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Lucky Orange Review

Lucky Orange allows you to see and understand why your visitors are not converting. You can create customized polls and ask your users what they are looking for. You can see exactly where people abandon a process (such as completing a transaction on checkout page). You can get detailed analytics reports for your forms, and see which fields are causing the most abandonment. Lucky Orange has lots of cool features that make it a complete conversion optimization platform.

Lucky Orange Advantages

Before we go in to details, let’s talk about the advantages of using Lucky Orange. Here are some of them:

  • Get detailed map view of your users

  • Get large amounts of click data that enables you to see comprehensive heatmaps

  • Lots of options to create heatmaps, such as - browsers, geographical locations, page URLs etc

  • Generate heatmaps of individual clicks and mouse movements

  • Either record or watch in real time the activities of your users

  • Ability of quickly jump to any page in visitor paths

  • Create and edit polls without writing a single line of code

  • And much more

Lucky Orange Disadvantages

Although Lucky Orange offers a lot of valuable features, it has some disadvantages too. Here are a few of the drawbacks or limitations of Lucky Orange that I found during my research:

  • Although all of Lucky Orange’s plans offer a free trial, there’s no lifetime free plan.

  • The starter plan only allows you to track one website, and offers 2 chat operators.

  • Lucky Orange doesn’t offer apps for iPhone or Android.

Who Is Lucky Orange Ideal For?

If you are using Google Analytics, you know that it provides a large amount of data about your website. But for many users, it can easily get overwhelming. So if you are looking for a easy to use software that allows you to see what your users do on your website, Lucky Orange is one of the best options you have as of today.


You can easily see historical data of your users such as referrers, locations, languages etc right on your dashboard. And using features like heatmaps and recordings, you can see exactly how users interact with your website without getting overwhelmed by the data provided to you.

Lucky Orange Signup Process

To start using Lucky Orange, you will need to create an account first. It will then ask you to add a website to your account.

You will need to add a code to your website to verify your ownership, as shown below:




Once you’ve added the code, you can go to Settings to change some basic options. You can disable recordings, form analytics or heatmap data for your website. You can set visitor timeouts (the time limit to disconnect users after a certain amount of time). You can turn on/off desktop notifications and sound notifications. You can also change color schemes of your chat operators if you want.

Lucky Orange Ease of Use

When you first login to your account, you will see a dashboard summarizing your statistics. Initially it won’t show any data in your reports since it takes some time for Lucky Orange to start fetching data in your account.


The user interface of Lucky Orange is very easy to use and navigate through. On the dashboard, you will see an overview of your users such as languages, browsers, geographical locations, devices, operating systems etc. You can also connect your Twitter account with Lucky Orange to see who is tweeting about you.


You can click on Widgets button in the top left corner of your dashboard to enable or disable certain sections.


Apart from the main dashboard, Lucky Orange provides separate reporting sections for all of its features including - chat operators, polls, heatmaps, form analytics, user recordings, and live visitors.

Lucky Orange Features

Now that I have given you an overview of Lucky Orange, let’s dive deep into its features:

  • You can automatically get session recordings of each and every user of your website. Lucky Orange records all types of user activities whether they happen on static pages (like product description pages), dynamic pages (interactive segments of your website), members-only areas (like user account sections or forum sections) or E-commerce pages (checkout and cart pages). You can filter through any number of recordings using Lucky Orange’s powerful segmentation options.

  • Lucky Orange’s dashboard is comprehensive. You can create conversion funnels right from your dashboard. If you are getting visitors from a variety of sources, you can get all of that information in the dashboard. You can get real time count of how many people are using your website at any given moment. You can compare your statistics with historical statistics (yesterday, last week, last month, last year, or custom). You can even filter your statistics by using Behavior Tags, which allows you to identify the most converting traffic sources.

  • Using Lucky Orange’s heatmaps, you can see all of your users’ actions instantly. You can track the heatmaps across all types of devices (desktops, tablets or smartphones). You can segment your heatmaps across languages, geographical locations, browsers etc. Under heatmaps, you get 3 types of reports - Clicks, Movements and Scroll Depth. Clicks allow you to see where people click on your webpages, how many of them click on your call-to-actions, buttons, important links etc. Movements allow you to see how people actually scan through your content. If, for example, you have a video on the left hand side of a page, text on the right hand side of that video and a couple of call-to-actions at the bottom, you can see how people are interacting with each of those parts of the webpage.

  • Lucky Orange provides Chat Operators that you can use to hep your customers through the checkout process. You can see exactly what page a user is on and co-browse with him. Chat Operators come with what are called Canned Responses. These are basically ready-to-use messages that you can use in your chats while talking to your customers. This saves you a lot of time as you don’t have to manually type each and every message. You can chat with multiple customers at the same. You can even see what your customer is about to type in using the Typing Preview feature.

  • Conversion funnels are an important part of user behavior tracking process. Lucky Orange gives you reports for all of your customers’ abandonment issues at your fingertips. You can see exactly where your users are abandoning the checkout process - whether it’s at the time of creating an account, at cart preview page or at the final checkout page. If you click on a funnel step, you can filter your report to see recordings of users who abandoned the process at that particular step. You can see which sections are causing the most drop offs - whether it’s the delivery options page, checkout confirmation page, shopping cart page etc.

  • Using Lucky Orange’s Polls, you can get the feedback from your users very easily. You can create polls that can redirect users to a URL after they hit submit. You can show followup messages if you don’t want to send them to another URL. You have an option to get all the responses delivered to you by email. Polls are a great way to ask users what they think about your website, products or services. They can also be used to generate leads that you can target later in your conversion process. You can even watch the recordings of your users when they submit their responses.

  • Form analytics feature of Lucky Orange gives you different parameters to analyze the performance of your forms. These parameters include Field Time, Abandonment, Time To Start, Average Order and Repeated Fields. Field Time shows you how much time users took to fill out each of the form fields. Abandonment shows you which fields in your forms are causing people to abandon your forms. Time To Start shows you how much time users take before they start filling out the forms fields. Average Order shows you the order in which people are filling out your forms. Repeated Fields section shows you if there are any fields in your forms that people are filling out more than once, due to validation errors or confusion.

Lucky Orange Integration's
Lucky Orange Pricing

Lucky Orange offers a variety of plans, all of which come with a 7-day FREE trial (no credit card required). They also offer 10% and 30% discounts, if you subscribe to Lucky Orange for 1 and 2 years respectively.


As I’ve said earlier in my review, there’s no Free plan in Lucky Orange. The Starter plan allows you to track 1 website with a maximum of 25,000 pageviews. Other plans (Small Business, Medium, Large and Enterprise) offer more features and pageviews (obviously). If this is the first time you are trying a tool like Lucky Orange, and have a small website, I’d recommend starting with the basic Starter plan to get an idea of Lucky Orange and its features. If you have a large website, you can subscribe to bigger plans as per your requirements.

Lucky Orange Support

You can learn more about Lucky Orange’s features or get in touch with their customer support team using these support channels:

  • Check out the FAQ section for general questions related to Lucky Orange.

  • Learn more about different features of Lucky Orange to get the most out of it.

  • Get help with all of the Lucky Orange’s integrations here.

  • You can send them a message by filling out this contact form.

  • And of course, you can tweet them at @luckyorange

Lucky Orange Reputation

Due to lots of powerful features offered by Lucky Orange, it has gotten very popular over the years. Lucky Orange is being used by thousands of individuals and businesses around the world, and has gotten positive reviews from many individuals like Jay Valento and Claire Broadley. It has also been mentioned in many blogs and news sites like HiperTextual, Ohmania, MarketingDirecto,, VergeStartups, HuffingtonPost, SiliconPrairieNews, SME etc.

Lucky Orange Conclusion

Because of its easy to use interface and navigation, Lucky Orange is a very useful choice for understanding your users’ behavior. Fully packed with lots of amazing features, Lucky Orange is a tool you definitely won’t regret using.


About Abhay Hendre

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Lucky Orange integrates with lots of third-party platforms, such as:

  • You can see how many people abandon your checkout carts and also see user activities in your E-commerce website using Lucky Orange integrations for 3dcart, Bigcommerce, Ecwid, or Shopify.

  • If you want to track user engagement on your blog, you can do so by using the integrations for Blogger, WordPress, or Weebly.

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