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LiveChatInc Review

LiveChatInc is a live chat helpdesk service that integrates on almost any webpage without the headache. So if you operate any type of business that could benefit from having live chat support integrated on your pages, so you can increase sales and offer unrivalled real time support, then continue reading this summary review.


LiveChatInc’s live chat program can easily integrate on your website, and instead of fighting the high cost of support, you can easily solve the majority of support cases on the spot. So instead of drowning in support tickets, you could easily manage the support of all of your website visitors live, so they’re never kept waiting.


LiveChatInc also allows you to get instant feedback based upon how yourself or your chat agents manage support. At the end of each conversation, your end users will get to grade your performance. This is arguably the fastest way to improve your support, so you can build unshakable reputation for excellence.


Have you personally ever been annoyed when trying to find help on a website that you visited? If that’s the case, you realize how valuable LiveChat’s services can be for you. So you never neglect your customers, and give them the instant gratification of fast support, so they buy from you and become lifelong customers.

LiveChatInc Review
LiveChatInc Advantages

Live 24/7 Support – What happens when you hit a snag and can’t figure out how to implement your live chat’s advanced features? Well with LiveChat you never have to worry because they’re present 24/7 so you’re never left in the dark, and can get help fast.


Excellent Reputation – Over 14,000 companies from 140 countries trust LiveChat to handle their live chat helpdesks. Companies such as Samsung, Air Asia, Roku and ING Direct, trust their business with LiveChat, so you can be rest assured that their reputation is solid.


Glowing Testimonials From Recognizable Brands – If you have a few minutes to spare, check out the testimonials available on the LiveChat site, they’ve put forth great effort to ensure that you’re confident in their services, and after viewing their testimonials, there won’t be much debate as to whether or not you can trust them.

LiveChatInc Disadvantages

A Ton Of Different Plans – Why is having so many different plans a disadvantage? Because each plan is wildly different and contains different features, so it might take some time to figure out which of these price plans would be ideal for your business. Is this a nail in the coffin? Far from it, however you might spend some extra time figuring out which plan is right for you. (Later on in this summary review, you’ll learn much more about each pay plan).


No Free Plan – One unfortunate missing link with LiveChat is their forever free plan, because there simply isn’t one. That being said, LiveChat does offer a generous 30-day free trial so you can better determine if you enjoy their services.


Starter Plan Has Limited History – If you run an organization that generally prefers to maintain long-term records of your support tickets, then be advised that the starter plan of LiveChat only provides a 60-day chat history, after which your old conversations are wiped clean. This may or not be a deal breaker, though it’s worth bringing up.

Who Is LiveChatInc Ideal For?

If you have any type of business, eCommerce store, blog, or any website that publishes and sells content, then LiveChatInc would be a wise integration for your business. So imagine this scenario. Imagine if instead of slaving over support tickets that ultimately annoy your customers, you could instead offer “on the spot” support, so your end users are never left guessing or waiting.


What type of positive results do you think that would produce? Do you think your website visitors would be more likely to buy your products, or less likely to buy your products, if you could reply to them right on the spot? You probably realize that they would be much more likely to buy your content, on an ongoing basis, especially if they knew for a fact that you cared enough about them to offer awesome support.

LiveChatInc Signup Process
LiveChatInc Signup

You might think that configuring a live chat helpdesk on your website would be a nightmare. LiveChat boasts a 5-minute setup, so you can integrate a live chat support system on your website in less time than it would take you to answer a single customer email inquiry. 


Signing up for LiveChat is a breeze, as evidenced by the idea that over 14,000 companies put their faith into their business. LiveChat offers you the chance to try their company for 30 days with absolutely zero cost, and no credit card, so if you’re not totally happy you can simple take your business elsewhere.


You only need an email address to sign up, and LiveChat is true to their word when they advertise that you can get signed up in 5 short minutes.

LiveChatInc Ease of Use
LiveChatInc Dashboard

LiveChat boasts a very simple “5-minute” setup that anyone can use on their website, even if they suffer from a total lack of technical awareness. After registering for LiveChat, and upon logging in to the member’s area, you’ll be prompted to copy the few lines of code that you insert into your site, and there’s also an option so you can manually send the code to one of your developers.


In the event that you encounter any trouble, their live chat support will happily assist you in adding the chat to your website.


When you browse around the member’s area, you’ll see a very intuitive layout with all of the features you would expect. The ability to set the theme of your chat, view visitors, chat logs, tickets, and an area to manage agents are clearly showcased.


There’s also an area with installation instructions, ticket settings, integrations, and a security area so you can keep out pests and troublemakers.
It’s also important to note, that you can either add the simple LiveChat code to your website in the body tags of your website, or use the LiveChat plugins to integrate with a massive list of services.


If you have a WordPress blog, a Shopify store, a Drupal website, or if you use Joomla, there are plugins available so you don’t have to manually touch any code, all you have to do is install the LiveChat plugins for your respective platform and you’ll be ready to rock.


Once your live chat is installed, you can begin using the LiveChat web application to start interacting with your website visitors in real time. You can also use the LiveChat application for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, and iPad, so you can interact on the go, and regardless what type of operating system you prefer.

LiveChatInc Features
LiveChatInc Features

Spy On Your Visitor’s Typing – One interesting thing you’ll find as you chat live with your website visitors, is that often times they type slow, or they’re too shy to hit send. That’s why LiveChat allows you to ethically and legally spy on your website visitors as they type. This will allow you to often times answer their questions before they even get a chance to ask, making you look like a support legend.


Triggered And Tagged Canned Responses – Do your website visitors ask the same questions over and over again? If that’s the case, you don’t have to continually type the same responses and can configure triggers that trigger by a #tag. When the LiveChat console sees a #tag, it will automatically type out a premade response that you’ve previously configured, saving you time while helping your end users as quickly as possible.


End User Data – Knowledge is power, and LiveChat gives you the vital knowledge about your end users so you know exactly who they are, where they’re coming from, any previous order numbers they have, and even their email address and location. This is important so you can better cater your support without annoying your website visitors by asking them questions they may have already provided.


File Sharing – Do you sell digital products, or otherwise have advanced tutorials that your website visitors might benefit from? If that’s the case, you’ll find the file sharing option to be helpful, so you and your agents can easily send your website visitors files with the click of a button.


Extensive Chat History – LiveChat offers extensive chat history so you never have to bang your head against the wall trying to find a live chat session that may have taken place weeks or months ago. You can easily search by a certain phrase, time frame, or live chat agent so all of your chat’s history is accessible quickly and easily.


Chat History Stays In The Window – Maybe you frequently interact with the same clients over and over again? If that’s the case you’ll never have to constantly ask your website visitors the same questions over and over again, which might at the end of the day turn them off from using your live chat helpdesk in the first place. This is possible because the LiveChat helpdesk includes the full chat history in the same exact window you’re typing in, so you can see what questions your website visitors had earlier in that day, yesterday, or even weeks or months prior.


Sent And Read Status Updates – Have you ever been frustrated because you felt like your support is being ignored? If you know how that feels, you can be confident that LiveChat allows you to see the status of your messages. So if you can see whether or not your website visitors are actually receiving and reading your live chat messages.


Blacklist – Face it, no matter how much effort you exert trying to be the best business on the planet, you’ll always have troublemakers, trolls, and black hats you want to keep out. That’s why LiveChat enables you to “ban” end users from using and abusing your live chat helpdesk.


256-Bit SSL Encryption – What if hackers are trying to bring down your website and steal customer data as we speak? If that ever occurs you can be rest assured that your data is safe, because all customer conversations via the LiveChat live chat system shall be encrypted with 256-bit SSL encryption, so hackers are locked out.


Log In With Google – Maybe your agents would prefer to log in with Google instead of a traditional username and password. Why is this a good idea? Because Google allows you to enable two factor authentication, so even if your live chat agent’s passwords get compromised, a hacker would still need access to their mobile phone in order to access their account. Logging in with Google also provides more personal freedom and ease of access for yourself and for your live chat agents.

LiveChatInc Integration's

Salesforce – Why is it a genius idea to integrate your Salesforce setup with LiveChat? So you can easily begin creating new contacts directly from the live chat console, making it possible to sell more products, close more leads, and build unshakable rapport with your website visitors by offering superior and fast support.

3dCart – If you’re selling products in your 3dCart, you can be rest assured that your end users have questions. What better way to solve them by being right there, live, and on the spot with a live chat by LiveChat? This way you can put any confusion or doubt in the mind of your end user to rest, so they go on to buy your products.


ActiveCampaign – Your website visitors will have the chance to tick a checkbox during their live chat sessions so they can subscribe to your email newsletter. This is an awesome way to build your email list, while at the same time offering unrivalled support which ultimately increases website visitor confidence, and augments your sales.


Adobe Business Catalyst – Face it, Adobe Business Catalyst allows you to create beautiful websites. But what is it missing? It’s missing the ability to interact with your website visitors in real time. Why is this so important? Because a confused customer almost never buys! So help your website visitors by integrating a LiveChat helpdesk in as little as 5 minutes.


Dropbox – If your organization has lots of complicated data and tutorials, it might be a genius idea to hand out tutorials to your end users. Often times dispatching tutorials via email can be a nightmare due to deliverability problems, but with LiveChat you can easily integrate DropBox so you just upload your files to DropBox, and share them directly with your live chat end users.


Drupal – Drupal is one of the best ways to create beautiful websites fast. The only problem with the traditional Drupal website, is that it suffers from a severe lack of interaction. That’s why adding a LiveChat live chat helpdesk into your Drupal site is arguably the best way to improve the performance of your site in less than 5 minutes.


Google + – You probably realize by now the SEO benefits of being present on Google +, but getting people to add you to their circles can be a nightmare. Thankfully, LiveChat easily adds a “+1” button to your chats, so you get increased exposure and higher likelihood of interaction on Google’s preferred social network.


Joomla – Are you frustrated because people are abandoning your Joomla pages only to seek out your rivals? If that’s the case, add a live chat helpdesk using LiveChat so you can snatch up your website visitors before they leave, integration only takes a few clicks.


WordPress – There’s a significant chance that your business already uses WordPress in one way or the other, and you’ll be happy to learn that integrating with LiveChat only takes a second. You can download the LiveChat WordPress plugin and turn your blog into the epicenter of interaction for your business.

LiveChatInc Pricing
LiveChatInc Pricing

There are five plans in total, and they’re known as starter, regular, team, enterprise, and enterprise plus. 


If you’re just getting started, the starter plan honestly offers all the features you need so you can begin interacting with your customers, helping them with their questions, and also helping to sell more products and services. The plans gradually contain better statistics, better reports, and more interactive features as you ascend the different plans. The cost is based upon how many seats (help desk agents) you have, and you can pay less if you commit to an annual package.


So for example, if you wanted to try the starter plan, which is designed for the basic small business, it would cost you $16 per seat per month if you pay annually, or $19 per seat per month if you pay month to month.


If you want to try the regular plan, which is designed for medium businesses, it would cost you $30 per seat per month if you pay annually, or $36 per seat per month if you pay month to month.


Then there’s the team plan, which is for you if you want a full-time support team. The team plan is $33 per seat per month if you pay annually, or $39 per seat per month if you pay month to month.


There’s also the enterprise plan, which is designed if you have a relatively large customer service department and a heavy demand for support. The enterprise plan is $50 per seat per month if you pay annually, or $59 per seat per month if you pay month to month.


Finally, there’s the enterprise plus plan which is designed for fortune 500 companies that have a massive staff of helpdesk participants. If you’re a part of a large sized organization, you should contact LiveChat for a customized quote.

LiveChatInc Support

LiveChat offers some of the best support out of any live chat helpdesk competitor out there. Not only do they offer 24/7 via their own proprietary chat software, but there’s a massive list of support features that you might love.


There’s an expansive knowledgebase which covers the bases of their system quite nicely. Whether you want to learn about how to design your live chat system or how to get it setup in the fastest time possible, the knowledgebase will answer all of your questions.


There’s also a webinar system, where you can watch their archived webinars that teach red hot topics such as how to increase sales, hot to deal with difficult customers, and how to automate sales. There are also upcoming webinars so you can stay in the loop, and get trained so you can become a better salesperson and customer service representative.


LiveChat also offers an interesting database that’s filled with companies you can use to hire as chat agents on your site. So in the event that you’d love to have a fully blown helpdesk, but you have no idea where to hire reliable help, LiveChat has you covered from that angle as well.

LiveChatInc Reputation

LiveChat has one of the best reputations for offering live chat helpdesks. As you browse their main homepage, you’ll quickly discover that LiveChat boasts a ton of clients that are popular and well known.


So, LiveChat has a reputation for being innovative, offering awesome support, and they’re certainly a well trusted brand in the live chat helpdesk space. In fact, you can view a massive list of testimonials and case studies right on their homepage which serves their reputation well, as LiveChat has amassed a huge list of glowing testimonials.


Some of their features, including the ability to integrate a Facebook chat, share files, customize with CSS and implement social media buttons have resulted in LiveChat being one of the most popular live chat helpdesks. 


LiveChat’s reputation is one of caring about their end users, while helping you sell more products, and offer a live chat support system that’s scalable, reportable, and trackable, so you get better at what you do, all the while building rock solid relationships and trust with your end users that can last a lifetime.

LiveChatInc Conclusion

Maybe you’ve wondered why LiveChat is so popular, and how they’ve accumulated such glowing reviews from some of the largest startups on the planet. Part of it is because their services are easy to use, and offer low-cost, scalable, and practical solutions for almost any website or business, regardless of how large or small. 


After viewing some of the testimonials, you’ll quickly discover what people love about LiveChat. They care about their customers. The end users who interact with LiveChat find it to be valuable, time saving, and they feel like they’re being taken care of. All of these positive attributes offer many benefits. The first and most important benefit, is trust. So you can make your end users like you more, so they’ll buy your products, and ask you about your services, which can drastically increase the value of each and every website visitor who ever crosses your path.


So ask yourself what’s the alternative to not having a live chat feature on your site. Suddenly, your customers have to wait hours, if not days to get a response. They might be confused about your features, products, and services. You probably realize by now that confused visitors are much less likely to turn into a sale.


So, in conclusion, LiveChat is trusted by a ton of reliable, big name brands in the startup world, and for good reason. Because their end users love the service, they love the speed of getting their questions answered fast. At the end of the day, this results in more sales, better intelligence, and more customers who absolutely love your content.


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