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Get Site Control Review

GetSiteControl is a service that allows you to add live chats to your websites and online platforms. The action doesn’t stop there though, GetSiteControl adds a ton of innovative functionality to turn any website into a powerhouse. 


So imagine if you could poll your audience, promote anything you want, survey your end users, and build your list, while making the live chat widget automatically match the color scheme of your site? If that sounds at all enticing, definitely read this review in its entirety.


More than just a live chat widget. GetSiteControl stays true to its name and allows you a ton of awesome features that empower you to build your email list, get to know your audience, promote anything that you want, engage in live chat, all the while looking good throughout the entire process.


You’re familiar with an email autoresponder, right? Well imagine if you could have a chat feature on your site that auto-delivered with a prearranged message based upon what actions your end users took? So if your website visitors subscribed to your newsletter, contacted you using your form, or completed a survey, they would automatically receive a predefined autoresponder. Imagine the selling and support roles that this might provide, or otherwise enhance.


Have you ever noticed that your taste is often totally different than your typical end user? For example, you might think that a widget looks beautiful, but then your end users hate it. 


That’s why GetSiteControl lets you literally split test different designs, so you can let your customers decide which one looks the best, without wasting your time on second guessing yourself.

Get Site Control Review
Get Site Control Advantages

More Than Just Live Chat – One of the major advantages of GetSiteControl is that they offer a ton more than just a live chat helpdesk for your website. 


GetSiteControl also offers the ability to survey your audience, integrate contact forms, promote any website that you want via popups, exit pops, and welcome bars, build your email list, promote your social media following, and even to prompt your website visitors to share your website content.


Email Subscribers – You probably realize that almost nothing is as important as building your email list. It doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger, author, affiliate marketer, ecommerce vendor, coach or consultant. That’s why GetSiteControl makes it easy to promote your lead capture page, while at the same time offering excellent real time support via their live chat app.


Simple And Clean Design – Whether you’re promoting your new sales page, or offering live and engaging support via your new live chat, GetSiteControl makes everything simple and intuitive. So you’re never lost in an ugly interface, and you’ll know exactly how to best take advantage of each and every one of their features.

Get Site Control Disadvantages

Spread Too Thin? – You might think this review is being a tad picky, since obviously GetSiteControl’s impressive list of features is among one of their finer attributes. That being said, it’s important to maintain full transparency and honesty. So, can GetSiteControl continually innovate and improve their long list of features while many of their competitors focus solely on offering a live chat helpdesk? 


That’s for you to decide, though judging by GetSiteControl’s excellent reputation, you might want to give them a whirl and at the very least read this entire summary review.


Limited Free Plan Features – Once again, is criticizing GetSiteControl’s generous free plan a tad excessive when many of their competitors don’t even offer a free plan? You’ll probably find that GetSiteControl’s free plan to be adequate enough if you’re just getting started and want to quickly improve the level of interaction with your website visitors. 


That being said, it’s important to note that many of GetSiteControl’s more advanced (and desirable) features are only available on the paid plans. (You’ll learn more about the different plans later on in this review).


Competition – Maybe you’ve noticed that new live chat helpdesks are popping up left and right. That’s why it’s important to consider all of the rival companies offering live chat systems. How does GetSiteControl stack up against their competitors? Hopefully the remainder of this summary review will demystify the crowded space so you can pick the perfect live chat solution regardless of how large or small your business is.

Who Is Get Site Control Ideal For?

To be brutally honest, GetSiteControl can benefit almost any website owner tremendously. If you’re an information marketer, blogger, affiliate marketer, email marketer, author, coach, authority site owner, or if you sell almost any type of product or service, GetSiteControl is for you.


Imagine being able to turn GetSiteControl into a list building asset. A tool that builds rapport, and handles support on your behalf. All the while polling your audience, asking them how you can help, and even promoting your products for you? 


Not only that, but you can give predefined answers based upon actions your visitors take, which can certainly enable you to promote your products, or supplement the support roles that your website perhaps is currently lacking. 

Get Site Control Signup Process
Get Site Control Signup

Here’s the good news. GetSiteControl has a 100% free plan that’s guaranteed to be free for life. Unlike other free plans that you might find to be annoying, GetSiteControl provides an extensive list of features that are absolutely worth checking out for almost any website owner.


There are a few limitations of course, many of the advanced features are available only to premium memberships (We’ll go over these, and pricing details later on in this review). One of the biggest limitations of the free plan, is that you can only use it on one website. So if you have multiple websites you intend on rolling this widget out on, you’ll need to enroll in a premium plan.


Regarding the signup process, it’s very easy. When you register, you can either signup for the free plan, upon which you pay nothing, or you can register for the advanced plans that offer exceedingly impressive features.

Get Site Control Ease of Use
Get Site Control Dashboard

When you login to GetSiteControl, you’ll be impressed with how nice the interface is. You might spend an hour looking at all of the neat features, and you’ll probably notice that they offer 3 months of premium access for free. Definitely a nice touch. 


As far as installing the actual code on your website, it’s relatively simple. You’ll be provided a few lines of code that you are to install within your webpage’s body, and after that you can modify all of the features from within the GetSiteControl back office. If you’re using WordPress, you can easily install the WordPress plugin if you prefer going that route.


Once your live chat helpdesk front end is installed on your websites and platforms, you’ll be able to interact with all of your live website visitors in real time by using the application that’s accessible via the GetSiteControl website.
Before long, you’ll be setting up chats, polls, exit popups, and autoresponder sequences so you can get to know your end users perhaps better than anyone else.

Get Site Control Features
Get Site Control Features

Survey Your Website Visitors – Knowledge is power. That’s why GetSiteControl exerts great effort so you can ask your end users how you’re doing. What is your business missing? What products should you add to your line? How is your customer support performing? These are questions that if left untouched, could damage your reputation. That’s why you might pay close attention to your survey results, so you can multiply the power of your business while at the same time making your end users happier, and more eager to buy from you.


Smart Contact Forms – Maybe you want more than a live chat helpdesk. You could also integrate floating contact forms on almost any spot on your website or blog by using GetSiteControl’s easily configured contact form feature.


Promote Anything You Want – Are you launching a new product, service, website, or social media presence? If that’s the case, you can easily promote almost anything you want, anywhere on your site using GetSiteControl’s promo feature. This allows you to add popups, exit pops, side tabs, and even welcome bars promoting absolutely anything that you want.


Build Your List – GetSiteControl really does give you control of your site. You’ll be able to promote your lead capture page and email list on almost any site, in any position that you have in mind.


Promote Your Social Media – Are you on Google +, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? If that’s the case GetSiteControl lets you promote your social media platforms on every corner of your website in really cool and innovative ways.


Turn Your Customers Into A Marketing Team – Get your raving fans and website visitors to click share using the GetSiteControl sharing feature. This is how you can turn each and every piece of your website content into a potentially viral marketing technique.


Live Chat Smart Triggers – As you can tell by the previous features listed, GetSiteControl is far more than just a live chat helpdesk. That being said, all of the fundamental features a great live chat helpdesk would have are present. For example, you can trigger a chat based upon the activity of your website visitor, if they’re scrolling, if they stop scrolling, after a set interval of time, or even based upon what day of the week it is. So maybe you could have a Friday or weekend special? What better way to increase sales? You could even improve the mood of your website visitors by offering a Monday only special (Because, as you know, most humans on the planet loathe Mondays). 


Live Chat Targeting – Maybe you want certain widgets to only show if your website visitor is on a mobile device? Or maybe you want the widget to appear if they’re from the USA, Australia, New Zealand, or UK only, and all other website visitors see a totally different widget? Regardless of how you want to interact with your website visitors, the level of your targeting is mainly limited only by your own imagination and creativity.


Seamless Conversation And Logs – Imagine this scenario. What happens if one of your website visitors asks you about one of your products, but for whatever reason you’re too slow to reply? If that’s the case, GetSiteControl can easily have your messages sent to your website visitors by email so you never lose out on any goodwill, authority, or sales.

Live Chat Analytics – How good would it feel to know exactly where your live chat visitors are coming from? What do they like to click? What problems are they having? All of this data is easily readable via beautiful forms, graphs and reports that you can easily export, download, and share with your team.

Get Site Control Integration's

Shopify – Imagine all of the awesome ways you can improve your Shopify store by using GetSiteControl? Simply by offering a live chat, you could better engage your customers, make more sales, and offer your website visitors the comfort of knowing that you actually care about them.


Aweber – Do you have an email marketing list in Aweber? If that’s the case, you can begin turning almost all of your web assets into raging list building machines by using the power of GetSiteControl.


Mad Mimi – Mad Mimi integration has been historically neglected! That’s why it’s important to note that GetSiteControl easily integrates with Mad Mimi, so if you send email newsletters with Mad Mimi you can begin turning all of your blogs, ecommerce stores, and websites into list building assets.


ActiveCampaign – If you’re using ActiveCampaign to manage your subscribers, integration is a snap. So you can easily turn each and every web asset you own into a list building powerhouse by using GetSiteControl because you can promote your lead capture page on almost any site, in almost any position that you had in mind. (GetSiteControl also integrates with almost any other email autoresponder service, so if you’re using another third party email autoresponder you don’t have to switch services).


Blogger – Why should your website be posting content on Blogger? The reason is because Google owns Blogger, and it’s always wise to be on Google’s good side! Humor aside, maybe you have a Blogger blog, but you’re just not seeing any results? If that’s the case, you can easily add a massive variety of GetSiteControl widgets to your Blogger sites. Suddenly, your Blogger account is empowered with a massive array of features that are almost impossible to attain elsewhere.


Tumblr – Did you know that Tumblr is one of the most popular blogging platforms on the planet? For that reason, it might be a genius idea to either beef up your existing Tumblr blog, or otherwise start one today! Using the power of GetSiteControl in conjunction with Tumblr’s popularity might just result in a powerful blog that helps you drive customer loyalty, engagement, prestige, and yes, more sales.


Weebly – Maybe you prefer Weebly as your favorite drag and drop email marketing service? If that’s the case, you can integrate a massive list of GetSiteControl services on your Weebly site, turning it into an interactive, list building, sales generating machine, all the while offering awesome live chat support that your website visitors will thank you for.


WordPress – If you have a WordPress website, you can easily add all of the GetSiteControl features to your pages and posts by installing the simple WordPress plugin. The plugin only takes a minute to install, and less than that to configure. You’ll be live chatting with your website visitors in no time.


Google Analytics – Maybe you want to see advanced statistics of your website visitors using perhaps the most advanced tracking system on the planet. That system is of course Google Analytics, and GetSiteControl integrates with Google Analytics without a hiccup, so you can begin collecting more data that will help you get valuable insights on your end users.


Social Media – Imagine if you could prompt your best customers and website visitors to share your content? Would you have more motivation to create beautiful content, or less motivation to create beautiful content? With GetSiteControl you can easily prompt your subscribers to share, on almost any page, and any position.

Get Site Control Pricing
Get Site Control Pricing

Earlier in this summary review you learned that GetSiteControl has a generous free plan. The free plan allows you an impressive list of features, and it’s actually free for life, guaranteed. The features include color optimization, live chats, contact forms, behavioral settings, exit pops, URL targeting, email autoresponder integration, real time statistics, and a few other goodies you’ll want to check out.


The main limitation on the free plan is the quantity of websites that you can install the service on; you’re limited to one website on the free plan. There are other limitations of course, including the ability to add custom images, split testing, survey logic branching, targeting, the chat autoresponder, and you can’t remove the GetSiteControl branding. All that being said, the free plan still offers a ton of functionality and is absolutely worth giving a whirl.


There are two premium plans that you might consider for beefier options. The first of which being the plus plan. The plus plan boasts all of the features included with the free plan, in addition to custom images, split testing, survey logic, advanced targeting, and the autoresponder feature. You cannot remove branding on the plus plan. The plus plan costs $9 per month for 1 site, $45 per month for 5 sites, and $90 per month for 10 sites. You can also claim 10% off if you decide to prepay for the year.


The final plan, referred to as the pro plan, allows you all of the features of the free plan and the plus plan, in addition to removing the branding. The pro plan is $19 per month for 1 site, $95 per month for 5 sites, and $190 per month for 10 sites.

Get Site Control Support

Since GetSiteControl offers a customer support tool, they put their money where their mouth is and offer support via their same live chat system.


GetSiteControl doesn’t have a fixed support schedule, and instead they promise to monitor their helpdesk 24/7 and answer your questions as soon as possible.
In other words, in the event that you need help setting up your GetSiteControl service, they’re available for contact via their support widget, and they also prominently promote their email address and telephone support number.


That being said, the GetSiteControl support staff is admittedly tiny! Their entire company is organized by 6 individuals, so while they don’t have the robustness of many startups, they give you their oath of commitment and they’re dedicated to helping you succeed.


On top of their benevolent support, GetSiteControl offers handy and succinct tutorials on almost all of their integrations, so you can easily configure GetSiteControl features across all of your websites without any trouble. If you can spare 5 minutes, you can install GetSiteControl anywhere, and even if you hit a snag they’re still around to help you get unstuck.

Get Site Control Reputation

GetSiteControl has a reputation for being more than just a “Live Chat Box” widget. They offer exit pops. End user polling. Email autoresponder integration. In addition to a very rare autoresponder functionality of their own.


One thing you’ll notice the moment you visit GetSiteControl, is that their website looks really slick. Their chat boxes are really cool, and their reputation is one of modernity.


Have you ever seen a chat box that didn’t work, was ugly, or was laden with logic errors or bugs? That’s something you’re guaranteed to never witness with a GetSiteControl chat box.


It’s true that their team is tiny, however they have still maintained a reputation of competence, and you probably realize by now that often times a small tightly knit team far outperforms a large team when they have no individual incentive to offer a great performance.

Get Site Control Conclusion

If you’re frustrated because you’re not getting the most out of your website, even worse, if you’re not getting enough email subscribers, or sales, you might love GetSiteControl.


Their list of features is among some of the best you’ll ever encounter as far as a live chat widget is concerned, and they offer features that might cost a boatload elsewhere. 


That’s why you might fall out of your chair when you’re reminded that GetSiteControl offers a 100% free membership plan, that’s guaranteed to be free for life. So you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to turn your website into a list building, support handling, sales closing monstrosity.


So imagine this scenario. Imagine if instead of fussing over personalized development, and paying hand over fist for support costs, that you could install their widget for free. Imagine if you could turn your website into a list building machine, and could handle support for a fraction of the cost, arguably for free.


If that would feel good, you owe it to GetSiteControl to check out their service. You don’t pay a single red cent unless you outgrow their plan, or ultimately yearn for more advanced features. So, all of the risk is on them, and you’re in a great position to benefit tremendously.


About Mike DeVincent

Mike researches and reviews products for Top 10 Marketing Software. Mike has vast experience in blogging, teaching and internet marketing. See Mike's profile on Google+.

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