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HitTail Review

HitTail is a 100% unique SEO tool that might revolutionize the way you get more traffic. Because unlike other SEO tools, HitTail requires absolutely zero installation. In fact, there’s no software, plugin, cloud access, or any complications at all. HitTail never even touches your server in any way. 


You might be wondering, “Okay, then how does it work?”. That’s the genius of HitTail. HitTail plugs directly into Google Search Console, and then uses a secret algorithm to find hidden keyword gems, and low hanging keyword fruit, so you can give your end users exactly what they want, by ranking for keywords that cater to your own website and followers.


Imagine if you could hire a psychic to figure out what your future website visitors wanted. Imagine if you could craft SEO campaigns that would make any seer jealous, all the while tapping into the mass desires of your audience. If that would feel good, then you must at least consider checking out HitTail, so you can develop breakthrough SEO campaigns.


HitTail might just be the easiest SEO tool in existence. That’s because you don’t have to install anything, anywhere, ever. Simply connect HitTail to your Google Search Console, then sit back and relax while a never ending flow of long tail keyword suggestions appear before your very eyes, so you can attract more end users, get better traffic, and appear in front of visitors who would never have found you otherwise.


HitTail is all about uncovering the best long tail keywords humanly possible. This is based upon analyzing your existing website traffic, so you can be rest assured that the keywords revealed by HitTail will be 100% tailored for your website visitors, ensuring that you get the highest quality traffic possible.

HitTail Review
HitTail Advantages

Simplicity – HitTail couldn’t be any easier to get up and running. Simply click a button in the HitTail member’s area and it will integrate with your Google Search Console, and you’ll be able to instantly tap into a huge list of keywords that you’re currently ranking for, in addition to long tail keywords that you probably wouldn’t have thought of earlier.


Efficiency – HitTail doesn’t just pull long tail keywords out of a hat. The truth is that the list of long tail keywords that HitTail generates will be based upon your current incoming traffic and search strings. 


The keywords generated are therefore laser targeted for your end users, and you’ll have a blast developing future SEO campaigns knowing full well that your content marketing and SEO strategy will be more efficient as a result.


Low Hanging Fruit – Long tail keywords are arguably one of the most underrated assets that any website can use for better ranking. If you want more traffic, highly targeted visitors, and the ability to target prospects when they’re ready to buy, long tail keywords are one of the best ways to accomplish that. 


Best of all, you won’t have to focus on fringe theory or Hail Mary passes, because the long tail keywords that HitTail generates are all based upon your real life current search results.

HitTail Disadvantages

Limited Scope – What HitTail does, they do exceedingly well. That being said, they’re not the most fully featured SEO platform on the planet. HitTail is highly agile and can improve nearly any website and help to establish a great SEO plan, however they’re relatively narrowly focused on long tail keyword discovery.


Not The Best Free Plan – HitTail does allow you to get plugged into their system for free, however will only let you track a handful of keywords. The free plan is basically so you can see what the HitTail interface looks like, and so you can see how simple it is to install. 


That being said, in full transparency, HitTail’s free plan won’t allow you to dig very deep into long tail keyword discovery, to say the least.


Competition – You’ve noticed how there’s a ton of other SEO tools with massive amounts of features, bells and whistles. That’s why when you look at HitTail’s chief disadvantages, competition has to be counted among them.

Who Is HitTail Ideal For?

HitTail is ideal for anyone who wants to develop breakthrough SEO campaigns. So you can find the best possible long tail keywords to track for, using your currently existing inbound SEO traffic. 


So if you’re an independent webmaster who runs a blog, an authority site, an affiliate site, a site that’s based upon generating leads, or any type of website where you rely on a fresh stream of new traffic, HitTail can absolutely be an invaluable tool to add into your current SEO arsenal.


If you love to create unique content, and are looking for long tail keywords to base your content off of, then HitTail might be one of the best things you can do to brainstorm breakthrough content marketing ideas. Your fresh content marketing efforts will be backed by solid SEO strategy, so you can create content that your readers will love, and content that’s easy to rank.


Additionally, if you work for an SEO agency, or otherwise have SEO clients who pay you money, then HitTail can help you churn out a boatload of high quality long tail keywords which can quite frankly provide the fastest results, and the best turnaround, especially for considering HitTail’s low cost.

HitTail Signup Process
Hit Tail Register

Registering for HitTail is simple and only takes a few seconds. Upon visiting the HitTail website, you’ll see several calls to action prompting you to try their service for free.


Even if you look at the premium plans, you’ll still be granted the opportunity to try their service for free. So you can get started without using a credit card, and without having any skin in the game at all.


This will provide ample opportunity for you to get plugged in, see how HitTail works, and in all likelihood you’ll agree that their service is worth a few paltry bucks per month, especially if you love to develop fresh SEO content. With HitTail, you’ll be able to create beautiful content that ranks in search engines, so you can get more traffic, more leads, better results, and ultimately more sales.

HitTail Ease of Use
Hit Tail Dashboard

HitTail couldn’t be easier to use, it’s arguably one of the easiest search and keyword tools to use on the planet. So, you can start out simply by logging into HitTail. After logging in, you’ll be prompted to connect your Google Search Console automatically.


The integration process works in a matter of moments, and suddenly HitTail shall present to you a list of keywords that you’re currently ranking for, and will also display a list of suggestions.


As time goes on, you’ll also receive fresh keyword suggestions delivered on a weekly (or daily) basis, so you never run out of awesome SEO campaign ideas that you can get started on immediately.

HitTail Features
Hit Tail Features

Analyze Your Existing Traffic – The best thing about HitTail is that their keyword suggestions aren’t theoretical in nature, instead they’re based upon your very real and existing keyword statistics. So, what are people searching for when they find your site? 


This inbound traffic analysis is one of the craftiest ways to develop future rankings, because your keywords are the surest indicator of real life social proof; in other words, what do people search for before they find (and click) your website’s link?


Tap Into Neglected Search Data – The majority of search engine tools, even the ones with adequate bells and whistles, ultimately neglect real “click” search data. In other words, HitTail is one of the few search tools that actually integrates with Google Search Console, granting you the ability to find exactly what your website visitors like. 


HitTail then goes to work churning in the background, and generates keywords that are statistically likely to be a “hit” (pun intended).


Give Your Website Visitors What They Want – Your website visitors are finding your websites for a reason. With HitTail, you’ll be able to tap into that priceless knowledge at a glance, so your future SEO campaigns will be based upon providing more of what they want, so you can attract more end users who you never knew existed before.


Build SEO Strategy Based On Fact – Have you ever looked at your current keyword tool, and then rolled your eyes in contempt because you knew for a fact that the keyword results were hype and ballyhoo? If you’ve ever secretly felt like you were wasting your time (or your client’s time) with your current keyword tools, then you owe it to yourself to give HitTail a try.


Zero Theory Based SEO – If you’ve ever listened to the SEO gurus of the world, you realize that much of their content and teachings are based upon theory. Granted, the theory sounds nice, but will it ultimately help you get more traffic, leads, inbound SEO results, and sales? If the answer is no, then beware the guru spells and stories, because they might just cost you your entire business, or your client’s trust.


Zero Website Installation Required – HitTail won’t even have to touch your website in any fashion. No widgets, no plugins, and no JavaScript snippets are required to get up and running fast. Simply login to the HitTail website, click a button to integrate with Google Search Console, and let the system handle the rest.


No Software – Have you ever smashed your monitor because your SEO software looked like it was designed in Visual Basic 3.0, back in 1998? If that’s the case you’ll love that fact that you’ll never have to install clunky software, that might be a pain to uninstall, or come with surprise adware that you never agreed to.


Google Search Console Integrated – One thing you’ll notice about most SEO search tools, is that there’s very little in the way of integrations. It’s refreshing to see that HitTail takes full advantage of Google Search Console, because while Google offers arguably the best search data on the Internet, they’re still relatively cumbersome and difficult to understand. 


HitTail literally exploits the valuable insights that Google provides, and takes it a step further with seamless integration and valuable insights.


Snag Low Hanging Fruit – Long tail keywords are one of the lowest hanging fruits you can ever claim for your website’s traffic and search results. So you’ll never have to wonder if HitTail can actually get results for your website’s traffic and for your clients. 


Passive Keyword Research – One thing you might still be wondering, is “okay, but how often do I have to adjust HitTail for it to work”. The funny thing, is that you never have to touch HitTail at all. It watches your website traffic passively, collects data, and then presents keyword suggestions without you having to do anything. It’s 100% passive, and you can simply set it and forget it.

HitTail Integration's

Google Search Console – The beauty of HitTail that the service itself is essentially an integration. HitTail connects with your Google Search Console, so you can better analyze the data that Google provides, while at the same time recommending long tail keywords based upon very real inbound traffic data. So you can design breakthrough SEO campaigns that will work like a hot knife through butter.


Integrates On Any Platform – It doesn’t matter what platform your website uses; as long as you can integrate with Google Search Console then you’ll be able to seamlessly integrate and analyze your website data with HitTail, so there’s no question as to whether or not HitTail can help you generate more effective SEO campaigns.

HitTail Pricing
Hit Tail Pricing

HitTail isn’t going to break the bank. All of HitTail’s plans allow you to register without a credit card so you can quickly get their system attached to your Google Search Console within the next few minutes, without opening your wallet.


When the time comes to upgrade, you’ll have four different plans to choose from, and they’re all inexpensive so even if your marketing budget is meager you can still take action.


The four pricing plans are based upon how many keywords suggestions, in addition to the interval of keyword suggestion delivery.


The first plan is the personal plan. The personal plan is $9.95 per month, grants 200 keywords per month, and delivers keyword suggestions weekly.


There’s also the pro plan, which costs $19.95 per month. The pro plan grants 500 keywords per month, and delivers keyword suggestions on a weekly basis.
There’s also the business plan. The business plan grants 1,500 keywords per month, and delivers keyword suggestions weekly.


Finally, there’s the agency plan. The agency plan costs $79.95 per month, grants 4,500 keywords per month, and delivers keyword suggestions daily.

HitTail Support

The beauty of HitTail is that their services are so easy to use. Simple connect to your Google Search Console, and suddenly your SEO campaigns are going to have unshakable clarity, so you can become the content marketing monstrosity that you were always meant to be.


In the event that you do require assistance however, they provide a nice collection of tutorial videos, so you can quickly get up to speed regarding their SEO tool’s procedures. Additionally, there’s a FAQ section that answers a few questions you might have, though to be honest, their service is seriously straight forward, so you probably won’t even need to use their FAQ section.


Another service that you might not be aware of, is that HitTail will actually offer to write articles for you based upon the specific long tail keyword results that your own unique site conjures up. So if you’re an independent website owner, or otherwise consult clients, you can easily package this service or otherwise use it to supplement your own website’s content.


In the event that you’d love to speak to a real human, you can reach HitTail customer support Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 am to 6:00 pm (UTC + 01:00).


Finally, HitTail also offers a free 7-day long tail keyword crash course. So, if after reading this review you’re not sure if HitTail can benefit your business tremendously, register for that course by viewing the orange tab on the bottom of HitTail’s website. It’s free, and you’ll probably benefit just by taking the free course.

HitTail Reputation

According to HitTail’s own words, they’re entirely grass-fed organic, meaning that they never rely on any shady SEO tactics that can bury your website, so with HitTail you’ll always remain in Google’s good graces.


Why is this so important? Because you’ve probably noticed that many SEO tools rely on “shady” tactics at best, so ask yourself if you’d risk your entire reputation (and the reputation of your clients) based upon tactics that might work in the short term, but ultimately sting in the long term?


HitTail was launched way back in 2006, and since that time they’ve grew their customer base to well over 40,000 end users, and they actively work with over 50,000 domains.


HitTail has also been featured in popular publications such as CNET, WPBeginner, Search Engine Watch, TechCrunch, PC World, and BusinessWeek.

HitTail Conclusion

At the end of the day, HitTail is known for their simplicity, organic approach to SEO rankings, and they’re a super light tool that will allow almost any small business (or SEO consultancy) to benefit.


So you can get more traffic, more inbound search results, more leads, a bigger email list, and a wider reach that expands far beyond what you have now.
It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is. Long tail keywords should be your SEO bread and butter strategy, so you can tap into the lowest hanging fruit possible, with the lowest risk, the lowest cost, all the while appealing to a wider audience who can ultimately turn into your most diehard fans and customers.


So ask yourself if you’ve tried other SEO strategies with little results. If that’s the case, why not turn to the “light side” of the SEO force, so you can finally create awesome content that your end users will love, and that Google will appreciate and rank highly?


If you and your clients want to conduct SEO with best practice, without risking getting the daylight slapped out of you by Google, then organic content marketing based upon HitTail’s long tail keyword suggestions might be your best (and safest) option.


HitTail is free to get started with. Their plans are ridiculously cheap. You have nothing to lose, but an infinite wealth of end users (who might love your content) to gain. You can give them a try, and begin brainstorming potentially breakthrough SEO campaigns in the next 5 minutes, and you can get up and running with the click of a button.


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