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Mass Planner Review

Mass Planner is a social media management tool that focuses on automation. So if you’re currently using social media to attract clients, buyers, leads and new followers, but you’re quite frankly jaded by all of the work that’s involved, then Mass Planner might be one of the best tools that you check out all year. So you can extract more value from your time, plan breakthrough social media campaigns that work 100% automatically, and also get more traffic, more clicks, more visitors, and more leads without breaking your back or bending over backwards, and most importantly, you’ll accomplish this in significantly less time.

  • You realize by now how beneficial social media can be. The ability to contact anyone, anywhere, while at the same time growing your business can be the best way to spend your time. But let’s face facts, how much free time do you really have these days? Probably not much. That’s why Mass Planner pulls through with flying colors, so you can finally interact with your audience, automate social content syndication, and interact with more people without you spending forever and a day messing around on social media.

  • If you’re on Facebook, (of course you are), then you’re going to love Mass Planner’s Facebook Group tools. So you can build massive rapport with everyone in your Facebook group, and even find and join an abundance of Facebook groups in your niche. Why are Facebook groups such a big deal? Because they’re more personal than Facebook Fan Pages, and your end users are probably spending unfathomable amounts of time on Facebook, every single day. So you can invite your audience to your group, automate your group messaging, and build massive authority all on complete autopilot.

  • Mass Planner makes it much easier for you to build rapport with your audience that can last a lifetime. It’s true that the more you interact with your end users in a cool way, the more likely they are to visit your lead capture pages, your homepage, browse your products, and follow you on your other social media profiles. The biggest problem, however, is that you don’t have infinite amounts of time. That’s why automating the entire process of social interaction with Mass Planner, could be the smartest thing you ever do for your business.

Mass Planner Review
Mass Planner Advantages
  • Ample Integrations – One thing you’ll find about the majority of social media management tools is that they often cater to one social media platform or the other. So maybe they cater specifically to Twitter, or they cater specifically to Instagram or Facebook. Mass Planner on the other hand, manages a wide array of social media platforms. So if you use Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIn, then you’ll be able to automate your messages and build authority on autopilot.

  • Automate Rapport, Prestige, And Authority – Why do you post on social media in the first place? Is it to get more traffic? More leads? More clicks? More sales? At the end of the day, social media allows you to accomplish almost anything you want. Maybe you want to build more rapport, more prestige, more authority, or simply generate more buzz? No matter what your master strategy is, Mass Planner makes it easy to automate your process. So you can generate a genius marketing campaign, set it up once, and then sit back and let Mass Planner deliver your content in an entirely automated fashion.

  • Simple Payment Plans – Have you ever had to hire an accountant and a team of lawyers simply to understand the payment structure of your social media management software? Mass Planner takes out all the complications. There are simply two payment plans, and optional modules that you can get if you want to. So if you want to automate your social media accounts, without paying hand over fist, or even worse, getting totally confused at what you’re getting, then Mass Planner takes the pain away, and there’s even a 5-day free trial so you can get started without paying a single red cent.

Mass Planner Disadvantages
  • Payment Method Required – One thing you’ll notice when you register for Mass Planner, is that they request a payment method at the get go. The good news, is that you won’t be charged for a full 5-days after registering, so you still have ample opportunity to test the software out so you can see if it’s a good match for your business. That being said, in full transparency, it’s important to mention that you will indeed need to enter a credit card, or to enter into a PayPal subscription. (Both of which are easily cancelled if you decide that Mass Planner isn’t right for you).

  • Software Required – Mass Planner is a Microsoft Windows based software, so you will require a Windows based machine for it to run consistently and reliably. The good news, is that if you’re using a Macintosh or Linux based operating system, Mass Planner actually provides a great tutorial on how to setup and configure a virtual private server, so you can set up the software virtually. This way, your own operating system will never be hampered, and you can let the software run virtually on an off-site server. (Mass Planner even shows you how to get a free virtual private server for a full year, which is definitely cool, and can save you a ton of cash).

  • Competition – There’s no denying that these days, social media management utilities are popping up left and right. The biggest problem you’ll probably face, is determining which one is right for you. That’s why you’ll benefit tremendously by continue reading this review, so you can finally figure out if Mass Planner is the perfect asset for your business. So, is Mass Planner the perfect utility for your business, or is there something far superior? Please continue reading to find out, in full, unblemished and unbridled transparency.

Who Is Mass Planner Ideal For?

Anyone who uses social media to generate leads, sales, followers, or social buzz can benefit big time from Mass Planner.

So if you’re a blogger, an author, an instructor, an internet marketer, an email marketer, a network marketer, if you operate a small business startup, or even a medium sized agency, then Mass Planner can be the perfect tool in your arsenal.

At the end of the day, if you could benefit from more traffic, more leads, more clicks, more people checking out your social media profiles, and more people talking about you on social media, and you want to accomplish this in significantly less time, then Mass Planner is ideal for you and your business.

Mass Planner Signup Process
MassPlanner Signup

Signing up for Mass Planner won’t take you more than a few minutes. The first thing you’ll be asked to do in order to claim your 5-day free trial is to choose a payment method. There are three options; you can choose a PayPal subscription, PayPal direct payment, or a traditional credit card. Remember that for your first 5-days, you are not charged, and you can cancel any time in the event that you’re not tickled pink with Mass Planner. (The payment plans are also dirt cheap, so if you’re nervous about cost, don’t be).

After you select your payment method, you can then choose which payment plan you’d like. You’re going to learn more about the payment plans in a further section of this summary review, but for now, just realize that registering with Mass Planner is an easy and painless process, and you’ll never have to pay a single red cent unless you decide that Mass Planner rocks.

Mass Planner Ease of Use
Mass Planner Dashboard

The first thing you need to know about Mass Planner, is that it’s a Microsoft Windows based software. So, you will need a Windows operating system, or a Virtual Private Server in order to run the software.

It’s important to note, once again, that Mass Planner has ample instructions on how to get the software running on a Macintosh or Linux machine using a free VPS, however, now isn’t the time to go deep into those instructions. For now, find solace in the idea that if you’re using Macintosh or Linux, you can easily get Mass Planner running, all you have to do is view that tutorial which can be found on the Mass Planner homepage. Also, you can get free VPS for one year using the instructions provided by Mass Planner, and to be honest, it’s worth checking out just for that one little tidbit.

In any event, once you get the software up and running, the learning curve is near zero, and the intuitiveness is absolutely through the roof, so you’ll be up and running in no time.

Once you start the software, you’ll be prompted to start connecting your social profiles. So if you use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, or LinkedIn, you’ll be able to connect your accounts immediately after starting the software.

Once your accounts are connected (which only takes a few clicks of your mouse), you’ll be able to start planning and deploying campaigns. So you can easily define what to publish, where to publish, and when to publish.

Overall, the software is very intuitive and easy to work with, and you’ll be automating posts, and generating massive authority on full autopilot without much of a learning curve.

Mass Planner Features
Mass Planner Features
  • Post Scheduling – From the Mass Planner dashboard, you can plan and schedule posts to Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, allowing you to build massive rapport all the while saving yourself a ton of headaches and time.

  • Facebook Group Automation – Facebook groups are one of the best ways to keep in contact with your audience. But what happens if you simply don’t have the time to constantly interact? If that’s the case, then consider using Mass Planner so you can plan breakthrough campaigns that interact, even if your schedule is somewhat limiting.

  • Full Social Media Automation – It doesn’t matter how complex or simple you want your social media automation to be. Maybe you want to post once per week, or maybe you want to plan a massive strategic social media campaign from the ground up? Either way, Mass Planner will let you engage your followers, and you can be as simple or as complex as you want.

  • Add Facebook Videos To Posts – Adding video to Facebook is one of the best ways to capture the attention of your audience these days. With Mass Planner, you’ll be able to schedule your Facebook video posts, so you can capture the inspiration of your audience, all on autopilot, so you’re never held hostage by the timeclock and you’ll be able to better brainstorm future campaigns and interactions as a result.

  • Add Tweets From A File – Maybe you want to plan a massive social media campaign that can remove you from the process for a while? If that’s the case, you can simply load up a massive Twitter campaign, allowing you to interact with new followers, find new leads, generate more traffic, and entertain your audience for as long as you want, even if you’re on vacation, catching up on your sleep, or otherwise managing your business.

  • Auto Pinterest Pinning – Imagine if you could automate the process of finding awesome Pinterest content that your niche loves, and then sharing that same exact content and pinning it on your own boards? If that sounds good, then you’re going to love the benefits that this feature brings you, like the ability to build your Pinterest audience on near autopilot, while at the same time providing awesome value and content that’s actually worthy of your audience.

  • Find And Join Google Plus Communities – Mass Planner offers a massive horde of Google Plus features, one of the most impressive is the ability to automatically find and join Google Plus communities in your niche. So you can automatically find and join communities that are stuffed with prospects that will probably love you, and your line of work.

  • Instagram Auto Following – One of the fastest ways to grow a targeted audience on Instagram, is by finding people in your niche who like what you have to offer, and then following them. You can then unfollow those who don’t follow you back after a set interval of time, and strategically grow your audience only with those who are inclined to like what you have to offer.

  • Schedule And Automate LinkedIn Content – Mass Planner will enable you to schedule and automate your LinkedIn content to the nth degree. So you can automate your content on LinkedIn in bulk, and also find and interact with groups in your niche, so you can build a following, find prospects, and market yourself and your business on autopilot.

  • Proxy Support – If you’re at all worried that your social media accounts will be in jeopardy from automation, you can rest easy because Mass Planner allows you to run with HTTP and SOCKS proxies.

Mass Planner Integration's
  • Facebook – Mass Planner integrates with Facebook several different ways. Not only can you automate your social media posts, but you can also find Facebook groups, and manage your own Facebook groups. Why is this powerful, and cool? Because Facebook groups are often times viewed to be more intimate than Facebook pages, so if you want to skyrocket your rapport and prestige with your followers, customers, and fans, consider engaging with a Facebook group.

  • Google Plus – Google Plus is another avenue for you to not only automate your social posts, but you can also find Google Plus Groups that your audience would probably love, and you can also manage your own with Mass Planner.

  • Twitter – Not only can you automate and schedule all of your future tweets, but you’ll also be able to add tweets from a file, so you can plan a massive campaign and then let it automate itself while you sit back, relax, and plan more content for the future. You’ll also be able to auto follow, spin your syntax, automate your hashtags, and a massive list of other features that will empower your Twitter campaigns that are frankly hard to replicate on your own.

  • Pinterest – Pinterest has quickly become one of the favorite hangouts for individuals in all markets, and niches. So regardless of what market you’re in, you can bet your boots that your audience is hanging out on Pinterest in droves. For that reason, you might love the ability to automate and schedule your pins for any of your boards, and you’ll also be able to export your followers, establish a default URL, add signatures, and even comment automatically so you can boost interaction, and grow your Pinterest following consistently and reliably.

  • LinkedIn – So you can automate your LinkedIn messages automatically and schedule bulk messages while planning a massive breakthrough campaign that builds your reputation steadily as an authority, and even snag a complete history of your posts.

  • Instagram – Mass Planner allows you to automate Instagram in several different ways. You can automatically follow, follow back, unfollow, like, and comment, so you can build a massive following on Instagram without the headache and without any technical overwhelm.

  • Flickr – Did you know that Flickr has a near-infinite quantity of 100% royalty free images that you can use for your business? That’s because many Flickr images adhere to the creative commons license, meaning that in many cases you can actually use their images, even for commercial use. Mass Planner allows you to pull images from Flickr (and also Pinterest) so you can liven up your social media posts, all 100% hands free, without any coding or fussing over complications.

Mass Planner Pricing
Mass Planner Pricing

The Mass Planner pricing is really simple to grasp because there aren’t that many moving parts. There’s the monthly license, and the 6-month license.

Both licenses come with the core features of automating Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Both plans also come with the ability to find groups on Facebook, Google Plus, and LinkedIn. So really, the main moving part is if you want to pay month to month, or if you want to pay in 6-month intervals to save 37%. (The 6-month plan also has a few added perks, which you’ll learn about in a moment).

There’s also a boatload of optional modules that you can select from after you access the Mass Planner member’s area, though to be honest these modules aren’t required to start automating your social media posts, and are optional perks. (For example, there are extended modules that allow you to add extra social media accounts, modules that “bump” your Facebook posts, and other neat little features such as that). These modules are a onetime payment, and cost around $10 - $25 depending upon the complexity of the module.

If you decide to use the 6-month license, there are a few additional perks that you get in addition to saving 37% on your total cost. For example, if you choose the 6-month license, you’ll be able to connect 24 social media accounts (4 for each individual platform). On the other hand, if you select the monthly license, you’ll only be permitted 12 accounts (2 for each individual platform).

The 6-month license also grants you a few extra modules, such as the Pinterest and the Flickr module, which allow you to pull images from Flickr and Pinterest to use them in your social media posts.

The monthly license costs a meager $9.95 per month, and the 6-month license costs $44.95 for 6 months. Either way, you can test run both licenses for absolutely zero cost for a full 5-days.

Mass Planner Support

Mass Planner offers a wealth of support that you’ll want to check out. First of all, they offer an awesome tutorial on how to setup a VPS so if you’re using a Macintosh or Linux system, you can still install Mass Planner. Also, they’ll even show you how to get a free VPS for one year (that is definitely worth mentioning again) so you might want to check that tutorial out if you’re using Macintosh or Linux.

Mass Planner also offers a few support functions worthy of your time. First of which, are their video tutorials which walk you through just about everything that you need to know about Mass Planner. Every nook and cranny is fully exposed in the video tutorials, and if you have any questions even after reading this thorough summary review, the Mass Planner video tutorial section should, in all honesty, be your next step as everything is covered in full detail there.

Mass Planner also offers a FAQ section that’s pithy enough to warrant your attention because you can probably find out exactly what you need to know in just a few minutes by checking out their FAQ. Mass Planner also has a searchable knowledge base, so if you have a specific question that’s not covered in their FAQ, give the knowledge base a look, or you can simply search to see if your question can be easily found.

Mass Planner also has a blog which seems stuffed with reasonably updated content on the topic of social media planning, so if you’re trying to beef up your knowledge of social media marketing best practice, their blog might be worth checking out. Mass Planner also has a Podcast that you might want to give a listen, where they talk about all things trendy that social media nerds and enthusiasts will find particularly worthwhile.

Finally, in the event that none of the aforementioned support services can offer what you require, you can always contact the Mass Planner support staff directly, and they promise to get back to you as soon as possible with friendly and helpful service. Mass Planner also has a Facebook group, so if you’d like to see what the company atmosphere is like, you can definitely join that group; you can find the group by visiting the Mass Planner homepage, and then clicking the “contact us” button.

Mass Planner Reputation

The team behind Mass Planner is known for having a passion about social media. Once you start researching Mass Planner, you’ll find that not only do they have a massively successful and popular social media automation software, but if you read between the lines, you’ll find that they’re hugely passionate about what they do.

They have a mildly successful Podcast for starters, an active Facebook group, they’re liberally strewn throughout social media and they also have an active blog where they teach all things social media.


All of this data and evidence suggests that not only does Mass Planner actually care about your results, but they have a hefty following and they syndicate and create adequate social media content, making them one of those companies who not only practice what they preach, but they also love what they do, which as you know, is one of the most important variables when determining the authenticity of any company.

Mass Planner also has a massive collection of rave reviews and testimonials, showcasing the idea that their following and customers are indeed thrilled with the ability to interact automatically, and build their social media following on near autopilot without any coding, technical expertise, and without investing the time that was previously required to get similar results.

Mass Planner Conclusion

Social media has never been more important. Your end users, fans, buyers and followers spend more and more time on social media nearly every single day. Not only that, but your competition is on social media like never before, and they’re trying their best to snatch up your customers before you get a chance to convert them.

That’s why Mass Planner is such a big deal. So you can interact with your end users automatically, plan breakthrough campaigns, and try your best to convert your end users into diehard fans and customers, all the while you’re operating in an entirely “hands free” fashion.

So ask yourself this one question. How much would a social media manager cost you? Hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, even potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars? Social media management can be a fulltime job unto itself. That’s why Mass Planner might be so valuable to you.

So you won’t have to spend 40 hours a week (or a massive budget) posting content across all of your social media platforms. With Mass Planner, you can set it up once, and then let it run on its own accord. So you’ll get the benefit of constantly fresh content, and you won’t have to slave over your social media profiles nonstop.

The software is super simple to install, and Mass Planner is 100% free to get started for the first 5-days. So consider giving it a whirl. If you don’t agree that it saves you a boatload of time and energy, then simply cancel your account, and you’ll never pay a penny.

But, what if it does work? Then, suddenly, you’re able to get drastically more clicks, more leads, more people browsing your offers, and more people talking about you on social media. Without being a social media guru, and without hiring a social media guru, which as you know, doesn’t come cheap. Thankfully, you’ll agree, that Mass Planner, is indeed quite affordable, and frankly, the price is somewhat trivial when compared to the benefits that your business could gain simply by trying it out.


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