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Hitsteps Review

Hitsteps is a real time web analytics software launched in 2010. It offers lots of features like heatmaps, live chat and page analysis. With Hitsteps, you get real time visitor tracking reports with detailed statistics including pageviews, visitors, traffic sources, geographical locations and much more.


The features provided by Hitsteps can be categorized into 3 main types: page analysis, live chat and web analytics.


Page analysis provides detailed reports about where your users click, which sections of your pages they spend their most time on etc.


Live chat provides you an opportunity to engage with your visitors when they are on your website. Users can see your online status and ask you questions if they get stuck at any point.


Web analytics provides you detailed statistics about your visitors that you can use to convert them into customers. This includes their geographical locations, referrers, search engine queries and much more.

Hitsteps Advantages

Hitsteps is a feature-packed tool that has many advantages such as:

  • You can watch and engage with your visitors in real time.

  • You can download all of your reports for offline use (in PDF and CSV formats).

  • You can also set automatic email delivery of your daily, weekly, monthly or any other custom reports. These reports will be delivered straight to your inbox as per your scheduled timings.

  • Hitsteps provides you with detailed reports on keyword statistics. This is very useful information that you can use in your SEO campaigns.

  • It gives you a live map of your visitors’ geographical locations. You can see how many users are active on your website from different parts of the world.

  • Its user interface is very easy to use and neatly organized which makes it easy to navigate through.

Hitsteps Disadvantages

There aren’t many drawbacks or limitations of Hitsteps. However, there are a few features that I personally would love to see in the future:

  • It would be really great if Hitsteps releases apps for Android and iPhone.

  • Although it provides you with features like labels and campaign tracking, it doesn’t provide comprehensive conversion tracking system or conversion funnels. This would be especially helpful for E-commerce websites as they need to track their leads, conversions and sales on a regular basis.

Who Is Hitsteps Ideal For?

Hitsteps is ideal for tech-savvy webmasters who love to do analysis on detailed reports of their website visitors.


Because of its features and comprehensive reporting system, in order to get the most out of Hitsteps, you need to use it to its fullest potential. This means that people who know how to use data provided by page analysis reports, labels, and campaign tracking, will be able to get the best results from Hitsteps.


However, that doesn’t mean that if you’re a newbie, you won’t be able to use Hitsteps. Due to an easy to use interface, Hitsteps can be used by less experienced users too.

Hitsteps Signup Process

You can get started by creating an account on Hitsteps. You can also use your Facebook account and connect it with Hitsteps.


Once you register, you will be asked to add a website to your account.





You need to add a tracking code to your website to verify it. Once your website is verified, you can go to Account > Dashboard to set some basic preferences to auto-update the dashboard and recent visitors page after a specific amount of time (30 seconds, 60 seconds etc).


You can also set your account to display the name of an ISP or organization instead of IP addresses.

Hitsteps Ease of Use

Hitsteps is very to use because of its user friendly interface. The main dashboard of Hitsteps shows you a graph of pageviews, along with the number of visitors and bounce rate. You can also see how many users are active on your website at the moment and their geographical locations.


You can use the navigation on left hand side to browse different sections of your account, including popular pages, referrals, heatmaps, keyword reports, live chat messages etc.


Since the dashboard is clean and neatly organized, it is easy even for newbies to get a hang of it.

Hitsteps Features

Hitsteps comes with a lot of useful features, such as:

  • Keyword reports - If you want to know which keywords are being used by people to find your website, you can find those here. The keyword tracking feature is real time so it gives you the keyword data as soon as someone comes to your website through a search engine by searching for a keyword related to your industry.

  • Entry/exit page reports - These reports tell you which pages people enter your website through and which pages they view the last, before leaving your website. If the entry page has good content and is properly optimized for conversions, it can give you good engagement and people will convert. However if entry pages or other inner pages are not properly optimized, you might get higher bounce rate on your website.

  • You can view detailed reports of individual users to zoom in on their journey throughout your website. You can see which websites they were referred from, which pages on your website they visited and much more.

  • Heatmaps - Hitsteps offers website heatmaps for every visit on your website. Heatmaps are basically used to check which elements on your page are getting the most engagement. For example, if you have a button in the bottom left corner of a page, it will probably get less clicks than if you put it at the center or in the right sidebar. Heatmaps show you where your users click and scroll. This gives you an idea about if you need to make any changes to your content or website design to improve user engagement.

  • Page analysis - Similar to heatmaps, Hitsteps also gives you in depth analysis of each page on your website. It can show you how many times each of the elements on a page gets clicked on - whether it’s the main menu, sub menu, text links, banners, buttons, sliders, carousels, pop-ups etc.

  • Live dashboard - The dashboard of your website is where you can access each of your reporting sections. As I mentioned during the sign-up process, you can setup how frequently your dashboard will be updated. This helps you see what’s happening on your website at any given moment.

  • Cross device users - If a user visits your website from desktop or laptop, and then revisits later from a smartphone, Hitsteps will keep a track of that and create a user profile for that. This way, even if that user visited your website through multiple sources (search engines, referrals, advertisements) and multiple platforms (smartphones, tablets, desktops), you will still be able to track the entire journey of that visitor.

  • Live chat - This feature is usually not found in many analytics service providers. Hitsteps provides you this feature at no extra cost. You can use this feature to have a one on one chat with people who are using your website at any given moment. This is extremely useful because if your users are having some trouble or if they have any questions, you can instantly offer them help through live chat.

  • Link tracking - Hitsteps automatically tracks the number of clicks you get on your download links and external links. Usually, you need to do some extra coding to get this data, but with Hitsteps, you get all those statistics without any effort on your side.

Hitsteps Integration's
Hitsteps Pricing

Hitsteps offers 5 plans - Free, Starter, Basic, Pro and Ultimate.


The free plan allows you to track one website with a maximum limit of 2000 monthly pageviews. However, the premium plans of Hitsteps start at just $4.99/month, so it is affordable to everyone. It is recommended to start with the Starter plan instead of Free, simply because it gives you a lot more flexibility and features, at very low prices.


Hitsteps offers most of its features in all plans, with different limitations (on number of heatmaps, labels, campaigns etc). This is why it is recommended to start with the Starter plan as it comes with lots of features with limited access.

Hitsteps Support

Hitsteps offers several support channels:

  • You can check out frequently asked questions about Hitsteps.

  • You can use the contact form to get in touch with their customer support team or if you need enterprise version of Hitsteps.

  • You can read their blog, which has some very detailed and informative articles about how to use Hitsteps.

  • You can tweet them at @hitsteps

Hitsteps Reputation

Due to its powerful features and variety of integrations, Hitsteps has gotten very popular over the years.


It has received lots of positive reviews from many of its users including Samantha Summers, Nick Gasparro, Chris Jensen, Zach Krogman, and many more.

Hitsteps Conclusion

If you are looking for an affordable, yet powerful solution to track your user behavior and monitor their activities on your website, then Hitsteps would be one of the best options for you today.


Since it provides detailed statistics and reports of page analysis, heatmaps, and web analytics, it would be an ideal solution for everyone looking to provide a better user experience to their website visitors.


About Abhay Hendre

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Hitsteps provides plugins and modules for lots of different services. You can use these to integrate your Hitsteps account with those services:

  • WordPress - You can integrate your Hitsteps account with WordPress. You can see your Hitsteps dashboard inside your WordPress dashboard, so you don’t have to login to Hitsteps every time. You can integrate Hitsteps with blogs as well.

  • Joomla - Hitsteps provides live visitor tracking for Joomla websites using this extension.

  • Drupal - If you want to use Hitsteps on your Drupal website, you just need to install this plugin on your website and configure it using the given settings.

  • PrestaShop - Want to track user activity on your E-commerce website? Just install this integration and it will track your sales, leads and conversions automatically.

  • Blogging platforms - If you run a blog on free blogging platforms such as Blogger or Tumblr, you can still track your user activities. You just need to add Hitsteps tracking code to your Blogger or Tumblr blog and you’re done.

  • Phpbb - Run a forum using Phpbb software? Hitsteps can be integrated with that too.

  • HTML - If you run a static HTML website, you can follow these steps to start tracking your website in Hitsteps.

  • Web browsers - Hitsteps also provides addons for Chrome and Firefox.

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