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HelpOnClick Review

HelpOnClick is a service that offers live chat services on almost any website and it works across a ton of different platforms. The primary focus of HelpOnClick is to better communicate with your audience, so you can offer better support, keep your audience better educated on your products, and provide a superior experience compared to other support and communicative functions.


HelpOnClick prides itself in a super-fast setup time. If you’re frustrated because other chats are taking too long, then you’ll be happy to discover how fast it is to get setup with HelpOnClick. So if you need a highly functional live chat system on your site yesterday, then consider checking this out.


Imagine if you could program a virtual agent to work on your behalf, when you or your virtual team are nowhere in sight? If that sounds at all enticing, continue reading this summary review so you can learn more about HelpOnClick’s interesting virtual agent 24/7 functionality, so you’ll offer 24/7 support even when you’re on the beach, snoozing, or developing future projects.


HelpOnClick works anywhere, even if you’re not on your desktop, and even if you’re at the movies or at a restaurant. So all you need to stay in contact with your audience is smart phone or mobile device. So you never miss that crucial sale which can tip the scales in your business’s favor.

HelpOnClick Review
HelpOnClick Advantages

The Live Chat Works Even When You Don’t – Imagine if your live chat helpdesk interacted with your website visitors even when you were wining and dining, sleeping, or at the movies? Sound farfetched? The reality is that HelpOnClick’s chief advantage (arguably) is that the smart virtual agents can function even when you’re not around. So you can automate your “robots” to interact with your end users based upon its unique knowledgebase.


Works Absolutely Anywhere – Many other live chat helpdesks prevent you from working anywhere you want, in other words, you’re forced to interact in a web browser while logged into their member’s area. HelpOnClick however, allows you to download a mobile app, so you can interact with, offer support, chat, and upsell your website visitors regardless of where you are on the planet.


Boatloads Of Integrations – It doesn’t matter what type of ecommerce or blogging platforms you use, HelpOnClick guarantees that they can get their live chat helpdesk working on your platform without stress or hassle, in a shockingly short interval of time.

HelpOnClick Disadvantages

No Forever Free Plan – It was difficult to find disadvantages for HelpOnClick’s set of features, that being said one glaring setback is that they don’t offer a forever free plan. Many of their competitors offer a free lifetime plan, so this was one variable worth note.


Free Trial Only Lasts 14 Days – It’s true that you can use HelpOnClick’s live chat feature without a credit card for 14 days with almost no restrictions. However, your live chat will expire 14 days after registering, unless you upgrade to a premium plan.


Competition – Competition has to be seen as a disadvantage for HelpOnClick, since many competing services offer longer free trials, or otherwise lifetime free plans. Granted, many of those free plans lack the features that HelpOnClick does, however it’s important to mention this for full transparency.

Who Is HelpOnClick Ideal For?

HelpOnClick is for you if you need a fast and simple helpdesk implemented on your website fast. So if you’re currently drowning in support tickets, or your current live chat helpdesk isn’t working as planned, consider checking out HelpOnClick. For that reason, almost any ecommerce business, marketer, or business owner could benefit from HelpOnClick.


Another thing that might draw you toward HelpOnClick is their advanced live chat helpdesk features. The ability to establish “Artificially Intelligent” live agents is a feature that hardly any of their competitors can claim.


Ease of use and fast deployment are also among the most prominent benefits that HelpOnClick provides, and it’s always important to note security features when they’re present, and they’re most certainly present here. Because HelpOnClick integrates fully with advanced SSL encryption, so your conversations stay private, keeping hackers, black hats and pirates out of your business. 


Make no mistake, shady hackers and troublemakers love to snoop on your private data, which is why encrypted helpdesks are mandatory if you take your business seriously.

HelpOnClick Signup Process
Help On Click Signup

Signing up for HelpOnClick is a surprisingly fast process, which is one of their main selling points. They literally want to be the fastest and easiest online chat helpdesk on the market, and they’re true to their word.


So if you’re frustrated from technical overwhelm, and your current helpdesk is swarmed with angry customers, or worse yet, if you’re losing sales due to a lack of support, then this might make you smile.


Upon signing up to HelpOnClick, you won’t need a credit card and you start out with a 14-day free trial by default. HelpOnClick wants to get you plugged in and setup fast, so you can begin taking advantage of their features. 


After experimenting with their service, you’ll have the chance to upgrade to a plan based upon the number of seats you have. (You’ll learn more about the price plans later on in this summary review). 

HelpOnClick Ease of Use
HelpOnClick Dashboard

HelpOnClick positions itself as one of the fastest live chat helpdesks on the market. In order to back up their words, they’ve undergone great efforts to ensure that everything is simple to use.


As soon as you access HelpOnClick’s website, you’ll be greeted by a live chat operator panel with clearly defined instructions. You’ll get a chance to watch a video overview in addition to starting a tour of the different options that are available to you.


All of the features are clearly defined, and there’s an easy to follow “tooltip” help feature that walks you through every step of the way. It won’t be long before you have your live chat setup, designed, configured, and on your website, even if the world of tech frightens you, it’s all relatively straight forward and the learning curve is quite low.


As you look around the membership area, you’ll notice a clearly defined location for your active chat boxes, an area where you can manage your virtual agents, in addition to your statistics and settings.


Once you get your live chat helpdesk setup on your websites, you’ll be able to start interacting in real time with your visitors through the HelpOnClick website, or via their mobile application. So you never miss a message even when you’re on the go.


You’ll also find an easy “Code” area so you can deploy your live chat helpdesk on your website using an icon button, a toolbar, or a widget. Either of these three options are easily installed using a few lines of code that you can insert into your website’s body area. 


All of your chat features, such as toolbars, icons, and chat boxes are easily customizable to fit your website’s design, and they can be as simple or as detailed as you like.

HelpOnClick Features
HelpOnClick Features

Fast Setup – HelpOnClick guarantees that you can get their live chat helpdesk setup on your website in 5 minutes. So if you’ve ever been frustrated that your live chat isn’t working, or if you just can’t get it installed, then HelpOnClick might be your ideal solution.


Customization – It doesn’t matter what type of design your website has, it will be easy for you to customize the HelpOnClick live chat helpdesk into your site, and you’ll look good every step of the way.


Real Time Monitoring – Keep an eye on your website traffic as it happens. This will allow you to ethically “spy” on your visitors. Information such as visitor location, time spent viewing your page, and what pages are currently being viewed are available in an easy to understand control panel.


A.I. Features – This is arguably HelpOnClick’s best feature. Imagine being able to deploy a chat bot to handle all of your customer questions when you’re not around? The way this simple A.I. functionality works is simple. You can program the live chat bot to reply to common questions, such as pricing, availability, setup help, product recommendations, upsells, and so on. This significantly reduces your cost to man your live chat helpdesk, can increase sales, while establishing rapport with your website visitors, all on 100% autopilot.


Advanced Reporting – Whether you want to print out advanced reports, email transcripts to your team, or simply analyze what’s going on in real time, HelpOnClick makes it easy.


Integrates Anywhere – HelpOnClick guarantees that you can get your new live chat helpdesk installed on any website. Additionally, all major content management systems and ecommerce platforms have plugins so you can easily install your live chat almost anywhere.


SSL Encrypted – Make no mistake, hackers want to steal your data, even if the data is merely conversational in nature. For that reason, HelpOnClick takes your security seriously and encrypts communications via 256-bit SSL for all accounts.


Works On Mobile – Several of HelpOnClick’s competitors don’t allow you to chat with your website visitors from a mobile device. So if you’re someone who’s constantly on the go, or would otherwise appreciate the ability to interact with your website visitors when you’re at a restaurant or taking a walk in the park, you might appreciate this feature.


Works With Social Media – If you’re on Facebook, you can easily integrate your live chat helpdesk using HelpOnClick’s Facebook application. You can also invite your website visitors to follow you on your other social media accounts such as Twitter and Google +.


Everything Is Saved – Have you ever been frustrated because you can’t find that conversation you had last week from one of your customers? You’ll never feel this frustration again because HelpOnClick makes all of your website visitor conversations easily accessible so you can quickly refer to it later.

HelpOnClick Integration's

WordPress – WordPress is easily one of the most popular content management systems on the planet. If you’re operating on WordPress, then HelpOnClick guarantees that you can get their live chat helpdesk functioning on your site in less than 5 minutes. (Bold claim? Perhaps, but try putting them to the test risk free).


Joomla – Maybe you prefer Joomla over WordPress? In that case, HelpOnClick still promises that you can start increasing sales, engaging with your website visitors, and collecting data in less time than you think.


Kentico – Have you ever heard of Kentico? It’s a content management system based off of Most live chat helpdesk systems would squirm if you asked if it was functional with Kentico, but HelpOnClick integrates in less than 5 mintues.


Magento – Do you have a Magento website? If so, you’re probably losing sales by all of the questions that your end users have, yet never get answers. Put their questions to rest by being omnipresent with a helpful and courteous live chat agent that HelpOnClick’s live chat system makes possible even if your budget is tiny.


PrestaShop – Do you sell any products with PrestaShop? Imagine if you could popup and start engaging your website visitors to see if they needed help? Would you be able to cross-sell products based upon the behavior of your current online shoppers? The possibilities are endless.


WooCommerce – HelpOnClick works on almost every ecommerce platform. So it doesn’t matter if you use PrestaShop, Magento, or even WooCommerce. You can easily turn your ecommerce store into a customer satisfaction superpower, helping you to build massive customer satisfaction and loyalty. Best of all? You can increase your sales by helping your customers with their product related questions.


Google Analytics – If there’s one thing Google can do better than anyone, it’s analyze data. That’s why you can easily plug your HelpOnClick live chat directly into Google Analytics, so suddenly your knowledge of your end users will skyrocket through the roof almost instantly.


Integrate With Other Helpdesk Systems – HelpOnClick integrates with your favorite helpdesk systems (Zoho, Mojo Helpdesk, HappyFox, Zendesk). This allows you to forward your live chat helpdesk inquiries to your other helpdesk software, so you can dispatch them to other team members or just so you can better archive them if you wish.


Facebook – If you’re on Facebook at all, you can easily use the HelpOnClick Facebook application to begin interacting with your website visitors through Facebook. Why consider this? Because your website visitors use Facebook, and you can almost guarantee that your end user demographic uses Facebook in droves.


Blogger – Are you sick of your Blogger blog being a boring, static, emotionless entity? If you’ve ever felt that way, you can find solace in HelpOnClick’s live chat helpdesk that will definitely add an element of life into your Blogger blog.

HelpOnClick Pricing
HelpOnClick Pricing

HelpOnClick has a simple and straight forward pricing scheme that works for all organizations, because the pricing is very scalable. You pay based upon how many seats you have (meaning available agents who can use the live chat simultaneously). It doesn’t matter how many features, or how much you use the service, the only variable of cost is how many seats you use. 


You can get discounts if you pay quarterly, or yearly, and you can also pay monthly if you’d like.


So if you have one “seat” the cost is $2 per month, $5.1 per quarter, or $14 per year. If you have five “seats”, the cost is $39 per month, $165.8 per quarter, or $468 per year. And if you have 10 “seats”, the cost is $60 per month, $255 per quarter, or $720 per year.


You can also claim a free 14-day trial if you’d like to test out their service, and their main goal is to make integration fast and easy, so you become a longtime fan of their work.

HelpOnClick Support

Maybe you’re frustrated because your current helpdesk isn’t working, and you need a fast integration with HelpOnClick? If that’s the case you can rest easy because they offer fast support via their own chat support system, a USA and UK phone number, and you can also contact them via email or Skype if you wish.


HelpOnClick also has an impressive list of support material including help guides, video tours, and a comprehensive “tool tip” function that works inside of the member’s area to clearly define and walk you through all of the processes you need to get your helpdesk setup fast.


So it doesn’t matter how you prefer to communicate, or if you would rather watch videos to learn their system, HelpOnClick has you covered from all angles.

HelpOnClick Reputation

HelpOnClick has been around since 2004 making it one of the oldest live chat helpdesk systems on the market. Their main reputation is one of speed and simplicity. HelpOnClick wants you to get setup and running fast.


As a team that’s been around for a long time, HelpOnClick has a reputation for being addicted to the online support game, and as a team who knows their software inside and out. Not only that, but they practice what they preach and promise to offer you unrivaled support. 


HelpOnClick cares about you. If you don’t install their live chat helpdesk after 24 hours or so, they’ll begin to followup with you to see if they can help. That’s the mark of a truly commendable support staff.


So whether you need to get your helpdesk setup fast, or need help integrating across any of your websites, you can count on their motto which is to make you happy, in the shortest time possible, guaranteed. If any of that sounds good? Then consider giving them a try.

HelpOnClick Conclusion

Maybe you’re wondering why HelpOnClick might be the best solution for you? Well ask yourself this one question. Have you ever pulled out your hair due to technical overwhelm?


Have you ever been dreadfully annoyed that your helpdesk software isn’t as fast, isn’t as easy, and isn’t as intuitive as they claim?


If that’s the case, then HelpOnClick might be the best possible solution for your business. So you can finally integrate an easy, sleek, and fast live helpdesk chat support system that you can get integrated on your site within a few minutes.


That’s their motto. So you can finally support your end users the way you want to be supported. If you care about your audience, want to help them, while at the same time increasing sales, building rock solid authority, establishing prestige, and prompting loyalty from your end users, then you might love HelpOnClick.


You can try them out for free for 14 days. There’s nothing to lose. You can also rest easy and sleep like a baby at night, because now you know for a fact that your data is safe with end to end 256-bit SSL encryption, so you’ll be the nightmare of hackers pirates and data thieves everywhere. 


Finally, speaking of sleeping like a baby, imagine how good it would feel to have a virtual agent working on your behalf 24/7, even when nobody’s manning your helpdesk? HelpOnClick will allow you to provide instant answers to your customers, even when you’re not around. 


Making you look good, your customers feel good, and your entire business get more respect, in less time, even if you’ve suffered from a lack of support in the past.


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Mike researches and reviews products for Top 10 Marketing Software. Mike has vast experience in blogging, teaching and internet marketing. See Mike's profile on Google+.

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