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LeadPages Review

Leadpages is a very successful landing page building software that will allow you to choose from hundreds of beautiful different templates for absolutely any marketing page that you could possibly have in mind. So if you want to build your email list, promote your own products, services, affiliate offers, webinars, or anything, then Leadpages might be one of your top choices.


Leadpages is known as a market leader in the landing page software scene, and after thoroughly reviewing their page builder it’s easy to understand why they have thus far accumulated over 60,000 paying customers. Leadpages started in 2013 and they’ve already amassed a staff of over 160 employees, and are known for having some of the best marketing page templates anywhere. So if you’re frustrated that your current marketing pages are dismal (at best), then definitely continue reading this review and proceed with confidence.

  • Leadpages is easily one of the most popular landing page builders on the planet. For that reason, you can count on a few different things with absolute certainty. First, you can count on the idea that they have beautiful templates, and that they have hundreds of them. You can also count on the fact that they have a large dedicated staff who love what they do, and they’ll be there to help you if you need anything.

  • Leadpages makes building a landing page simple. Even if you’re the least technical person on the planet, you can still craft absolutely stunning landing pages in a matter of minutes. Ask yourself how Leadpages acquired 60,000 customers over a span of just a few years? The answer is because they’ve mastered the process of making beautiful landing pages, even if you’re currently doubting your own potential.

  • Imagine if your landing pages actually converted? Leadpages is responsible for helping create over 1,000,000 landing pages. Do you think, that these types of statistics give them just a tad bit of an advantage when figuring out how to increase landing page conversions? With Leadpages, you can be as creative as you want and still operate from a proven landing page template that your end users are going to love.

LeadPages Review
LeadPages Advantages
  • Hundreds Of Beautiful Templates – It doesn’t matter if you’re an affiliate marketer, a network marketer, an offline business, a marketing agent for a fortune 500 company, an author or an independent webmaster. You’re going to find an ample quantity of landing page templates for all scenarios, and the biggest problem you’re likely to encounter is the inability to settle on just one template. So you can build your email list, and sell your products in style.

  • Drag And Drop Simplicity – If the days of using Adobe Dreamweaver still give you night terrors, then you’re going to love how simply you can create stunning landing pages that actually convert using Leadpages. If you can click your mouse, and tap on the keyboard, you can easily modify one of their proven templates and customize it any way that you want.

  • 100% Hosted For You – If you’re a marketer or entrepreneur, the last thing you want to do is slave over the IT stuff like cPanel and webhosting. That’s why you might love the idea that Leadpages hosts all of your marketing pages for you. So imagine if your landing pages were absolutely beautiful, and they were hosted for free on a lightning quick server that you didn’t even have to pay for?

LeadPages Disadvantages
  • No Free Trial – One thing that might disappoint you is that Leadpages doesn’t offer a free trial of any type. The reason behind this is that Leadpages has a dedicated staff who wants to offer awesome support, and unfortunately, as you know, the cost of offering commendable support is through the roof these days, so offering a free trial unfortunately isn’t in their business plan. The good news is that Leadpages offers a 30-day guarantee, so if you try their service and aren’t totally blown away with delight, you can get a 100% guaranteed refund without any quibbling, squabbling, arguing, or shenanigans.

  • Recurring Cost – Leadpages comes with a recurring cost, so if you’re absolutely cost-conscious this might be a disappointment. On the plus side, remember that you get free hosting along with all of your landing pages, plus support, training, adequate split testing and the ability to tap into an ever-expanding quantity of templates.

  • Competition – Make no mistake, Leadpages is absolutely a thought leader and one of the most popular landing page builders anywhere. That being said, since Leadpages doesn’t offer a free trial, it’s reasonable to suspect that many of their potential customers might look elsewhere for service. On the same token, since Leadpages has seen unfathomable success over the span of a few short years, they must be doing something right. If you’re still not sure if Leadpages is your best option, continue reading this review for 100% transparency and honesty.

Who Is Lead Pages Ideal For?

Leadpages is perfect for a wide array of marketers and entrepreneurs.

If you’re an author, publisher, coach, consultant, webinar marketer, affiliate marketer, email marketer, teacher, blogger, independent webmaster, marketing consultant, offline business owner, or absolutely anyone who sells anything, then you’ll probably love Leadpages.

You’ll love the ability to simply login to the member’s area, pick a template, and then start tailoring it so you can sell any of your products, promote anything that you want, or even jazz up your webinar registration page.

So if you’re looking for a massive collection of beautiful templates, that are proven to convert, then it’s going to be hard to find a better selection than what Leadpages has to offer, to be brutally honest.

Combine Leagpages’ vast ensemble of templates with their offer to host all of your landing pages, and you have a combination that’s very tough to beat.

LeadPages Signup Process
LeadPages Signup

Signing up for Leadpages will only take you that of 30 seconds. After visiting the Leadpages homepage, you’ll find a massive call to action asking you to start building pages. After clicking on one of the calls to action, you’ll see their pricing plans (which you’ll learn more about in this very review), and after choosing a plan, you can begin the registration process.

You will need a credit card to register, though there’s a no questions asked refund policy, so if you’re not totally tickled pink then you can simply cancel your account and get your money back without any stress or drama.

LeadPages Ease of Use
LeadPages Dashboard

The first thing you should know about Leadpages is that it’s 100% web based, so you’ll never have to download any software or anything. The way Leadpages works is simple. After logging in, you’ll be able to choose from a massive list of templates, and then modify them any way you want.

The best part, is that you can sort by “Best conversion”, so you know for a fact that the template you base your work off of is going to have ridiculously high conversion rates. Leadpages has over 60,000 customers, and have built over 1,000,000 pages, so rest assured they have adequate data to know exactly what converts the best, more perhaps than any other landing page builder or service.

So, whether you want to create a download page, an affiliate presell page, a launch page, a page to sell your book, membership site, or promote your webinar, you’ll have an ample source of awesome templates to choose from.

Leadpages is stuffed with hundreds of different templates, and they seem to keep a fresh stock of templates circulating all the time so you’re almost guaranteed to never run out of fresh ideas.

Once you choose your template, you’re going to have access to the Leadpages drag and drop editor, which will allow you to easily change absolutely anything that you want without coding. In fact, everything is 100% drag and drop simple, so you’ll never have to stress out about technical overwhelm or how to do anything because of the intuitive nature of the template editor.

When it comes time to publish your page, you can either allow Leadpages to generously host your page for you, or you can download an HTML copy (so you can publish wherever you like), or even publish to WordPress or a Facebook page.

LeadPages Features
LeadPages Features
  • Hundreds Of Beautiful Templates – A lot of other landing page services only come with a dozen landing page templates, and let’s face it, they’re not always the best looking. That’s why you might break out into a happy dance the moment you access Leadpages for the first time, because you probably won’t believe the massive collection of really sweet looking templates that are waiting for your customization.

  • Mobile Opt-In Numbers – This feature might be the future of marketing. Leadpages actually allows you to capture opt-ins via text message, so you can build your audience on mobile. Why is this so important, and genius? Because you probably realize by now that the vast majority of your customers are on mobile devices, regardless of what type of business you have.

  • One-Click Webinar Registrations – If you’re a webinar marketer, you’re going to love this. Imagine if your email list could register for a webinar with a single click, as opposed to filling out a long and laborious form? Don’t you think you could increase registrations and show-up rates by just a tad bit if you made registration this easy?

  • 100% Mobile Responsive – If your landing pages aren’t mobile, then you’re throwing money down the drain. It seems that each day a new study comes out further proving that mobile is on the rise. Whatever you do, don’t neglect this key chunk of your audience. With Leadpages, you’ll know for a fact that all of your landing pages are built with 100% mobile optimization, so they’ll work on almost any device.

  • 100% Self Hosted, If You Wish – All of your marketing pages are hosted for you with Leadpages, so you’ll never have to fuss with cPanel, WordPress, or your own host, unless you want to. That’s because, while Leadpages offers to host your landing pages for you, you also have the option to publish on Facebook Pages, on WordPress, or even to download an HTML template so you can publish wherever you want, whenever you want.

  • Ample Split Testing – One of the best ways to increase conversions is by split testing. With Leadpages you’ll be split testing all of your pages, so you can get more email subscribers, make more sales, and increase your ROI one way or the other.

  • No Coding Required, Ever – Remember the days when only computer science geeks could build landing pages? Those days are over, forever. With Leadpages you can create magnificently presented landing pages of all types (lead capture pages, sales pages, download pages, webinar registration pages) without writing or editing a single line of code, period.

  • Easy To Understand Analytics – You can have the most beautiful pages on the planet, but what if you don’t have the statistics to make sense out of everything? That’s why Leadpages offers you easy to understand analytics, so you can figure out what’s working, and what isn’t.

  • Proven Templates – With over 40,000 customers, Leadpages has more data to play around with than most landing page software companies on the planet. You can actually sort by “conversion” when selecting a template, so you’re going to know for a fact that your landing page conversions shall absolutely rock.

  • Drag And Drop Simplicity – If you can point and click, and tap on your keyboard, you can customize any Leadpages template into your own creation in a matter of minutes. Imagine having fun creating high converting landing pages, as opposed to struggling only to create a page that never converts? With Leadpages, you’ll have a blast creating beautiful content.

LeadPages Integration's
  • AWeber – If you’re using AWeber as your email marketing service provider, then you can easily integrate with Leadpages, so you can turn one of their beautiful lead capture pages into an email marketing list building machine, with ease.

  • GetResponse – Maybe you’re using GetResponse and need to integrate with their awesome service instead? If that’s the case, you can easily get started simply so you can add more subscribers and build more rapport with a wider audience.

  • Facebook – You can integrate with Facebook a few different ways. First, you can publish any landing page created with Leadpages directly onto a Facebook tab, or on a Facebook page, so you can turn your Facebook following into a raging river of interaction. You can also turn any of your landing pages into a dynamic presence by integrating Facebook comments, which can help skyrocket your social proof.

  • Google AdWords – If you love to drive PPC traffic then you’re going to adore the Leadpages PPC templates so you can build a massive list and increase your conversions in less time by using the world’s premier PPC network.

  • GoToWebinar – With Leadpages, you’ll be able to jazz up GoToWebinar’s seriously lacking registration pages. You’ll also be able to add those same registrants to your email list simultaneously, so you can followup with them and build massive authority before your webinar even begins.

  • PayPal – Maybe you have a ton of products to sell, but don’t want to deal with any third party marketplaces at all? If that’s the case you can easily add a “Buy Now” button to your landing page with ease using PayPal, enabling you to simplify your process and turn any of your Leadpages landing pages into a machine that sells anything you want.

  • Stripe – Have you noticed how popular Stripe is these days? If you currently use Stripe to process payments, or if you’re thinking about using them, then now might be the best time because you can easily integrate a stripe payment process right into your Leadpages landing page, enabling you to take payments without a hiccup.

  • WebinarJam – WebinarJam is one of the coolest webinar platforms that enables you to automate webinars. If you use WebinarJam at all, you can easily integrate with Leadpages so you can make your registration pages look awesome, so you’ll have a better chance of getting more registrants so your webinar is never a ghost town.

  • Weebly – If you use Weebly in your business at all, you can easily publish your Leadpages content directly into your Weebly page in two different ways. You can either add your landing page directly, or simply export your landing page from Leadpages and export it into Weebly directly.

  • WordPress – There’s a good chance that your business uses WordPress one way or the other, and if you do, then integration is going to be a breeze. You can install the Leadpages plugin in a snap enabling you to publish all of your beautiful landing pages in just a few clicks.

LeadPages Pricing
LeadPages Pricing

There are three Leadpages plans, and how much you pay depends on whether you want to pay monthly, annually, or if you can commit to a 2-year membership.

There’s the standard plan, which costs $37 per month if you pay monthly, $25 per month if you pay annually, and $17 per month if you pay every 2 years.

There’s the pro plan which costs $79 per month if you pay monthly, $49 per month if you pay annually, or $42 per month if you pay every 2 years.

There’s also the advanced plan. The advanced plan does not allow you to pay month to month, though costs $199 per month if you pay annually, and $159 per month if you pay every 2 years.

Each of the plans have a massive list of features that shift dramatically depending upon which plan you choose, but the following is some good advice.

If you’re a small one-person team, definitely check out the standard plan. It has enough to get you started, and you’ll be able to create beautiful lead capture pages, or sales pages for almost any situation.

If you’re a small business or startup, consider looking closely at the pro plan, it offers better support than the standard plan, split testing, and overall better features.

If you’re a heavy hitting marketer, or belong to a large business agency of any type, then take a look at the advanced plan. The advanced plan is perfect for advanced marketers, medium sized business, and you’ll love the superior support, the ability to create sub accounts, and the coaching program which provides 90 minutes of implementation coaching each and every week.

LeadPages Support

Leadpages is one of those companies that go above and beyond to offer awesome customer support. If you take a look at their “about” page, you’ll realize that they have a devoted staff, who are marketing nerds and they also love what they do.

So not only does Leadpages offer awesome support, but they also have an abundant wealth of resources that they provide, such as weekly webinars, a FAQ section that’s stuffed to the brim with every question you’ve probably ever had about Leadpages, and they also have a Leadpages community on Google Plus.

If you’re curious to learn more about Leadpages, one of the smartest things to do is hop on one of their webinars, so you can get an insider’s look on how it works so you can see if it’s right for your business.

The funny part, is that the aforementioned support functions barely scratch the service of what Leadpages has to offer. They also offer a ton of free marketing courses on topics such as webinar marketing, affiliate marketing, Facebook ads, sales funnels, list building, and even marketing for real estate agents.

Leadpages also offers case studies, ebooks, infographics, and they manage a blog that’s frequently updated and the content is actually fun to read and rather engaging.

Finally, in the event that you need to speak to a real human, you can give Leadpages a call to speak with a real human, engage their agents via a live chat, or open a support ticket. So regardless of how you choose to interact and get help, Leadpages has you covered.

LeadPages Reputation

Leadpages is easily considered to be one of the best landing page solutions on the entire planet. Over 60,000 paying customers trust Leadpages with their business to add subscribers, promote webinars, presell affiliate products, and of course build awesome landing pages without knowing a single lick of programming or scripting.

Leadpages has been overwhelming successful; starting only in 2016 they have since hired over 160 employees, taught over 200,000 marketers, have 60,000 customers, have built over 1,000,000 pages, and have over 1,000,000 page views per day.

As you can imagine, this overwhelming (and expedient) success wouldn’t be possible unless their reputation was stellar. After reading between the lines, you’ll probably find that the Leadpages staff is dedicated to your success, and they’re happy, because they love what they do. All of this helps to ensure that you get awesome customer service, a quality product, and as you know happy employees are one of the most important variables that can help make (or break) a company reputation.

LeadPages Conclusion

If you’ve been around the marketing and business world for any quantity of time, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard of Leadpages.

They’re easily one of the most popular and successful landing page software solutions around, and even though they launched only in 2013, they’re arguably one of the most successful marketing launches over the last decade.

So why are they so successful? Is it the fact that their staff loves what they do? Is it the idea that they’re literally composed of a boatload of marketing nerds who know how to market themselves? Or maybe the idea that they truly offer an awesome service gives them every advantage in the world?

Regardless of why Leadpages is so successful, you can’t deny that they offer beautiful landing pages that are indeed, proven to convert.

So ask yourself if that’s something your business needs? Have you ever been disgusted that your landing pages are ugly? Have you ever been embarrassed when it comes time to finally start marketing your new book, products, or services?

If you’ve ever been less than thrilled with your landing pages, whether you’re building your list or selling your own products, then consider “upgrading” to Leadpages.

You can get started 100% risk free, and in the unlikely event that you determine that their service isn’t worth it, you can always get a fast and courteous refund without even talking to anyone on the phone, so there’s no risk and no stress.

So ask yourself if you would have fun choosing from hundreds of beautiful landing page templates that you can call your own? How would it feel to have the freedom to select from a pool of proven templates to help market your own content? If any of this makes you smile, then you might at least consider checking out Leadpages. It might be the best decision you ever make for your business, and you have absolutely nothing to lose.


About Mike DeVincent

Mike researches and reviews products for Top 10 Marketing Software. Mike has vast experience in blogging, teaching and internet marketing. See Mike's profile on Google+.

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