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JivoChat Review

JivoChat is a live chat helpdesk that will make your company look good, all the while drastically improving the support that you offer, while also increasing sales. Many of the features available on JivoChat are made to help your business increase conversions, establish customer trust, and drive active monitoring all the while you make more sales and look good throughout the entire process.


JivoChat positions itself as a helpdesk platform that not only handles end user support and the answering of questions, but also turns your website visitors into paying customers. So ask yourself if you’ve ever lost a sale because your website visitors had a question? 


Even worse, have you ever lost a sale because you didn’t even know that your website visitors had a question? If that’s the case, you’ll benefit tremendously from using JivoChat’s live chat feature.


JivoChat places major emphasis in being fast and easy to use. So you can assign agents, and begin helping your website visitors without any technical overwhelm. JivoChat’s philosophy is that you have 15 seconds to answer a question before your visitors lose interest, and with their fast and snappy live chat system, you can easily accomplish that requirement. 


JivoChat accomplishes a fast agent turnaround by using a very sleek looking, easy to understand interface, and also the ability to respond using mobile devices, or almost any device for that matter.


JivoChat proudly boasts 24/7 support, so if you ever encounter trouble, you can get help the very minute that you experience an issue. Because you realize how valuable your time is, and how frustrating it can be losing sleep when you have questions about implementation, or how a certain feature could help benefit your business enormously.

JivoChat Review
JivoChat Advantages

Intelligence – When your agents are using JivoChat, they can see what your customers are typing in real time before they even send the message. This will allow your team to have a sneaky form of clairvoyance which can absolutely increase conversions, trust, brand recognition, and most importantly, sales.


Beauty – JivoChat is easily one of the best looking live chat helpdesks available anywhere. Upon visiting their homepage, you’ll concur that their service looks absolutely awesome. Imagine having this chat system on your website, so your customers were confident in your products, services, and ability to provide awesome support.


Versatility – Maybe you’d love nothing more than the ability for your end users to click to call you whenever they wanted. Because face it, some of your end users would much rather talk to a human than type to one, even if they have total confidence in and love your brand.

JivoChat Disadvantages

Competition – You probably know by now that there are five dozen competent live chat helpdesks available right now, and more are springing up all the time. So, how are you supposed to find the best one for your business? If this has ever frustrated you, then hopefully this summary review will provide clarity, so you can better determine if JivoChat is right for your business.


Free Plan Lacks Typing Insight – One of JivoChat’s coolest features is the ability to ethically “spy” on your website visitors as they type to you in real time. Unfortunately, the free plan doesn’t allow you access to this feature.


Free Plan Lacks 256-Bit Encryption – JivoChat’s free plan is certainly generous, however lacks important features such as their 256-bit SSL encryption. If you’ve ever lost sleep because of IT security issues, then you realize how SSL encryption can help you sleep like a baby, even if hackers are lining up outside your website chomping at the bit while trying to steal your data.

Who Is JivoChat Ideal For?

If you’re a blogger, publisher, Internet marketer, affiliate marketer, coach, consultant, or if you have any type of web presence where you sell products and services, you can absolutely benefit by having JivoChat.


Moreover, if you have a reputation for having beautiful websites and fast customer service, then JivoChat won’t let you down as their chat integration is one of the best looking options. 


So ask yourself if you’ve ever been disappointed with a live chat helpdesk system that you weren’t proud of? Is looking good important to your brand? If that’s the case, consider JivoChat as a feasible option so you can help your end users fast, answer their questions, close more sales, all the while looking good in the process.

JivoChat Signup Process
JivoChat Signup

Signing up for JivoChat is fast, it will only take you that of 30 seconds. Upon visiting you’ll be greeted by one of their friendly customer support engineers who are on the clock 24/7, and you’ll probably take note at how nice their website and chat integration looks.


Upon registering, you’ll only need to enter your email and password, no credit card is required and you can decide on your plan later. JivoChat does offer a free plan that’s forever free, so you might decide upon settling for a forever free account for the entire life of your business. 


You’ll learn more about the premium plans later on in this review. For now, proceed with confidence knowing that you can try and use JivoChat without paying a single penny forever, in the event that you never decide to upgrade to a premium service.

JivoChat Ease of Use
JivoChat Dashboard

You might be shocked once you login to JivoChat and discover how easy everything is to configure. You’ll immediately be prompted to install the live chat helpdesk on your website, and there are several options of doing so.


You can either manually install the few lines of code directly onto your website, or you can install one of their handy plugins that work across a massive list of platforms.


In other words, there are plugins for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop, MODX, OpenCart, and Shopify that you can use for a simple integration.


Once the JivoChat live chat client has been installed on your blog or website, you can easily begin interacting with your live chat visitors via the JivoChat website, and also through the JivoChat application that works on Mac, PC, tablets and mobile.


There’s also a very easy to understand settings control panel, where you can define triggers, notifications, blacklists, and contact forms. You can also easily edit the physical appearance of your live chat, so it can match the design of your website.

JivoChat Features
JivoChat Features

Beautiful Chat Designs – It doesn’t matter what shape or size your website is, you can easily integrate a beautiful and responsive live chat using JivoChat, even if the word “Graphic Design” leaves you running scared.


Not Just Text – Maybe your end users loathe the idea of chatting? If that’s the case, you can still capture their attention by offering the ability to call with a single click using the microphone on their device.


Proactively Engage – Did you know that some of your customers are dead shy? They’re afraid to engage in a live chat. That’s why with JivoChat you can proactively engage your website visitors, so even if the cat’s got their tongue, you can still help them out by offering awesome customer and sales support.


Interact On All Devices – Many of JivoChat’s competitors don’t allow you to chat with your website visitors on mobile devices. However, JivoChat enables you a multitude of options. You can answer live chats from a mobile device, tablet, PC, or Mac, so you can be absolutely comfortable when interacting with your website visitors in real time.


The Crystal Ball Feature – Many of your website visitors have a hard time properly wording their questions, and often times they’re too shy to hit “send”. For that reason, JivoChat allows you to ethically spy on your website visitors as they type, so you can often answer your website visitor’s question before they even get a chance to fully ask it. This will shock your visitors (in a totally good way) and enable you to build rock-solid customer service skills while getting the chance to sell more good and services.


Real Time Visitor Details – Each and every time a website visitor is chatting, the JivoChat app allows you to see their details. Details such as what browser they’re using, their Internet Service Provider, IP address, location, and what pages they’re currently viewing are readily available, so you can often cater your responses according to their unique demographics and situation.


Innovative Management – Have you ever been frustrated because your sales team is losing sales left and right? With JivoChat, you can easily manage and oversee all of your chat agents in real time all the while sending them feedback. This way, you’re in control of your own destiny and you can reward your top agents with positivity, charm, and guidance.


See How Your Team Is Being Graded – Maybe you’re not sure how your website visitors are perceiving each team member? With JivoChat you can easily compare the performance analysis across your entire team side by side in accordance with your team’s overall and individual rating. Why is this so important? So you can see which of your chat agents are on point, and so you can see which ones require improvement.


Track Your Employees – You probably realize by now that hiring virtual workers can be a nightmare! If you pay them by the hour, how can you tell that they’re really working? In many cases, it’s impossible to do so reliably. However, with JivoChat, you can track exactly how often your agents are working, so you’re never taken advantage of, even if you’re away for days or even weeks at a time and provide no direct supervision.


Blacklisting – Face it, no matter how awesome your service is, and how nice your agents are, once in a while you’ll encounter trolls, curmudgeons, bots, and hackers. That’s why JivoChat makes it easy to blacklist troublemaking end users, so they never cut into your bottom line and you can instead focus on the end users who deserve your topnotch support.

JivoChat Integration's

OpenCart – Do you have a storefront that uses OpenCart? If that’s the case, why not start interacting with your visitors so you can turn them into buyers? Even if your visitors have questions about services, you probably realize that they’re more likely to take action if you’re there to give them a helping hand. With JivoChat, it’s easy to integrate a live chat, and it’ll look great on any OpenCart platform.


WordPress – Setting up a JivoChat live chat helpdesk only take a few seconds with their easy to install WordPress plugin. Simply install the plugin, and begin interacting with your website visitors a few moments later.


Shopify – Maybe your business uses Shopify to sell physical goods and services? You could absolutely benefit by integrating a live chat so your end users have a method to ask for immediate help.


Magento – Magento is one of the world’s most popular ecommerce platforms, and if your business uses it you probably don’t have a live chat feature at the moment. Even if you do, maybe you’re not happy with the performance. If that’s ever been the case, then give JivoChat’s live chat system a whirl so you can see how fast, easy, and seamless integration truly is.


AmoCRM – Maybe you already have an existing ticket database using AmoCRM, but would love to complement the system using a live chat interface. It’s simple to accomplish with JivoChat, and you won’t have to pay hand over fist to integrate the two solutions seamlessly.


EC Wild – Do you sell products with EC Wild? Ask yourself if you’ve ever lost sales because one of your visitors had a question, but then could never find anyone to contact. Put yourself in front of your audience, so you never lose a sale that could otherwise be simple to snag.


Joomla – If you have a website using Joomla, but it’s suffering from a dreadful lack of interaction, installing a JivoChat live chat helpdesk can be one of the fastest ways to turn it around. Give it a whirl so you can turn your lingering website visitors into fans who get support when they need it, instead of them looking elsewhere for the support they need.


Drupal – Do you build content using Drupal? Have you ever lost a sale because your Drupal visitors tried to contact you via email, but you were too slow to respond? Or maybe they tried to contact you, but lost interest before you even had a chance to sell them your products. Don’t take that risk. It’s easy to install a live chat using JivoChat for your Drupal sites, even if you suffer from a dire lack of technical expertise. 


PrestaShop – With JivoChat you can turn all of your PrestaShop ecommerce platforms into a raging web presence so your website visitors can ask about your products and services. What better opportunity do you have to make more sales and upsells?


MODX – Maybe your business enjoys the creative freedom that MODX delivers, but you’re lacking on the customer experience side of things? Face it, if your website visitors contact you, and you don’t reply in a timely fashion, you risk not only losing the sale, but also their confidence as an end user.

JivoChat Pricing
JivoChat Pricing

The JivoChat features are easy to understand and their plans are quite scalable. There are two flavors of plan, a free edition, and a professional edition.


The free edition is always free, you never have to pay a single cent and it’s free for the life of your account. That being said, there are of course limitations. The first limitation of note, is that you may only use 5 agents on the free plan, so if you must scale beyond 5 agents, then you’ll eventually need to use the professional plan. 


The free plan also only provides the following features: Live Online Chat, Windows & MAC Functionality, Chat Transcripts, and Mobile Functionality. The other advanced features are only available on the professional plan.


JivoChat’s professional plan is inexpensive, and allows access to their entire list of features. The pricing is based upon how many agents your website uses, and also how far you’re willing to pay in advance. For example, if you decide to pay month by month, the cost is slightly higher than if you want to prepay for the full year.


So, you would pay $10.49 per agent per month if you pay annually, $11.99 per agent per month if you pay every 6 months, $13.49 per agent per month if you pay every 3 months, and $14.99 per agent per month if you pay month by month. So the longer you commit yourself to JivoChat, the less you’ll pay for their services.

JivoChat Support

JivoChat prides itself in their own products as they boast 24/7 support for all of their customers whether you have a free or paid plan. You can contact JivoChat using their live chat feature that’s prominently promoted on each of their webpages, or you can contact them via their telephone number.


In addition to JivoChat’s 24/7 support, you can also access their instructional guides, in addition to a massive database of customer questions that are public so as to help future clients who may have similar questions. So if you ever have a question, not only can you ask a live chat representative at any time, but you can also search their database of questions, and also their tutorials that should get you up and running without any stress.

JivoChat Reputation

JivoChat has the reputation of being a massively popular live chat helpdesk that launched in 2012 and is already an organization with over 50 employees. Their fast growth should speak volumes, because you probably realize how difficult it can be to launch a service successfully in today’s world of fierce competition.


JivoChat’s reputation for offering a worldwide service, reliability, and beautiful designs has aided in their success, and they tout impressive numbers, having over 130,000 customers. So JivoChat’s reputation is perhaps exceeded only by their ability to please and make millions of conversations possible each month across all of their end users.

JivoChat Conclusion

If your website, service, ecommerce store or blog is on the rise, then it’s time to start taking customer support seriously. If your competitors are using a live chat helpdesk, but you’re not, then you’re missing the boat. Even if you’re in a league of your own, you can still benefit big league by offering real time support.


So you can close more sales, make more deals, make your end users happier, and even offer upsells to your existing customers as they’re checking out.


Either way, JivoChat can be a great option, and you can start using their services for absolutely zero cost. It doesn’t matter if you need to scale immediately, or if you’re happy to test their services at a meager level, because you can register and install their live chat platform on your site, without knowing how to code and even if you don’t have a credit card.


So here’s the bottom line. If you realize by now that you need to offer beautiful looking support, and if you realize that 256-bit encryption is so important these days, then you might consider JivoChat as a top option. With over 130,000 customers they’re a heavy hitter in the game, and they’re happy to prove themselves to you, while benefiting the reputation and bottom line of your business.


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