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Marketizator Review

Marketizator is a landing page software that allows you to dramatically increase your landing page conversion rates and website visitor interaction several different ways. So not only can you split test your landing pages using the Marketizator drag and drop editor, but you can also interact with your website visitors in ways that you’ve never thought of.


You can split test your existing landing pages, survey your end users, personalize your landing pages, and segment your end users behaviorally, so you can increase your landing page conversions with the same amount of traffic. Sound too good to be true? Then consider that Samsung achieved an additional 26% revenue by using a simple split testing feature within Marketizator. Telekom was able to get 30% more leads by simply split testing a form. Even Avon was able to increase conversion rates by 96% simply be personalizing their website with features available to Marketizator users.

  • Imagine being able to easily split test almost any variable on your landing page without knowing a single thing about code? Marketizator’s main function is to empower you so you can effortlessly split test any feature on your landing page, so you can dramatically increase conversions across your sales letters, lead capture pages, webinar registration forms, or almost any other landing page that your business is using. This is accomplished with their simple drag and drop editor, which enables you to effortlessly split test any page, even if the idea of coding keeps you up at night.

  • Marketizator isn’t just a landing page split testing software. Marketizator also offers a wide array of features to make any landing page exponentially more potent. Imagine being able to survey your website visitors, and then show them a unique lead capture page based upon the answers that they give? Do you think this kind of power could enable you to presell offers, build your list, and increase your conversions just a tad bit? So you could promote a specific offer based upon a specific answer that your visitor gave, or show a lead capture page specifically designed for website visitors that gave a specific answer that you’re looking for on your survey. This is how you can increase your conversions intensely.

  • Marketizator turns your landing pages from boring static presentations into vibrant and dynamic pages, so you can show content that’s going to resonate with your website visitors hand over fist. For example, you can modify your landing page based upon the weather, segment visitors based upon if they bought your previous products, or even based upon what devices they’re using or where they’re from in the world.

Marketizator Review
Marketizator Advantages
  • Edit And Split Test Any Landing Page – Maybe you have three different landing pages that you’d love to test, but you’re not the best web developer or graphic designer in the world, and your budget isn’t big enough to hire a fulltime programmer. If that’s the situation you find yourself in, then Marketizator is going to shine, because you can easily create multiple variations of your website using their drag and drop editor, and begin split testing immediately.

  • Tons Of Segmenting Potential – To be brutally honest, Marketizator offers segmenting potential unlike anything you’ve seen elsewhere. Imagine if you want to split test 5 landing page variations, but only for new visitors. Or maybe you want to split test 3 new surveys, but only for website visitors who are using mobile devices or a Mac OS. There’s even a segmenting rule to target end users who are a “Geek” (or who use Linux operating systems).


Imagine if you could split test landing page features that indicate that it’s raining, or it’s snowing, or it’s sunny, or if the temperature is over 85% degrees Fahrenheit? All of these segmenting rules are possible, and when you combine this unfathomable insight, you have the potential to increase your conversions, regardless of what your goals are. (So if you want to build a list, make more digital product sales, or sell more physical products, or even generate more phone calls, you can segment your audience in ways that empower you big time).

  • Dynamic Survey Options – Imagine this situation. You have 50 website visitors, and 25 of them are interested in weight loss, but 25 of them are interested in increasing muscle mass. With the Marketizator surveying feature, you’ll be able to dynamically change the questions of your survey based upon the initial answers that your visitors give. So you can perfectly plan and strategize your surveying questions based upon the initial response of your visitors, enabling you to dig deep into the core desires of your visitors, while at the same time asking questions that are directly relevant to them.


Best of all, you’ll be able to generate a lead after the survey or even show an advertisement popup based upon the visitor’s answers, enabling you to give the right message, to the right person, at the right time. You could even show a specific lead capture page, or promote a specific offer based upon an answer that your website visitors provide. Do you think that this could increase your conversions, by a smidgen?

Marketizator Disadvantages
  • Easy To Get Carried Away – Sure, it’s simple to plug into Marketizator and start split testing landing page variations. You won’t need to edit any code, and you can get up and running in a matter of minutes so you can split test your lead capture page, landing page, or any page. But what if you want to take advantage of the advanced split testing features that take segmenting into account? This is where you should put your thinking cap on, and really dig deep into how you want to split test. Maybe you want to split test landing pages for your best customers? Or new customers? Or maybe you can show new landing page variations based upon survey results? Maybe you want to launch a new survey and promote 10 different affiliate offers based upon how your visitors answer? Or maybe you can promote 3 different lead capture pages based upon answers that your website visitors give to a survey? All of these methods give you insane potential to increase conversions, promote whatever you want, and grow your email list like crazy, but as you can see, it’s easy to get carried away.

  • Easy To Overlook Possibilities – After playing around with Marketizator for only a few minutes, you could easily make a list of 50 different split testing, segmenting, and landing page variations that you want to test. So if you only spend a few minutes toying with the software, you might overlook a breakthrough conversion strategy that you might overlook on the first go around. In other words, Marketizator is very easy to grasp, but takes some time to master.

  • Learning Curve – Marketizator has four main different landing page components. The survey feature, the lead capture page split testing feature, the segmenting feature, and a “creative” feature that lets you design unique popups and advertisements for any landing page. The fascinating thing, is that you can interconnect all four of these features any way that you want. So you can create a unique survey, and show that survey to any segment that you specify, show off your creative based upon the answers of that survey, and even show a split test to certain end users who answer the survey in a specific way. As you can imagine, it’s going to take a slight learning curve to put all of this magic together.

Who Is Marketizator Ideal For?

Marketizator is ideal for almost any entrepreneur who wants to increase conversions. So if you’re an email marketer, an affiliate marketer, a product vendor, a consultant, coach, webinar marketer, author, offline business or ecommerce vendor, then you can benefit big time by using Marketizator.

This is because the cost of advertising keeps going up. Maybe you’ve noticed that your competitors are constantly outbidding you with Facebook and Google Pay Per Click? If you’ve noticed that, then you realize how direly important conversions are these days.

Which might lead you to ask, what’s the best way to increase conversions? Arguably, the single best way to increase conversions in the shortest time possible, with the largest impact, is by split testing your landing pages.

With Marketizator, you’ll be able to split test any landing page, nearly any way you want, without knowing how to program a single line of code. In fact, even if you’re dreadfully scared of all things IT, you can still split test your landing pages so you can finally increase your earnings per click and the value per customer. So you can finally afford to advertise your lead capture pages, sales pages, ecommerce stores, and all other landing pages.

Marketizator is also for you if you’re an advanced marketing geek, and want to tap into advanced segmenting features, landing page customization features, and survey your website visitors, then you’ll definitely find immense value with Marketizator one way or the other.

So if you want to sell more products, or build a bigger list, then Marketizator is definitely worth checking out.

Marketizator Signup Process
Marketizator Signup

Signing up for Marketizator is very easy, and if you’re a small startup then you can get started for absolutely zero cost. In fact, Marketizator is absolutely free for the first 10,000 views. So if you’re struggling for your next marketing buck, and need to increase conversions yesterday, then you should proceed with crystal clarity by visiting the Marketizator homepage.

Once you’re on the homepage, you’ll see a massive call to action prompting you to register, and you’ll indeed see that their first tier membership is absolutely free, and offers 10,000 views free of charge. Registering only takes a moment, there’s no credit card required, and you can literally start split testing your first landing page variation 10 minutes from now if you want.

Marketizator Ease of Use
Marketizator Dashboard

Maybe you’re panicking because Marketizator’s features seem way too advanced? If that’s the case, please don’t worry, because once you dive in and start playing with their massive list of features, you’re going to feel quite at home.

Individually, the features of Marketizator are very easy to grasp. It’s only when you start putting very advanced permutations together that things might seem a little daunting. (Mind you, if you’re a marketing nerd, then you’ll have no problem, and if you’re not a marketing nerd, then you can still start small and as you learn more you can increase the complexities of your split testing).

The first thing you should know, is that Marketizator is entirely web based. The way it works, is that you add a simple snippet of code to your website, and then you can access everything via the Marketizator website. So there’s never any software to install on your computer, and you can access all of the features from anywhere on the planet.

The main feature, which is arguably the landing page split tester, is remarkably easy to use. You’ll start by adding a simple line of code to your website. If you use Joomla, WordPress, Presta Shop, Magento, or Drupal there’s an easy plugin for you to install to get up and running fast, so you won’t have to manually enter any code snippet if you don’t want.

Once Marketizator is installed on your website, you’ll be able to start split testing any landing page by using the drag and drop editor. So setting up split tests is accomplished simply by adding a split test “variation”, and then changing any element that you want on the page by pointing, dragging, typing and clicking. So if you can point and click a mouse, you’ll be able to easily change nearly anything on your landing pages, enabling you to split test without knowing anything about code period.

The survey feature is straight forward, though has lots of options. By creating a survey you’ll be able to get a better understanding of what your website visitors want and you’ll be able to create a survey to ultimately promote anything that you want, or even build your list. You can even “branch” your surveys so that specific answers result in specific questions, and this is all done via an intuitive layout that’s easy to grasp.

There’s also the creatives feature, which allows you to create advertisements in the form of banners, pop ups, welcome bars, background sound, and interstitial banners. You can customize the creatives by uploading your own artwork, using a gallery of templates, or manually editing the code.

Then there’s the segmenting feature, which is arguably the most powerful. So you can begin creating segments based upon behavior, location, weather, earnings per customer, or a dozen other variables.

The segmenting feature also brings everything together. So you can then use these segments to target surveys, target split tests, or target creatives. In other words, you can show a survey to certain segments, launch a split test for certain segments, or show a creative to certain segments.

All of the components individually have a small learning curve, though when you combine some of the advanced behavioral possibilities, and allow these features to interact with one another, you may have to invest a few minutes of your time to master everything to the fullest potential. Luckily, there’s ample support functions in the event that you ever get lost, which you’ll learn more about in a following section, so please continue reading this review!

Marketizator Features
Marketizator Features
  • Drag And Drop Editor – If you’ve ever been annoyed that you need to call and beg your IT help desk (or virtual worker) each time you want to run a split test, then you’re going to love this. Because with Marketizator, you can edit any variable on your landing page, with the click of a button, and you’ll never have to edit any code (unless you want to), period. So you can create all the unique split test creatives in the world, enabling you to increase conversions without being the most technically savvy marketer on the planet.

  • Split Test Anything – Landing pages aren’t the only thing you’ll be split testing. Maybe you want to split test your blog landing page, your ecommerce store, your lead capture page, or even a call to action to launch a survey? If you can imagine it, you can split test it, and this is the master secret to increasing conversions so you can build a bigger list, and otherwise generate more action.

  • 100% Free To Start – Marketizator is overly generous to grant you 10,000 views for free across all of their features. So if you’re an up and coming marketer who wants to sit on the porch with the big dogs, you won’t even have to open your wallet. On the other hand, if you’re a heavy hitting Internet marketing monster, you can still test out their features without any risk on your behalf, and upgrade only when you need to.

  • List Building Power – There are so many ways you can build a bigger list faster with Marketizator. You can use surveys to build your list. You can split test your lead capture pages a million different ways. You can even add an exit pop up on any page and promote your lead capture page, essentially turning traffic that would otherwise never go on to buy on your landing page, and instead prompting them to join your email list.

  • Promote Absolutely Anything Via Surveys – Imagine if your website visitors indicate that they are interested in a certain service. You could then literally promote any URL that you want when they answer a certain question. So maybe you have 5 different affiliate offers that you’re promoting, you could showcase them all under a very different set of circumstances, allowing your earnings per click to skyrocket. Or maybe you could promote a certain lead capture page when your survey takers indicate that they want to learn more about a certain subject. No matter how you slice the cake, you’re almost guaranteed to win.

  • Segment Any Way You Can Imagine – Maybe you only want your lead capture page to be shown by your best buyers? Or maybe you only want to split test your new “Rainy day” lead capture page if it’s raining in your website visitor’s hometown? These are the wild segmenting possibilities that are available to you, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Turn Any Page Into A Raging River Of Leads – Maybe you could have an exit pop on any landing page that promotes a survey. On that survey, you could be ready to promote 10 different lead capture pages, based upon the very specific answers that your website visitors provide. This would allow you to have ridiculously high conversion rates, so you can better target your leads, get unshakable intelligence on your end users, and turn any landing page into a raging river of high quality leads.

  • Advanced Triggering – Maybe you want a survey to show up as soon as a new website visitor lands on your site? Or maybe only when they go to leave your website? Or, maybe you could have a survey pop up when they start to scroll down your landing page? All three of these possibilities are simple to achieve with Marketizator.

  • Survey Triggering Logic – You can create simple surveys if you want to. But if you have your whiteboard ready, then you can create a massive survey with a hundred different outcomes and possibilities if you want. So imagine if you have 10 different books on Amazon, 5 different video courses, and 2 consulting offers. You could easily promote each of those products (and services) based upon what answers your website visitors give on your survey, and even ask more questions based upon their answers. So, you can make your surveys as simple and short, or as complex and long as you want, and you can easily promote whatever you want, to whomever you want, whenever you want with Marketizator.

  • Intuitive Reporting – What good would all this high level data be if it was impossible to understand? Marketizator provides a ton of data and easy to understand reporting so you can quickly have the confidence and freedom to split test and interact in ways you never thought possible, and you’ll always know exactly what you’re looking at.

Marketizator Integration's
  • Google Analytics – What good are all of these impressive split testing functions if you don’t have awesome data to back it up? That’s why Marketizator easily integrates with Google Analytics, so you can split test to the moon and back again, and actually benefit from the data that’s generated.

  • MailChimp – If you use MailChimp as your email marketing service provider, then you can easily turn almost any survey or landing page into a frothing-at-the-mouth lead generation asset with Marketizator.

  • Campaign Monitor – Maybe you use Campaign Monitor and rely on their awesome email segmenting tools? If that’s the case, you can easily integrate with Marketizator so you can turn all of your surveys, creatives and landing pages into email building machines quite easily.

  • Freshmail – Have you ever used Freshmail to interact with your email subscribers? If so, maybe you’ve grown accustomed to their service and absolutely love it? If that’s you, then you can integrate easily with Marketizator so you can build your list, without technical overwhelm or second guessing yourself.

  • SalesManago – If you automate your marketing with SalesManago, then you can actually better segment your website visitors using the very data that SalesManago provides right inside of Marketizator. Integration is a snap, and will only take a minute.

  • WordPress – There’s a good chance that your business uses WordPress for landing pages. If that’s the case, you’ll never have to edit any code and you can begin split testing your landing pages in the next 10 minutes without being a technical genius.

  • Joomla – There’s also a good possibility that you use Joomla for your landing pages, and you can easily install the Joomla plugin without a hiccup so you can begin split testing your landing pages using the handy dandy Marketizator landing page visual editor.

  • Drupal – Or maybe you’d like to split test using Drupal? It’s easily accomplishable with Marketizator, all you have to do is install the plugin and then you’re off to the races split testing to your heart’s content.

  • Presta Shop – Do you sell products with Presta Shop? Well ask yourself how it would feel to start split testing your storefront so you can try to increase your conversion rates without being a PhD in information technology, copywriting, or graphic design? You can easily integrate with Marketizator giving you the chance to increase your conversion rates so you can have a shot at increasing your earnings per click and visitor value.

  • Magento – If your business uses Magento, then you can simply install the Magento extension to get up and running fast, so you can split test simply and easily and you’ll never have to crack the hood of your website, perhaps ever again.

Marketizator Pricing
Marketizator Pricing

The pricing for Marketizator is the best news yet, because it’s absolutely free to start out with, and you can get up to 10,000 views for all of their features for absolutely zero cost. In case you’re wondering, a view is defined as any view for a split test, creative personalization, or a survey.

All of the plans include surveys, split testing, creative personalization, and segmentation. That being said, the free account only grants email support, and the ability to connect with one website.

If you need more than 10,000 views, and require more than email support or want to connect with more than one website, then you’ll need to check out an advanced plan.

The advanced plans are based upon the number of views, so that’s the only moving part, and really the only variable to how much you pay.

To get an idea of the pricing, you can have 20,000 views for $55 per month, 100,000 views for $250 per month, 200,000 views for $350 per month, 500,000 views for $650 per month, and 1,000,000 views for $1,100 per month.

Marketizator Support

Since Marketizator includes so many moving parts, you might be wondering what the support is like. Luckily, Marketizator has exerted tremendous effort to include a boatload of support functions so you never get lost, befuddled, or feel stuck.

Marketizator has a ton of articles, infographics, quizzes, e-books, videos, and webinars. So no matter how you want to learn, there’s a medium that can help you learn more so you can master Marketizator one way or the other.

Arguably the coolest support avenue are the case studies, where they show how companies like Samsung, Telekom and Avon increased their conversions big time using Marketizator. This is important, so if you ever feel overwhelmed, you can refer to the proven split tests that have proven to get impressive results.

Finally, if you need to speak to a real human you can always email Marketizator, and if you’re a premium member you even get Skype access, so if you need to brainstorm conversion tactics, you’ll have direct access, which is absolutely an awesome perk.

Marketizator Reputation

Marketizator boasts several heavy hitting clients, such as Samsung, Forbes, and Avon.

Without question, Marketizator has a reputation for increasing conversions regardless of the goal, everything from opt-in rate, to increased sales, and even additional revenue have been proven time and time again.

Take this study from Samsung, and how they increased revenue by 26% within the timeframe of just two weeks.

Even Avon was able to generate 96% better conversions by personalizing their landing pages. Check out undeniable proof here.

Or, how generated 279% more leads to their email newsletter. Sound unbelievable? Check out the case study here.

At the end of the day, Marketizator’s reputation is of a company that produces results, period. You probably realize by now, that reputation stems from whether or not a company can actually deliver on their promise or not, and after checking out those case studies, you’ll have absolutely no doubt that Marketizator puts their money where their mouth is.

Marketizator Conclusion

It doesn’t matter what market you’re dabbling in. You could be an author, an instructor, an affiliate marketer, an ecommerce vendor, or a brick and mortar startup.

Regardless of what you’re doing, you’ve probably realized that your competition is meaner, and stiffer than ever. Everywhere you look, you see your competition eating your lunch. This all on top of the idea that the cost of advertising keeps going up, not down.

That’s exactly why conversions count more than ever. It doesn’t matter how beautiful you think your landing page is. What truly matters, is what your end users think about your landing pages. Do they opt-in? Do they buy? Do they call? If you’re tired of guessing, then maybe it’s time to start split testing your landing pages seriously.

So really, you have two choices. You can rely on your own taste, and guess which of your landing pages are going to get more sales, leads, conversion, and action. Or, you can start scientifically split testing with Marketizator, so you can build a bigger list, prompt more clicks, and hopefully generate more sales.

Marketizator can be as simple or complex as you like, and it’s absolutely free to start. There’s nothing to lose, but what do you have to gain?

Well, how about the ability to finally afford traffic? Or the ability to split test any landing page without knowing a thing about programming? Or the ability to finally be seen by your end users? The ability to grow a bigger list of leads who know you, like you, and trust you, and the ability to sell more products, all the while surveying your end users so you know exactly what they want?

If that sounds good, then check Marketizator out. You can register for free, and it might be the best decision you make for your business all year.


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