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Landing Page Monkey Review

LandingPage Monkey is a landing page software that churns out beautiful landing pages and grants the ability to embed any video into your pages as a background image. LandingPage Monkey never requires you to install any software because it’s entirely web based and easy to use.


If you want a super simple landing page creator to work fast and if you don’t want to install or deal with any messy software, then LandingPage Monkey is worth checking out. LandingPage Monkey does place a special emphasis on lead capture pages, however you can still create short form sales pages, webinar promotion pages, affiliate presell pages, contest notifications, and more.

  • LandingPage Monkey takes video marketing to the next level. That’s because LandingPage Monkey allows you to integrate your videos and insert them into the background of any of your landing pages built with LandingPage Monkey. If you want to create totally different lead capture pages that will catch the eye of your visitors, then you need to check this feature out.

  • If you want to build a list, presell affiliate offers, or promote your webinar with a snazzy looking design, then LandingPage Monkey makes it point and click easy. You’ll never have to install anything, on your host, or on your desktop, guaranteed.

  • If you’re an affiliate marketer, then you probably realize how difficult it can be to make conversions when you promote your affiliate links directly. That’s why LandingPage Monkey makes preselling affiliate offers super easy, so you can create a beautiful presell page that sells the click, and warms your prospects up to buy whatever it is you’re promoting.

Landing Page Monkey Review
Landing Page Monkey Advantages
  • 100% Hosted For You – Maybe you’re dying to build your email list with a beautiful lead capture page, but you still don’t have a website up and running? Don’t let your lack of webhosting prevent you from building your most important asset, which is your email list. Instead, consider letting LandingPage Monkey do all of the heavy lifting for you. So you can start to build your list with beautifully innovative lead capture pages, even if you don’t have a webhost.

  • Beautiful Video Integrations – You’ve never seen anything like what LandingPage Monkey provides with their video integrations. You can easily add any video to the background of your landing pages, which will make your creatives “pop” like nothing else. So do you want to kick up your lead capture pages up a notch? Try adding some attractive videos in the background so you can impress your prospects before they even opt-in.

  • Low Cost And No Limitations – First of all, LandingPage Monkey offers lifetime access for relative cheap money. So if you’re cost conscious, and are looking for a simplistic way to build beautiful landing pages, LandingPage Monkey definitely gets a check in the “plus” category for cost. Also, ask yourself if you’re annoyed that your current landing page software has more limitations than it does features? With LandingPage Monkey, there are no limitations, so you can create unlimited pages, and just focus on creating beautiful content that your end users will love.

Landing Page Monkey Disadvantages
  • No Templates – One thing that might turn you off is that LandingPage Monkey doesn’t include any templates. The LandingPage Monkey philosophy is that they try their best to make creating landing pages super easy, which they have accomplished, however in full transparency it’s important to note that they include absolutely zero templates ready to use out of the box.

  • Videos Don’t Appear On Most Mobile Devices – LandingPage Monkey’s landing pages will look just fine on nearly all devices, including mobile. However, one of LandingPage Monkey’s coolest features is the ability to create landing pages with embedded videos in the background. That being said, most mobile device manufacturers make it so videos will not auto play. This is a feature that helps to prevent the wasting of mobile bandwidth. Therefore, if your end users are on mobile devices they won’t see the embedded video. So if a mobile user visits a landing page with a LandingPage Monkey video, they’ll see a full screen background image or a solid color that you choose instead of the video.

  • Competition – You probably realize by now that the landing page scene is chock-full with abundant landing page products and services. For that reason, you might be left wondering if LandingPage Monkey is your best choice? Please continue reading this review for more inside information, so you can make the best choice possible for your business.

Who Is Landing Page Monkey Ideal For?

LandingPage Monkey is perfect for any type of Internet marketer, entrepreneur, email marketer, list builder, affiliate marketer, webinar marketer, or anyone trying to grow an audience through beautiful landing pages.

So maybe you’re an affiliate marketer looking to build some really cool looking presell pages, a webinar marketer looking to presell your webinars, or just an email marketer looking to jazz up your lead capture pages without being an expert coder or designer. If any of these situations are the case, then LandingPage Monkey is definitely worth looking at.

Also keep in mind that LandingPage Monkey hosts all of your pages for you free of charge, for life, without any limitations. So if you’ve been struggling to build your list, and want a solution that allows you to build beautiful lead capture pages without breaking the bank, LandingPage Monkey might be the perfect solution for you.

Landing Page Monkey Signup Process
Landing Page Monkey Signup

Registering for LandingPage Monkey is simple and only takes a few minutes. After visiting their homepage, about 2/3 way down the page you’ll see two large calls to action prompting you to check out LandingPage Monkey. The LandingPage Monkey checkout is currently hosted by JVZoo, which makes all transactions simple, protected, secure, and guaranteed.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a free trial, so if you’re interested to give LandingPage Monkey a whirl you’ll have to try one of their two payment options, however you’ll absolutely find the price to be low comparative to other landing page software options and when you consider the fact that you get free lifetime hosting for all of your pages, you really can’t go wrong. (If you’re curious to learn more about the pricing options, please continue reading this review for a full and transparent breakdown).

Landing Page Monkey Ease of Use
Landing Page Monkey Dashboard

LandingPage Money is different than the majority of other page builders, because there is no drag and drop interface or a “what you see is what you get” editor. Instead, everything is handled by asking you simple questions. So if you can fill in a few text boxes, you can easily create a really nice looking, mobile optimized landing page.

So upon logging in and accessing the LandingPage Monkey member’s area, you’ll have the ability to create a page. Once you’re creating a new page, you’ll be prompted by four different categories so you can configure your page exactly how you want it.

Each section takes you by the hand and asks you different questions, and you’ll have the ability to setup animations, buttons, videos, images, body text, headlines, and you can also edit all of these options individually to your heart’s content.

At the end of the day, the process is very intuitive, the learning curve is next to nothing, and you’ll be creating beautiful landing pages in a few minutes.

Regarding the integrations, you’ll be able to attach almost any email autoresponder, and you can attach videos from almost any provider, so everything is very simple to get up and running.

Landing Page Monkey Features
Landing Page Monkey Features
  • Easily Clone Any Page – Imagine if you built the perfect lead capture page, but you wanted to try split testing a different color button, a different logo, or a different video? Normally you’d have to create an entire new page. However, with LandingPage Monkey you can easily clone your entire page with the click of a button, so you can go in, change a few key variables, and find for yourself which landing page stands victorious.

  • Simple Importing And Exporting Options – If you have a team of outsourced workers, affiliates, joint venture partners, or are just friends with fellow marketing junkies, then you’ll love the ability to import and export landing pages within LandingPage Monkey. So you can easily swap, deploy, and share your landing pages with your marketing friends, staff, and colleagues with the click of a button.

  • Simple Conversion Tracker – Face it. You never know how your landing pages are going to convert until you start driving traffic. Maybe the landing page you thought would convert the best totally tanks, and the one you thought would convert the worst gets breakthrough opt-in rates? Either way, you’ll be able to track to the nth degree without any additional software simply by using LandingPage Monkey’s built in tracker.

  • Access From The Cloud – If you’re always on the go, you’ve definitely noticed how frustrating it can be when the software you need isn’t where you need it, when you need it. That’s why LandingPage Monkey is 100% cloud based, so you can work on your breakthrough marketing campaign anywhere you want, at any time, as long as you have Internet access.

  • Hosted For Free, For Life – This is easily one of LandingPage Monkey’s most generous features. Because you realize by now how expensive web hosting can be, especially if you’re driving thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of impressions across your marketing creatives. With LandingPage Monkey, they take care of all the hosting costs, so you can put your wallet away. (The idea of free lifetime hosting is unheard of to be honest, which is why this feature is so cool and noteworthy).

  • Unlimited Access – Have you ever had to create an Excel spreadsheet just to keep track of all the ways your current landing page software limits you? With LandingPage Monkey, you’ll be able to create campaigns in just a few minutes, and you’ll never be limited by the number of pages, the number of features, or anything. Guaranteed.

  • No Surprise Recurring Costs – There are two pricing options with LandingPage Monkey, and both of them are clearly defined. (You can learn more about them in a future section, but for now just be aware that you can get lifetime access for an amount that’s quite frankly paltry compared to the value that you get).

  • Beautiful Design – The team behind LandingPage Monkey aren’t marketing amateurs. In fact, they’re consummate Internet marketers, list builders, email marketers, affiliate marketers, and they’re always testing new marketing pages. For that reason, you can be confident that they take their own poison, and that their landing page software truly creates beautiful landing pages without much effort on your behalf.

  • Video Integrations – Imagine this scenario. Imagine if you could create a breathtaking landing page embedded with an HD video background that your end users have never seen before? Do you think you’d increase your chances of getting the opt-in by just a tad bit? Once you start testing LandingPage Monkey’s video embed feature, you’ll probably never create a boring static lead capture page ever again.

  • Type And Go – Once you create a new page within the LandingPage Monkey software, you’ll be shocked to see how easy everything is. You’ll fill out a few text boxes, check a few buttons, and before you know it you have a unique, beautiful, mobile optimized landing page ready to build a list, presell an affiliate offer, or promote your webinar event.

Landing Page Monkey Integration's
  • AWeber – If you’re an email marketer, or you want to be, there’s a good chance that you’re going to be relying on AWeber to manage your email subscribers. If that’s the case, then you can proceed with excellence because LandingPage Monkey makes integrating with AWeber as simple as “123”.

  • MailChimp – Maybe you’ve grown accustomed to MailChimp’s free email marketing solutions? If you’re a current MailChimp fan, and you’d never consider abandoning their awesome services, then you can easily turn LandingPage Monkey into your secret weapon by creating a beautiful landing page that integrates with MailChimp in a snap.

  • Constant Contact – Constant Contact is one of the most mainstream email marketing service providers on the planet. So if your business has grown accustomed to Constant Contact, you can still benefit by integrating a LandingPage Monkey lead capture page so you can take your list building efforts to the next level.

  • Rapid Mailer – Rapid Mailer is an email marketing platform that you host on your own webhost. If you’ve decided to go the self-hosted route, then you’re probably in dire need of an attractive stable of lead capture pages. Put LandingPage Monkey at the top of your list, because you can turn your self-hosted email service into a raging river of email subscribers by way of LandingPage Monkey, and it won’t take more than 10 seconds to integrate.

  • Amazon Web Services – Did you know that Amazon S3 is arguably the cheapest video host on the planet? (Other than YouTube obviously). For that reason, you might love to host your videos with Amazon S3, and then integrate those videos directly with your LandingPage Monkey pages. So you can host your videos for dirt cheap, and create beautifully stunning pages using LandingPage Monkey.

  • YouTube – If you’d like to keep your video hosting 100% free, then you can still integrate any YouTube video directly into your LandingPage Monkey pages with the click of a button. The best part, is that the majority of YouTube videos are actually free to use, so if you see any YouTube video that you like, you can easily add it as the backdrop for any of your landing pages using LandingPage Monkey.

  • Vimeo – Vimeo is another video host service provider that will integrate seamlessly with LandingPage Monkey. So it doesn’t matter where your video is, or where you want to host it, you can embed it into your LandingPage Monkey landing page in a flash.

  • Wistia – Wistia is a premium video host that integrates with LandingPage Monkey without any hassle. This might be ideal if you don’t like YouTube for whatever reason, and prefer not to use Amazon S3. Either way, LandingPage Monkey has you covered.

  • Flickr – If you’re looking for beautiful images that you can use for a background on any of your LandingPage Monkey pages, you should definitely checkout Flickr. Why Flickr? Because many of the images on Flickr are protected by the creative commons zero (CC0) license, so you can swipe, deploy, and use the majority of their images for absolutely zero cost. The best part, is that you can easily integrate Flickr images right into LandingPage Monkey. (Before you use a Flickr image for your business, just double check to ensure that the author has enabled the creative commons zero (CC0) license, and then you can legally use their images for your creatives, even for commercial use, without giving attribution).

  • Dailymotion – Maybe you’re falling out of your chair because all of your videos are hosted on Dailymotion. If that’s the case, don’t break a sweat! You can easily integrate Dailymotion videos into your LandingPage Monkey landing pages. So you can upload your beautiful HD videos, and then let those videos be the backdrop for your lead capture pages that will prompt your end users to subscribe faster than you can handle.

Landing Page Monkey Pricing
Landing Page Monkey Pricing

LandingPage Monkey pricing is absolutely one of the best features that it has to offer. If you’ve been browsing for other landing page builders, you’ve probably noticed how expensive the majority of them are. Additionally, the majority of them have high monthly fees that might leave you broke, instead of enabling you to build your audience the way you had in mind.

Imagine this. Imagine if instead of paying hand over fist for landing page software, if you took that budget and instead spent that money on advertising so you could grow your audience? Just food for thought.

Rant aside, the LandingPage Monkey software has two pricing options.

The first pricing option is for 12 months of access, and it costs $49. The second pricing option is for $69, and that option comes with lifetime access, including updates.

So, there are no limitations, there are no bonus features, and no hidden costs, only two options that are very easy to understand. $49 for 12 months, or $69 for life, those are your two payment options, and all features are included with both options.

Landing Page Monkey Support

LandingPage Monkey is so easy to use, that you’ll probably never need any support honestly, however you still might enjoy to check out a ton of support functions that they offer.

At the front of the line, are 12 different tutorial videos that can be found within the member’s area. The tutorials include topics such as an introduction, page styling, advanced design, button design, SEO, video options, page content, autoresponder integration, script customization, and a few other videos that you might want to check out.

After watching these short videos, you’ll probably never have any other questions about LandingPage Monkey, however in the event that you require assistance, you can always contact LandingPage Monkey’s support helpdesk which is easily accessible on any of their webpages and also within the member’s area.

In addition to these formal support functions, LandingPage Monkey also comes with a boatload of training bonuses that can definitely supplement the landing page software itself.

The first bonus is the List Monster video course, which walks you through how to build a responsive email marketing list, even if you have no idea how to get traffic, or how to attract the perfect end user.

The second bonus is the top secret list miner report. The report walks you through the process of generating more revenue from the same sized list, so you can focus on growing your email subscriber base even if your marketing budget isn’t the biggest on the planet.

There third training bonus is called the inbox samurai, which walks you through several breakthrough email marketing topics such as how to get your email subscribers to actually open your emails, click your links and buy your products, and how to build a large list simply by giving away free content.

All in all, there’s a ton of training specific for LandingPage Monkey, and a ton of supplementary list building training, so if you want to build your email list, and work on growing an audience, you’ll probably love the training bonus content.

Landing Page Monkey Reputation

LandingPage Monkey is brought to you by a team of marketers by the name of PromoteLabs. PromoteLabs are heavy hitting marketing nerds out of Nevada, USA who publish a massive array of marketing software, tutorials, guides, and video courses.

To be honest, their team isn’t the biggest, however they’re prominent marketers and if you’re searching on Google it won’t take long to figure out that they have a solid reputation, and they’ve been in the software launching game for quite a while.

The PromoteLabs team is known for their product launches, WordPress plugins, innovative software solutions, and for being serious Internet marketers who love to help small businesses build bigger lists, make more sales, get more results, all the while constantly launching new and innovative software solutions.

A quick Google showcases the fact that PromoteLabs products are popular, highly touted, and LandingPage Monkey is one of their most popular products, having a reputation for enabling marketers to create beautiful landing pages with absolutely zero cost, and even if you’re on a tiny minuscule budget.

A sister company of PromoteLabs, Monkey Web Apps, is responsible for massively successful and popular WordPress plugins and software product launches that occur on a frequent basis. Obviously, the LandingPage Monkey landing page software is under the Monkey Web Apps umbrella in addition to an impressive assemblage of marketing and promotional software.

Landing Page Monkey Conclusion

LandingPage Monkey offers some interesting features that you won’t find anywhere else. Like the ability to embed videos into any landing page that you want. Or the fact that there’s no recurring fees if you get the lifetime plan. This in conjunction with the fact that LandingPage Monkey offers free lifetime hosting that’s unlimited, results in a deal that might be ideal for your business.

If you’ve ever heavily promoted your lead capture page, landing page, or affiliate marketing presell page, then you realize how high your hosting fees can stack up. That’s why LandingPage Monkey offers you unlimited free hosting along with their software. So you can finally focus on creating beautiful landing pages and growing your list, without spending hand over fist or stressing out when your web host calls you up and cancels your hosting for hogging too much bandwidth.

So maybe LandingPage Monkey is worth a shot? It’s designed and supported by hardcore marketing nerds who practice what they preach. The publishers are active in the Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, and list building game, so you can proceed with the utmost confidence that the software was designed by marketers, for marketers.

Unlike other landing page software solutions, LandingPage Monkey won’t cost you an arm and a leg. If you’re struggling to build your list, and your marketing budget isn’t as big as it should be, then you owe it to yourself to check LandingPage Monkey out. You can get lifetime access for dirt cheap, and when you consider the lifetime webhosting that’s included, LandingPage Monkey might be the single best investment you make all year, especially if you’re still struggling to build your list, and don’t have a webhost at the moment.


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