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Before you build a landing page you should some important aspects first.



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34 Landing Page Tips To Achieve Higher Conversions

A landing page creator is a truly helpful tool for any business who wants to guide their customers to a specific purchase online. A landing page creator makes it simple and straightforward to put together an engaging landing page that will do the all important job of convincing customers to click and make the sale.

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As the above video from Clicklinks shows, every business needs a sales funnel. A sales funnel is a way of guiding customers further forward in the purchasing process, and matching them with products and services that suit their needs and pain points.

Top 10 Percent

Landing pages are a vital part of the sales funnel. Unlike general home pages which have a range of information, landing pages are designed to focus the customer's attention on the offer at hand, and move them towards making a purchase. In fact statistics show that the top 10% of landing pages convert visitors into buyers at a higher rate than lesser landing pages.


However for many businesses the question of how to build one of those top landing pages is a tricky one. In fact, getting landing pages built and tested is one of the top 5 challenges facing some businesses. Many businesses cite a lack of resources and lack of necessary budget as their top blocks to making the improvements they want to make in conversion rates.


Landing page creators solve this problem for businesses by giving them a cost effective and user friendly way to build landing pages that look great, read well, and most importantly convert browsers into buyers. With landing page creators there's no need for specialist coding knowledge. Setting up a page is as simple as dragging and dropping elements, adding some personal touches and inputting some sparkling copy to encourage that sale.


Any business who wants to make the sale online can benefit from purchasing a landing page creator. Landing pages are an invaluable tool for moving customers towards making a purchase, and landing page creators make it quick and easy for business of any size to get them set up and working hard for the business.


Choosing a landing page creator is only the start. Once a business has the right software, the big question is how can they use it to maximum effect? Here are 34 landing page tips that will take any landing pages from average to outstanding.


1. Have a great headline

Headlines Matter

Headlines matter. The headline is the first thing a customer will see and the thing that will decided whether they stick around to find out more or not. Headlines should be engaging and very clear as to what is being offered and what the benefit of it is.


2. Don't forget the subheading

Subheading are important to. If the headline is there to grab the customer's attention, the subheading is there to confirm to them why they should keep reading. A subheading can be used to expand on the offer and value promised by the headline.


3. Call attention to the value

It's a fact that businesses only have 8 seconds to make an impact with their landing page. That's why it's important to state the value of the product or service on offer in clear, bold terms right out the gate. Customers aren't going to wait around to find out why they should care about the offer. They need to know straight away.


4. Make the most of images

Images make a landing page attractive to the eye and help to keep a customer's attention engaged. Images can be used to add emotional impact and quickly tell a story about the business and the offer. Images should be carefully chosen to reflect the message.


5. Try a video

Videos are a useful addition to any landing page. In fact, using video can increase conversion rates by as much as 86%. Videos are attention grabbing and can help customers to form an emotional connection to the business and the product or service on offer.


6. Keep the layout uncluttered

When it comes to landing page layouts, clutter is the enemy. Too much clutter will distract the customer and they'll click away. Landing page tools are a great way to put together a layout that looks neat and uncluttered, and helps to focus the customers' attention.


7. Make sure it looks professional

Template Builder

A professional looking landing page can be the difference between making the sale and not. If a landing page immediately reads as professional, the business and its products will seem more legitimate and trustworthy in the customer's mind. An unprofessional looking landing page will raise doubts and drive them away.


8. Make it scannable

The landing page needs to be easy to scan at one glance. Text should be broken up with plenty of use of headers and bulleted lists to break the information down into bite sized chunks. A good layout and use of images can also help with making it easy to scan and pick out the key information.


9. Ensure there's no way back

One of the key differences between a landing page and a regular web page is that there is no navigation. Customers have two options: click to make a purchase or give information, or close the browser window. Any other navigation is a distraction and may encourage them to leave.


10. Make it mobile responsive

Mobile Use Increase

Mobile use is constantly increasing. That means that businesss need to be sure their landing pages are accessible by customers regardless of which device they are using to access the internet. If the page doesn't look good on mobile, they'll click away and the sale is lost.


11. Highlight key points

Customers don't want to wade through a lot of information to find out what they need to know. Key points such as what exactly is on offer and what benefits it will bring, along with price and how to order, should be easy to find at a glance.


12. Pay attention to the space above the fold

The space above the fold refers to the part of a web page that a customer can see without scrolling. All the key information and especially the benefits and reasons to make a purchase need to be above the fold. The trick is to get the customer's attention fully enough above the fold that they'll be willing to scroll down.


13. Keep the message consistent

The message of the landing page should be consistent from start to finish. This includes information about benefits and specifics of the business, product or service. This also applies to adverts, social media and the main home page – anything that leads to the landing page should be consistent with it.


14. Make sure everything supports the core message

Everything needs to support the core message. As well as adverts, social media and the home page, this includes banners, colors, logos, and the tone and message of any copy. Everything on and surrounding the landing page should support the core message.


15. Include some testimonials

Testimonials let customers know that real people like them have bought the product or service and found it to be worthwhile. Testimonials give them a real-world look at the benefits they stand to gain.


16. Give reassurance

Customers want to know that they're safe when they hand over their personal information or payment details. Businesses should include clear and easy to read terms and conditions and privacy policies to let customers know they're in good hands.


17. Know the audience

Businesses need a strong and in depth knowledge of the intended customers. By understanding them, businesses can craft landing pages that speak directly to them. One effective way of doing this is to create different landing pages for different customer groups, and in fact some companies report an increase in leads of up to 55% after increasing their number of landing pages from 10 to 15.


18. Deliver on promises

Failing to deliver on a promise is a surefire way to lose a customer's trust and lose that sale. Whatever a customer expects from the landing page, businesses must give it to them. If something is offered as a bonus, it needs to be free. If a product is offered at a sale price, that needs to be the price they pay.


19. Be truthful and honest

Customers are savvy about sleazy marketing techniques and know when they're being manipulated. Instead businesses can build a long lasting and profitable relationship by demonstrating honesty, respect and trustworthiness.


20. Offer something free

Offering free bonuses as a result of signing up or making a purchase is a great way to encourage customers to buy, and helps them to feel like they're getting extra value for their money.


21. Make use of forms

Form Creator

Forms offer businesses a way to gather information about their customers. That information can then be used to build a mailing list and to further analyze customer interactions. Most landing page creators offer an easy form creator.

22. Only collect the necessary information

Unsurprisingly, fewer questions on a form leads to a great form fill rate. Businesses should think carefully about the information they really need, and ask for that and only that.


23. Create additional landing pages

As touched on in point 17, creating additional landing pages can provide a real boost to sales. Some businesses reuse the same landing pages for different campaigns, and in fact 62% of B2B companies have six or fewer landing pages. Landing page creators make it easy to create additional pages.


24. Use A/B testing

AB Testing

A/B testing means creating two different copies of a landing page with different copy, logo, banner or layout, and then testing to see which is the most popular. Most landing page creators come with A/B testing built in.


25. Check the stats

Businesses who use A/B testing need to remember to examine their results and see what is working.In fact, President Obama raised an extra $60 million using A/B testing. Businesses need to A/B test and keep on top of their results.


26. Always review

More than 20% of businesses don't have a strategy for landing page testing. Most landing page creators offer at a glance statistics that make it easy for businesses to see at a glance how their landing pages are performing. Regular review make it easy to pick out what is working and what needs to change.

27. Make it shareable

Social Media Buttons

A great landing page is even better if more people can see it. The inclusion of social media buttons makes it easy for customers who like the product or offer to share it across their social media networks, encouraging yet more customers.


28. Add a little extra to the thank you page

Businesses can build goodwill by offering a little something extra on the “thank you for ordering” page. A free video, report, or ebook will make customers feel like they got extra value for their money.


29. Have a specific CTA in mind

Businesses need to start out with a specific call to action in mind. That way they can craft their landing page around that call to action and put everything together in a way that encourages customers to take the specific action required.


30. Repeat the call to action

Business shouldn't have their call to action just once at the bottom of the landing page. Rather, it should be repeated at regular intervals throughout the landing page to encourage customers to act.

31. Consider the wording on buttons

Calls To Action

The wording on call to action buttons matters. Submit is boring and customers don't generally want to submit – they want to feel empowered. Businesses can try ou different wording as part of their A/B testing.


32. Choose a creator that integrates with other software

Autoresponder Integration

Businesses use a range of different software such as mailing list software and customer relationship management software. The better a landing page creator integrates with other software, the easier it will be to make it part of the daily running of the business.

33. Choose a creator that's easy to use

Ease of use is an absolute must. A landing page with an easy drag and drop builder, helpful documentation and strong customer support will be worth more to a business than something hard to use and frustrating.


34. Make an easy opt out

Customers like to know that they won't be spammed. A simple message beside a form or call to action button stating that they can opt out of follow up emails any time will help set their mind at rest.




Statistics show that only 22% of businesses are satisfied with conversion rates. Businesses who want to see more conversions and an increase in profits will find that landing pages can help them achieve just that.


Landing page creators are a really useful tool that businesses can use to create landing pages that really work for them. The right landing page will grab customers' attention and make it clear to them why they should follow the call to action. That means more sales and businesses who are happy with their conversion rates.

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Check out our Top 10 Landing Page Generators

Comparison Table to see the best tools from a bird's eye view...

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