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Jrox Review

Jrox Affiliate Manager is an affiliate tracking software used by thousands of customers around the world.

  • It gives you all the tools you need to start your own affiliate program without any initial costs.

  • It integrates seamlessly with your website and its built-in API can be used to allow automatic registrations for your affiliate program.

  • It allows you to manage unlimited affiliates without any hassles, and to have unlimited affiliate tiers and groups for better results.

  • It gives you a built-in mailing lists manager so that you can build your email list as you build your affiliate program.

  • You can provide a variety of affiliate promotional tools to your affiliates, so that it is easier for them to promote your products effectively, which results in increased conversions for your website.

Jrox Advantages

There are many advantages of using Jrox to manage your affiliate program. Here are some of those:

  • You can create unlimited newsletters and mailing lists for your program.

  • You get comprehensive reports and statistics of your affiliates’ activities, sales and clicks.

  • Jrox provides you with lots of different payment options so that it is easier for you to pay your affiliates when they reach the minimum payment thresholds.

  • You can send and receive payments in different currencies, as per your requirements.

  • Jrox gives you lots of network marketing features that allow you to build an army of affiliates for your business.

  • You can integrate Jrox with almost any shopping cart software and payment gateway, with a few clicks.

  • You can have unlimited affiliate products and offers in your programs, and can set different types of commission structures for them.

Jrox Disadvantages

While Jrox offers lots of useful features for managing your affiliate program, here are some of the things that I think can be improved a little bit:

  • If you are a complete beginner to affiliate marketing, it might take you some time to get used to the user interface of Jrox.

  • If you choose a plan that requires manual software installation from your side, you might face a few problems, if you are not tech savvy.

  • The free version of Jrox allows you to have only 50 affiliates. While its premium plans are not that costly, I would still prefer if they increased this limit a little bit.

Who Is Jrox Ideal For?

Since Jrox has been there in the industry for a long time, they have certainly started providing lots of features to their customers. Jrox is suitable for beginners as well as advanced users because of all those features. Plus, if you face any problems, they have a good support team that will do their best to solve your queries. This is very helpful especially for newbies.

Jrox Signup Process

In order to sign up for Jrox, you need to first select a plan that suits your needs. While signing up, you will also be given an option to add a few addons to your account. These addons include:

  • Affiliate Theme Customization - Jrox team will customize your affiliate area with the current theme of your website.

  • Basic Installation - Jrox team will install the software on your website for you, if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself.

  • Integration - Jrox team will integrate the affiliate software with your existing shopping cart software. This step is crucial to ensure that commissions are generated and paid to your affiliates on time.

Once your order is complete, you can login to your admin dashboard.

Once inside, you should go to Settings >> Global Configuration at the top-right corner to configure some basic settings for your account. You can also manage your Currencies and Languages from Settings menu.

Jrox comes with some pre-installed modules. You can check them by going to Settings >> Installed Modules. You can activate/deactivate modules as per your requirements.You can also install new modules to your account.

Once you have configured these settings, you are ready to use Jrox to manage your affiliate program.

Jrox Ease of Use

If you are somewhat familiar with affiliate marketing, it will be easy for you to use and customize Jrox to suit your needs. It is easy to add new affiliates to your program and setup customized commission structures for different products.

Multi-tier affiliate system of Jrox allows you to grow your program faster, and it also allows your affiliates to earn an extra income through their referrals.

When your affiliates reach the minimum payment thresholds, you can pay them with a few clicks. It is also easy to setup different currencies and languages in your affiliate program, if your affiliates are spread in different countries.

Jrox Features

Jrox affiliate manager offers lots of useful features. Here are some of those:

  • You can auto approve affiliate payments after a certain period of time. You can set custom commission structures for different affiliate groups and levels. You can create unlimited affiliate tiers and groups.

  • Your affiliate site design and layout is highly customizable. You get full access to CSS style sheets and HTML templates. You can customize your templates and themes any way you want. If you want to use custom logos for each of your affiliate programs, you can do so with a few clicks from your dashboard. If you have a pre-designed affiliate site template, you can upload it to your dashboard and use it for your affiliate program, instead of using one of the built-in templates. All of the built-in themes are mobile responsive and optimized via Bootstrap 3.2 version.

  • You can setup your affiliate program to accept multiple currencies. You can set different currencies for each of your affiliate programs. You can also add and update currency amounts anytime you want.

  • You get high level security and fraud prevention features for your affiliate program. You can monitor IP addresses of your visitors and affiliates, and block some IP addresses if you get some suspicious activities from those IPs. You can enable/disable auto approval feature for new affiliate registrations. You can integrate Google reCAPTCHA in your accounts to prevent bot sign ups and logins. The tracking features in Jrox are highly customizable.

  • Jrox provides you with detailed affiliate statistics and reporting. You get automated alerts for affiliate registrations and sign ups. You can archive your affiliate reports for future use. You can view statistics of individual affiliates in your program. You can also view detailed reports of clicks, commissions and sales generated on your website.

  • Jrox provides you with lots of network marketing features. You can enable/disable email downline option. You can have up to 10 downline levels of your affiliates. For each level, you can set a commission reward for your affiliates, for referring new affiliates to your program.

  • You can add/edit language files, translate language files, or upload new language files to your program.

  • You get advanced mailing list and newsletter features. You can create custom HTML emails using Jrox’s built-in HTML editor. You can archive all of your outgoing emails for future references. You can send out follow up emails on specific intervals of time. You can create unlimited mailing lists and design unlimited follow up emails in your program. If you have a special offer for one of your products, you can notify all of your affiliates about it by broadcasting an email. Jrox provides full support for third party mailing lists. It also provides support for newsletters in MailChimp, Get Response, and Constant Contact.

  • You can manage all of your data easily inside your Jrox account. You can import data of your members. You can also export data of your members, commissions and payouts, for offline use. You can take back ups of your database manually or you can set a schedule for having it backed up automatically. If, for some reasons, you come across any problems with your database, you can restore your database with one click.

  • You can provide your affiliates with lots of affiliate marketing materials. You can provide built-in social sharing links, email ads, article ads, HTML ads, page peel ads, lightboxes, text ads, rebrandable PDFs, videos, and QR codes.

  • You can track all of your affiliates’ activities with built-in tracking features of Jrox. You can have search engine optimized links and sub-domain links for your program. You also get support for CPM impressions and lifetime affiliate tracking. You can have a built-in ad tracking module and setup direct links with Invisilinks.

Jrox Integration's
Jrox Pricing



Jrox Affiliate Manager offers 3 plans. Let’s talk a little bit about each of those:

  • Monthly Leased License - This is a plan with low monthly cost. The software needs to be installed on your website. There are no transaction fees involved (for your affiliates sales). You get all features of Jrox Affiliate manager. This plan allows you to have unlimited affiliates in your account. You also get an ongoing priority support so your queries will get solved quickly. There are no fixed contracts with this plan and you can cancel your subscription at any time. The price for this plan is $17 per month.

  • Owned License (One Payment) - This is a plan with a one-time upfront payment. The software needs to be installed on your website. There are no transaction fees involved (for your affiliates sales). You get all features of Jrox Affiliate manager. You own the license of your software forever. This plan allows you to have unlimited affiliates in your account. You also get 1-year priority support. There are no fixed contracts with this plan. The price for this plan is $179 (one time).

  • Cloud Hosted Affiliate Program - With this plan, your software will be cloud-based. It will be hosted on Jrox servers. You don’t need to install any software on your website. There are no transaction fees involved (for your affiliates sales). You get all features of Jrox Affiliate manager, along with cloud based cPanel servers. This plan allows you to have unlimited affiliates in your account. You can use your own domain or sub-domain (for example, Jrox will also give you 2 GB web space and 10 GB traffic limit, so that you can manage your program effectively even if you get lots of visitors. There are no fixed contracts with this plan and you can cancel your subscription at any time. The price for this plan is $27 per month.

If you purchase the licensed version of Jrox affiliate manager, your license will be immediately sent to your registered email address. If you want bigger hosting plans for your affiliate program, you can upgrade at any time from your admin panel.

You can also switch from Leased license to Owned license whenever you want. You can also get a free version of Jrox affiliate manager, which has a limitation of 50 affiliates. Once you reach that limit, you need to upgrade to one of the above mentioned plans.

Jrox Support

If you get stuck at any point, or have any questions or queries about Jrox affiliate program, you can use the below mentioned support channels:

  • You can read these help documents to learn about basic Jrox features, setup and configuration, affiliate administration, commissions and payments, layout customization, integrations, affiliate links management etc.

  • You can submit a ticket if you have some specific queries or problems with your Jrox account.

Jrox Reputation

Jrox has been providing this software since 2005 and it is used by over 10000 websites as of today.

It has gotten positive testimonials from many of its customers such as Antoine Abney, Ray Eason, and many more.

It has also been featured on many sites including Best Affiliate Software, No1 Reviews,, Hot Scripts and many more.

Jrox Conclusion

Thousands of people use Jrox to track their affiliates’ campaigns all over the world. I would say that Jrox is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for an easy to use affiliate management system.


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Jrox affiliate manager integrates with dozens of payment gateways and shopping cart software, including - Cube Cart, Ecwid, Shopify, OS Commerce, Open Cart, WHMCS, DL Guard, 2checkout, Big Commerce, Presta Shop, PayPal, WooCommerce, Magento, Xcart, Zen Cart, Cart Manager, Pinnacle Cart, XT Commerce, Skrill, Payza, Dwolla, Coin Base, Get Response, MailChimp, Constant Contact and many more.

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