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MailerLite Review

MailerLite boasts one of the lightest email marketing autoresponders on the market. Just do them the justice of not underestimating their quality of service. They offer a very sleek and high class email autoresponder worthy of almost any business or Internet marketer.


Their fine points revolve around their outrageously low cost, their free plan, in addition to a very comprehensive and attractive email editor. So you can send awesome looking emails, without breaking the bank, or even tapping into your funds at all.


MailerLite is easily one of the most affordable email autoresponder services anywhere. Don’t make the erroneous assumption that this equates to a low quality service, because MailerLite comes stuffed to the brim with many awesome features.


Their free plan is probably one of the best solutions if you’re a novice email marketer who wants to get started and not be restricted by how many emails you can send.


Their email editor is beautiful and will allow you to craft really good looking emails in a matter of minutes, even if you totally loathe graphics, editing, or designing of any type.

Mailerlite Review
MailerLite Advantages

24/7 Support – How can such a low cost email autoresponder service afford to offer 24/7 support, around the clock? It’s difficult to say! But you can rest easy knowing that all of your answers regarding configuring lead capture pages, email followups, and segmenting can be addressed by their around the clock support.

Arguably The Best Value – If your marketing budget isn’t the biggest, you might take a serious look at MailerLite. The prices are shockingly low, and you’ll be hard pressed to find an email autoresponder service provider who charges less.


The Most Generous Free Plan – Most email marketing services limit the amount of emails you can send on a free plan, if they even offer one. While MailerLite limits the size of your newsletter to 1,000 subscribers on the free plan, you can send emails as frequently as you want.


It’s also important to note, that you can import your existing subscribers without confirmation, and can also enable single opt-in, which is a feature that many advanced email marketers want, and one that many newbie email marketers can benefit from.

MailerLite Disadvantages

Your Own Domain Is Required – It would seem that MailerLite really wants you to have your own unique domain name, with a unique email address. In fact, upon registering, you’ll notice that your email address must be attached to your own domain, and MailerLite approves your account manually to ensure this is the case.


Perhaps you can sneak around this option if you ask their support nicely, however it’s important to specify that they really would prefer for you to have your own unique domain name.


Free Plan Limitation – It’s true that MailerLite has one of the best free plans because you can send unlimited emails, but there is a cap of 1,000 subscribers. So, if your newsletter is already over 1,000 subscribers, or if it grows beyond 1,000 subscribers, you’ll have to upgrade to a payment plan. Don’t fret, the fees are dirt cheap and you’ll learn more about the payment plans later on in this review.


Not Many Integrations – It would seem that there is a limited quantity of integrated services for MailerLite. All of the key fundamentals are here, and you have full access to their API, however it’s important to note that there aren’t many “out of the box” integrations for third party services.

Who Is MailerLite Ideal For?

MailerLite is perfect for you if you’re a blogger, author, information marketer, affiliate marketer, coach or consultant on a budget.


Even if you’re not on a budget, you might look at MailerLite as either your primary email autoresponder service, or as a primary backup.


Their prices are too good to be true, and they still aim to achieve awesome services, great deliverability, and a sleek interface that will allow you to start building a list even if you’re not quite sure how to get started.


Add to that 24/7 support, and there’s no reason not to give them a whirl.

MailerLite Signup Process
Mailerlite Signup

MailerLite is simple to register for. Upon visiting the MailerLite homepage, you’ll encounter an invitation to join using a free account.


Upon registering, and logging in, you will be asked to confirm your email address.


As previously alluded, you must use an email address that’s attached to a unique domain that you own. Perhaps you could negotiate with MailerLite manually in order to bypass this process, however it’s important to be totally transparent in this review so as to prevent you from hitting any snags.


Naturally, you don’t require a credit card to register for MailerLite as long as you register for the free plan. If you want a beefier plan, you can select from one of many of their price points which you will find to be quite agreeable.

MailerLite Ease of Use
Mailerlite Dashboard

When you log into the MailerLite dashboard you’ll probably be elated at how beautiful and simple everything is. You’ll be greeted by a welcome message, and a few buttons clearly explaining how to get started.


More specifically, you’ll see your campaign area, the subscribers area, your web forms area, and your automation area.


Once you login to the member’s area, everything is intuitive, well laid out, and easy to use.


Regardless of if you want to import leads, create a onetime email broadcast, configure your first lead capture page or setup automation, everything is very obviously defined and organized. You should have no problem getting started without any delay.

MailerLite Features
Mailerlite Features

Sleek Campaign Editor – One of the best things about MailerLite is the easy to use and beautiful campaign editor. You’ll be shocked to see how easy it is to create attractive emails with a few clicks of your mouse. Either go crazy with your own style, or load up one of their easily adaptable templates that look great across all devices.


Drag And Drop Interface – Maybe you’re scared at any sign of HTML and CSS? If that’s the case rest easy because you can design almost every aspect of your emails without knowing a single line of code.


Mobile Friendly Emails – You’ve probably noticed that more and more emails are being opened on mobile devices. In fact, this trend is going to skyrocket in the next few years. That’s why MailerLite’s emails are fully mobile responsive, so you never miss out on opens, clicks, and sales, even if your audience loves mobile devices.


HTML Nerd? Easily Add Your Own Code – Maybe you’re a bit of an HTML junkie and would love to hack your emails a little bit to your preference? If that’s the case then MailerLite has you covered, so you can easily edit the emails until the cows come home.


Unlimited Image Hosting – Do you have lots of product artwork, or stock images that you’d love to integrate into your marketing emails? If that’s the case you never have to worry about hosting your images on your own host, because MailerLite lets you host everything on their own service, with no limitations, and no charge.


Advanced Demographic Data – You can upload your existing email list and MailerLite will use that data in order to pull the social profiles of your subscribers. What does that mean exactly? Well you’ll be able to learn more about your subscribers, such as whether they use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, using little-known yet publically available data.


Easily Import Your Existing Subscribers – Maybe you already have a subscriber list, and you’re sad because you feel trapped with your current email autoresponder service. Or maybe you have a list of customers, but you’re not doing anything with them. If any of those two situations are true, then you can easily import your leads into MailerLite and you won’t have to jump through hoops to get it done, and your subscribers don’t have to confirm their subscription.


High Deliverability – MailerLite has good reputations with different Internet Service Providers and maintains reputable mailing servers so you never have to worry about your emails landing in the spam folder.


Simple Form Builder – What good is an email marketing service if you can’t easily create awesome lead capture pages? You’ll be creating forms in a matter of minutes, and you can also create easy popups so you can promote your email list on almost any of your web properties.


Simplicity And Cleanliness – As soon as you login to MailerLite, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how clean and simple everything is. If you’re excited to have a clean interface without any confusing options that can make your head spin, you’ll definitely want to check out MailerLite.

MailerLite Integration's

WordPress – The MailerLite WordPress plugin will make it simple for you to insert your MailerLite web forms into almost any of your WordPress pages, sites, or widget areas. This is how you can easily grow your list using WordPress without knowing any programming languages or even dealing with any code at all. (All you’ll have to do is insert a tiny shortcode wherever you’d like your form to appear on your site).


Facebook – If you have a Facebook page, you can easily start siphoning that traffic into your MailerLite email newsletter by inserting your opt-in form, and it’s much easier than you think using MailerLite.


SumoMe – SumoMe will add a ton of awesome functionality to your blog. Use SumoMe in conjunction with MailerLite to add popups to your website, smart bars, triggered popups, and welcome mats. SumoMe essentially turns your blog into a powerful list building asset, and can jazz up your blog while enticing your readers to join your MailerLite newsletter in several different innovative ways.


CreateForm – CreateForm is a comprehensive form builder that allows you to access their drag and drop technology so you can create cool looking forms without coding. MailerLite integrates easily with CreateForm so you can turn the beautiful looking forms into list building assets without any tech skills or coding knowhow.


Privy – Privy is the perfect tool to integrate with MailerLite because you can create awesome looking landing pages that connect with your MailerLite account. So you can promote your landing page with the utmost confidence and then use MailerLite to followup with subscribers, establish relationships, trust, loyalty, all the while making sales and building your brand.


OptinMonster – OptinMonster is a lead building asset that works with WordPress or almost any other website. You can use OptinMonster in conjunction with MailerLite to create forms that pop and shall entice your end users to subscribe.


API Access – It’s true that MailerLite doesn’t have the most integrations compared to other email autoresponders, but the good news is that they provide to you a fully functional API. If you have no idea what that means, it means that you could hire an outsourced worker to help integrate MailerLite with almost any other application, so even if MailerLite isn’t working with one of your favorite apps, the potential is always there in the future.

MailerLite Pricing
Mailerlite Pricing

MailerLite pricing is based upon the number of subscribers that you have. MailerLite is among the least expensive email marketing services that you’ve ever encountered. Easily.


When you consider the strong points of MailerLite, and then remember that they offer free image hosting, have a really beautiful looking email template engine, in conjunction with email autoresponder services so you can automate prestige, rapport, and sales, plus the ability to extract social data from your current list, it really equates to a deal that’s tough to beat.


So if you have up to 1,000 subscribers, the monthly fee is $0. You don’t pay a penny. If you have up to 5,000 subscribers, the monthly fee is only $10. If you have up to 30,000 subscribers, the monthly fee is only $60 per month. You can even have up to 50,000 subscribers, and the monthly fee is only $100 per month.


As you can see, these prices are borderline ridiculous, and it equates to MailerLite being one of the most affordable email marketing solutions on the planet, period.

MailerLite Support

It’s fascinating that while MailerLite offers one of the most affordable plans, they certainly don’t skip on the support. If you’re ever confused about emailing, setting up automation, having trouble with importing subscribers or just want help integrating your forms, you can contact their help desk 24/7 for free support.


It would seem that their preferred support mechanism is their email ticketing system.


MailerLite also has a comprehensive knowledge base that you can search through if you hit a snag. Additionally, MailerLite has a tutorial section that should get you up and running.


All of this illustrates a certain point that’s important to clearly specify. MailerLite is probably one of the easiest email marketing service providers to get started with, because the interface is very clean, there aren’t many integrations to get lost over, and there are only a few advanced settings to get confused by.


This isn’t meant to be derogatory, as MailerLite is nearly perfect in a sense and if you require an email marketing software that’s no thrills, yet still offers great support and a clean interface, it might be the best thing for you since sliced bread.

MailerLite Reputation

If you actively study the reputation of MailerLite, you’ll quickly see that they’re regarded as one of the most inexpensive email marketing service providers.


This may lead one to think that this equates to low quality, poor support, and low deliverability, however none of that is true.


MailerLite is truly a bargain for email marketers, and if you realize that you need to integrate email marketing into your overall business strategy, but you’re not sure how to get started, MailerLite might be worth checking out.


MailerLite has a well-deserved reputation for being one of the most affordable email marketing solutions on the planet, and it’s a reputation that sheds a positive light upon their service, and not a negative one.

MailerLite Conclusion

MailerLite is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise complicated world of email marketing services. In a marketplace stuffed to the brim with fierce competition, and seemingly endless advancements to the point of inertia, it’s nice to see an email marketing service provider who focuses on one thing; email marketing.


If you’re a blogger, information marketer, startup, or any small entrepreneur, you should at least give MailerLite serious consideration. They’re a relatively small company. The cost of doing business with MailerLite is significantly lower than almost any other email marketing service.


The fascinating thing, is that their API gives you the chance to scale their service as large or as small as you want it. So, the potential for MailerLite service is truly through the roof.


If you realize by now that you need to start email marketing so you can market your products, build your brand, and engage in relationship building campaigns, check out MailerLite. It won’t cost you a single penny to get started.


In fact, if your audience never exceeds 1,000 subscribers, you’ll never owe them a single red penny. Which is much more than almost any other email marketing service providers could ever offer, even the ones with features that aren’t as neat as MailerLite’s.


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Mike researches and reviews products for Top 10 Marketing Software. Mike has vast experience in blogging, teaching and internet marketing. See Mike's profile on Google+.

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