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Inspectlet Review

One of the things you need to do in order to run a successful website is track your users’ activities. You need to make sure that you are providing a great user experience to your visitors, because a great user experience results in better user engagement and better conversions.


Inspectlet is an online tool designed to do just that.

Inspectlet is a user behavior tracking software that provides you with user session recordings, website heatmaps, form analytics and much more.


Inspectlet records videos of your users’ activities on the website, which enables you to see exactly what they do on your website. This is an extremely useful feature for webmasters, because they don’t just want to see how many people visit their site, but also what those people do during their visit (user-flow and engagement).


Inspectlet can give you:

  • Conversion funnels to see how people complete a certain action (filling up a form, purchasing a product etc)

  • Eye-tracking heatmaps to see which parts of your site are being viewed by your users

  • Scroll heatmaps to see how far visitors scroll down on pages

  • And much more

Inspectlet Review
Inspectlet Advantages
  • With recorded screen captures and website heatmaps, Inspectlet has many advantages that make it a unique and powerful tool in your arsenal. Here are just some of the benefits of using Inspectlet:

  • Get detailed reporting with real-time website analytics

  • Watch the entire conversion paths from start to end, and see which pages your users visit when they sign up for your newsletter or purchase a product

  • Get form conversion reports that tell you how effective your forms are. You can use this data to do A/B testing and improve conversions with multiple versions of your forms

  • Understand where you should put the most vital parts of your content (to make sure it gets the most exposure)

  • Tag a particular user session by sending the meta-data to Inspectlet. For example, you can use the email address of a user to see all recordings of that user. You can do this by using JavaScript tagging API of Inspectlet.

Inspectlet Disadvantages

Although there are many advantages of using Inspectlet, there are still some features that you won’t find in Inspectlet. Here are a few of those:


  • Inspectlet doesn’t seem to provide geographical reporting or geographical heatmaps. So for example, you can’t see how many of your users from the United States opted-in for a 14-day trial of your product, or how many of them engaged with an interactive form that you embedded in one of your blog posts.

  • Unless you have a high-traffic website or are willing to pay a bit higher fees, you can’t get access to Inspectlet’s API.

  • In-depth form analytics is also only available for high-end users..


Despite these disadvantages, Inspectlet is still an extremely useful and feature-packed solution for small to medium sized websites.

Who Is Inspectlet Ideal For?

Now that we’ve talked about some of the advantages and disadvantages of Inspectlet, let’s see why you might want to consider using Inspectlet.


Since Inspectlet specializes in user experience analytics, it’s ideal users would be those who are interested in conversion tracking and lead generation. They’d like to know how many of their visitors are purchasing a particular product, signing-up for a free trial, or filling out an opt-in form on one of their landing pages.


However, even if you are just running a regular website (no E-commerce or lead generation), you still might want to give Inspectlet a shot, because it will help you better understand your audience. You will see where your users are spending most of their time, which pages they frequently visit, and so on.


Although Google Analytics gives you some of that data, it’s nowhere as detailed and comprehensive as tools like Inspectlet.

Inspectlet Signup Process
Inspectlet Signup

To get started with Inspectlet, go here and sign up for an account. You can start with a free account or select a premium account (depending on your budget and requirement).


Once you’re logged in, it will give you a code that you need to put in the <head> tag of your website.


Once your website is verified in Inspectlet, it will be added to your dashboard, as shown in the image below:


You can then go to your account page where you will see your subscription details:


You can scroll down on that page to set some basic preferences for your account.


If you’ve subscribed to a premium plan of Inspectlet, you can generate a token to get access to Inspectlet’s API, which will let you analyze and retrieve all of your reports for integration purposes.

Inspectlet Ease of Use
Inspectlet Dashboard

Due to its user friendly design, Inspectlet is very to use and understand. Once you’ve logged in and added your website to your account, you will see a dashboard that looks like this:


Since Inspectlet is used by more than 40,000 customers, you can rest assured that it is easy to use the tool and navigate through different sections of your Inspectlet account.


Inspectlet is designed to work with all types of websites. If, for some reasons, it doesn’t work with your website (which is highly unlikely), they’ll give you any assistance you need or you’ll get your money back!


Also, just in case you’re wondering, Inspectlet works fine even if you’re using other analytics tools such as Piwik or Google Analytics.

Inspectlet Features
Inspectlet Features

Now let’s talk about different features of Inspectlet in details:

  • Eye-tracking heatmaps - According to a paper published by the Association for Computing Machinery in New York, there is a high correlation between mouse and eye movement. Inspectlet uses your visitors’ mouse movements to analyze which pats of your website they’re viewing.

  • Session/user tagging - Using the JavaScript tagging API provided by Inspectlet, you can assign certain meta-data fields (for example, an email address) to identify actions of individual users.

  • Filtering - You can use multiple features built-in into your dashboard to narrow down your reports. These filters are kind of similar to those you see in Google Analytics.

  • Recording - You can record videos of every user’s activity on your site to see where they click, scroll etc.

  • User behavior - You can get detailed information about user behavior such as their IP address, country, visit duration and landing pages in order to improve your conversion rates.

  • Funnels - Using this feature, you can see exactly how a user completes a conversion process (for example, singing up for a free trial or buying a product). You can also see when and where users abandon your funnels, which can hep you improve those parts of your website to further increase your conversion rate.

  • Scroll heatmaps - Similar to eye-tracking heatmaps, you can use scroll heatmaps to see which part of your content is being viewed the most. Inspectlet determines this by checking which part of a web page is visible in a user’s browser window and how log he/she waits before scrolling up/down.

  • Form analytics - This feature allows you to see how many users fill out different forms on your website. These can be your contact forms, lead generation forms etc. This information is critical since these leads can become your customers in future. So you need to make sure that you understand how many people are filling out your forms. An interesting part of form analytics report is Hesitation Report, which tells you how much time people are spending on each field of your form. This is really interesting as it tells you whether you need to reconsider using a field, because if many users are spending a lot of time before filling out a particular field, it might be the case that they think the field is irrelevant.

  • IP address exclusion - Just like Google Analytics, Inspectlet allows you to exclude certain IP addresses or a rage of IP addresses from your reports. This is important to keep your reports free from all the internal visits from your organization.

  • Downloads - You can download recordings of your users for permanent use. All of your recordings can be seen in View Captures section of your dashboard. You can simply click on the Download button next to any recording to being the download.

Inspectlet Integration's
Inspectlet Pricing
Inspectlet Pricing

Inspectlet has multiple plans, each of which comes with a monthly and yearly subscription. The basic FREE plan allows you to record up to 100 sessions on 1 website. It comes with features like heatmaps, session recordings etc.


You can use this plan to get an idea of what Inspectlet is. Inspectlet’s other plans (Startup, Growth, Accelerate and Enterprise) have a lot more features than the basic plans (Free and Micro). Remember that following features of Inspectlet are not available in Free, Micro and Startup plans - API access, in-depth form analytics and targeting controls.


Depending on your scope and budget, you can decide which plan fits your requirements. It is recommended to use Annual subscription as it gives you 15% off of your total price.

Inspectlet Support

If you need more information regarding Inspectlet features, you can use following support channels:

  • API Reference for everything you need to know about Inspectlet’s API

  • The official blog of Inspectlet for more up-to-date tips and guides

  • And of course, there's always email support.

Inspectlet Reputation

Inspectlet is used by over 40,000 customers including Salesforce, Shopify, ebay, ABC, MediaFire, heroku, CISCO and many more, so it is obviously a trusted name in this industry.


It has gotten very good reviews from brands such as FinancesOnline and GetApp. It has also been featured on sites like VentureBeat.


Due to Inspectlet’s popularity, the company decided to launch a WordPress plugin as well. If you run a WP website, you can connect it with your Inspectlet account by installing the plugin. It’s a pretty straight-forward process.

Inspectlet Conclusion

Inspectlet is a really useful and powerful tool for everyone - from individual bloggers to large organizations. Because of the different subscription plans of Inspectlet, it is easy to see why so many customers use this tool to improve their conversions and provide better experience to their audiences.


If you are looking to improve your website performance and get better user engagement (whether it’s for your content or product sales), Inspectlet is definitely worth a try.


About Abhay Hendre

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Inspectlet integrates with Shopify and RequireJS.

Shopify is an E-commerce software and a POS (point-of-sale) system used by thousands of businesses all over the world. In order to integrate your Inspectlet account with Shopify, you need to follow these steps (assuming you already have a Shopify account. If not, you can get one here):

  • Visit (replace store with your store name)

  • Go to Online Store > Themes

  • In the top right corner, click on Customize Theme

  • Go to Theme Options > Edit HTML/CSS

  • Under Layouts, click theme.liquid

  • Now, scroll down to the end of that file until you see </body> tag. You need to paste your Inspectlet tracking code before </body> tag. Click Save and you’re done.


RequireJS integration is a bit technical, so you might need to ask your developer to do this if you’re not much into coding. In order to use Inspectlet with RequireJS apps, you need to create an Inspectlet module and then add that module in your config. If you don’t what any of that means, just ask your developer to follow these steps :)


Apart from these, there are a few other “unofficial” integrations of Inspectlet, such as:

  • integration with Segment (a popular customer data hub)

  • integration with Optimizely (a platform popular for personalization and A/B testing)

  • in case you use Drupal, there is a module that you can use to integrate your website with Inspectlet.

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