your end users might thank you a million times over as you build rapport with them that lasts for as long as you have entertaining and engaging emails to send.


About Mike DeVincent

Mike researches and reviews products for Top 10 Marketing Software. Mike has vast experience in blogging, teaching and internet marketing. See Mike's profile on Google+.

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