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Hover Owl Review

Hover Owl is a software popular for website heatmaps, visitor recordings and user behavior tracking. It provides powerful website heatmap reports and tells you exactly where your users hover and click.


Using Hover Owl’s useful features like user analytics, heatmaps and visitor recordings, you can drastically increase your conversions and return on investment (ROI).

Hover Owl Advantages

Hover Owl’s team has made it remarkably easy to use. There are many advantages of using Hover Owl:

  • You can watch you visitors and analyze what they do on your website, to provide a better user experience.

  • Hover Owl is very easy to setup, no coding required on your end. You can get started in less than 60 seconds.

  • It supports all types of content management systems (CMSs), E-commerce systems and all other types of websites.

  • It comes with a no obligation Free trial and you can cancel at any time.

  • You can use heatmaps of Hovel Owl to track activities of your users on any device, whether they are on smartphones, tablets or desktops.

  • If you run an E-commerce website, you can identify trends in your sales and use that data to further increase your ROI.

  • Using the real time data provided by Hover Owl, you can make informed decisions to have complete control over your website and improve its performance.

Hover Owl Disadvantages

Here are a few disadvantages of Hover Owl:

  • Although Hover Owl provides lots of cool features, it is not as popular as tools like ClickTale or Crazy Egg. One of the reasons being it lacks some of the features that you would find in tools like Crazy Egg. But again, this is understandable considering the affordable prices of Hover Owl.

  • Hover Owl doesn’t seem to provide as many integrations as some other tools. If they develop integrations for some popular services like Shopify, WordPress, Magento, or Hubspot, it will be a nice feature-packed solution for almost any type of business looking to improve their conversions.

  • Hover Owl doesn’t have apps for Android and iPhone. Hopefully, they will launch those soon.

  • Hover Owl also doesn’t provide form analytics feature as of today, which is kind of disappointing.

Who Is Hover Owl Ideal For?

In my opinion, Hover Owl would be ideal for everyone, from individual bloggers to large corporations. Since it provides all features in each subscription plan (by just limiting the amount of reporting data), you can get started with its basic plan (Snowy Owl) and still get access to all of its powerful features.

Hover Owl Signup Process

You can start by creating an account on Hover Owl. You get a free 14-day trial of Hover Owl, no matter which plan you choose.


Once you’ve completed the sign-up process, you will need to verify your website.










To verify your website, you can add the given snippet of code in either header or footer of your website, so that it will available on all of your webpages.


You can then go to Settings to set some basic preferences for your website and Hover Owl account

Hover Owl Ease of Use

Due to its easy to use interface and navigation, you can quickly get a grasp of this tool. When you login to your dashboard, you will see recent visitor recordings of your website. These recordings are categorized by individual URLs of your website, which helps you to see user activities on each of those pages easily.


When you click on a particular recording entry (a particular URL), you will see all of the recordings of your visitors that happened on that page on a particular date. You can browse through each of those to see exactly what your users were doing on your website at any given moment in time.

Hover Owl Features

Now let’s talk about some of the popular features of Hover Owl:

  • Hover Owl provides comprehensive reports of your users’ activities, that allow you to see exactly how users navigate through your website.

  • You can use Hover Owl’s web analytics tool to see which parts you need to improve to increase your sales and conversions.

  • You can get complete visitor timeline which helps you to understand exactly who your users are, where they come from, which devices they use while browsing your website, how much time they spend on each page and much more.

  • Hover Owl provides you real time reporting of your visitors to see their activities as they happen. You can also playback all of the recorded screencasts at a later time.

  • Since Hover Owl provides you with video recordings of your visitors, you can literally see each and every action taken by them, no matter how many users you have on your website.

  • You can see how users interact with your website on desktop devices as well as mobile devices. This is important because if, for example, you are getting high bounce rates in mobile devices, you can check your visitors’ activities on those devices to understand why their engagement is low.

  • If you publish a lot of content on your website (like on a blog), you can see which content pieces your users interact with the most, where in a blog post they lose interest etc.

  • If you have a few buttons or calls-to-action included on your product pages or within your content, you can check their effectiveness and see if you need to make any changes to improve their performance.

  • Hover Owl is very useful for E-commerce websites as well. All E-commerce websites need to check the performance of their product pages to see how well they are converting. They also need to check why and when users are leaving their websites or abandoning the checkout process, because by understanding this, they can increase product sales and conversions.

  • Hover Owl provides mouse hover and click heatmaps. Mouse hover heatmaps allow you to see exactly where your visitors are focusing on your website. Click heatmaps allow you to see how effective your links and calls-to-action are. Click heatmaps give you detailed reports of where people click on your website. This is important because if they’re not clicking on important parts of your website (where you want them to click), it will directly affect your conversions and engagement rate.

  • Hover Owl provides you built-in website usability tools. With these tools, it is impossible for you to miss any of the user activities and interactions.

  • Conversion funnels in Hover Owl show you the journey of a user from the entry page to the page where he/she completes a certain action. This page can be your checkout page or newsletter landing page. Having this data is necessary because it shows you exactly where your conversion funnels are weak. You can then analyze and improve those parts of your funnels.

  • If you have ever used a software that is designed for large corporations, you will notice that Hover Owl comes pretty close to that. Just in case you don’t know, enterprise software used by corporations are filled with lots of features that help those corporations analyze and measure the data on a very large scale. I’m not saying that Hover Owl is better than such enterprise software. What I’m saying is that Hover Owl offers lots of such enterprise-class solutions and features at very low costs. And sure, Hover Owl has its own Enterprise plan, which can definitely be used for large companies and corporations.

Hover Owl Integration's
Hover Owl Pricing

Hover Owl offers FREE 14-day trials for all of its plans. It also offers 25% discount on its plans for annual subscriptions.


You can choose one of these 4 plans based on your requirements - Snowy Owl, Great Grey Owl, Wise Owl and Enterprise Owl.


If you are just starting out, you can subscribe to Snowy Owl plan which allows 15,000 recordings and heatmaps for 1 website.


The most popular plan of Hover Owl is Great Grey plan. This plan allows you to track 3 websites, with a total of 50,000 video recordings and 50,000 website heatmaps. These video recordings and website heatmaps are calculated every month for all 3 websites in total.


Hover Owl also allows you to upgrade or downgrade anytime you want.

Hover Owl Support

Hover Owl provides several support channels that you can use to get the most out of it.

  • You can browse through the FAQ section to get answers to some of the basic queries that you might have.

  • You can connect with them on Facebook or Twitter, and ask your questions there.

  • If you represent a large corporation, you can go here to learn more about the Enterprise plan of Hover Owl and schedule a demo.

  • You can check out their blog to see some tips and tutorials they publish that you won’t find elsewhere.

  • You can also check out this case study that they have published, which is specifically related to heatmaps.

  • They have also provided a special URL builder that you can use to build unique URLs for your marketing campaigns. This URL builder uses the parameters of UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) to generate and track URLs from different campaigns, traffic sources, keywords etc.

Hover Owl Reputation

Since Hover Owl provides a wide range of features at very affordable prices, many users/businesses have given it positive ratings and reviews, like Michael Lynch and John McMahan. Although it is not as popular as tools like Crazy Egg, it has been gaining popularity ever since it was launched. It has also been featured on some blogs like Ginva and Conversion Uplift.

Hover Owl Conclusion

Hover Owl is a very affordable and comprehensive solution to track user behaviour on different types of websites including blogs, E-commerce stores and corporate websites. Because of the feature-packed plans and low prices, Hover Owl can be considered as a cost effective software to optimize and improve conversions, sales and ROI.


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Hover Owl doesn’t integrate with many tools and services. Here are a few tools Hover Owl does integrate with:

  • Lander App - Hover Owl integrates with this popular landing page app to track and analyze the performance of all of your landing pages.

  • Unbounce - You can integrate Hover Owl with your Unbounce account to easily publish, analyze and test your landing pages.

  • PageWiz - This is another popular landing page app with lots of built-in templates, and Hover Owl seamlessly integrates with it to see how they convert.

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