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Instapage Review

Instapage is a very impressive landing page platform that allows you to quickly design beautiful landing pages and lead capture pages without using a single line of code. One of the best things about Instapage is that they boldly advertise that they’ve built well over 1,000,000 (one million) pages with an average conversion rate of above 25%. Why is this so important? Because maybe you’ve suffered from a dismal lack of conversion in the past. With Instapage, you can proceed with the utmost confidence because your lead capture pages and sales pages are going to look beautifully across all devices.

  • Instapage has more data than the majority of other page builders to work with. Have you ever heard a marketer or page builder boast about their high conversion rates, but then you secretly wonder how many unique hits they’ve actually tracked? Instapage has tracked over 1,000,000 pages and boast a greater than 25% conversion rate as an average, so you can build your list and generate leads confidently using their beautiful lead capture pages.

  • With Instapage you’ll be building beautiful lead capture pages that only take a few minutes to design. This isn’t an exaggeration; if you can click your mouse and tap your keyboard you can easily design beautiful landing pages, webinar pages, download pages, click through pages, and sales pages in just a few minutes. It doesn’t matter what type of marketer you are, or what your goals are, Instapage makes the creation of all of your marketing pages simple.

  • A little-known benefit to Instapage is their popularity. How does this benefit you? Well, there are tons of third party Instapage templates available on ThemeForest, so you can literally tap into the design and copywriting experience of marketers from all over the world due to Instapage’s success. So you can start browsing and importing third party Instapage themes found in the ThemeForest marketplace directly into your Instapage control panel without paying a fortune for custom themes and design.

Instapage Review
Instapage Advantages
  • 100% Mobile Responsive – It seems that each day a new report comes out stating how mobile use is on the rise. Make no mistake, your end users are using desktops and laptops less, and are using mobile devices and tablets more and more. For that reason, if your lead capture pages and other marketing pages aren’t 100% mobile responsive, you’re literally throwing your marketing budget directly into the trash. With Instapage, you can bet your boots that all of your marketing pages are going to look beautiful across any device, so your end users can interact with your pages regardless of where they are, or what platform they’re using.

  • 100% Drag And Drop – The moment you login to Instapage, you’ll have access to a ton of different templates that are customizable, and look great right out of the box. There’s absolutely no coding or technical experience required. You simply check off which category of page you want, and then select from a vast selection of templates. Everything is “what you see is what you get”, and you can edit text and drag any element anywhere, so you can go as wild and crazy as you want, or simply modify their existing (and elegant) marketing pages to your fancy.

  • Great Integrations – It doesn’t matter what type of marketer or entrepreneur you are. Instapage comes stuffed to the brim with ample integration opportunities, so you can proceed with the utmost confidence knowing full well that your current business will work seamlessly with Instapage. (You’ll discover a more comprehensive list of which integrations work with Instapage later on in this review. So please continue reading).

Instapage Disadvantages
  • No Split Testing On First Tier Plan – If you’ve ever paid for a PPC ad, then you realize the importance of split testing. However, Instapage doesn’t allow access to their split testing feature on their lowest tier price plan. So if you want to split test two creatives head to head, you’ll have to upgrade to one of Instapage’s advanced plans. (For a more thorough look into which plan might be best for you, continue reading this review).

  • No Custom Code Editing On First Tier Plan – Are you a coding junkie who wants to insert custom snippets of code into your landing pages? Unfortunately, you won’t be able customize the code on Instapage’s lowest tier price plan. If you’re not a computer science nerd this probably won’t bother you, however it’s important to note this minor setback in full transparency.

  • Competition – Everywhere you look there are new landing page builders launching all the time. However, many of them are out of date, lack support, or otherwise don’t have the statistics and features that Instapage has. So, while Instapage is arguably one of the best landing page builders, it’s so easy to get lost in the fog of war. Hopefully, this review will declutter the landscape so you can decide if Instapage shall be a dream come true for your business, or otherwise at least be worthy of your consideration.

Who Is Instapage Ideal For?

Instapage is perfect for any Internet marketer, email marketer, list builder, SEO specialist, authority site owner, blogger, author, affiliate marketer, or anyone in the business of selling anything.

You probably realize that the cost of paid advertising keeps going up. For that reason, you absolutely must focus on growing your audience by way of email marketing. The high cost of advertising has also rendered ugly sales pages and lead capture pages all but extinct; if you send traffic to a mediocre landing page, expect dismal results.

For that reason, you probably realize by now the importance of having beautiful marketing pages that actually convert. Thankfully, Instapage has a boatload of data to play with (more than most marketers on the planet), so they have the luxury of split testing their designs so that they convert consistently and reliably.

So, if you’re an entrepreneur who needs beautiful landing pages, or if your current marketing budget is getting wasted by sending traffic to an ugly creative, then consider Instapage to be a noteworthy addition to your business plan one way or the other.

Instapage Signup Process
Instapage Signup

Registering to Instapage couldn’t be any easier. Upon visiting the Instapage homepage, you’ll notice several prominent calls to action inviting you to try their service for free.

Registering only takes a few seconds, and if you don’t want to type in a username and password you can simply connect with your Google account. So you can literally visit the Instapage homepage, click the invitation to join, and begin designing beautiful pages without typing anything or even entering a credit card number.

If you decide to take the Instapage free trial, you’ll have a full 30 days to test their features. You can upgrade at any time, and there’s absolutely no risk because you don’t need a credit card to start testing and designing beautiful landing pages.

Instapage Ease of Use
Instapage Dashboard

The first thing you need to know about Instapage’s ease of use is that it’s entirely cloud based. There’s never anything to install. You don’t need a website, WordPress, cPanel, or absolutely anything other than a web browser to begin designing marketing pages with Instapage.

Regarding the Instapage drag and drop designer itself, it couldn’t be easier to use. As soon as you access the Instapage member’s area, you’ll have the chance to select a category of page that you want to design. So you can select from a lead capture page, a webinar registration page, a click through page, a mobile app, and so on.

After you select your category, you’ll have a massive list of templates that you can choose from. The templates have all been battle tested and proven to convert, and Instapage is adding new templates all the time, so you’re sure to find something that suits your needs.

As soon as you select a template that you like, you can then begin editing text, dragging, dropping, adding other elements, and changing almost anything you want with the click of a mouse. It’s truly “what you see is what you get”, and you can even start from scratch if you fancy yourself to be a good designer.

Once your page is finished, you can publish the page to a custom domain of your choice, to WordPress, Drupal, Facebook, or via a demo page that you can show off to your team or to your clients.

Instapage Features
Instapage Features
  • Tons Of Graphical Elements – Instapage grants you 5,000 fonts and over 33,000,000 (that’s thirty three million, no that’s not a typo!) images to use for designing your landing pages. So you can create beautiful landing pages, and customize them to your wildest dreams without being a guru designer, PhD level computer nerd, and without paying a fortune on graphics.

  • Drag And Drop Easy – Maybe you have night terrors when you remember the days when HTML and CSS were required to build anything. If that’s the case you can rest easy because building beautiful pages with Instapage is so simple that you only need to click your mouse, and tap your keyboard to customize what you want, exactly how you want it.

  • What You See Is What You Get – You’ll never be surprised that your landing page isn’t exactly what you want, because as you’re designing your marketing pages you’ll see exactly what your end users will see, so when you go to publish you’re always satisfied with the exact specifications that you had in mind.

  • Digital Delivery – Have you ever opted in to receive a free gift, but then you never got your gift? Nothing can kill your confidence in a brand faster than that! That’s why Instapage allows you to automatically deliver your free lead magnet so your subscribers always get what you promised, guaranteed.

  • Tons Of Widgets And Whistles – Do you want to design beautiful sales letters with calls to action, count down timers, videos, and more? If that’s the case Instapage makes all of this “point and click” easy and takes all of the guess work and research out of creating beautifully innovative marketing pages.

  • Parallax Scrolling – Have you ever wondered how those fancy marketing pages have that decorative scrolling feature where background elements scroll at a slower rate than the foreground images? This fancy mechanism will make your marketing pages “pop”, and with Instapage integrating a parallax scrolling element is as easy as a few clicks of your mouse.

  • Tons Of Templates – Instapage comes fully stuffed with a bountiful mountain of templates that you can use, and each of them is more beautiful than the last. Not only that, these pages have been through rigorous testing so you can be sure that your end users, regardless of which market you’re in will resonate with the design.

  • Split Testing – One of the best ways to generate more leads and make more sales is by split testing. So you can design two beautiful lead capture pages, and then see for yourself which one generates more leads. This is so important, especially in this day and age when the cost of paid traffic keeps increasing. What’s the best way to get a drastically superior ROI on advertising? It’s through split testing.

  • Publishing Options – Instapage comes with some really interesting publishing options. So you can literally “push” your page directly to WordPress, GoDaddy, Drupal, or even let Instapage host the page for you as a demo so you can show your clients, boss or team.

  • 100% Mobile Friendly – The days of neglecting 100% mobile integration are over. You probably realize that a growing percentage of your end users are on mobile phones, and this statistic is going to increase dramatically as time goes on. With Instapage, you never have to worry about this massive segment of your market, because all of their creatives work seamlessly across mobile devices right out of the box.

Instapage Integration's
  • MailChimp – Do you build your email list using MailChimp? Maybe you’ve grown accustomed to their 100% zero cost email marketing platform. If that’s the case, then you can easily integrate Instapage using MailChimp, so you don’t have to interfere with your current list building platform and can supplement MailChimp’s email marketing automation with a beautiful lead capture page by Instapage.

  • AWeber – AWeber is one of the most popular email autoresponders on the planet. For that reason, you can proceed with the highest confidence because Instapage easily integrates with AWeber, so you can easily use a beautiful landing page and grow your email audience with AWeber.

  • Constant Contact – Maybe you use Constant Contact to manage your email subscribers? Thankfully, Instapage integrates with the majority of email autoresponders and Constant Contact is no exception.

  • ActiveCampaign – Have you fallen in love with ActiveCampaign’s awesome automation features? Maybe you’d sooner crawl over a bed of hot coals than give that up? If that’s the case, you can crack a massive smile because Instapage makes ActiveCampaign integration as easy as clicking a few buttons.

  • E-goi – E-goi is an email autoresponder service known for their ample third party integrations and SMS messaging. If you use E-goi you can easily turn their email marketing service into a list building and lead generation monstrosity by teaming it up with Instapage.

  • Zoho – Do you use Zoho as your current CRM? Integrating with Instapage is simple, so you won’t have to uproot your entire business plan, instead you can sit back and integrate with the few clicks of your mouse.

  • GoToWebinar – Are you a webinar marketer who uses GoToWebinar, but you’re honestly frustrated because the webinar registration pages are downright ugly? If that’s the case, you can easily create stunning registration pages with Instapage. So instead of using the humdrum registration pages that GoToWebinar provides, you’ll shock and awe your audience with magnificent pages that your audience can’t help but opt-in and subscribe to.

  • Google Analytics – Face it. Nobody on the planet has better tracking and data than Google Analytics. For that reason, you might love the ability to track all of your traffic using Google, without going through hoops or bending over backwards.

  • WordPress – If you’re a blogger, or otherwise have a WordPress site, you can easily export your Instapage marketing pages and then import them directly into WordPress, or simply install the WordPress plugin so your marketing pages literally show up automatically in your WordPress account ready for you to promote.

  • Drupal – Even if your website is based upon Drupal, you can still export all of your landing pages built by Instapage with the click of a button. So you can focus entirely on building beautiful landing pages with Instapage, and then simply export your page seamlessly into your Drupal installation so you’re ready to promote and drive traffic.

Instapage Pricing
Instapage Pricing

Instapage comes with three different pricing plans. All three of the plans include unlimited pages, visitors, and domains, so Instapage is very lenient in that regard.

Where the rubber meets the road, when referencing the specific features.

The first Instapage plan is the basic plan, which is $39 per month or $29 per month if you pay annually. The basic plan grants the most basic integrations, and email support.

The second Instapage plan is the professional plan, which is $69 per month or $55 per month if you pay annually. The professional plan grants more integrations, phone chat & email support, unlimited split testing, and the ability to customize and edit code.

Finally, there’s the premium plan. The premium plan costs $99 per month, or $79 per month if you pay annually. The premium plan offers the most integrations, webhook integrations, phone chat & email support, unlimited split testing, the ability to customize and edit code, a free sub-account, 5,000 custom web fonts, and expert design consultation.

Instapage Support

The honest truth is that Instapage is so simple and intuitive, that the learning curve is near “zero” and you probably won’t require much if any support. That being said, Instapage still offers a lot to work with, including a new user guide, an email support ticketing system, a frequently updated blog, and a massive help center that’s stuffed to the top with publishing, getting started, page building and integration tips.

Instapage also offers a live chat helpdesk available to their professional and premium members.

In addition to this already impressive list of support functions, Instapage also offers an entire video series on how to get up and running. The topics include creating landing pages, adding Facebook pixels, configuring sub-accounts, WordPress integration, integrating with Salesforce, analytics, and a ton of other videos that you might love to check out.

Instapage also has a community center, so if you’re in a pinch and want to reach out fast you can simply post a question, or otherwise search the community to see if your question has been asked before.

Finally, Instapage hosts a marketing resource section that includes information on landing pages, squeeze pages, splash pages, sales pages, lead capture pages, and tips on A/B split testing.

So, regardless of how much (or little) you want to dive in, and regardless of your current experience level, Instapage has plenty of support avenues and they’re there to help you in the event that you have any questions, regardless of how simple or complex your question is.

Instapage Reputation

Instapage users have built over 1,000,000 pages and have obtained a conversion rate of over 25%. 25% might not seem like a very high conversion rate, but it’s very impressive considering that they’ve tested an unfathomable quantity of traffic, across a truly vast breadth of markets.

For that reason, Instapage’s reputation is one that of trustworthiness and transparency. Very few marketing platforms on the planet are so forthwith regarding their actual conversion rates, if any. When you visit the Instapage homepage, you’ll see that their customers speak very highly of their service, and many of the key compliments are concerning the ease of use, speed, and efficiency of their platform.

Instapage also has over 250,000 clients, and massively heavy hitting companies such as autopilot, wealthfront, LevelUp, Allstate, and Oracle trust Instapage with their lead generation and marketing pages, so if you decide to give Instapage a whirl, you’re absolutely in good company.

Instapage Conclusion

Here’s the bottom line. These days, traffic is getting more and more expensive, so conversions have never been more important.

Even if you rely on organic SEO traffic, competition keeps getting thicker and better. To make a long story short, ugly marketing pages no longer make the cut.

With Instapage, not only are their pages proven to convert, but you’ll be happy knowing that your marketing pages are beautiful and easy to build. So you can sell more products, build a bigger list, and ultimately capture the hearts and minds of your target demographic, even if you’re a literal disaster when it comes to graphic design and copywriting.

So if you have something to sell, want to build your list, want to increase your webinar registration rate, or otherwise want to promote absolutely anything, Instapage is worthy of your consideration.

You can try Instapage for absolutely zero cost for a span of 30 days, which is absolutely generous, and you never have to install any clunky or confusing software. Simply login to the member’s area, select a template, and then drag and drop until you end up with a beautiful landing page that you’ll be happy to share with your audience.


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Mike researches and reviews products for Top 10 Marketing Software. Mike has vast experience in blogging, teaching and internet marketing. See Mike's profile on Google+.

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