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Internet Business Promoter Review

Axandra is a company that specializes in developing SEO tools designed for businesses, and entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes. Axandra is a small company run by Andre Voget and Johannes Selbach, and they actually have two different tools that you might like to consider for your SEO campaigns. 


The two Axandra tools are wildly different; one is a cloud based utility (called SEOprofiler), and the other is a software based SEO utility (called iBusinessPromoter). If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about Axandra, this review is going to demystify any confusion, so you can proceed with crystal clarity and better determine which Axandra SEO tool is right for your business.


The first Axandra tool that you should know about is called SEOprofiler. SEOprofiler is a fully fledged web based SEO tool that allows you to increase your search engine rankings, and should be your first choice if you want to use a cloud based system. SEOprofiler includes rank tracking, a comprehensive keyword tool, white label branded reports, website auditing, and AdWords integration.


Also under the Axandra umbrella is a desktop software called iBusinessPromoter. The first thing iBusinessPromoter does, is ask you which keywords you want to rank for in which search engine. After you specify your settings, iBusinessPromoter works by analyzing your website, and looks under the hood for any specific optimizations by comparing your existing site’s SEO best practices. 


So iBusinessPromoter looks at the actual structure of your website, and also backlinks to your website, and then makes recommendations about how to improve your overall ranking.


Very few SEO companies offer the best of both worlds. Axandra provides to you two entirely different suites of SEO products. So if you prefer a desktop application that allows you to fully optimize your website, or if you’d feel more comfortable with a cloud based web service, Axandra has you covered. 


Either way, if you want better search engine rankings, more website traffic, and the ability to out-compete your competitors Axandra offers commendable options to suit your requirements.

Internet Business Promoter Review
iBusinessPromoter Advantages

Very Agile – It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business, an SEO agent, or part of a massive SEO firm, Axandra offers adequate solutions to help you better rank your websites, and the websites of your clients. Between SEOprofiler and iBusinessPromoter, you’re never going to be left out in the dark regarding SEO best practice, or need any additional tools.


Tons Of SEO Options – SEOprofiler provides all the ranking intelligence, Google rank monitoring, link analysis, link building and keyword research you could ever need for your websites. On the other hand, iBusinessPromoter is ideal if you want to specifically look under the hood of your existing site to better optimize it for better search rankings. Either way, Axandra has you covered.


High Profile Clients – One thing you should always look at before investing in an SEO based service, keyword tool, or any SEO product period, is the list of clients. Axandra, and more specifically iBusinessPromoter have some massively heavy hitting clients, including eBay, Lexmark, Canon, Zurich, Siemens, McKinsey & Company, Caterpillar, and T-Systems. 


Why is this so vitally important? Because when an SEO software (and service) company can amass such an impressive assemblage of high profile clients, you can be rest assured that their SEO software is of high quality, that they put forth great effort to presume high ethics, and that their customer support is known to bend over backwards to accommodate clients of all sizes, because reputation is everything in the SEO world, as you know.

iBusinessPromoter Disadvantages

Lack Of Clarity – When you land on the Axandra page, you might be a tad confused as to which tool is for you. Their main homepage is relatively barren, and immediately you have a choice between selecting between SEOprofiler and iBusinessPromoter. 


Hopefully, the very review that you’re reading now will answer any questions that you have, and at the same time provide advice worthy of making a decision as to which option is best for you.


Too Many Options – What’s more important to you. Analyzing the current structure of your website to better optimize onsite SEO, or the ability to integrate with Google AdWords? Because iBusinessPromoter can analyze your website for best onsite performance, and SEOprofiler can integrate with Google AdWords. 


However, it can be difficult to ascertain this information unless you spend 20 (or 40) minutes researching all of the different Axandra services and spend time reading between the lines. For that reason, hopefully you appreciate this review and hopefully it can provide valuable insight so you can better rank your web properties one way or the other.


Competition – One of the worst things you can ever do, is provide your customers too many options. That’s why Axandra might lose points because their customers are, in all probability, delaying in making a choice between their software SEO tool and their cloud based system.

Who Is iBusinessPromoter Ideal For?

The Axandra tools are ideal for marketers and businesses of all sizes. So if you want to improve your onsite SEO, analyze keywords so you can rank better in Google, or otherwise audit your entire website so you get more organic traffic, Axandra can absolutely benefit your business regardless of how large it is.


So if you’re an Internet marketer, an affiliate marketer, a blogger, an author, an instructor, a coach, a consultant, webinar marketer, or a network marketer, Axandra’s tools can definitely help you to get more traffic, grow your list, and provide better rankings in less time.


Additionally, if you’re an SEO consultant, or work as part of an SEO agency, then you’ll be able to get better SEO results for your clients.


The best part, is that it doesn’t matter if you prefer a software based SEO tool (iBusinessPromoter), or a cloud based system (SEOprofiler), either way you can find something to suit your fancy, which makes Axandra a unique option as far as SEO tools go.

iBusinessPromoter Signup Process
IBP Signup

Both of Axandra’s tools provide free access, so you can register to SEOprofiler for free, and you can also download a free demo version of iBusinessPromoter.


Whether you’d like to try SEOprofiler for free, or download iBusinessPromoter, you’re not going to need a credit card, and you might decide to try both of them if you’re still curious to see which one is best for your business.


When you visit the Axandra homepage, you’ll find that there are two big calls to action, one is promoting the SEOprofiler homepage, and the other is promoting the iBusinessPromoter homepage, so the choice is yours to decide which tool/service would make the most sense, however they’re both free to try, and also risk free.

iBusinessPromoter Ease of Use
IBP Dashboard

Both of Axandra’s tools are absolutely easy to use. Let’s talk about iBusinessPromoter first. To download iBusinessPromoter, you should have a Windows based operating system, any Microsoft operating system should be able to run it, though it doesn’t support Mac or Linux operating systems.


Once you install iBusinessPromoter (it’s a tiny 6.* MB download), you’ll be up and running in no time. You’ll be asked which keywords you want to rank for, and then the tool will make recommendations as to how you can improve your ranking immediately. 


In the event that you have an HTML based website, you can even let the software make automatic optimizations to your site, however, if you use a content management system such as WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal, you’ll have to make the changes that the software recommends manually.


In the event that you’re using a Mac or Linux based operating system, or the idea of installing software just turns you off, then it’s recommended that you use SEOprofiler instead. SEOprofiler can be accessed directly from Axandra’s homepage, and SEOprofiler is an absolute breeze to use. 


Upon logging into the SEOprofiler’s member’s page, you’ll be asked what your website URL is, and then your dashboard is populated with website audit statistics, backlink statistics, ranking statistics, and other data that you’ll be able to access at a glance.


Whether you want to use SEOprofiler or iBusinessPromoter, you’ll find that the learning curve is quite low, and you won’t have trouble especially if you have any experience in the SEO world.

iBusinessPromoter Features
iBusiness Promoter Features

Ethical SEO Methods – iBusinessPromoter contends that the majority of competing SEO software utilizes unethical and undesirable SEO methods that may work in the short term, however in the long term will conduct permanent damage to your website’s ranking and reputation.


Real Time Hand Holding – iBusinessPromoter allows you to analyze your website rankings according to the top-10 search engines in real time, while at the same time analyzing your webpage so you can proceed with crystal clear clarity as to how to get your website to rank and meet your goals.


ARELIS Link Building Tool – iBusinessPromoter’s ARELIS tool works to find high profile backlinks that will have high impact, so you can build a massive army of link juice that will give you the upper hand versus your competitors who have no idea how to effectively acquire quality backlinks.


Manual Search Engine Submission – iBusinessPromoter takes the position that many other software tools automate search engine submission in a simulated fashion, making it easy for Google to easily identity (and therefore neglect or ban) said submission. Contrarily, iBusinessPromoter manually fills out the submission form, waits for a slight interval of time, and then proceeds to submit the data. 


This way, your search engine submissions seem more organic, and have a higher probability of being accepted by the major search engines unfettered.


Intuitive Software Design – If you’re not the most advanced search engine optimizer, or if you’re a technical luddite, then you’ll still be able to proceed with iBusinessPromoter because it’s been designed intuitively so you shouldn’t encounter any problems.


Ranking Monitor – SEOprofiler makes checking your rankings on Google Bing and Yahoo as easy as logging into the member’s area and viewing your dashboard. So maybe you love the idea of keeping up to date with your rankings, but don’t want to install the iBusinessPromoter software, then you might want to take a serious look at SEOprofiler instead as their layout is intuitive, easy to understand, and the learning curve is near nothing.


AdWords Integration – Google AdWords is one of the best SEO and keyword tools anywhere, period, and this can’t really be contested. The problem with AdWords, however, is that it’s so complicated to use that most people neglect it outright. That’s why SEOprofiler might be a dream come true, so you can tap into the infinite power of AdWords without struggling to understand what you’re looking at.


White Label Reports – Both SEOprofiler and iBusinessPromoter grant you the ability to print white label branded reports. So you can hand them off to your boss, to your clients, to your team, and take all the credit while your Axandra tools do all the hard work.


Social Monitoring – SEOprofiler enables you to monitor social media, so you can see exactly what your customers (and prospects) are saying about you. Is your relationship golden, or are people burying your integrity? With SEOprofiler you’ll be able to jump out and congratulate your best customers, or otherwise defend yourself from your curmudgeonly critics.


Competitor Analysis – Spying on your competition has so many benefits, that one could easily fill an entire novel with the nuances and subtleties. Whether you want to better understand how and why your competitors are ranking, so you can steal their hot lunch, or whether you want to show off this information to a client, so you gain unshakable trust and authority, SEOprofiler makes it simple to accomplish.

iBusinessPromoter Integration's

Google AdWords – iBusinessPromoter can actually export massive lists of keywords directly into Google AdWords. So if you’ve been disappointed with Google’s own keyword tool, you’ll probably benefit from using iBusinessPromoter’s keyword tool which is intuitive, and exports directly into Google AdWords. You might be wondering what benefits this has over Google’s own keyword tool; 


iBusinessPromoter calculates your ad group focus score of your keyword groups, so you can get a better quality score, enabling you to get lower offers on bids (so you save money), and higher ad placement (so your ads get seen more frequently).


Yahoo – iBusinessPromoter can submit your URL to Yahoo in a totally natural way that Yahoo won’t think looks suspicious. That’s the problem with other search engine submission tools; they’re often automated in a way that Yahoo blocks, so they never even look at your submission, and truthfully they might even deny your submission as a result of the fictitious looking entry.


Bing – iBusinessPromoter also submits your URL to Bing in a way that looks 100% organic and natural. That’s because the mechanism upon which your URL is submitted, actually is organic and natural. So you can simply choose what keyword you want to rank for, and your URL, and sit back as iBusinessPromoter automatically submits your URL in an entirely white hat, and automated process.


Google – What would iBusinessPromoter be if it couldn’t submit your website to Google as well as Yahoo and Bing? Moreover, what good would it do you if your submission was flagged by Google? 


That’s why iBusinessPromoter will submit your URLs to not only Yahoo, Bing, and Google, and other directories that are actually worth your time; iBusinessPromoter warns you directly against services that claim to submit your website to “thousands” of search engines, because many of these search engines are spammy at best, and won’t do you any good. As iBusinessPromoter says, quality counts, much more than quantity.


Google Analytics – If you decide to go with Axandra’s web based tool SEOprofiler, you can easily integrate with Google Analytics. So you can pull the precious data from Google, without juggling between 20 different logins or getting frustrated at how difficult Google Analytics truly is. You can also export beautifully designed white label reports using Google’s data, so you can impress your boss, your clients, pass them off to your team, or use that data to plan your own SEO campaigns for your own websites.

iBusinessPromoter Pricing
IBP Pricing

If you’re on a tiny budget, then Axandra can still provide ample SEO optimization, even if your budget is literally zero.


That’s because iBusinessPromoter is available for you to download at absolutely zero cost, and you can also register to SEOprofiler for absolutely zero cost, both of which don’t even require a credit card to get started.


In the event that you’d like to take things to the next level however, then both of Axandra’s services offer premium solutions that can accommodate you regardless of your requirements.


First, let’s discuss the price of iBusinessPromoter. There are basically two editions of the software, and the big differentiation is that the standard plan edition doesn’t allow you to print white label reports, and the business edition does.


Both iBusinessPromoter editions come with the ability to analyze your website, conduct keyword research, submit your website URLs to directories and search engines, social bookmark your URLs, analyze backlinks, check rankings, optimize your HTML websites, and analyze different SEO variables that can help your website rank.


So, the iBusinessPromoter’s standard edition costs $249.95, and has all of the features, except for the ability to print white label reports. The business edition costs $499.95, and does allow you to print white label reports.


What about SEOprofiler? Well, SEOprofiler has four different plans.


There’s a standard plan, a smart plan, a professional plan, and an enterprise plan.
The standard plan costs $49.95 per month, and allows you to track 500 keywords, audit 20,000 pages, manage 10 projects, and grants access to 1 user.


The smart plan costs $99.95 per month, and allows you to track 1,000 keywords, audit 50,000 pages, manage 50 projects, and grants access to 5 users. (You can also try the smart plan for $1 for the first month, with absolutely zero risk).


The professional plan costs $249.95 per month, and allows you to track 2,500 keywords, audit 150,000 pages, manage 150 projects, and grants access to 15 users.


Finally, the enterprise plan costs $999.95, and allows you to track 10,000 keywords, audit 750,000 pages, manage unlimited projects, and grants access to unlimited users.


So that’s a lot of data to deal with, right? 


Here’s the bottom line. You can try both iBusinessPromoter and SEOprofiler for free, so if you’re confused how to start, simply visit the Axandra homepage, click on either SEOprofiler or iBusinessPromoter, and then try either of them for absolutely zero cost, no credit card required. 


The best part, is that all Axandra services and tools come with a 100% guaranteed, no quibble 30-day money back refund policy, so you’re never at risk if you decide that you don’t like the service (or software) for any reason.

Axandra Support

Here’s a big piece of advice. Before you ever try any software or service, especially if it’s an SEO tool, try to contact that company first to see what their support is like. Do they contact you back in a timely manner? Are they happy, or do they seem like they hate life and are frustrated?


What you’ll find when you contact Axandra, is that they’re entirely laid back, happy, and you’ll probably be responded to by one of the owners of the company (either Andrew of Johannes).


So, if you’re ever confused about which Axandra tool is right for you, even after reading this miraculous and highly detailed review, then you might decide to contact them and put their support to the test. See if their response enlightens, and impresses you in the least.


Axandra is based in Germany, and they prefer to offer online support, and they have found that since the majority of their customers are based in the USA, that the time differentiation makes offering phone support difficult and impractical.
That being said, Axandra promises to respond to your replies in a timely fashion, and within 24 hours.


Axandra also offers a host of alternative support and data functions. For example, Axandra manages a third party SEO blog that’s stuffed to the brim with frequent entries, and you might have a fun time perusing that. (You can access a direct link from the Axandra homepage).


In addition to Axandra’s friendly support practices, and their frequently updated SEO blog, you’ll find that iBusinessPromoter has ample documentation on their website, including a FAQ section, in addition to an endless mound of social proof (testimonials, and a very impressive list of clients).


SEOprofiler also offers a wealth of support features, including a FAQ section and a massive step-by-step manual that is sure to answer any questions you may have about the already intuitive and easy to understand service. 


It doesn’t matter if you decide to go with iBusinessPromoter or SEOprofiler; either way, you’ll never be left in the dark, support is easy to talk to, and Axandra cares about your success.

iBusinessPromoter Reputation

Lexmark, eBay, Canon, Zurich, TVA,, Micro Direct Ltd.,, Flash Factory, Siemens, Network Solutions,, Motorola and BDML are all on record as being customers of Axandra and iBusinessPromoter.
You probably realize by now that an SEO tool having such an impressive list of clients is atypical to say the least.


So, how does that make you feel? Does it make you feel good to know that Axandra has accumulated a massive collection of high profile clients? Webmasters from all over the world, large and small, rely on Axandra to help get their websites in the search engines. So they can better improve their onsite SEO, build better backlinks, spy on their competitors, and generate massive goodwill when they get an increase in customers.


So, at the end of the day, Axandra’s reputation is one based on trust, dependability, and results. Do you think they could prompt these massive companies to work with them if they were incapable? It seems highly unlikely. 


If you’re curious to learn more, you might consider viewing some of iBusinessPromoter’s testimonials, you’ll likely agree that they’re very impressive, and that in all probability they stay true to their oath to engage in 100% ethical and Google compliant SEO strategy.

iBusinessPromoter Conclusion

Axandra is one of those rare companies that offer something for everyone.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a massive SEO agency who serves dozens (or more) clients. 


It doesn’t matter if you’re a tiny one-person army striving to get better Google rankings for your tiny ecommerce store. Either way, Axandra can accommodate you with better search rankings. So you can get more website traffic, better website visitors, grow your email list, and ultimately get more leads, clients, buyers, and sales.


So whether you want to try iBusinessPromoter, or SEOprofiler, remember that Axandra makes a few guarantees. The first guarantee Axandra makes, is that their systems are based entirely on 100% ethical and white hat SEO methods, so Google’s never going to turn their back on your websites that you’ve worked ceaselessly to perfect.


Axandra’s second guarantee is that you’ll be satisfied with your results. In fact, if you’re not satisfied, then they don’t even want your money; you’d be insulting them if you kept it.


So, what do you have to lose? Both of Axandra’s SEO tools are free to try, there’s no credit card required, and they’re literally bending over backwards to give you every opportunity for better search engine rankings, so you can finally build more rapport, get more traffic, and grow your business (and your client’s business) even if you’re on a shoestring budget.


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