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OneStat Review

Onestat is a software that provides real time web analytics and monitoring. Thousands of websites all over the world use Onestat’s hit counter to track the number of visitors they get on a daily basis. Established in 2002, Onestat has become a global standard in website statistics over the years.


Used by more than 75,000 websites all over the world, Onestat is an industry leader when it comes to website analytics and real time monitoring. If you don’t already know, monitoring your website and its users is a surefire way to get more users to your website. This is because if you have access to your users’ behavior, pageviews, trend analysis reports and so on, you can use that information to get a lot more user engagement with your brand. This is exactly what Onestat helps you with.

OneStat Advantages

There are many advantages of using Onestat, such as:

  • You work with an independent third party and get click fraud detection to help you improve your website conversions and get better return on investment on your campaigns.

  • You can track any type of website on any device.

  • The user interface of Onestat is extremely easy to use and understand.

  • It is easy to share your daily, weekly or monthly reports with your colleagues. Onestat has a built-in functionality for sharing all reports with your coworkers or management team.

  • Onestat has different versions suitable for people with different requirements.

  • All plans of Onestat come with flexible, competitive prices, and 1-month free trials.

  • You get detailed geographical analytics reports of your visitors.

  • You also get real time user tracking reports to see what’s going on your website at any given moment.

  • Onestat’s dashboard and reports are highly customizable.

  • And much more.

OneStat Disadvantages

Even though Onestat is packed with lots of useful features, it has some limitations too. Some of them are:

  • Onestat doesn’t provide detailed reports on social media activities.

  • Although it gives you reports on sales and conversions, it doesn’t provide comprehensive reports of your marketing campaigns.

  • Onestat doesn’t provide detailed reports on your website events. It does give you some statistics but not as detailed as one would expect.

  • Users have reported some performance issues many times in the past.

  • When you sign up for Onestat, you get a JavaScript code that you need to add to your website for verification purposes. For some reasons, this code seems to slow down your website every now and then. The effect is not that bad, but still even if your website gets slower by a few seconds, it can give a bad user experience.

  • There are absolutely no heatmaps or some advanced segmentation features in Onestat that you would find in many analytics tools these days.

  • Okay, this last one is kind of annoying (at least to me) - user interface. Yes, I did say earlier in the advantages section that Onestat’s UI is easy to use. But (and that’s a big but) it feels outdated. I’m not talking about the features or reporting statistics. I’m talking about the visuals. The dashboard and overall reporting system of Onestat looks outdated.

Who Is OneStat Ideal For?

To be honest, tech-savvy webmasters and digital marketers will not find Onestat useful. This is because of the last point I mentioned in the disadvantages section above. Tech-savvy webmasters and internet marketing professionals are used to the fancy user interfaces (I know this because I’m one of them). Also, Onestat sometimes has performance issues. That would be the icing on the cake!


I would however say that Onestat is a good solution for business owners who are not tech-savvy and are looking to improve the return on investment on their digital marketing campaigns.

OneStat Signup Process

In order to get started, you need to create an account on Onestat. While registering, you need to mention the website that you will be associating with your account.


Once your account is created, Onestat will give you a snippet of JavaScript code. You can paste that code in your website’s header or footer. However, please note that if you have a static HTML website, you will need to add that code to each page individually.

OneStat Ease of Use

Using Onestat, you can easily analyze and collect real time statistics about your visitors. These statistics include things like geographical locations, browsers, number of pageviews, most popular pages, visitor flow analysis and much more.


Because of the simple user interface of Onestat, even the newbies will not have any trouble navigating through different reports.


OneStat provides a free hit counter that you can install on your website. This counter has gotten very popular over the years. This counter gives you a lot of useful data such as - what kind of information your users are interested in, what kind of technology they use while browsing your website, where they come from, what pages they look at, and much more.

OneStat Features

Now let’s talk about the features of Onestat:

  • Since Onestat’s reports are highly customizable, you can create custom reports that will give you an overview of your visitors’ activities. Even if you decide not to create custom reports and go with the default ones, you would still be fine because unless you want some very specific statistics on your dashboard, the default reports of Onestat should be enough.

  • If you want to really dig down in your reports and want advanced reporting statistics to monitor your paid campaigns and increase your return on investment, you can subscribe to higher-level plans to get access to those features. These features can give you detailed information about the performance of your email campaigns, PPC campaigns, or SEO campaigns. This is especially important if you run an E-commerce website, because in that case, your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are the leads, conversions and sales. One of the things I love about Google Analytics is its ability to drill deep down in visitor statistics. And this feature has been adopted by Onestat as well.

  • Using Onestat’s click path reports, you can follow the journey of each and every visitor of your website. You can see which pages they enter your website through, how many pages they browse before completing a particular action such as becoming a lead or purchasing a product. You can also see the top exit pages on your website. An exit page is basically the last page a visitor goes to before leaving your website. In many cases (not all), these pages have low engagement rates. This can be the result of many factors such as low quality content, less amount of content, too much content, poor CTAs (calls-to-action) etc.

  • Onestat offers click fraud reports, which are extremely helpful if you run paid advertising campaigns (especially PPC campaigns). In PPC campaigns, you have to make sure that you are getting the most out of your budget. Because you can easily run out of your budget and not get any measurable results. One of the reasons this might happen is because of the click fraud. Onestat does a very god job of monitoring click fraud activities based on the analysis of IP addresses, user locations and many other factors. You can get real time alerts about these click frauds which can save you a great deal of money.

  • Using Onestat’s search term analytics reports, you can see the list of keywords or phrases used by people to visit your website. You can use this data to further optimize your website for those keywords (using high quality content) to make your website even more relevant to those phrases. Search engines use this data to decide whether your website deserves to be ranked higher in their search results.

OneStat Integration's
OneStat Pricing

Onestat offers 7 different plans to suite everyone’s requirements - Pro, Premium, AdWorks, eBusiness, Platinum, Enterprise and Uptrends.


All plans come with a 1-month free trial. There is no lifetime free version on Onestat. However, the Pro plan is only about $10/month, so it is affordable to anyone.


If you run a small to medium sized website, you can subscribe to Pro, Premium, AdWorks or eBusiness plan. Platinum and Enterprise plans are suitable for larger websites.


And then there’s Uptrends. It is a separate service launched by Onestat which is specifically designed for monitoring. You can use this tool to monitor basically everything - websites, web applications, website performance, mobile websites and servers (internal and external). It has Starter, Premium and Professional plans for basic website monitoring (starting at just $13/month); and Business and Enterprise plans for advanced website monitoring (starting at $32/month).

OneStat Support

If you need help with Onestat’s features, you can:

  • Get in touch with their customer support team by filling out the form on this page

  • Check out the billing FAQs here

OneStat Reputation

Onestat has more than 75,000 customers all over the world. The company is also a member of DAA (Digital analytics association).


Some of their customers are FujiFilm, MIT, HP, Dunlop, Thomas Cook etc. Overall, the software has pretty good reputation in analytics industry, as they are one of the old players in this market.

OneStat Conclusion

To conclude, I would say that Onestat is a good option if you are not a tech-savvy person. Because if you are, you might face some trouble getting used to its user interface, as I mentioned earlier. But other than that, Onestat is a solid option that provides you with detailed statistics related to your website analytics and monitoring.


About Abhay Hendre

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Onestat does not integrate with any other software or services, which is kind of disappointing, because it would be really great if it provides integrations with tools like Unbounce, Shopify, Magento, HubSpot etc.


Since many of the customers of Onestat use it to improve their conversion rates and sales, it makes sense that they would love to integrate their visitor analytics with those other tools.


However, Onestat does provide an option to get its white label version, if you want to use it for your organization.

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