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LivePerson Review

LivePerson is a live chat helpdesk service that lets you connect to your end users live on your website, and wherever they happen to reside. That’s because LivePerson integrates with Facebook and almost all mobile devices, so regardless of where you or your customers are, you can give them the help that they need. 


LivePerson’s motto is that you should save your voice, and save the redundant budget that traditional helpdesks cost. With LivePerson you can close sales, handle support, and build unshakable prestige with your end users.


LivePerson offers next level mood analysis. What does that mean, and how can it benefit you? LivePerson utilizes a propriety metric known as “Meaningful Connection Score”, which calculates how your end users and customers are feeling about your service. 


This isn’t based upon a survey, but instead real time text recognition patterns, which calculates how your end users perceive you immediately after they hit send. This enables you unrivaled power to determine how you should handle each contact on an individual basis, giving you the power and leverage to take your support and sales to the next level.


LivePerson works seamlessly across both Facebook messenger and mobile platforms. Why is this crucial? Because over 900 million people are actively using Facebook messenger, it’s a platform people trust, and you can safely assume that the vast majority of your end users are using Facebook messenger, so you can reach out to them and engage in their native environment. 


LivePerson is one of the most advanced live chat helpdesks with regards to security. If you need further evidence of that bold claim, then find solace in the idea that heavy hitting clients such as Citibank are clients of LivePerson. 


LivePerson adheres to strict and advanced IT security policies and procedures so you never have to worry about your data being stolen. LivePerson also has a wide array of security certifications, and some of the world’s largest brands rely upon their security to keep their end user data safe and out of the hands of hackers, pirates, and black hats.

LivePerson Review
LivePerson Advantages

Advanced Features – LivePerson easily has some of the most advanced features of any live chat helpdesk. From their ability to measure the mood of your end users, to the ability to interact with your website visitor’s browser, LivePerson has features that other live chat helpdesks simply can’t offer.


Longevity – LivePerson has been around for over 20 years, which makes them among the more experienced live chat helpdesks on the planet. So if you’re frustrated that your current live chat helpdesk lacks experience, LivePerson might be your top choice to look at.


IT Security – You don’t get to stick around in this business for over 20 years without having a serious dedication to IT security. If you’re concerned about your own data, or your customer’s data, then LivePerson has you covered as they have some of the most protective IT security policies and procedures in the live chat helpdesk world.

LivePerson Disadvantages

Questionable Scaling – Fascinatingly, if your live chat helpdesk team is larger than 3 members, you’ll have to contact LivePerson for a customized plan. This came as a surprise, since LivePerson’s services seem to cater to larger organizations who would naturally have robust demands.


No Free Forever Plan – It’s true that many of LivePerson’s competitors offer free plans while LivePerson unfortunately doesn’t. That being said, LivePerson does grant you a 30-day free trial to test out their massive list of features so you can decide if it’s right for you.


Lack Of Out Of The Box Third Party Integrations – After speaking to a friendly and helpful LivePerson representative, and searching their website thoroughly, it’s unfortunate to note that LivePerson doesn’t have as many out of the box third party integrations as their competitors. 


LivePerson does offer an application SDK integration guide, and also an API integration support system so you can manually integrate with almost any third party service, however this might prove to be troublesome to one man (or one woman) teams who aren’t very technically savvy.

Who Is LivePerson Ideal For?

LivePerson is ideal for you if you’re an information marketer, affiliate marketer, coach, consultant, blogger, publisher, author, or anyone selling any type of digital or physical products. 


Moreover, if you realize how important customer satisfaction is, and if you would love to effectively and accurately “gage” how your end users feel about your brand and support, in real time, you’ll benefit tremendously from LivePerson.


LivePerson’s sleek layout, ability to interact with your customers where they reside, in conjunction with the ability to determine the very thoughts and feelings of your website visitors puts it in a fascinating league of its own. 


So if you like to offer awesome support that makes your end users feel good, and if you’d like to know if your support is (or isn’t) living up to your own metrics, LivePerson might be a perfect solution for your organization.

LivePerson Signup Process
LivePerson Signup

Signing up for LivePerson is simple and won’t take you more than a minute or two. Upon registering you’ll have the chance to sign up for free using their free 30-day trial. The 30-day trial doesn’t require that you use a credit card, and up to two of your agents can use all of the LivePerson features for a full 30 days.


If you decide during those 30-days that you’d like to prolong your account, you can do so with the click of a button, and even if you decide that LivePerson isn’t ideal for your business, then you can simply not prolong your membership.


Either way, it’s fast and free to register, and they allow you full access to all of the LivePerson features, so all of the risk is on them, and your end users (and your organization) have everything to gain.

LivePerson Ease of Use
LivePerson Dashboard

The moment you login to LivePerson you’ll immediately see that there’s an entire collection of video tutorials to help you get started. So if you’ve ever been frustrated that other live chat helpdesks just throw you the software and leave you to figure out what’s next, you can feel comforted that LivePerson gives you the tutorials needed to proceed with confidence.


The entire process of engaging with your end users begins by copying and pasting the LivePerson “LiveEngage” tag into your own website. The code should be pasted into the header tag of any website that you’d like to use.



If the idea of editing your website’s header code frightens you, you can also install their WordPress plugin so you don’t have to edit anything. So all you’d have to do in that case, is install their WordPress plugin, activate it on your site, and you wouldn’t have to copy and paste any code.


Either way, once you get the LivePerson code on your website (either by pasting the code, or via a WordPress plugin), you can then begin taking on support functions, and handling all of the interaction yourself, or via one of your chat agents. You can interact with your live chatters via LivePerson’s application located on in their member’s area, or with their mobile application.

LivePerson Features
Live Person Features

Mobile Messaging – It’s important to stay in touch with your website visitors! With LivePerson, even if you’re miles away from your laptop, you can still answer their questions and touch base using the LivePerson mobile application.


Security Certifications – LivePerson is ISO 27001 Certified, CSA certified, and PCI DSS 3.0 compliant, which means that they take the security of your information seriously. From your own credit card information details, to the content of your live chat messages, and even “at rest” data that may be stored, you can be rest assured that your information is in safe, secure hands.


Real Time Mood Analysis – LivePerson’s position is that satisfaction surveys are skewed, because only very happy (or extremely unhappy) customers bother using them. Instead of relying on surveys, LivePerson has a proprietary system referred to as MCS, or “Meaningful Connection Score”. The MCS is calculated based upon a text-analytics metric that analysis the speech patterns of your end users in comparison to natural language processing.


This is all done behind the scenes, and enables you to gage the emotions and feelings of your end users without them having to fill out any surveys. This is presented to you in real time using a color coded number system that gages end user satisfaction.


Advanced Data – If you love looking at trending data, graphs, and presentations based upon what your end users are asking, LivePerson will provide more than you can handle. You can view everything in real time, schedule periodical exporting of data, or just sit back and view your business metrics to determine what types of questions your website visitors are asking, and everything is easy to understand and sort based upon different criteria.


Advanced Chat Invites – Imagine if you could prompt a chat when your website visitor is getting ready to leave, or when they add a certain quantity of products into their shopping cart? This level of intelligence allows you to provide superior support to your website visitors who are prepared to abandon you, while also catering to your high priority visitors at the same time.


Push Advertising – Imagine if you could push a certain website URL to your customers when they are asking for help? So if your website visitors are asking for a particular product or service, you don’t have to trip over your tongue (or keyboard) explaining how they can find it, you can simply push that URL to their device.


Screen Sharing Capabilities – If you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, you’ll love this! LivePerson allows you to partially take over your website visitor’s machine by highlighting text on their browser, and even grants control over their web browser so you can help them navigate.


Engagement Studio – Maybe your website is fancy, and you need the live chat system to match your own custom design? Using LivePerson’s Engagement Studio, you can change different aspects of your live chat so it looks like it was made specifically for your own website.


Dedicated Success Manager – One of the disadvantages that was listed for LivePerson was their lack of out of the box integrations. Thankfully, LivePerson largely makes up for this by providing to you a dedicated success manager. So no matter what type of integration you have in mind, you can always get help that cares about you.


24/7 Online Support – You probably realize by now that LivePerson offers some of the most powerful features of any live chat system. However, all of these features might lead you to getting lost, stuck, or confused. So, in addition to LivePerson assigning a dedicated success manager to you, you can always rely on their 24/7 online support. This way, you’re never left out in the dark and can always receive fast help, even at 2:30 in the morning.

LivePerson Integration's

Facebook Fan Pages – You can actually add live chat to your Facebook Fan Page using LivePerson. Why is this a great idea? Because the more avenues you have for your fans to ask questions, the higher the chance to make more sales and build stronger relationships.


Drupal – Do you have a website on Drupal? If that’s the case one of the best ways you can increase end user engagement is by having a LivePerson live chat. This will enable you to interact with your subscribers, build massive prestige, all the while helping to sell more of your goods and services.


Salesforce – Want to kick up your customer satisfaction while at the same time increasing sales? Integrating a live chat helpdesk might be the fastest way to accomplish both of those feats.


Joomla – Maybe your website is on Joomla, but it lacks a helpdesk worthy of note, and you end up losing customers and sales because your website isn’t interactive enough? If that’s the case, consider integrating a LivePerson live chat helpdesk into your website so you never miss out on your curious website visitors.


WordPress – There’s a good chance that your website uses WordPress one way or the other. If you want to add a live chat helpdesk to your website, then you can easily install the LivePerson plugin so you can start interacting with your visitors and closing more sales.


Blogger – Blogger is Google’s preferred blogging platform and is a great way to spread the word about your business. The only problem is a dreadful lack of interaction on the traditional Blogger blog. That’s why integrating a live chat system via LivePerson might be a great idea, so you can interact with your end users by answering their questions, and selling them more products.


PayPal – You can integrate PayPal and LivePerson a few different ways. The first way is by adding a PayPal buy button directly into your LivePerson chat window. Another scenario, is where you can actually invite buyers to initiate a chat immediately after buying. This way, you never leave your (potentially big ticket) buyers hanging, and can also turn your chatters into buyers.


Google Analytics – No matter how big or small your business is; you can almost always benefit tremendously by having copious quantities of data at your fingertips. Google Analytics allows you to see exactly who is visiting your website, how long they stay, what devices they’re using, and the amount of data you can realize might astonish you.


Android SDK – If your company uses any type of Android mobile applications, web platforms or devices, it’s possible to use LivePerson’s Android SDK so you can communicate with your website visitors in several different formats. This may require some development knowledge, and LivePerson does offer detailed documentation so you can integrate with Android in a variety of different ways.


API – In the event that there are other platforms that aren’t listed here, you can always use LivePerson’s API to plug almost any platform into LivePerson. The LivePerson support staff promises that they’ve never encountered a platform that couldn’t work with LivePerson, although implementation might be a tad tricky and require development knowledge one way or the other.

LivePerson Pricing
Live Person Pricing

The LivePerson plans are very straightforward. All of the plans include all of the features, so you never have to worry about what level of service you’d like. The only variable of consideration, is the quantity of agents that you’d like to be able to use the software.


For example, if you would like 1 user, then the cost is $49 per month. If you would like 2 users, then the cost is $94 per month. If you would like to use 3 users, then the cost is $139 per month.


In the event that your business requires more than 3 chat agents, then LivePerson requests that you contact them for a custom quote.


There’s also a free 30-day free trial, so you can test out their service (with up to 2 users) for an entire month to see how much they can benefit your business.

LivePerson Support

LivePerson offers live support 24/7 via their propriety live chat system, so regardless of how much or how little support you need, you can be rest assured that they’re expending great efforts to see that you’re covered. So if you ever need help with designing your live chat helpdesk, or deploying it on your site, or even if you have questions about their advanced features, you can easily contact them even if you have a question at 3 in the morning.


It’s also important to note that LivePerson is a massive organization with offices all over the world. LivePerson has offices in San Francisco USA, Reading UK, Berlin Germany, Tel Aviv Israel, London UK, Milan Italy, Melbourne Australia, and even Tokyo Japan. All of these locations prominently promote their phone numbers and physical address, so you can be rest assured that receiving prompt assistance, regardless of where you happen to reside, is always only a click (or call) away.


LivePerson also offers comprehensive member training including interactive tutorials (in a very sleek looking Adobe Captivate presentation), YouTube videos, and other walkthroughs which help you to not only understand how their live chat helpdesk functions work, but so you can better train your team members to get the most out of their service.


In addition to all of this, LivePerson also offers a massive knowledge base, videos, a community, an expert blog, and tutorials for developers. All of these aforementioned resources are available to nonmembers, so if you’re curious to learn more about LivePerson you can visit their helpdesk and begin examining some of their advanced features to get a feel of what you might expect as a member.

LivePerson Reputation

LivePerson has a reputation for their high profile clients. Not many live chat helpdesk service providers can boast Citibank among their customers, which is a testament to their IT security policies and procedures. You probably realize by now that IT security can be a major problem for your business if anything ever goes wrong. One setback, just one breach can be enough to forever shake the confidence that your end users have about your business.


That’s precisely why LivePerson exerts great effort to ensure that their IT security procedures are sound, and that they can keep your data safe. Because if your end user data gets stolen, your clients, customers and website visitors aren’t going to care about your excuses. They’ll be distraught (as will you) that their information has been stolen, even if no crucial data was compromised.


Another major bragging point that only LivePerson can claim is their longevity. LivePerson has been in business for a ridiculously long 20 years, which easily makes them one of the most mature (if not THE senior) live chat helpdesk on the planet.


LivePerson is also known for their next level proprietary mood analysis. Imagine if you could gage how your end users are feeling, the very first time they sent you a message? Are they angry? Furious? Or in a great mood and looking to buy? What type of leverage could this data grant your organization? Could it increase sales? Reduce complaints? Moreover, how would it feel to know that you could connect to your audience in ways that most of your competitors could only dream?

LivePerson Conclusion

Imagine this scenario. Imagine if clients contacted your helpdesk. One client was furious beyond belief, and the other wanted to buy more of your products. You probably realize by now that these two customers should be handled in an entirely different way. But what happens if you’re too late to recognize that trend? What happens if your chat agents can’t capitalize on that data?


Would you lose sales as a result? Would your inability to perceive your end user’s emotions cost you a lifelong fan?


That’s why LivePerson is so fascinating and worthy of your consideration. So you can gage where your end users are at on an emotional level, with every single line of text that they ever communicate with you. 


That’s the power of LivePerson’s live customer “sentiment analysis”, and why LivePerson is so powerful in the right hands. LivePerson can help you turn an angry customer into a happy one, and help you turn a hungry prospect into a buyer.


It’s true that LivePerson’s costs are a little above average, but ask yourself if trading a tiny bit more of your budget in exchange for unrivalled intelligence, and rock solid IT security is worthy of that trade?


If you’re in a position where you can make that trade, you might benefit tremendously, and your end users, clients, and customers will be in a position to thank you for your insight and potentially become lifelong fans, all the while you keep them in the loop, and keep their information secure.


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Mike researches and reviews products for Top 10 Marketing Software. Mike has vast experience in blogging, teaching and internet marketing. See Mike's profile on Google+.

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