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How To Build A Landing Page That Converts Well

Before you build a landing page you should some important aspects first.



34 Landing Page Tips
Find how some things you can do to improve the conversion rates of your landing pages.



13 Conversion Tactics Of Great Landing Pages

Take a look at some things you can do to improve the ROI from your squeeze pages.



34 Landing Page Examples

The best way to figure out what works well is to emulate that of which already works well.


18 Landing Page Best Practices

What are landing page creators?

These are applications with tools that allow SEO experts, independent webmasters, website owners and Internet marketers to create, publish, test and monitor landing pages. You can check out the top 10 landing page generators here.


Landing pages are known to be the last step in the sales funnel before conversion occurs. When online users click on an ad, this is the page they are redirected to. The page offers a business website with the last opportunity of persuading an online visitor to buy a product or service, download an eBook, a white paper or fill out a form.


Creating a landing page that converts takes time and a lot of resources especially when you hire web developers to do this for you. Even when you have an in-house web development team, it will still be expensive. With landing page creators, developing, publishing and monitoring of the pages will be a breeze.

Check out our Top 10 Landing Page Creators

Comparison Table to see the best tools from a bird's eye view...

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The video above will help explain how a landing page creator is useful especially if you are using Wordpress as an ecommerce CMS for your business. The Wordpress landing page allows website owners to have access to great tools which allow for addition of graphics, videos and forms among others.


As a business, if you are looking to increase your conversion rates, then you need to have stunning landing pages. The only way you can have highly converting landing pages and at an affordable rate is through landing page creators and sales funnel creators like ClickFunnels.


It’s all about the treatment which is clearly displayed on your landing page. This is what convinces the online customer to buy, download or sign up to your email list.


Who uses landing page creators?

Landing pages have become the definitive guide to converting online visitors into customers. As a business, you can have several landing pages. The pages can allow online users to subscribe to your blog, to register for a webinar, to request for consultation or purchase a product or service.

So who uses them?

a.) Independent webmasters

b.) Internet Marketers

c.) Bloggers

d.) SEO experts

e.) Affiliates

Benefits of landing page creators

Create and publish stunning landing pages

The application offers professional design tools like a drag and drop builder. This allows you to move elements around the page you are creating providing a preview of the final page. The number of pages you can create are limitless as you can unpublish an old page and makes changes to it. For example, if the page allowed users to sign up, you can now change it to allow users to download an eBook or a white paper. Once you have recreated the page, you can re-publish and it will be visible online. All this is done with a few clicks.

Test your published pages

It is important to keep an eye on every strategy or campaign you have set for your clients. As SEO experts, optimizing a landing page is crucial and it helps you to know if the page is performing as expected. Landing page creators come with inbuilt A/B testing tools. The tools allow experts to perform tests in order to determine the reliability of the campaign or page in this case.


Access to templates

Starting from scratch when it comes to landing page development is quite difficult and time consuming. Landing page builders provide ready to use templates which are easy to edit and publish for your own benefit. The templates are already optimized with the latest web technology like mobile responsiveness.


Strategies, Tips and Tricks to help new users achieve the best results.

1.) Choose an application with mobile responsive templates

Mobile Usage Statistics

Research conducted reveals that over 50% of search queries done on the Internet originate from mobile phones. Today, smartphones and tablets are practically on every palm and users’ pockets around the world. It is important to offer the best user experience across your pages which include your landing pages too.


To reach and convert mobile users, you need an application that offers mobile responsive templates like Instapage. This will allow your clients’ online visitors to view landing pages where and when they want improving on conversion rates.


2. Incorporate critical elements


When designing a landing page, it is important to incorporate critical elements if you want the page to convert truly. You have to include a headline, a subheadline, a brief description of what you are offering, a supporting image, supporting elements which can include testimonials and reviews. Lastly, you need to have a way of capturing your online visitors’ information. This will go a long away in creating an effective email list. Include a form to help you achieve this. Check out PageWiz landing page builder software.


3. Match your Ad headline to your landing page headline

When designing a landing page, keep important elements consistent. Here is a simple explanation. When you create an ad, you incorporate a call to action message which convinces online users to click on the ad in the first place. Check the Zappos example below.

Zappos Ad

This message (CTA) is your head line and now when designing your landing page, it should be incorporated as the headline too. Why do this? This helps to avoid confusion, offers a better user experience and ensures consistency is reflected on your WebPages. Check the final result in the image below.

Zappos Shoe Page

4. Keep it simple

As a newbie, you might get carried away when creating a landing page. You will end up adding more content inform of pictures, buttons, videos and others. While you might think this is great, you ought to know your page will not convert well.


Online users don’t have the time to read a lot of text or view several videos, they need something brief and to the point. Checkout the Apple landing page above. It is great not because it’s developed by Apple but because the message is clear – the iPhone 6S is awesome, buy it now. This is what an online visitor is going to do immediately without waiting.


5. Provide a wide variety of choices

When it comes to signing up for a particular service, you need to incorporate different choices on your landing page. It is common to find newbies using landing page softwares to change button colors, move images around and add text on every corner. This does not result in instant conversion. What it does is confuse online users and redirect them to other websites. This is not what you were going for when you promised your clients’ the best.

Variety of Choices

When you change how online users sign up on your landing page, it will improve conversion rates. The choices need to be positioned differently placing the user in control. Check the image above for better understanding. Try using a landing page software that incorporates many different features like WishPond.


6. Incorporate social sharing

Social media sharing is a fine way to evangelize your clients’ business, products and services to online users. When you incorporate social sharing buttons from different social networks, you allow online users and customers to preach about your clients’ business. Take a look at our top 10 landing page tools to find the right software that offers many features.

You can even add an option for email forwarding as this too is a form of sharing and is bound to generate results in the long run. When incorporating social media buttons, avoid cluttering on the page. Yes, there are many social media networks but you don’t have to add all of them. Include those that your online visitors use.


7. Want to create a sign-up form? Ask for relevant information only

Information is powerful and when you collect it from online users, it provides an effective channel for your clients’ business to keep in touch and even convert them into paying customers. When designing a form, you don’t have to add many textboxes that would request for first name, last name, address 1, address 2, email, town, state, country, mobile number and telephone number.

Limit the form to first name, maybe the last name and finally the email address. Online users get scared when they see how much information they have to provide. Having few and best selected fields will increase sign up.


8. Avoid the navigation menu

Navigation Menu

The sole purpose of a landing page is to keep the online visitor interested to ensure they convert either by signing up, downloading an item or buying something. As a newbie marketer, when you incorporate the website’s navigation menu on the landing page, you risk driving online users away. How? They will be distracted as you are offering them an easy out of the landing page. Since no marketer wants that, you have to avoid incorporating the navigation menu.


9. Highlight benefits of the offer

Landing pages are designed to offer online users something with the purpose of converting them. It can be a chance to download an item, a chance to sign up and subscribe to the website newsletter or buy products and services on offer.


When creating a landing page, you need to highlight the benefits of the offer on the page. This can be accomplished in a few lines. You can include the name of the product, specifications, its benefits or how it helps to solve certain problems. The title should also be compelling enough to convince the user to make the action you want.


10. Create a killer CTA

Great CTA

A call-to-action message is what convinces an online visitor to perform an action. A killer CTA can mean the difference between a bounce and a conversion. It is simple as this – without a great CTA, no conversion will occur even if you have a great landing page with amazing offers.

A CTA should be the connection between the user and the eventual action to be taken. From the headline to the buttons, a killer CTA is necessary. For example instead of just adding the text “Submit” to a button, you can have a CTA like “Get Fresh Updates.” Learn how to develop effective CTA’s (


11. More landing pages equal more leads

Landing page creators offer marketers with a way of unpublishing a page, editing it to offer something new and publishing it again. This definitely limits the use of the application and lowers the ability to convert highly.

If a website owner contracts you to develop a landing page for their business, you need to consider what will benefit the business. When you incorporate several landing pages for example one page should allow users to subscribe, another will prompt them to download an item while another will convince them to buy a product or service allowing you to improve on leads. You can divide the download landing page into more pages where you have one for white papers, another for eBooks and another for webinars.

12. Practice congruence

This is a concept where marketers have to ensure that every single element on a landing page supports the core values of the business as well as the proposition. For example, are the images used relevant to the product or brand? Is the call to action message used in the headline and button relevant to what is being provided?

With this in mind, you need to look over the design in order to determine if it supports your client’s business goals. If not, you need to remove them and redesign the page.

13. Experiment with a variety of media types

It is uncommon to find a landing page with no media. Media types like pictures and videos are powerful tools that convey information better than plain text. One thing expert marketers will inform a newbie marketer is that visitors will spend more time on a landing page just to watch a video. This is because it is easier than reading.

If you are not able to come up with a visual tool that has a high production value, you can opt for a screen cast that offers an on-screen walk-through of the product.


14. Eliminate barriers to valuable content

You have been tasked with designing a landing page and in the end; online users will be able to download something. Before they download, you have a catch. You want online visitors to provide you with a few details that will help you to build an email list later.

To keep them on the landing page, offer them a taste of what they will download. One way of doing so is by displaying a sample of the first chapter. This will entice them to sign up and download.

15. Avoid the usual sales gimmicks

For a long time, marketers have been using sales gimmicks in order to convince online users to convert. You can still find marketers having designed landing pages and incorporated messages like “Buy Now” or “Best Deal Ever” kind of messages.

This won’t suffice with the current online users. They have learned the ways of the Internet and now they can see through the hype. Be authentic as this will assure you of customers.


16. Avoid pop ups and pop unders

Pop ups and pop unders are not for this business world and if you are going to use them on your client’s business landing page, you will be the bane of your client’s hard work and business. It may show some conversion but this can happen temporarily either because the online visitor wanted the pop up to go away or they are suckers. This won’t work well for your client’s business. Avoid incorporating pop ups or pop unders.

17. Use authentic testimonials

Genuine Testimony

In these days of Fiverr and other freelancing platform, many people are willing to work and provide whatever the clients’ needs without realizing the implications. As a newbie marketer tasked with developing a landing page, never use false testimonials or pay a freelancer to develop one for you. Just like pop ups, they will destroy your client’s reputation. Do not include stock photos along with the false testimonials.

If you don’t have authentic testimonials, don’t add them. If you have authentic testimonies, add them.

18. Professional design

Template Instapage

You have access to many templates but this does not mean you can now throw elements on the page and publish it. Online users will likely believe in a business that offers a professional looking landing page than one that does not.

Take your time, look at case studies of successful landing page like the one used by Pinterest or Apple. Think it over and imagine you are in your clients shoes. What would they want?



A landing page builder can do wonders for you if you use it right. It can mean more clients for you or a bad reputation for you and your agency. As a newbie marketer, creating a landing page for your clients is a big responsibility. You need to go about it with care.


Some strategies, tips and tricks to keep in mind include coming up with a professional design, creating a killer CTA, avoid pop ups at all costs, experiment with different media types and finally, use authentic testimonials. Following the above will assure you of great landing pages and more business.

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Check out our Top 10 Landing Page Creators

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