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Newsletter2Go Review

Newsletter2Go is an email autoresponder service provider that serves over 40,000 satisfied customers including some big name brands that you will definitely recognize.


They have an interesting payment structure (which you’ll learn about later in this summary review) and have a wide array of integrations so you can integrate and synchronize almost any service with your email newsletter.


Newsletter2Go might be your top choice if you want total versatility in your email marketing campaigns, and don’t want to be locked into a monthly payment.


Newsletter2Go boasts certification from Return Path, so your emails are almost guaranteed to land in the inbox of your subscribers. Newsletter2Go boasts over two billion whitelisted email addresses. Newsletter2Go also adheres to German data protection laws, so you can rest easy knowing that your customer data is secure behind 256 SSL encryption. Make no mistake, hackers want to steal your data! 


If you have an existing email database, you can easily import your entire subscriber base into Newsletter2Go without having them confirm, so as long as you have permission to email them you don’t have to worry about any messy or complicated integrations.

Newsletter2Go Review
Newsletter2Go Advantages

The Account Is Technically Free – If you’re a startup that only needs a small amount of emails per month, Newsletter2Go might be the only email service provider that you need. They don’t operate in the traditional sense. Your account is free, but you actually buy email credits when you want to send an email. You do receive 1,000 emails for free each month with your Newsletter2Go account.


Tons Of Integrations – Newsletter2Go has more integrations than the majority of other major email marketing service providers. If you run a complex business with a ton of moving parts and customer acquisition mechanisms, you can rest easy knowing that Newsletter2Go will integrate with the majority of your service providers.


Security – The fascinating thing you’ll find out about most marketing companies, is that they lack drastically on the IT security side of things. Newsletter2Go is an information security powerhouse and are leagues ahead of their competition with regards to IT security. Why does IT security matter? Because if your customer data is ever leaked or compromised, it can cause irreversible damage to your reputation, your business, and your bottom line.


Even if it was never your fault, and even if you absolutely love your customers. Newlsetter2go is locked behind strict German data protection laws, so you can proceed with the utmost confidence.

Newsletter2Go Disadvantages

Competition – With more and more email autoresponder services being added to the marketplace all the time, Newsletter2Go seems to have been lost in the shuffle. Maybe you’re frustrated because there are so many other big names, and you’re not sure if Newsletter2Go could be worthwhile? Hopefully this summary review will demystify any confusion so you can pick the perfect email marketing software for your organization or small business.


The Payment Plan Might Not Be Ideal – Newsletter2Go has a different payment plan that has perks, but it might not be ideal for you. The payment plan is based strictly upon how many emails you send, and not based upon how many subscribers you have. So there’s a fixed price for sending 10,000 emails, 100,000 emails, 3,000,000 emails, and so on.


The number of subscribers that you have isn’t really a variable of consideration. You might absolutely love this idea as it frees you from being locked into a plan, but it might not be ideal for some businesses. (You can read more specific information about the payment plan later on in this review).


The Free Plan Only Offers 1,000 Emails Per Month – If your business is just starting out, then the ability to send 1,000 free emails per month using Newsletter2Go might be a dream come true. However, if you’re growing aggressively, or already have an existing email newsletter, then 1,000 emails per month might be too little for you.

Who Is Newsletter2Go Ideal For?

Newsletter2Go has some interesting features that make it a perfect email autoresponder for certain businesses, entrepreneurs and marketers. 


If you’re a business that cares about IT security, Newsletter2Go is arguably one of the best email marketing services you can use, period. Not only is your data encrypted end to end with powerful 256 bit SSL encryption, but Newlsetter2go also exerts great effort to keep your data secure at all times. 


The physical location of the Newsletter2Go servers are monitored via closed circuit television, all of the servers require administrative passwords, and there are IT security policies and procedures in place to ensure that nobody ever gets unauthorized access to your customer data. This is all in conjunction with German data security laws, which as you may or may not know, are very strict. 


Newsletter2Go is also ideal for small startups who don’t have an email list, if that’s the case then starting with their free 1,000 emails per month plan might be a worthwhile endeavor.


Also, in the event that you have a large email subscriber base already, it might be worth it to calculate whether or not Newsletter2Go can save some of your marketing budget, as their price plan has some unique perks that other email marketing service providers don’t. (You’ll get a closer look at the pricing plan later on in this summary review).

Newsletter2Go Signup Process
Newsletter2Go Signup

Signing up for Newsletter2Go is very easy. Regardless of how many email subscribers you have, or which type of plan you’d like to choose, signing up for your initial Newsletter2Go is always free. (More on this later).


In the event that you have an existing email database, you’ll be able to import your leads without having your subscribers confirm. This is significant, because as you know if your subscribers are forced to confirm, you’ll always lose a significant quantity of email subscribers, because many of them won’t confirm.


This occurs even if you have the best reputation in the world, and even if your rapport and authority is through the roof.

Newsletter2Go Ease of Use
Newsletter2Go Dashboard

Newsletter2Go has one of the simplest interfaces of any email marketing software. This isn’t meant to disparage Newsletter2Go, it’s actually very complimentary. Upon signing in, you’ll quickly see all of the fundamentals that you’d expect from an email marketing service provider.


You’ll notice a quick actions section so you can add contacts, create a newsletter, and upload files you might want to use for your campaigns.


Sending emails is a breeze, and the editor is intuitive. The learning curve should be very low, and you won’t have any trouble figuring out how to load your contacts, and begin email marketing to them using the Newsletter2Go’s email template builder.

Newsletter2Go Features
Newsletter2Go Features

Autoresponder Messages – Newsletter2Go makes sending automated messages simple and fast. So you can craft a relationship building, loyalty establishing email autoresponder campaign that makes sales on your behalf.


Whitelisted Servers – Newsletter2Go has been whitelisted by over two billion emails from all over the world. So you can be confident that your email addresses will actually hit the inbox, and not the spam folder.


Easy Data Exporting – You realize by now that having data at your fingertips can be the difference between effectively managing and growing your campaigns, and being a dismal failure. Newsletter2Go grants you a ton of statistics so you can analyze your campaigns, and will also give you the option of exporting your reports in PDF format so you can share data with your team and on the go.

Certified By CSA (Certified Senders Alliance) – The Certified Senders Alliance certification means that emails sent from Newsletter2Go servers skip any “spam checks” and land directly into your subscriber’s inbox for all ISPs and email service providers that adhere to CSA. This can help dramatically increase the quantity of subscribers who actually get to see your emails, and is a major advantage to working with Newsletter2Go.


Certified By Return Path – Return Path is the largest whitelisting agent in the email marketing world. When you send emails from a Newsletter2Go server, you can feel confident that your emails are likely to land in the inbox. Most reputable spam filters (and many email service providers) will recognize your email as authentic due to the origin of Newsletter2Go’s email servers.


Drag And Drop Email Design Editor – Quickly and easily writing beautiful emails won’t take much effort with the “building block” approach that Newsletter2Go’s email design editor enables. If you can click your mouse, you can easily design nice looking emails without much effort.


Give Access To Your Team – Do you have a team of marketers working on your behalf? If that’s the case, you can have them tap directly into your account without giving them your master account’s password.


Free Image Hosting – Maybe you have a lot of images, book covers, artwork or designs that you’d love to integrate into your mailing? With Newsletter2Go, you won’t require any special hosting and you can easily upload all of your images on Newsletter2Go, forever, and it won’t cost you a single red cent extra.


Split Testing – The split testing features that Newsletter2Go offer are quite different than what you’ve seen before. Because for each email you send, you can split test up to three different variables. For example, you can split test the subject of the email, the “from” name of the email, in addition to the actual content of the email. This will grant you the power to really see what your audience likes. You’re not forced to split test these three variables each time, however if that’s your preference, then it’s easy to accomplish.


Web Copies Of Each Email – Have you ever been frustrated because your subscribers are replying to your emails, and telling you that they just can’t get your images to work? For whatever reason, this occurs in our imperfect world of information technology, even if you’ve done everything else right. That’s why each and every email you send with Newsletter2Go also creates a “web version” of your email automatically.


To further convenience your campaign, your web versions are advertised in your email newsletters, so if your audience can’t read your email properly in their client for whatever reason, they can always access the web version of your email with the click of a button, saving you the support cost, and the headache.

Newsletter2Go Integration's

WordPress – The Newsletter2Go WordPress plugin not only allows you to add subscribers directly onto your Newsletter2Go email list from your blog, but also allows you to pull your WordPress content directly into your email newsletters. So if you blog frequently, or create awesome content on your blog, then you can easily get more out of each piece of content by sharing it with your email subscribers.


Drupal – Maybe you prefer using Drupal? If that’s the case, you can easily turn your Drupal website into a list building monstrosity, that synchronizes easily with Newlsetter2Go. Additionally, you can easily begin pulling your content directly from your Drupal website and adding that same content to your Newsletter2Go newsletter.


Google Analytics – If you want to track your statistics then Google Analytics offers some of the most comprehensive tracking anywhere. Newsletter2Go deploys Google Analytics tracking so you can find out where your audience is, what they’re clicking on, and which of your emails are performing the best (or the worst).


Microsoft Dynamics – Do you manage customer relations with Microsoft Dynamics? Would you appreciate the ability to be able to synchronize all interactions directly with Newsletter2Go? This would enable you to add your contacts directly into your newsletter, so you can keep them up to date about your new services, features, and products, all the while offering the best customer service that you possibly can.


Salesforce – You realize by now how tricky it can be juggling contacts between different interfaces. That’s why if you have customers and clients in a Salesforce account, you can easily synchronize them with Newsletter2Go. You don’t have to touch anything once the connection is established. Just sit back, provide the best services that you possibly can, and watch customer loyalty skyrocket to the moon and back.


Shopify – Do you have a storefront on Shopify, or otherwise sell products using Shopify? If that’s the case, not only can you add your product data and pull images directly into your Newsletter2Go account, but you can also synchronize all of your customer details without much work. This way, you’ll improve your customer experience by offering superior support, and also build unshakable relationships and even open yourself up to making more sales.


Magento – Do you have any customer information using Magento? Newsletter2Go lets you connect with your Magneto account, so you can pull customer data, and even add product data, images and descriptions directly into your Newsletter2Go account. This way, you won’t have to rely on a messy and ineffective copy and paste routine that never works the way you want.


Lightspeed eCom – Maybe you sell ecommerce products using Lightspeed eCom? If you do, you can easily import your contacts automatically so you never have to get your hands dirty. What’s the best way to sell more products to your existing customers? It’s by getting them on your email list. This is simple to achieve using Newsletter2Go.


WooCommerce – Imagine this scenario. Suddenly all of your WooCommerce products were suddenly integrated into your Newsletter2Go email campaigns. You were following up with your customers, and selling them more products. All the while, building brand recognition and loyalty that’s only possible with email marketing.


OpenCart – Does your business list products or sell them using OpenCart? Because if you are, and you’re not adding your customers to your email list, you’re losing the game! Start adding your buyers to your email list so you can followup and help them more than ever using Newsletter2Go’s OpenCart app.

Newsletter2Go Pricing
Newsletter2Go Pricing

This is where things get interesting. Newsletter2Go doesn’t operate on the traditional “Pay X Per XYZ Subscribers”. Instead, they rely solely on the quantity of emails sent. This might be ideal for you if you want more control over how much you pay, and you’ll never be locked into any contracts.


So what you do, is you buy email credits. There are two different ways that you can buy email credits. There’s the “Prepaid” method, and the “Pay As You Go” method.
The “Prepaid” method enables you to buy as many credits as you want, and the credits never expire.


This provides maximum flexibility, because you can send emails whenever you want. The cost of the “Prepaid” credits are slightly more expensive than the “Pay As You Go” credits.


So if you want to buy 1,000 email credits, the cost is €10.00 ($11.45). If you want to buy 25,000 email credits, the cost is €140.00 ($160.26). And if you want to buy 100,000 email credits, the cost is €420.00 ($480.77).


The “Pay As You Go” method is better tailored for bulk email sending, but the credits expire at the end of the month. The cost of “Pay As You Go” credits are slightly cheaper than the “Prepaid” credits.


So if you want to buy 1,000 email credits, the cost is €8.00 ($9.16). If you want to buy 25,000 email credits, the cost is €80.00 ($91.58). And if you want to buy 100,000 email credits, the cost is €270.00 ($309.07).

Newsletter2Go Support

If you’re ever stuck and require fast help with your email marketing campaigns, there are a few avenues of support that Newsletter2Go offers.


The first method of support available is Newsletter2Go’s knowledge database. Their database contains information regarding their API, pricing, tips and tricks, how to send newsletters, access reports, and other information that you’ll find useful if you decide to use their service.


Of course, Newsletter2Go also offers a technical helpdesk that you may contact by email, telephone, or contact form. Newsletter2Go has several support numbers located all around the world, and their support hours are from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm (GMT +1).

Newsletter2Go Reputation

Newsletter2Go has a reputation for their sound IT security policies and procedures, in addition to being a reputable company with many different ISPs from all over the planet.


For that reason, they have a reputation for being a whitelisted email service provider who can absolutely get your emails inboxed, even if you’ve suffered from a lack of deliverability in the past.


The fact that Newsletter2Go is certified by Return Path in addition to the Certified Senders Alliance dictates that they take the reputation of their email servers very seriously, which can be a major boon for your business if you want to hit the inbox consistently and reliably.

Newsletter2Go Conclusion

IT security. It’s a variable that the majority of marketers ignore to their folly.


One IT security incident can cripple your business, make your customers lose faith in you, and ruin your reputation as an organization overnight. The worst part? You can do everything else right. You can have the biggest heart, and your deepest core desire could be to help your end user demographic as much as you can. All of that, can be lost in an instant with one security breach.


Newsletter2Go is a competent email marketing service provider, with all the bells and whistles you need as a marketer, and they actually care about IT security.


For that reason, you have to give Newsletter2Go serious consideration. If not for the strict German data security laws, and if not for their 256 bit SSL encryption, for their cognizance of data security, and commitment to keep your end user information safe from hackers, black hats, and thieves who would try to steal your priceless customer data.


About Mike DeVincent

Mike researches and reviews products for Top 10 Marketing Software. Mike has vast experience in blogging, teaching and internet marketing. See Mike's profile on Google+.

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