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Long Tail Pro Review

Long Tail Pro is a battletested keyword research and competitor analytical software that has afforded over 70,000 marketers & SEO consultants the edge required to get traffic. Long Tail Pro’s theory is that the fat cat companies have long had the advantage with their massive marketing budgets. 


That’s why Long Tail Pro is trying to put you back in the fight with the ability to find keywords stuffed to the brim with opportunity, and low competition, so you can finally get free search engine traffic.


Long Tail Pro will allow you to generate thousands of long tail keywords without spending hours clicking away at complicated tools. With Long Tail Pro, you simply enter a few root words, and then the software churns out a boatload of long tail keywords that are Google’s lowest hanging fruit, so you can make your SEO campaigns more powerful with less work.


The power of long tail keywords is that often times they contain buyer keywords, and they’re also relatively low competition, so you get the best of both worlds enabling you and your website ample opportunity to cash in on keywords that your competition probably isn’t aware of, so your rankings can soar sky high without spending a fortune on SEO consulting fees.


Long Tail Pro has been featured in some of the most popular business publications such as Search Engine Land, Forbes, Duct Tape Marketing, Smart Passive Income and Entrepreneur On Fire so you can be rest assured that they’re a highly touted service, so you can be confident that your website’s reputation is in good hands when you use their keyword analysis tools.

Long Tail Pro Review
Long Tail Pro Advantages

Fast Results – Face it, when you’re brainstorming a breakthrough SEO campaign, the last thing you want to do is fuss and lose focus while you’re waiting for your keyword tool to generate a list of keywords. Long Tail Pro boasts that their tool can generate thousands of keywords, based upon a single keyword, 8x faster than Market Samurai. So you can find 800 keywords per inputted keyword in mere seconds.


Easy Exporting – If you’re part of an SEO agency or are otherwise part of a team, you can easily export your keyword results so you can distribute them without printing out messy reports. So your team can begin working on beautifully managed SEO campaigns without any confusion or room for user error.


Difficulty Checker – What’s the point of trying to rank for a keyword when there’s little to no hope for page one rankings? That’s why Long Tail Pro shows you the difficulty of each long tail keyword, so you can easily determine which keywords are worth fighting for, and which ones may be an act of folly.

Long Tail Pro Disadvantages

No Free Option – One thing that might make you a little sad is that Long Tail Pro offers absolutely zero free option. So if you’re the type of marketer who likes to try before you buy, unfortunately you’ll need to pony up a buck to try their service.


You can register for a 10-day trial for $1, and then if you’re not totally blown away, simply cancel your membership without any stress. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that there is no free trial, whatsoever.


Software Required – If you prefer to operate fully from the cloud, you’re going to experience a bit of a snag with Long Tail Pro because you’ll need to install their Adobe Air based software to get up and running. 


Fortunately, Adobe Air based software products are minimally invasive, super clean, and won’t mess up your operating system in the least. Mac and Windows based operating systems will run the software without a hiccup.


Competition – Long Tail Pro is highly touted to be one of the best and fastest keyword tools, but face it, a lot of people prefer cloud based systems even if the product is inferior. For that reason, Long Tail Pro does have stiff competition from a seemingly infinite array of competitors popping up left right and sideways.

Who Is Long Tail Pro Ideal For?

A ton of different entrepreneurs and marketers could benefit big time from Long Tail Pro. If you’re an SEO consultant or part of an SEO agency, Long Tail Pro should absolutely be part of your arsenal because long tail keywords are one of the fastest ways you can begin ranking for keywords, period.


So, maybe you’re an affiliate marketer, an email marketer, have authority sites, are a blogger, a network marketer, or operate some type of consultancy or membership site. Either way Long Tail Pro can help you dig up “diamond in the rough” long tail keywords so you can rank easier, with less work, all the while attracting hungry clients who want whatever you’re selling.


Of course, if you manage websites for clients, all the better, because you’ll be able to find awesome long tail keywords so you can create better content that’s super targeted for whatever purposes your clients require.


So ultimately, Long Tail Pro can help you get more traffic, build bigger email lists, sell more products, get more leads, and grow your audience, regardless of who your end user demographic is, and regardless of how small your budget may be.

Long Tail Pro Signup Process
Long Tail Pro Register

Registering for a Long Tail Pro account won’t take more than a minute or two. You will require a credit card to start a $1 10-day trial, but you can cancel at any time and there’s no risk to better determine if the software can benefit your company or not.


So, to register for Long Tail Pro, simply navigate their homepage to find the big call to action advertising their $1 trial, you’ll be up and running in no time, and installing their software with Adobe Air will be a hassle free experience and you’ll never be frustrated or banging your head against the wall trying to get it up and running.

Long Tail Pro Ease of Use
Long Tail Pro Dashboard

Long Tail Pro couldn’t be easier to use to be honest. The entire concept of Long Tail Pro is making keyword research faster and easier, and they’re true to their words.


So you can get started by simply inserting a seed keyword, and then the software will produce a boatload of (many thousands in some cases) long tail keywords based upon your initial input.


So if you’re struggling coming up with content ideas, or have no idea how to best target your future SEO campaigns, then Long Tail Pro will provide instant clarity, so you’re never lost, befuddled, or pulling your hair out when trying to brainstorm breakthrough SEO campaigns that can bring you and your clients fast results.

Long Tail Pro Features
Long Tail Pro Features

Advanced Keyword Research – Keyword research is really the heart and soul of any smart SEO campaign. That’s why Long Tail Pro makes keyword research comprehensive, fast, and easy. So you can literally type a keyword and then have a massive list of hundreds or thousands of matching long tail options and you won’t be waiting long at all; in fact, you’ll only be waiting a few seconds for results.


Analyze Competitors – How would you like to analyze the top 10 results for any keyword that you can possible imagine? This will enable you to find important data such as Title, Meta Tags, Domain & Page Authority, Quantity Of Backlinks, Moz Data, Pagerank, and the Domain Age of your fiercest competitors, so you can know exactly how to better target your SEO campaigns and compete aggressively by using this data that’s very time consuming to acquire elsewhere.


Real Time Filtering – Are you frustrated because your current SEO keyword tools don’t allow you to define criteria so you get an exact match each and every time? And imagine if you could edit that criteria in real time, without waiting 10 minutes for your results to update? So you can fine tune variables such as keyword, suggested cost per click, quantity of monthly searches and even competition.


Add Custom Notes – You can brainstorm “live” with Long Tail Pro as you’re working, so if you ever have a breakthrough discovery when you’re brainstorming with the tool, you can capture your creativity and brilliance in a bottle so to speak so you never risk losing a breakthrough discovery.


Easy Export – Long Tail Pro allows you to quickly export your work so you can hand it off to your staff, outsourced help, or even to your clients so you can show them the hard work you’re performing on their behalf. So you’ll never have to fuss around with ugly or disorderly reports for another second, and instead you can focus on making the best use out of your data.


Difficulty Rating – What sounds better. Having an easy listing of keywords that are super simple to rank for, or just “guessing” which keywords you should spend your time on. The truth is, it’s always better to attack the low hanging fruit, so you can increase your traffic dramatically in the quickest time, and with as little effort as possible. 


This is opposed to spending a year until next Tuesday to rank keywords that might never yield any results. In the meanwhile, your clients are tapping their index fingers angrily on their keyboard trying to find their websites in Google, but they’re coming up empty handed. Don’t let that happen; always go for low competition, and the low hanging fruit.


Long Tail University – If you want to take your education to the next level as an SEO consultant or even as an independent webmaster, then Long Tail University is a feature you’ll definitely benefit from big time. So you can tap into a massive wealth of training and resources. 


The Long Tail University is available as a free perk to everyone who registers for the Long Tail Platinum Monthly Plan. (You can find pricing information later on in this review, so please keep reading!).


VIP Facebook Community – If you’ve ever fell out of the loop, then you realize how frustrating it can be. That’s why Long Tail Pro manages a community bursting at the seams with encouragement, interaction, comradery, and most importantly hand holding so you’re never left in the dark, and you never feel like you’re in the SEO fight on your own.


Easy Import Options – If you have an existing keyword list you’ve assembled from other keyword tools, then you can easily import them into Long Tail Pro, enabling you to start up where you left off without missing a step.


Fast Google, Yahoo And Bing Rank Check – What would a keyword tool be without the ability to quickly and effortlessly check how the keywords are ranking in the three major search engines? The truth is that you’ll have crystal clarity without any extraneous effort on your behalf, enabling you to develop rock solid SEO campaigns without struggling or second guessing.

Long Tail Pro Integration's

AdWords – Long Tail Pro requires an AdWords account to work, which is actually a good thing because the keyword tools within AdWords are so confusing to use, you need to be a rocket scientist to get anything useful from the data. With Long Tail Pro, you’ll take advantage of Google’s infinite wealth of knowledge even if you’ve suffered from a lack of clarity before.


Adobe Air – Long Tail Pro is based upon Adobe Air, which is one of the best ways to run a piece of software without any complications. So if you’ve been frustrated that your previous SEO software was giving you a hassle, you can proceed with confidence because Adobe Air will function fine on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Long Tail Pro Pricing
Long Tail Pro Pricing

If you’ve ever been irritated because most SEO analytical tools require you to get a balance sheet and a calculator to figure out the cost, then this will put your anxiety to rest because Long Tail Pro only has two pricing options.


So there are two plans. There’s the monthly plan, and the annual plan. If you want to try the monthly plan, the cost is $37 per month. If you want to prepay for Long Tail Pro for an entire year, then the cost is only $25 per month.


The annual plan also provides free access to Long Tail University, which touts a $197 value. If you’re a novice with SEO, or otherwise want to dramatically increase your current understanding of SEO, then you’ll absolutely love Long Tail University, where you’ll learn up to date trends and all of your SEO questions and any nuances will be answered and addressed.


Of course, you also get 33% savings if you prepay for the yearly membership. In any event, you can try both membership options for $1 for 10-days, so there’s relatively little risk, and there’s plenty to gain. (Like hordes of frothing-at-the-mouth end users who want to click on your links, increased traffic, a bigger email list, more exposure, authority and prestige, plus happier clients).

Long Tail Pro Support

If you end up becoming a Long Tail Pro customer, there’s ample opportunity to receive awesome support. Between Long Tail University, and the Long Tail Pro Facebook group, you’ll be adequately covered for the lifetime of your membership in all probability.


But what if you need hands on support? If that’s the case, you can always contact Long Tail Pro who are available to take your questions via their support desk, and they promise to get back to you in as little time as possible.


There’s also a FAQ section on the Long Tail Support site which addresses many of the most common questions their end users have. Questions about software functionality, troubleshooting, and basic SEO questions are addressed in their FAQ, though if you have questions, you’ll probably be happier in their Facebook group or by perusing the Long Tail Pro University.

Long Tail Pro Reputation

Long Tail Pro is easily one of the most popular keyword analytical SEO tools on the planet. As previously alluded to in this very review, they’ve been featured by some of the most prominent publications anywhere, such as Forbes, Duct Tape Marketing, Social Media Examiner, Moz, The Sales Lion, WebGnomes, Search Engine land, and Smart Passive Income.


When you visit the Long Tail Pro homepage, you’ll also find a horde of customer testimonials from their end users who are absolutely tickled pink with their software. 


At the end of the day, Long Tail Pro is known for enabling independent web masters and SEO consultants alike the opportunity to drip into a near infinite wealth of long tail keywords. So you can rank your website better, in less time, without being an SEO guru or even worse wasting months or years of your time trying to rank keywords that are never going to show you any results.

Long Tail Pro Conclusion

Have you ever dreaded messing around with your current SEO keyword analytics and tools? Have you ever felt your IQ drop by spending hours on end in the Google keyword tool, because you had absolutely no clue what you were looking at?


Even worse, have you ever smashed your computer in a tandem of rage because your keyword tool was taking too long to provide results? 


If any of these unfortunate situations are your reality, then you owe it to yourself to try Long Tail Pro. You can get started for just $1, and you won’t have to waste your time on slow tools, which is by far the fastest way to lose your creativity, blow your inspiration, lose clients, and ultimately make your life miserable.


So, if you want to finally get more website traffic, from better targeted leads, so you can build a bigger email list, get better organic SEO traffic, promote more products, and make your clients happier, then consider taking Long Tail Pro up on their offer to try their software for a buck. You have nothing to lose, and endless quantities of traffic to gain.


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Mike researches and reviews products for Top 10 Marketing Software. Mike has vast experience in blogging, teaching and internet marketing. See Mike's profile on Google+.

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