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MyLiveChat Review

MyLiveChat is a live chat helpdesk service that over 259,762 organizations use from all over the world. If you’re frustrated because you’re not turning enough of your website visitors into sales, or if the support end of your business leaves much to be desired, you might benefit tremendously from MyLiveChat. 


MyLiveChat’s motto is that “your customers want to chat with you” – they live up to this premise by offering a simple solution to integrate their chat platform onto all of your websites in a flash.


MyLiveChat offers a “forever free” plan, so if you realize that your website could benefit hand over fist by having a live chat helpdesk implemented today, but maybe you’re a little gun shy or your marketing budget isn’t as big as it could be, then you might want to give MyLiveChat a go.


MyLiveChat is growing at a massive rate. Well over 250 members are joining every single day, and they manage over 20,000 chats every single day. So you can be confident that LiveChat knows the live chat helpdesk game, and that your customers (and your business) are in good hands when you become a member.


The live chat helpdesk integrations by MyLiveChat are 100% customizable to your website. So it doesn’t matter how fancy your website is, MyLiveChat can match your design. The greetings messages, graphic user interface, chat agent pictures, company logos, and even the chat buttons can be modified to match the look and feel of your business. So you can help your end users, and increase sales, all the while looking good in the process.

MyLiveChat Review
MyLiveChat Advantages

Massive List Of Integrations – A lot of MyLiveChat’s competitors don’t offer anywhere near the quantity of out of the box integrations that they do. So if your business currently uses a wide array of services to conduct itself, you can proceed with the utmost confidence knowing that you can easily integrate and get a live chat helpdesk setup across all of your platforms.


Unlimited Chatting On Their Forever Free Plan – MyLiveChat offers one of the most generous live chat systems on the planet. So you can engage in unlimited chats without ever paying a single penny if you don’t want to. (You’ll learn more about MyLiveChat’s plans later on in this summary review).


Smart Introductions – How would it feel to greet your website visitors based upon their physical location, or the specific page that they’re visiting? That’s what MyLiveChat’s smart integrations can handle, so your website visitors will feel like you know them intimately well. Imagine what this could do for your goodwill and conversions?

MyLiveChat Disadvantages

Free Plan Doesn’t Allow White Labelling – Maybe it’s unfair to poke fun at MyLiveChat’s free live chat helpdesk plan, since many of the competing live chat services don’t even offer one. However, in full disclosure it’s important to note that you won’t be able to white label your live chat, so there will be a link advertising MyLiveChat if you use their free live chat helpdesk.


Free Plan Doesn’t Allow Email Reporting – One nice feature that you might like is the ability to automatically send the live chat transcript via email to a specified address immediately after the chat has ended. However, with MyLiveChat’s free plan, this feature is unfortunately disabled.


Competition – It’s true that MyLiveChat offers a generous free plan, however you’ve probably noticed that the quantity of quality live chat helpdesk solutions is increasing all the time. Hopefully this very summary review will help you better determine if MyLiveChat is an ideal solution for your business.

Who Is MyLiveChat Ideal For?

MyLiveChat is ideal for any website or business that is currently suffering from a lack of fast customer support, or could otherwise benefit from increased sales. You probably realize by now that if you leave your end users hanging from a customer support perspective, that in many cases you lose their confidence. 


Have you ever replied to a customer, and then never heard from them again? That’s probably due to the fact that they took their business elsewhere.


For that reason, having a live chat integrated into your site can not only increase end user confidence, but also loyalty. So you can build a rock solid relationship with all of your visitors the second they ask a question, giving you more chances to build your brand, and yes, close more sales.


If cost is an issue, then MyLiveChat might be a dream come true, because you can also use their live chat support system for absolutely zero cost.

MyLiveChat Signup Process
MyLiveChat Signup

Signing up for MyLiveChat only takes a minute, and remember that there’s an always free plan so no credit card is required. 


In fact, as long as you don’t need more than one chat agent, you’ll never have to upgrade. (There are a few other caveats regarding the free price plan, which will be explained in more detail later in this summary review).


If you decide that you want more than one seat (a seat is defined as one chat agent logged in at one time), or if you want some of the advanced features, there are advanced plans that you’ll also learn about later. 


So if you want to start helping your website visitors without shelling out any investment, it’s simple and easy to get started, and MyLiveChat has a ton of plugins so you can easily install your live chat helpdesk on almost any platform right out of the box.

MyLiveChat Ease of Use
My Live Chat Dashboard

MyLiveChat has to be considered as one of the easiest to use for novice users. The reason for this is because MyLiveChat includes a massive variety of live chat plugins that you can integrate seamlessly even if you’re a technical luddite. (You’ll learn more about the integrations later on in this summary review, for now crack a smile and rest easy knowing that MyLiveChat will integrate with almost any service your business uses right out of the box).


Upon logging into the MyLiveChat member’s area, there are two options for installing your live chat helpdesk. You can either copy the simple code snippet into the body of your website, or you can download one of the many plugins that they offer to their customers.


You’ll also have the opportunity to manage your chat agents, view the logs, chat history, and you’ll also have the chance to edit almost every option for your live chat window. So you can change the font colors, background colors, label colors, the button style, the font size, and even the image of your agent so your live chat will look customized to your own website.


Once your live chat is installed on your preferred platforms, you can then proceed to interact with your website visitors live through the MyLiveChat application via PC, Mac, iOS, Android, or web platform.

MyLiveChat Features
My Live Chat Features

Simultaneous Sessions – Are you a support wizard? Or, do you have a support wizard working for you? If that’s the case, you’ll be able to take full advantage of MyLiveChat’s chat console, so you can easily handle multiple chat sessions at the same time. This way, you can potentially reduce costs all the while offering awesome support, closing more sales, and building massive rapport with your audience in real time.


Reliable Servers – MyLiveChat boasts a massive server capable of handling almost any load that your website visitors can throw at it. If you’ve ever suffered from a lagged chat system, which can kill trust faster than just about anything, then proceed with confidence and give MyLiveChat’s system a full load test.


Customizable Options – Whether you want to customize the look and feel of your live chat with your own logos, avatars, or even customize the messages that your visitors see, then MyLiveChat makes it easy and intuitive.


256-Bit SSL Encryption – If you watch the news or read IT blogs, you realize that IT security is one variable that can cost you your entire business. One IT security breach is all it takes to permanently ruin the confidence that your end users have in your business. One of the easiest ways to prevent that from occurring is by relying on 256-bit SSL-bit encryption, so hackers and black hats don’t have access to your chat logs and customer data.


Automated Smart Responses – Do your website visitors ask the same questions on a frequent basis? If so, you can easily automate triggered responses when MyLiveChat recognizes similar questions. This can reduce the cost of administering support all the while providing fast and helpful assistance that can increase sales, and make your website visitors happy to do business with you.


Proactive Chats – Do you have website visitors lingering on your product pages? It might be a genius idea to send them a message and ask if they have any questions. Often times, your website visitors are trying to find answers to the questions that are driving them insane. In the event that their questions aren’t answered, you risk them not taking action, so be proactive.


Beautiful Integration – Have you ever used a live chat interface that quite frankly looked terrible? Face it, you need to offer more than just awesome support, you need to look good in the process. That’s why MyLiveChat live chat helpdesks not only allow you deliver great support, but your organization will look good in the process.


Emailing Of Transcripts – If your website visitors want to have their live chat conversions emailed to them immediately after they’re satisfied, they’ll have the opportunity to do so. This will help build rapport with your website visitors, and they may be reminded at a later date how spectacular your services are, or they might be reminded to buy more of your products and services.


File Transfers – Do you have help files, digital books, or other documents that might be of use to your website visitors? If that’s the case, you might find the file transfer tool to be of great value. So you can send files to your website visitors, which can potentially help better educate your audience or even provide to them bonus gifts, or educational content.


Real Time Monitoring – With MyLiveChat you can easily view where your website visitors are coming from, literally. Geographic data, website browser, referrer URL, IP address, host name and other data can easily be viewed in the MyLiveChat application. So you can cater your marketing content to each end user on an individual basis, and better cater your future marketing strategies in accordance with this data.

MyLiveChat Integration's

WordPress – There’s a good chance that your business uses WordPress one way or the other, and if that’s the case, then you can benefit by integrating a MyLiveChat live chat helpdesk onto your blog using the plugin that’s provided. So you can get your live chat installed in less than 5 minutes from now and begin interacting with your subscribers.


Joomla – How would you like to start chatting live with your Joomla visitors? You can also monitor website traffic, and preemptively engage with your website visitors with a customized message. All the while providing awesome support, increasing sales, and thereby driving website visitor loyalty through the roof.


Drupal – If you use a Drupal website, or are considering creating one, you can easily integrate a MyLiveChat live chat helpdesk onto all of your pages using the simple plugin provided.


Magento – Do you need to increase your Magento sales? One of the best ways to do that is to reach out to your existing website visitors. Ask them if they have any questions about your services, and if you see your end users not taking action, perhaps give them a little (gentle) nudge. This is all possible in a few minutes using the MyLiveChat Magento extension that can be installed in a few minutes from now


Zen Cart – Why should you consider adding a MyLiveChat live chat helpdesk to your Zen Cart stores? The best reason, is so you can engage with your end users in a way that makes them feel more comfortable, while answering their questions. Remember that confusion is never a good state for your customers to be in, so be there to help them if they have any questions. Integrating with Zen Cart is simple using the MyLiveChat plugin that takes only a few minutes to setup.


3dcart – Maybe you’re selling products on 3dcart, but your conversions aren’t what they should be? Or worse yet, maybe your store visitors are curious about your products, but they have no idea how they can get in contact with you? Put their curiosity to rest and help them make the best buying decision that they can. MyLiveChat makes integration easy using their plugin that can be setup with the few clicks of your mouse.


eBay – Have you ever sold products on eBay? Imagine if you could easily add a live chat to your eBay store, how awesome would that be? Imagine if your end users visiting your eBay store saw a beautiful chat prompting them to ask questions. Or, imagine if you actually messaged your visitors a friendly greeting asking them if they had any questions. Do you think that this could increase your sales just a tad bit? Integrating a live chat with your eBay store is surprisingly simple, and MyLiveChat’s plugin will have you up and running without any technical overwhelm or stress.


Adobe Muse CC – You realize how beautiful your websites can be when you use Adobe Muse CC to design them. But, what happens when your customers, visitors, and leads need support? If you’re not there in a timely fashion, they very well may abandon your website and seek out a competitor. That’s why using MyLiveChat to quickly add a live chat helpdesk to your Adobe Muse CC websites can be the trick that tips the scales in your favor.


Volusion – Maybe your storefront uses Volusion, and maybe your end users have been disappointed by a lack of support in the past. Don’t disappoint your future customers, instead be there the very moment they need help. With the MyLiveChat Volusion plugin, you can begin answering your website visitor’s questions a moment after easy installation.


Blogger – Blogger is Google’s blogging platform and it’s a great way to get free buzz for your business. But what happens if your blog readers have a question about your business, your services, or your products? In most cases, they’re out of luck because finding a contact button on a Blogger blog can be a nightmare. That’s why when you integrate a MyLiveChat live chat button on your Blogger blog you’ll stick out like a sore thumb, in a good way of course.

MyLiveChat Pricing
MyLiveChat Pricing

MyLiveChat boasts five different plans, so regardless of how large or small your organization is, they can easily accommodate you. 


There’s a massive caveat that’s important to define here. For MyLiveChat, there’s a difference between a “seat” and an “agent”. For all of the plans, you can have unlimited “agents”, but the plans are largely based upon how many “seats” you can have. So what’s the difference? Well, an “agent” is a chat agent. So you might have 10 chat agents working for your organization. 


A “seat” is defined as an “agent” logged into your system. So while all the plans offer unlimited agents, you are limited by the amount of agents who can be logged into your live chat helpdesk at any given time.


The first option is of course the forever free plan. The forever free plan grants you 1 seat, and unlimited agents. All of the other features are available to you except for email reports, and the white label feature. In other words, on the free plan, MyLiveChat will promote itself on your live chat windows. This isn’t the worst thing in the world, but it’s still worth considering. The forever free plan also offers you 3 years of chat history.


If you graduate from the forever free plan, there’s the starter plan. The starter plan is $15 per month, and still only provides one seat. The main difference between the starter plan and the forever free plan, is that the starter plan allows you the white labeling option, and also the email reporting option. The starter plan also offers you 3 years of chat history.


One plan above the starter plan is the basic plan. The basic plan gives you 2 seats, and costs $29 per month. You also get white labeling, email reports, and 5 years of chat history. You can also add additional seats to the basic plan for an additional $12 per seat.


One step above the basic plan is the corporate plan. The corporate plan grants you 5 seats, and costs $59 per month. You also get white labeling, email reports, and 5 years of chat history. You can also add additional seats to the corporate plan for $9 per additional seat.


Finally, there is the enterprise plan. The enterprise plan grants you 10 seats, and costs $99 per month. You also get white labelling, email reports, and 10 years of chat history. You can also add additional seats to the enterprise plan for $7 per seat.


As you can see, the MyLiveChat payment plans are quite scalable. This might seem like a lot to swallow, but it’s simpler than it seems. Basically, if you’re a small business without many chat agents, you can easily get by on the forever free plan, the starter plan, or the basic plan. If your organization is drowning in support calls and could benefit by increasing your sales team presence dramatically, then you’ll want to consider the corporate plan or the enterprise plan.

MyLiveChat Support

Maybe the idea of integrating a live chat helpdesk makes you dizzy? If that’s the case, you can calm down and proceed with confidence, because to be honest the wide array of live chat plugins that MyLiveChat offers makes the process simple.


Being that MyLiveChat is in the business of offering support services, they’re proudly integrating their own live chat helpdesk as their own means of support. You can also open an email ticket in the event that you’d rather communicate via email.


MyLiveChat also hosts a forum that’s regularly monitored, a comprehensive FAQ, in addition to an API section in the event that you want to customize some of their integrations.

MyLiveChat Reputation

MyLiveChat has a reputation for engaging your end users so you can get more sales, interacting with your audience, and making your website visitor’s experience better than what it is right now.


MyLiveChat’s motto is “your customers want to chat with you”. They live up to this reputation by enabling a unique, simple to install, and free live chat helpdesk that you can get started with by the end of this very hour.


Another thing about MyLiveChat’s reputation, is that they’re growing exponentially. Over 218,230 websites have been engaged with their service, and they’re adding new features all the time. 


So if you’re frustrated that your current live chat system lacks integrations, and they’re on the wrong side of innovation and growth, you might consider MyLiveChat as a feasible option.

MyLiveChat Conclusion

Have you ever been frustrated because your staff is drowning in support calls? Have you ever lost sales because it takes too long to get back to your customers? Worse yet, have you ever had to handle customer service on your own because you’re a tiny startup without a budget?


If any of these are the case, you should consider placing MyLiveChat at the top of your shortlist of live chat helpdesks that can change the way your business functions almost overnight.


In fact, you won’t even have to wait for the next day, because you can easily install MyLiveChat with the click of your mouse, even if copying and pasting code has you running scared.


It’s as easy as downloading a plugin, and then uploading it on whatever service you want. The quantity of supported integrations is impressive out of the box, and you’ll have no problem getting up and running within the hour.


So ask yourself this question. Does your business need to make more sales with your website visitors? Are your end users losing confidence because it takes you too long to reply? Are you finally ready to take your website to the next level while at the same time looking good throughout the process?


Finally, are you willing to start out without paying a single red cent? If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes”, you might consider giving MyLiveChat a whirl. It’s 100% free to start, and all of the risk is on them.


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Mike researches and reviews products for Top 10 Marketing Software. Mike has vast experience in blogging, teaching and internet marketing. See Mike's profile on Google+.

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